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Desk Therapy

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welcome to death therapy. One of the things that happens from us sitting so much is that our hamstrings are hips and are low back become really tight. This video is going to address all those issues. If you are someone really tight in your hamstrings, like most of us are, a couple of blocks is really gonna help. This allows us to take the floor and bring it a little bit closer to us. We don't have to stress so much in our Ford folds. Let's make her way onto our hands and knees will start by warming up into our wrist into our hips a little bit. We'll do this just by making big circles the circle through the shoulders, circle to the hips. It should feel nice. Take this as fast or slow that is comfortable for your body. As we do these circles, I really want you to think about pressing down to the inter hands. This helps to protect the wrist a little bit more and sends await toe where it should be. What I mean is, if the fingers air up like this in tented, then we have ah potential for dam...

aging the wrist so make sure that this part is down. We'll switch directions. Moving around the other way doesn't matter which way, just whatever way. You didn't go fume or dust dynamically warming up. Turn the fingers backwards so the thumbs face out. If this is too intense, you could take it out of or even walked the needs a little bit closer forward. That's actually probably better to walk the knees. Ford. If you don't feel anything walking these back, sit back towards the heels as you sit back toward the heels. Let the palm's lift a little bit, stretching out all through the inter forms and to the risks and even into the fingers. Lean Ford reaching back 10 to get really tight, especially if you're typing on a keyboard all the time and you're subjected to things like carpal tunnel syndrome. This is going to help with a little bit of preventive maintenance so that we don't develop those kind of things of the inflammation of the wrist by having nice, warm and healthy wrist bring the hands for and we're actually gonna take the right form across the front of Matt and with your left form we're gonna massage up the inside of the arm. Just give a nice, gentle pressure. Not too hard is really to work out into the into all the tissue and the flexor group down. You can even take the hand over and working to the extent sirs coming up and down. This is where the radial nerve is. So be careful not to press too hard because that could be a little painful. That's nice. A little self massage here of the outer part of your foreign bone. Take it over to the other side. Left arm across the front. Will use the long bone of the right form just to massage up. Keep the left hand. Relax. You notice my fingers are closing. That's just from putting the pressure down onto the form with my right massage out. Just do whatever feels nice. If it's not feeling so good, you could skip this all together. This is something that I like to do, especially cause I have a very tight forms from doing all of handstands and rock climbing and stuff. So this is really great for that. And I actually spent ah a lot of time in front of a computer doing emails and stuff much more than you would think for a yoga teacher. So I feel the pain of sitting a lot and also lots of time on the airplane and stuff child around. Feel good comeback tall force, curl the toes under, lift the hips up and back. We're going to continue those circles that we kind of did. But this time in our down, dogs shape just moving through the chest and the shoulder, so the shoulders air circling around as well as the wrist and the ankles in the hips. Take these as big or small. Is he like we'll reverse directions, moving around big, sweeping move movements through the hips and the shoulders again, Make sure you keep the fingers grounded and the inner hands grounded, pressed down through the first finger and the thumb to the inner part of the handle. Just move a few more working into the shoulders. I'm gonna take this into a plank post. This is gonna be a little bit more intense. If you need to put the knees down on the mat, you can the ideas to be on the risk, but if you could have that needs up. Lift the knees, talk the tailbone and will circle around either direction. Doesn't really matter. I'm going to the left, but we'll switch it here. Another three to one. Reverse directions come around the three to one. Come back into downward facing dog. Now if you're tight, If you could take your blocks and set him up, bring him to the front of the mat just to start here. I want to have him here just so I could show you. Take him up out of the way with the hips up and back. Lift the right leg up. Draw the right knee into the chest, round through the spine. Set the foot forward. If you need to pull the foot four, take a hold of it. Grab all of your blocks if you need Teoh. Whatever height, maybe even the highest ground Down through the left heel and lean forward as far as you can see. This is how we're going to use blocks. I'm gonna set the blocks aside cause I don't really need him. But use them as much as you as you need to keep the hips coming back. Chin toward the chest. Flex