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Designing Wedding Invitations and more

Lesson 1 of 6

Class Introduction


Designing Wedding Invitations and more

Lesson 1 of 6

Class Introduction


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Class Introduction

Today's class is a lot of fun, we're gonna be doing several different wedding designs. I thought would be helpful if I gave everyone a little bit of a preview of the projects we're gonna be working on. We are gonna be starting off with a traditional five by seven invitation. It's just a flat card. It will have a separate piece, a four by five reply card, so that's double-sided. So, two doubled-sided pieces. That'll be lovely, we'll get to work with some fun glyphs in that one. Then, we're going to move into something pretty non-traditional I think and this one, we'll talk more about it when we get there, but this is a really budget-friendly, super casual fun piece. It's near and dear to my heart, that one. And then, to really mix it up, I thought it would be really fun if we really switched things up for the third example, we are going to do a digital invitation for people who might be wanting to really go green, or not deal with mailing anything. This is really fun and there's a servi...

ce that handles all of that, that does a really good job, and we'll get creative with that as well.

Class Description

Wedding collateral is typically designed with a one-size-fits-all approach, but everything from the save-the-date to the program to the menu should reflect your story. This class will show you how to create a customized and cohesive design to your wedding, so your story is truly reflected in all the details of your wedding items. 

This course will show you basic design principles, key aspects to consider when creating wedding collateral, and how to approach this project in a systematic way, so the final results are both heartwarming and stunning. 

Khara Plicinic has a unique teaching style and playful sense of humor that continues to endear her exponentially growing audience. As an expert wedding photographer and designer, she has been part of enough wedding to know what works and doesn’t work. 

This course will teach you how to create paper and digital goods that truly reflect your journey with your partner. No previous Adobe Photoshop experience required.  

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017


Lt. Cmnd. Data

Not only was this class very approachable and fun to watch, it is going to save me a ton of money designing my own wedding invitation. Highly recommend the purchase. Thank you so much Khara!


Amazing class! thank you so much for teaching me a few new tricks. * I cannot find the templates on the mixpro website. Can someone help or guide me in how to download them?


Fun class. She's a great instructor.