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Desk Therapy

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welcome to death therapy. You've heard the old adage that we're only as old as our spine auras. Young is our spine and so having a nice healthy is fine is really important. But one of the things that happens from sitting all the time is that our spine really locks up into one position. It's usually more of this round in position. This video is really going to target moving into the spine and undulating in all different directions and learning how to roll through and move the spine. The pelvis in a way make her way onto our hands and knees into tabletop position. We'll start with the little cat cow. This is this To move into the spine will only come through this a few times. Inhale Lift the chest, lift the tailbone Let the belly kind of drop Breathe into the belly and the exhale Draw the naval into the spine Inhale Come up, gaze up, Exhale round three or tuck the chin Tuck the tailbone in him up Exhale Pull it in last time inhale Look up Exhale Return to neutral position. We're going to...

keep these cat cows, but we're gonna add a little spinal undulation into it. This is really difficult for me. And I think for most guys, toe have this kind of movement To the spine is a little challenging The ladies tend to be a little bit better at it, but the more you practice out at the better that you get so will initiate all these movements from the tailbone First start bike moving into cal pose will lift the tailbone up that the belly fall Gaze up finishing from the tailbone Talk the tailbone down slowly Move through the spine And so the upper spine is what moves last from the basis spine Inhale Lift the tell tale bone up but the belly Start the full roll the chest four Look up Start with the tailbone Talk the tailbone round through the spine Talk the chin and go A few more of these Inhale tail up Lift the chest Roll up, tailbone down roll through So nice a nun relating movement Inhale and exhale Last one in him Tailbone moves first Look up this exhale We're gonna take it right back into downward facing dog We keep this undulating through the spine to move into plank post the 1st 1 is actually talking the tailbone. Under moving from the base, find high in the toes. Roll forward. Come to the top of the plank. Talk the tailbone, lift the belly up. Melt the chest back heels come down. Last tuck the tail boat roll through the spine. Gaze comes forward last, lower the pelvis down. Lift the tailbone up. Roll back through the spine. Takes a little bit of practice to get this. Do it three more times, but it's really nice and healthy for the spine. And even Teoh start to learn how to move the spine separately. Tech the tailbone. Lift up and back, round down to the head. Last heels come down last time. Lift up. Tuck the tailbone. Roll forward, come forward Some bring the knees down to the mat. We're almost a hover up. Look up, then lift the butt up and back. Send it back into this downward facing dog. Lift up. Roll forward Gays. Ford, lower the knees Announcer out in this plane to Kappos. Look up tailbone. First, lift the knees, reach the tailbone up and back, round down to the spine tomb or lift the heels up. Tuck the tailbone. Roll forward slowly, lower the knees down. If you're getting lost on this, that's OK. It's a little confusing. That takes a few times with the belly fall. Lift the tailbone up, gaze up, lift the knees, slide it back. Lower the heels Now round down through the back. Inhale. Reach the right leg up. Come up high in the toes. Draw the right knee over to the left tricep. Extend the leg over so we're crossing it under. Lower the hip down to the math. Lift up in around step the foot behind you. Lower the left hip down. So we're moving through this little quicker to this fallen triangle flip dog thing, but only halfway. And this is really to work through the smile to moving back and forth down, right leg across. Extend lower the right hip down, lifted up right like behind and back. Lower the hip down two more times across. Lower the right hip down, up and over and back. Left hip down last time. Over and across. Right hip down. Sweep the right leg back. Lower down. Step the right foot forward. Lower the left knee down to the mat. Inhale reach the arms, Ford and up big arm circles. Open up across the chest really nice and wide sweep it forward for one in Reach it back. Little Backman Ford for two Really opening up nice and wide. Reach back forward for three in, up on back for inhale for five. Bring the hands down, some not. Reach the left leg up. Make huge circles. You keep it soft. Bend in the right leg if you need to. But huge circles lowering the leg down and around egg hip circle for one point through the toe to really big three four. If you need blocks under the hands that could help a lot. Five. Stand up. Grab a hold of the left knee reset to catch your balance if you need to. In a lace, the fingers around the knee create a little bit attraction just enough so its point on the shoulders, but that you're not causing the shoulders. Teoh Any stress toe. He don't want to start sub locks in the shoulders. Lift the chest up, create a little bit of a Backman. Stand up nice and tall. Lift The heart was start to bend into it. Really working to stretch into the right, so as and hip flexors at the same time created little traction, I lost my