the foot, lift the toes up, point the toes. Ford, come up, Shift the hips. Ford, lift the chest up. Create a little bit of a back bent and you could be on the blocks. If you need it, plant the hands. Lift up, Send it back. Flex the foot. Pull the toes towards you around the chin in creating a little bit of euro flossing pressed down to the toes. Shift the hips. Ford, lower the left knee down. Lift the chest up. Slide the hands back. They don't have touched a ground, but we're just adding a little back then and movement into the spine. Here, Go last time. Plant the hands, lift the left knee straight in the right lake. Move the hips back. Lift the right toes. Flex the right foot. Pull back around in. Send it for move the hips. Now lift the arms up and take both arms up overhead. Bring your left hand down over to the left side. Reach the right arm over the nice little side. Stretch through the side body. You could use your block here on the side is moving around to make things more comfortable for you come back up to center, reach the left arm off. We're gonna grab a fist. You take the fist and pull it in towards you. Take a hold of the fist with the right hand. Pressel, back the left wrist. Ford, Richie. Arms up. Create Decide. Been to the side body. Big, deep. Inhale through the left side. Reach over even a little bit more in him. Keep stretching into it. Lift the chest up a little more. Come back to center for in the hands. Back down to the ground. Curl the left toes under. Lift the left knee up. Coming tour into our pyramid. Pose again this time wants you to reach the hands behind the back. If you can bring the fists together or even the hands or if you could take it a little bit deeper, reach around and grab for opposite elbows. Take a whole doubles, create a little back then through the back body. Send the chest Ford, lift the right hip up even more. It's OK if you're up here. As long as you're feeling the stretch, I want you to keep a micro bend in the right leg. They begin to melt the chest over the top of the lake when you get down as far as he can round him through. The head of this challenges the balance. Keep the eyes open or keep gazing. Ford Inhale. Come back up, least the arms down to the ground. Lower the left knee down straight in the right lake into 1/2 splits. Pull back on the right heel. Flex the foot, work into a little narrow flossing. This is really nice to help alleviate any stress and the Sadiq nerve around and through the spine. Tuck the chin. We're going to hold this position so we're creating tension through the whole backs of the body. Point the toe, flex the foot, point the toe, flex the foot. The three more point the toe, flex the foot, point the toe, flex the foot last one point the toe, flex the foot, re bending to the right lake. Plant the hands. Use the blocks. If you need to reach a left leg up to the sky. Just do roll out through the left ankle a little bit, maybe even two through the knee and the hip. Whatever feels good. Well, this is about You know, I'm going to say whatever feels good a lot, but it's really about trying to add what feels nice into the body. Some of stuff doesn't feel so good, but it's stuff that we need another stuff. We're just looking to make it feel good, said the left foot down next to the right, Take the feet a little bit wider. Trade the heels out, squat down into arm. A loss in a position. If you're having a lot of difficulty in this, you can keep the hands down. Uh, you know, the heels up eventually really wanna work down to this position, and this is one of the best poses for sitting, you know, in a desk, because it opens up the hips and the low back and and so many people have a lot of a lot of trouble with this. Use the hands down if you need it, or the or the hands of the heart gonna walk to the back of the man, and I want you to try to keep the but as low as you can. And these air actually pretty intense and just looking at it doesn't look like it's so much work, but it's quite a bit of work on the quads and the shins and all the stabilizer muscles will come all the way to the back of the map like this, then walked back to the front and try to get the but really low. Really. Just use the feet in the ankles, toe walking forward. When you get to the front, turn the corner, come the side We're gonna sidestep all the way down to the back of the mat. Still keeping the but nice and low Get to the back of that. When she turned the corner again, Turn the corner side, step up to the front of the mat. Try to keep really low by now. Your legs are probably really cooking. It's OK, get to the front since we went to the right. Now we got to go to the left. So turned the corner moved around. Well, just make one more little circle here. Keep it really low turns to the left. Turn to the right. Come back to the front. When you get to the front of the mat, plant the hands fold forward. Take the heels out slightly if you need to keep the knees bent, keeping these bent hands on blocks. Whatever feels nice. Just let the shoulders and head and everything kind of relaxed down. Inhale. Lengthen up halfway on the Exhale plant. The hands step back to plank pose will take it through. One. Been Yasa shift Ford Using these, if you need to lower halfway