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Design, Print, and Build Your Portfolio

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Ready Your Supplies

Bonnie Christine

Design, Print, and Build Your Portfolio

Bonnie Christine

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15. Ready Your Supplies

Lesson Info

Ready Your Supplies

And this segment we're going to be actually building a book from scratch, and so this, of course, is ah my portfolio that we've been designing pages with and but you should know that you can also use this book binding method for any type of book, whether it be a portfolio or not it's the called the screw post method, which means that it's held together by screw posts and it's really easily interchangeable you can take out the pages oftentimes when you bind a book it's a permanent uh binding and so if you have to update or at work, you have to make an entire new book, so I particularly like this one for reports for portfolio styles, so the first thing I want to do is just cover all the materials that we will be using in class and to make this book so these are also listed in the industry resources and supplies, which is free with our svp for this course, so I'm just going to go through them very quickly. The first thing you need tio are get is called binders board or book board and it l...

ooks comes in large sheets and it looks like tip board almost, but its archive equality and it's very, very thick cardboard, so this is going to be the basics of what you used to make the front and back covers you also need screw post this is what they looked like they come in all different lengths um these most of these materials I got it blick materials eso you can even find a store near you or order online but the screw post that I'm using today are seven eight seven inch um and you can go up or down from there depending on how many pages you have in your portfolio I use self adhesive ah linen hinging tape and I'll get into exactly when we use this in the course but this is self adhesive linen hinging tape also available at public materials or online a bone folder it is a really useful tool for a book binding it's called a bone folder and this is I tend to use it a lot throughout the the binding process but especially good for scoring pages and folding your pages so that they're nice and crisp and they flip really easily you can use other other things around your home too but these air really inexpensive and they really are worth the investment an exacto knife to cut your book bored with I'll also be using a large spring clamp ifyou're have a woodworker in your family they probably have one of these but the large spring plant in order to clamp our book down before we drill holes in it so we'll be using this towards the end double sided double sided tape or glue stick could you may or may not need but could come in handy. It's, nice to have those on hand. And also I use a rotary cutter. It's called a rotary cutter with a ruler like this to cut your paper, your fabric on dh pages and things like that. So we use this. We're going to use this a lot. Uh, I also highly recommend do attack. This is when it up for you. These are double sided adhesive pieces of paper. So as you peel off the paper on the front and back, they are sticky on both sides. And this is going to make it really nice to either make your pages double sided or at here, the cover pages inside. So we'll be using this throughout the course. It's called. Do attack and you can find this at cholerae dh dot com again. All these air listed in your resource is online. The other thing that I use is called it's, a kind of fuse herbal. So it comes on a bolt. I have it pre cut comes on a big bolt and this is a pell on easy steam pressure sensitive one. And so I come from a sewing background. So this is where a lot of traditional bookbinders would be using glue. And instead of glue, I use fuse herbal, which goes on with an iron and, uh, a lot less messy. And it works really, really well. So this is hell on easy steam. And we'll be is in a couple of other tools, like a drill throughout. But those are your specific tools to building this book.

Class Description

No matter how beautiful your work is, it won’t sell if it’s not presented in a polished, professional way. In Design, Print, and Build Your Own Portfolio, Bonnie Christine will take you through the complete portfolio design process, so you’ll feel confident about showing your work.

Bonnie Christine is a surface pattern designer and mother hen of the Roost Tribe, an inspirational community for creatives. 

In this class she’ll teach you how to:

  • Design your portfolio and develop your pages
  • Print, build, and bind your portfolio
  • Stand out from the crowd and contact companies
Designers, photographers, and artists will all learn about what belongs in a portfolio and what to leave out. Bonnie will help you design a portfolio that reflects your true style and helps you attract the kind of clients you really want to work with.

If you’ve been putting off putting together your portfolio, this class will help you get motivated to assemble a portfolio that showcases your work and demonstrates exactly how talented you really are.



Bonnie, I want to give a super big Thank You! You have helped change my life. I was recently laid off from my full time job. Due to your courses, I have dedicated my time to continue designing. You have helped my heart come out on the pages. Thank you sooooo much! :) thankful & very happy, Dawn Stratchko


I thought this class was engaging and informative. Bonnie Christine has such a natural way of presenting the information and never seems to lose her concentration. I really wanted to learn more about how to put together a professional but handmade portfolio and that is what you get. Thanks for the great class!

a Creativelive Student

Absolutely loved this course! I learned so much and feel confident now on how to present my company in a consistent and professional way.