balance. Come back into it. Uh, all this stuff is really good to challenge the balance. The more that you do with more that you work in the balance, the better it is. And it said that working balance poses come back to center, actually helps to stimulate the growth of brain cells. And almost one of the only things that does that lean back lift the chest up back to center. Challenge amounts unaddressed. He left back. Lift the heart a little stretch back to center. Last one. Chest up, lean back off to center. Take the leg behind. If you need a strap, grab ahold of the strap and take a hold of the left foot with both hands. Lift the heart up a little bit and what should extend the foot into the hands of the straps and lift the leg up. So we're coming into, like, almost like a little dance or nice little extension Here, bring it back. If you have the strap used to strap good for two lifted up. Try to keep the chest lifted first and let the knee initiated, or the lake initiated three. Last two last one. At least the foot down. Inhale. Sweep the arms up overhead. Accel Fold for halfway up. Lengthen. Plant the hands step back to plank post. Shift forward. Bend the arms lower halfway down. Inhale, come into your upward facing dog. Exhale lifted, often back downward facing dog inhale. Reach the left leg up. Come up nice and highly. Toes. Draw the left knee over to the right tricep. Extend. Lay down, lower the hips down, lifted up. Sweep the left leg behind you. Lower the right hip now left knee crossed in the lake. Said it now really working through mobility as well as a little bit of twists and back men's movement through the spine. Here's three around them back for and five. Stop the foot behind you. Bring the knee into the chests at the foot down, lower the right knee down, reaching arms. Four big arm circles open up across the chest for one. Reach it forward. Open up to reach. Afford. Open up. Three for EG circles for last one five in the hands of the front of Matt reached the right leg up to the sky. Standing splits. You put blocks under the hands if you need to. Big circle soon. Need lower the right leg down. Open it up and around big for one lower, too big circle. Lower up around three up around four. Really working into all the range motion of the hip and five. Stand up. Draw the right knee into the chest. Reset if you need to find your balance, interlacing fingers around a lot. Right leg. Sam. Nice and tall. Create a little bit of pressure on the shin. Coming into the hands. Open the chest. Start to take the gates. Lean back, lean into the hips. Challenged about same time. Open up in the left hip back to center for one. Lean back back to center for two. Lean back back to center for three. If the having trouble to balance, just reset every time. It doesn't really matter for last time. Lean back. Come up to center. Take the foot behind you. If you need a strap, grab ahold of strap. Hook it around the lake. Grab the foot with both hands flexing the foot. Send the hell up, lifted up well. Activation five. Come back to center. Reaching back. Lift the chest. Four. Back to center. Lifted up. Three back to center to active center last time. One back to center. Lower the legs down. Inhale. Sweep the arms up full breath. Exhale. Fold for halfway up. Lengthen plant. The palm stepped back. She fort Bend the arms lower cha Teranga. Inhale upward facing dog. Exhale downward facing dog lift The heels come down onto the knees will thread the needle, so start with the hips underneath. Reach the right arm underneath the left and bring the left arm. Four will start with a little bit of shoulder stretch up for, so I want you to square the left shoulder down and reach the left arm Ford and try to look forward. Maybe bring the forehead or chin down to the mat. I was here for a little bit to start. Start this little stretch nice and kind of more of an easy shoulder stretch. To begin with, you should feel a little bit of intensity, you know. And if not that, That just means that your shoulders are nice and open, so don't even worry about it, too. much will take this into an easy stretch. So just like where we are from here, look underneath the left armpit Reached the left arm up to the skies and I will add in the twist Reach a left arm behind the back and start to grab for the inner right thigh. Peel the chest open and look up towards the sky only Take this as far as you can. Only here for a little bit. It's a nice, gentle twist, you know, to start out, release the half mine. Bring the left hand underneath the shoulder. Take yourself back up onto all fours. Will come down onto the belly, reach the left arm in front. Use your strap if you need to. So pull my strap out just so you could see here. This is actually gonna be more of a shoulder stretch of anything. If you could grab the foot So we take it this way and I want you to open up across the shoulder. If you have the flexibility, though, you don't need the strap. Grab the bring the hand to the inside of the foot. Press the foot back. You're gonna press the right hand to the inner foot, so you're actually create a little bit activation so you don't let your legs fall out here. And as you do this, they pulled the foot towards the midline Look over the left shoulder. This is just gonna add a nice little shoulder stretch to the right shoulder in the right chest, almost like you're putting your hand on the inside of a wall. And he