down child Rhonda untucked, the toes come into an upward facing dog. Lift the hips often back downward facing dog. Inhale Rita left leg up. Press up through the heel, come up behind the right toes. Draw the left knee into the nose, really round through the spine. Look for gays down. Step the foot forward. Use your hand if you need to lower the right knee down to the mat again. User blocks. Set him on the sides. If this helps you out, lift the chest up ground to the hell straight in the left lake. Come forward and down. Flex the foot. Point the foot re bend. Lower the knee down. Lift the chest up, lifting me straight in the leg. Flex left foot. Point the left toes shift toward lower the right knee down. Lift the chest up and back. Arch through the back. Send the hips forward again. Engage into the right glute anytime we come to this post last time, lift up, flex the foot point the toes shift forward and down. Move the hips for down. Lift up. Bring the right hand out to the right side. Inhale. Sweep the left arm up to the sky. Grow tall through the side body. Nice side. Stretch through the left side. He crawl the right fingers over. Use a hand on the block. If you need that, come back up to center. Make a fist with the right hand. Grab ahold of this. Press the back of the right risk. Fords were stretching out through all our extensive muscles. Reach the arms up overhead deep, inhale. Extend the back of the risk up inside. Bend over towards the left side. Open up the chest. Just a little bit more big, deep breath back to center. Bring the hands down to the mat. Curl the toes under lifting me up back into her pyramid Pose. It's in the chest towards the shin. Reach the arms back, take the fist together, or, if you can grab a hold of the opposite elbow. Try to bring the other arm on top of whatever you have last time. Inhale. Lift the chest up, Create a little are to the upper sorry through the lower back Mr Tailbone up. This is going to intensify it. Keep a small bend in the left knee and then lean yourself as far forward as you can when he found that space round into it. I only take it as deep as the body allows. As it feels good, you're losing the balance. You could always look forward. This will help keep the balance, but if you feel like pretty comfortable that you could look back and tuck the chin and add a little bit more stretch into through the back of the neck. Release the arms down to the mat. Come up halfway lower the write me down, working to our half splits straight in the left lake. You want to make sure that your hip is directly over the knee. If you need something underneath the need a pad it. Go ahead and pat it. Send the chest ford flex into the foot around the next. Pull the chin in point, the toes pullback, adding in this narrow flossing really flex and pulled the toes towards the crown of the head. Point through the toes, sending the big toe down to the mat. Flex the foot, pull it back. Point the toes. Two more. Flex the foot, pull it back. Point the toes last time. Flex the foot. Nice. Lengthen extension through the hamstring in the caf point. The toes. Little narrow flossing going on as well planned into the toes. Bring the hands forward taken up into our standing splits. Same thing you know, circle out through the ankle to the knee through the hip. Wherever you feel any areas of tightness, you bring the hands down the matter. You could even challenge your balance by lifting it up. Lower the right leg down, next to left. Come back into a little yoga squat. This time, we're gonna add in some shoulder stretches here, bring the left hand to the back of the ribs, take the elbow in front of the thigh, and so I see a lot of this. The elbow behind the thigh to start. This isn't really doing too much, but if this is a far as you can go, that's fine. If you can bring the elbow all the way in front. Now, this is a great stretch for the front of shoulder. Bring the right hand to the inner right thigh and open up. Press away. Come back to center, least the left hand. Bring the right hand to the back of the right ribs just right into this little low backspace. The elbow is going to come in front of the thigh here, so it's right in front. Bring the left hand to the elbow. If this is too deep, you could always slide the hand. Four. And this will add a little extra rece stretch. But take some of the pressure out of this shoulder. Press the left knee away from you. Open up well at both shoulders in, bring the left hand behind the ribs, take both elbows in front Adam, or squeeze the knees towards each other. And this is I have really tight shoulders, especially in the interior part of shoulders on internal rotation on. So this is pretty intense for me. If it's not so intense for you, that's great. You could think about maybe interlacing the fingers backwards behind the hands behind the back so that the fingers come together like this, and that will just take it and make it a little bit more intense and still have the elbows in front of the thighs. Squeeze it in. We're here just just for a little bit more. About another 15 seconds. More time that we could step, that we could stay in the small Lawson of position, the better it is. And you be surprised. You know, even if you're here like this, and in