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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Designing Presentations in Adobe InDesign CC

Jason Hoppe

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

Welcome everybody, I'm Jason Hoppe, and in today's class, we're going to show you how to create compelling presentations using InDesign. One of the things I get the question a lot from clients is how can we put together a presentation that looks really good? Several people that I talk to go to presentations where they're pitching a lot of clients and they notice that some of the other presentations come in looking really amazing. And so they wonder how do they make these really cool presentations? Well, we've got PowerPoint and we've got Keynote out there and there's a lot of limitations to those, so this class today is all about building really cool presentations using InDesign. Now the great thing with InDesign is that you can go ahead and you can create pretty much anything your imagination can come up with, but we can also deliver it in several different ways. We can go ahead and produce these as a PDF, which is absolutely great for going and being able to distribute it anywhere th...

at you are going to be. You can email it, you can look at it in a web browser, you can have it in a presentation, on a computer, or a television screen, or being in a conference room and show it up on a video display. But there's also other options that you can do with these presentations. You can make it into an e-book if you wanted to to show it on a tablet. But you could also go and ahead and publish it online and share this presentation via Adobe's publish online feature. And so the limitations that you come up with in InDesign are basically limitations on what you can imagine or what you can put together in a presentation. And the great thing with a presentation in InDesign is that we have both static and animated graphics and text and we can also get the traditional page transitions that you see in the other files there. I call them cheesy page transitions. But you can also do a couple other fun things with the page transitions as well. We've got a really cool page curl, but we've also got the ability to put video inside here, audio if you wanted to, and just a whole bunch of other features that can really spice up your presentation. So this class is all about how we go about building these files so they're going to work the best for you plus some creative tips on how you can get the most out of your files and create very compelling presentations using InDesign. One of the other things that people complain about too is the edit ability of these files. Well, along with everything that you do, you want to be able to edit these and of course, one of the things we have to do is have InDesign in order to be able to edit them. But the nice part of this is that you can go ahead and you can edit these and very quickly export it to a PDF or publish it online or export it as a flash-based file to get all of your edits baked in and ready to go. So we're going to show you how we start off with InDesign and getting the basic setup so we can deliver the coolest presentation you can imagine. So part of what we're going to give you with this video is that these templates that I'm using for the presentation are going to be available to you when you purchase the video. So several of these things you'll be able to go ahead and use as templates, but you can also go in and manipulate them as well. One other thing too, don't underestimate the power of templates. Adobe has a lot of presentation templates that you can use that are free and you can access those through Adobe's website or in the startup panel of InDesign. So let's get started and we're going to show you how I go through and I set up the basics for a presentation and kind of put all the pieces together and then we're going to make it more and more interesting and creative as we go.

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InDesign Presentation Template
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Ratings and Reviews

Patricia Green

I've taken several Creative Live courses taught by Jason Hoppe. In fact, I would say he's my favorite Creative Live instructor. This course is just as successful as his other courses. I learned a lot about InDesign and presentations in general. I wish the tech was flawless in the video, but sometimes that stuff is unpredictable. He did present some solutions. Overall, I was very pleased with this class and will take more from him in the future. I highly recommend this class.


Jason Hoppe is a fabulous instructor. I have been designing for many years and I learned so much; from a time-saving way to make a grid to creating animated InDesign files that can be published online with automatic updates. Excellent, clear instructions and valuable methods for creating files. You will be so glad you ordered this class.

carlos Álvarez

So great, athough the instructor should have included icons and PNGs for the student to follow along the class easily and not just the InDesign templates. Notwithstanding, really useful tips, tricks and advices to boost your InDesign knwoledge. Thanks!

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