could. But the nice thing about this is you could add pressure with the right leg. So you're creating your own resistance, and by creating this own resistance, you're strengthening into the shoulder at the same time. It's stretching it. Bring the foot. You take the foot and you're gonna bring it into the crook of the left lake. Bend the right leg. Use the strap if you need to grab ahold of the foot. This is something that's really nice and doing Thai massage. It's a little bit of a calf calf massage here, and as you pull your foot in a little bit more, the pressure of the right lake actually puts pressure into the left calf, so it's kind of nice way to stretch out into and you could play around with where you put it in the leg and he's gonna pull the human really feels good. Just hold this for about a minute. Uses strap. If you need to. That ing in the quad stretch to and the lake you know it's it's acting toe. Open up into the cabin and give a little trigger point therapy to the calf. It also creates space in the back of the needs to open up into the left quad as well. So it's it's really good. Pose all around. Release the foot. Come up on your hands and knees. If you'd want to, you could turn sideways on cheer. Matt. This is just to keep the knees onto something soft. Bring the toes together. Soles of the feet together. Take the knees nice and wide, so kind of like a frog pose. But this is Ah, this is with the bound legs or body. Conason, we're gonna take this into a prone. So lift the hips come forward, the feet come up off the mat. That's OK. Even take the feet up like this. The needs nice and wide Keep the toes together. They're just going to relax the legs down, but keep the feet together, and this is going to start to open up into the outer hips. If your feet and knees or why, then you play around with distance between. You know how close the feet are to the but or how far away stay upon your forms or come down here. We're here for a little bit. If you're Ford like this, this makes the stretch a little less intense. If you come up takes, it makes it a little bit more intense. I like to add Add it in here. It's often into the breath. It's like all these clothes when we come into it, see where you could soften. Relax. It takes a little bit of activation to keep the feet together so that they just drift apart. So try to keep the feet together in the hips. Nice and open. This isn't that intensive. Oppose, but it is. It is a nice one toe open up into a little back and even even the way that the knees are. It helps to open up into the S. I joint a little bit more, which a lot of people that said a lot have have issues with that area with a part of the pelvis. Bring the hands back underneath the shoulders, straight legs out. Lift yourself up onto your hands and knees. Crawl the right arm. Ford. Start with the left shoulder stretch to reach the left arm underneath. Keep the but lifted reach right on. Ford's were off through the chest. May be worth the right armpit down, chin down or forehead down. Whatever feels nicer just to create this stretch through the outer left shoulder, and you could really take any option here. Slow, depressed row is good. Try to keep the breast soft. Don't breathe too hard, expelling in the extra energy. Any extra stress that you don't need. It's a few more rests before we add in the twist, taking in a twist. Come on to the right fingertips. Look underneath the right arm pit reached the right arm up to the sky. Big twist. Big inhale. Take the arm behind the back. Grab for the inner left thigh or wherever it goes at the twisting. You can't grab on to your thigh. That's flying. It doesn't really matter. You keep the arm up to the sky were war. We're more worried about what we're doing through the spine than anything else. Releasing arm from back until force make her way down onto the belly. Reach the right forum across. Come back with the left hand, used the strap if you need to, and this is about the shoulder. So press the left foot into the left hand, bring the gaze of the right shoulder and start to twist. Here is Aziz. You twist over to the right, keep pressing the left foot into the into the inner left hand or the palm of the left hand and start to feel stretched through left shoulder and the left chest. Really nice way to open it all up. Even create attraction. Just twist. Maybe lift the hard up a little bit higher so that you feel it breathing to the space a little bit more intense, especially to really tight through the front part of the body. The front part of the chest in the foot takes it inside the crook of the right lake. Flex the left foot, then the right leg. Reach back rabble. Hold of the foot. Use a strap if you need so It's a little different than the then with the other videos. And same thing, this this time massage, you know, kind of calf things. You pull the healing, it feel more pressure onto the right calf. I only take it as far as your quad allows it. And if you're not feeling anything on the right calf, it might be because you're right. Quad. It's too tight and you can't pull it in enough. That's okay. Having the leg there will help open up that space. Just keep pulling it in here for about a minute. I slow breath. Release the foot. Bring the hands underneath. Will make her way up onto her. But bring the right shin across the front of Matt. Take the left leg, cross it over, Inhale Reach the right arm up to