your kind of fighting, it'll it'll eventually get easier for you. And the more time you be spending it, the more you'll open up. And it's really just just one of the best poses for for counter acting all the time that we spend in chairs, releasing arms out, give the shoulders and hands a little shake and take both knees. You could use your hands here if you need to, and maybe we'll start with the hands. Take both knees over to the left, and so when we do this, both both needs air kind of coming down. Come back up to center, both knees, over to the right, up to center. If you could do this without the hands. This is even better for the mobility of the hips. Lay both knees down, up over to the right, both legs down. Really great movements for for just learning mobility and gaining mobility through the hips. Especially if this is a new movement. Most people don't do this kind of stuff, and it's just it's so good for the body. Keep going. We'll go for two more, over to the left, up to center, over to the right. Last time, over to left, off to center, over to the right. On the right side. We're gonna hold here. I want you to turn towards the right shin. Your left leg should be around like this. Flex both feet, keep the hips grounded as much You can start to walk the arms, ford into little little Ford, fold over here and go as deep as your body is gonna allow you to go. This is a great stretch working internal and external rotation through the hips because we're or, uh, you know, we're working on internal rotation through the left leg and external rotation to the right leak. So it's really nice to get both of these stretches in at the same time, you bring the head down and really relax. If this is too deep for you, always come up. Sometimes it's nice to put a block underneath the forehead and you could just rest on to that, or a pillow or something, especially in these longer holds in these longer stretches. Only here for a minute. So we're almost time. About 45 seconds in 10 seconds. Now walk the hands back. Come back to center. Use the hands if you need to, or try not to bring both knees over to the left square off over the front of the left lake Right leg should be around. Flex both feet. Crawl the arms. Ford, now down into another minute here and said, The block thing, I'll show you on this side of the block Handy could I would take the block underneath before, and this is kind of nice because it allows you to not be so deep in the pose, but you're still able to relax into it, so this is really good. And since blocks have you know different heights as you go deeper into, you could change the block. Go a little bit lower, a little bit lower. So we're staying relaxed through the bodies, were in the stretch and maybe even take it all the way down. We're down to our last 20 seconds in this stretch. Then he'll come up. Maybe without the hands. Really. Try to bring both knees up straight in the legs, turn the feet forward and come into our fourfold. If you can't touch the ground, bend the knees until you could touch the ground so you could lay your hands flat on the ground. Benham as much as they need to be to get their lift, the toes take the hand and reach the fingers back so you could touch the heel of your foot. Your toes should be against the back. Your wrist press your toes into the back of the wrist, is you? Press the back of the hand into the mat. Will do that with the other foot. Lift the left foot up, bring the fingers to the back of the hell. Press the toes in the back of the rest and set it down. The knees are still. Bet that's great. If you have the flexibility through the hamstrings begin to straighten the legs and draw the head down. This is really nice. Let a little traction into the shoulders inhale, Come up halfway press out through the back like you're trying to expand the circle in in all the directions. So we're pressing down through the toes and lifting up through the back and actually sending the but and everything back the best you can with your flexibility. Pull it in rounded, inhale, come up, extend out, create a little traction to the shoulders and through the spine Pull it in, come up, turn the hand over So we're gonna take the hand He reached out your turn the fingers to the outside So they keep coming all the way to the outside to your thumb faces for the outer edge You bring the fingers to the hell, but this time the palm is going to come down to the mat. Do with the other hand. So reach the arm out in front of you, turned the fingers around like you're spinning a plate. When the thumb faces out to the left, bring the fingers of the back of the hell. Press the feet into the backs of the hands of the risks and full down this nice Another way to do Pottharst asana Hang down nice and deep four folds air Great. This is essentially, you know, this is a same benefit here is you get in a handstand, you know, minus the balance and stuff. But as far as the hips being over the over the heart and over the head, we get all these wonderful benefits of being inverted, which is really good for blood pressure for the health of our heart and our circulatory system having to pump in the reverse direction. So the more time that we spent upside down, it really has lots of lots of therapeutic benefits for a body. So hang out here for just a few more breaths. Lift the toes, release the hands will stay in the Ford fold. I know it's a long ford. Fullness is pretty intense on tight hamstrings, So bend the knees as much as you need to reach the arms, interlaced the hands behind the back. If you can't interlaced the hands behind the back, grab ahold of your strap and take a hold of it. The feet are still about hip's distance apart. Lift the arms up, asshole as they can and will lean over towards the right bend the right knee. Look up past the left shoulder. So we're looking to the left, but our arms and everything is going to the right. Come back to center, bend the left knee, take the hands over to the left, Look up past the right shoulder. Come back to center, release the arms down, get a little shake out of the head, will swing out of the arms. Little shake of the legs come a pathway. Plant the hands, walk the feet back into downward facing dog. Take the right leg. You cross it over the top of the thigh. If you have to use your hand to bring it there, you could use your hand and take it up. Wanna flex right foot? So we're coming into a figure four position. This is gonna be a really nice little hip opener that we're going to do. Come upon the heels, shift forward, keep the knee out to the outside, bring the front part of the shin down to the mat, and then crawl the arms forward so the legs are still in a figure for if this is really deep for you kind of lean over the side. But if you can open up in the hips, square off a little bit more, bring the elbows underneath the shoulders and we're gonna hold it into the Sphinx pose. We're just here for a little bit just to kind of get into this. Add in a little bit of a quad stretch and so this is really nice. This is Ah, really nice way to do it on the needs. Someone of Bend the left leg and I'm gonna reach back with my right hand. If you can't get a hold of it, you get set it up here, hook the strap around the foot, you know, just to give yourself a little extra and then move Move into it this way. So I come down, I could reach back and pull. Pull the strap towards me, maybe get a hold of my foot that way Or, if you have the mobility just reached back, grabbed the foot, keep the left forearm in front, pulled a hell towards So the left heel is going to go towards the right glute. Just gonna pull this in and if you could even start to push the toes down So it's really nice Stretch across the front of the quad and you might even feel this all the way up into the hip flexor, depending on how flexible on how deep you're on this post. We're gonna hold this for a full minute. So far, we've been in in in about 30 seconds. If you started as I was working through it, so just hold it here. Maybe square the hip down and start to square the shoulders just a little bit more. Release the foot. Come back to the hands. Press yourself up on back the downward facing dog. Lift the left leg up across the left shin over the top of the ankle. Look forward. Shift forward. Come down onto the belly. Come on to the forms again. Signed with the right hand across the front to reach back and grab a hold of the left foot. Pull the hell towards the glute. Squeeze it in. Lift the chest up. Gays back past the left shoulder. A nice little twist here said another minute in this pose, this could be really intense for some of especially the quads, are so tight, so try to use the breath to release even Mawr. You know, try to soften into these areas by just breathing a little bit deeper and a little bit slower. Release the foot, plant the hands and come back up, down facing dog. Walk the feet Ford, Sit the butt down. Reach the legs out in front of you. Give the legs a little bit of a shake. Start by crossing the right ankle over the top of the left ankle. So we're sitting up nice and tall like this. Bend the knees. If you need to lean Ford, tuck the chin into the chest this way and then maybe start to straighten the legs out. So it is rounding in through the spine. Inhale. Look up. Exhale. Tuck the chin in. It was a little bit more narrow. Flossing and the ankles cross Really help Teoh Add the tension. Inhale Look up. Exhale, Shannon. Three more these. Inhale the cut Exhale tune last to inhale up Exhale chin and last one and he'll look up. Exhale, bring the chin and we're just gonna hang out here in this fold. You know, I'm not grabbing for my toes right now. I'm just my arms were just released out the sides and I'm hanging down, grabbing onto my legs. This helps to connect. Make that connection of this closed, um, this closed stretch. So instead of being open here, I'm connecting in, so I feel a little bit safer. My body feels a little bit safer in the stretch. Like, not gonna go too deep in it, Really? Allowing the stretch toe happen through the whole backside of my body. Still in the pose for another minute. Let each breath kind of take you a little bit deeper. And really think about releasing the tension along the back side of the body. Soften the shoulders down, but everything just kind of hangs Tuck in. If you feel yourself going deeper, reek, Of course. Start to walk the arms forward and move deeper into the post. Inhale. Come back up nice and slow. Uncross the legs. Take the left ankle over the top of the right. Recross it this way. Bend the knees if you want, tuck the chin in, but get this the length and extension to the back of the spine. Grab ahold of the back of thighs and start to extend legs forward. Take it only as faras. It feels comfortable for you. Maybe the sides a little bit deeper. Since we've already been in the Ford full for about three minutes or so, we could take it a little bit farther on this side. Really? It's about involving the entire spine, the entire back side of the body, not just the hamstrings. And this one want to open up into the low back as well, as well as into the upper back in the neck. So involving all of the spine as well as the hamstrings into this Ford fold. Slow down with the breath just a little more. See how calm and relaxed you can make your breathing. We surprised how much deeper Yukio, when you when you relax into oppose when he saw fit into it. Then when you force yourself in, when we force ourselves in the bodies, you know that it binds up and it tells us to stop because it's afraid we're gonna pull ourselves too deep and actually injure yourselves. But if you just allow it to relax and tell the body, that's okay to go this deep. The muscles were the lease and he could melt into it. Use gravity. You know the help, you come into it. It's a few more breaths. I slow and deep. They walk the arms forward for the last bit. Inhale, Come up, move the hips forward. Come down onto the back across the right ankle over the top of the left life flecks of foot and take your left foot over to the left. So if the left foot on the mat you want to move it on to the left side. The matter actually off of the mat onto your floor carpet would've whatever you're practicing on. But both knees fall to the other side, so over to the right, you want your knees and your hips kind of in line with each other's is a nice uh, it's kind of like what we did in Milosevic. That's a nice stretch for internal rotation of the left femur so that the left foot is opening to the outside and you take your left thumb to the your left lower back, right above this little hip bone right here that you feel in your low back right above. That is a nice little space to give yourself a little massage. Just release any tension or pressure that you have in it. Circle out with the thumb as you massage it. Here. Think about releasing and softening into the hips even more. If this is too much on the hips, you could always take a block in place of underneath the right Me. This will just help to take alleviate some of that pressure so you can't go is deep. And then you can adjust the height back to center. At least the foot Take the left ankle over the top of the right thigh Flex, Push the knee away from you. Move the right foot over to the right so both feet are going over to the right and then take both knees and let him lay down over to the left. You want your left knee? So you left me out to the left and your right knee kind of in line with your right hip. So the right leg is going straight down both feet Flex. Bring the right thumb to the back of your right. Lower back is a little massage in there. You know, play around with it wherever it feels good, wherever you might be holding tightness or attention. If you need just a little pressure with your thumb, press into that spot, says Nicest, released this area of low back, or we have a lot of attention coming from the back into the pelvis. So it is nice to Addison with this. With the external rotation of the right hip, you play around with the sacred. There's a lot of nerve endings that come down right at the base of the spine. He could feel around, put a little pressure there. T create some release of the nerves. The release of the low back. This is where the psychotic nerve comes out and goes down into the legs. So little pressure there could be could be quite intense. You move a little closer to the spine. Make sure that both your feet are flex, though, to to protect the knee. It's a few more breath in this in this pose. Knock to center, hug the knees into the chest, giving yourself a nice little squeeze. Deep inhale on the exhale. Bring it the heels to the corners of the mat. The toes fall to the outside, turn the palms up, lacks the arms. Relax those shoulders big, deep, inhale open mouth and exhale completely. Relax the body. The body needs time to relax to repair itself. If we're always pushing it on, moving into the body doesn't have any time to recover. And through this rest phases, when the body starts to grow. So it's really important that even if we're doing all this hard activity that we allow the body rest to recover into this. And this is really, you know, a repair type of practice where where the body could heal itself. You know, we encourage the body to heal itself by stimulating the nerves and creating a little bit of stress through the stretching. Just to tell the body that it needs to, you know, do something. So we'll spend a few more minutes here in Boston or as much time as you need. Not really. Just letting go Releasing. Thank you so much for allowing me to share my practice with you. I hope this practice left you feeling great rejuvenated. Enjoy the rest of your day. I'll see you tomorrow. No. Must a

Class Description

Skill level: Beginner
Classes: 5
Time: 30-45 minutes
Cycle: 5 days

No matter what your hustle looks like, the grind can take a toll on your body and ultimately hamper your creative pursuits. It’s important to take a break from your desk, drafting table, dark room or studio to restore and revitalize your body. Yoga for desk jobs can help limber you up, ease tension and stress, promote greater flexibility, and energize you so you can continue to create for hours at a time. This series of classes focusing on these stretches will help you:

  • Relieve tightness, soreness and tension
  • Increase your mobility and flexibility in areas impacted by long periods of sitting, crouching and hustling
  • Learn therapeutic techniques to rejuvenate your mind and body
  • Improve your creative output

Instructor Dylan Werner grew up in the mountains of Southern California and became interested in fitness, movement, extreme sports, photography and nature at an early age. Dylan travels extensively, teaching at workshops, instructor trainings, festivals and retreats. He has taught more than 400 workshops and events in more than 60 countries. He is passionate about spreading his love for yoga and helping others by sharing his journey. In his yoga for desk jobs class, Dylan will instruct you in:

  • Releasing tightness in the hips, hamstrings, shoulders, neck and back
  • Relaxing mentally and physically after a long day
  • Dynamic stretches, neuro-flossing and static holds

Workout Descriptions:

This class will show you how to release tension in the chest and upper back, improve the mobility in the shoulders, and open up the leg muscles, which can become extremely tight from long periods of sitting.

This full-body restorative class utilizes neural flossing techniques. This is an incredibly effective restorative technique to alleviate compression in the nerves in the hands, wrists, elbows or shoulders that can come from typing at a computer all day. We’ll also work to release tension in the hips and hamstrings, as well as strengthen the ankles and lower back.

This full-body repair class will help increase mobility in the wrists, working our way to the shoulders, chest and back before continuing down the body to the hamstrings, hips and ankles.

These spine lengthening exercises target the spine and gently move it in multiple directions. We’ll work to release tension that can lead to hunching and create space in shoulders and chest to improve posture.

It’s important to set aside time to actively restore the body and mind after a day of accumulating stress and tension. This class will warm up the body dynamically, getting the blood moving and incorporating some wall yoga poses. 



This class was the gateway to yoga for me. I was surpriced to find something sport related in creative live - thanks for that! Because of the name "Desk Therapy" I gave the course a try and loved it. The first course was a tad fast and challenging at the beginning but that motivated me and showed me an other side of yoga which deleted all my prejudice. The obvious benefit of "Desk Therapy" was the stress relief after a work day sitting in front of the computer. Dylan is an excellent teacher with very good instructions and tips. Thank you!