the sky. Bring the right arm in front of the left lake, gaze past left shoulder, Take a deep inhale twist a little bit deeper and a hard up We're here for a minute And what you want to think with any twist Is every inhale Gonna lift the chest up a little higher and every exhale You're gonna twist just a little bit deeper. You bring the gaze over the left shoulder looking for your I'm just trying to keep the my eye on the time in health center twist the other way. I want you to keep the legs, but the legs fall into the ground. So we're keeping the knee crossed up under like this. Just gonna walk your arms. Ford, this is a nice little twist. Feels a little bit awkward, but as you reach forward into it, you feel really nice. Twist to low back. Come on to the belly. Reaching arms. Ford Yo deeper. Bring the left cheek down to the mat. Even the left arm under is pretty intense this way. Whatever. It feels good for you right now. It might take a little bit more of this gentle, gentle stretch here. Little prone stretch Twister. Great when we're working to despise because they really reset the spine and they move through all the vertebrates, especially the upper back in the Thor asic part of the back. Because this is where, uh, this is where the back twist the most is. Did the thrashed six mind spying the way the bird rare setups actually allows us to twist Mawr through that. We tend to lack a lot of movement, and if you don't twist a lot, this part of the spying, it's really bound up. Bring the hands back and he'll come up. Cross legs the other way. Inhale. Reach the left arm up. Exhale gays or the right shoulder twist. I think every inhale, create space. Lift yourself up through the belly in through the chest. The exhale. Take it a little bit deeper in the gaze past the right shoulder twister. Really best to do on on empty stomach. There, there. Ah, if you do these right after he eat, you know, probably told you I would be getting, but you go through these videos in the future. It's always best to do any kind of movement like this with an empty stomach, cause having a full belly food doesn't really feel good when you're twisting through. Um, you know, it's just there's a lot of movement going on through the stomach, so cause heartburn in those kind of things. So it's just best to do this with moderately empty belly. Last few breaths, Inhale created a bit more space. Exhale, take it a little deeper. I am mentioning inside, but you could always hold onto the lake here if you don't twist so deep. I have a lot of rotation through my spine. So I tend to just go really deep in a twist because it takes me a while to feel anything. But if you're not feeling anything, you know, maybe you're back here like this. This is a great place to hang out. We'll add the other twisting. So come around towards the left, move any props that you might have bring both knees down. So we're kind of keeping the lakes and take it into a prone position. So the lake stay here kind of twisted up as a Are you with your writing down Rechy arms Ford come down onto the belly. This is just a nice way, and this actually helps. Like I said, most of twist happens through the upper back and this is a way kind of targets into the lower back just a little bit more, because the way that we're isolating into the hips, so you get a little bit more twist into the lumbar spine, which is really good. Um, you know, toe help bring those inter vertebral disc back to the neutral position. You take this only as far as it feels comfortable if you need to be up on the form staff on the forms. If you could come all the way down, come all the way down is the breath to guide you and take you a little bit deeper. Deeper variation, right Treat down to the Met or even deeper reach the right arm across. This gets really deep into the twist Come up around Take the legs around out to the front of the Met Good will stretch Seeking out working to our shoulders a little bit So bring both your feet down to the mat This is a really nice shoulder stretch and I love I love working through it really helps open up, plant the feet, lift the butt up So one of things I see a lot is people don't send their but far enough Ford here they just set it down, Keep the hands really far back behind the lift the butt up. Send that but Ford as much You can maybe rock into it a few times rocking forward and back. Do this opens up in the shoulders a little bit more about all the way forward. Set the butt down. Tuck the chin in round to do the spine to create more length through the upper back and into the shoulders. Real nice, relaxed, calm. Smooth breath. It's like the chin in a little bit more. Been the arms a little bit more to intensify the stretch into the shoulders. We have the elbows towards each other to add a little bit more stretched across the chest. Tech minor pack major. It was play around from the shoulders, Ford back, squeezing the elbows, you know, see where the stretch changes its. You know, I like to move a lot in my stretch, and I always want to stay in the same place. Straighten the legs out in front of you, come up a little bit, turned the fingers around backwards. So we're onto the fingertips. Point through the toes. Lift the hard up. This is a really intense stretch on my right shoulder. Is like I said, I have a little bit of impingement in there from old wrestling injuries and stuff, so I feel this a lot. You might not feel anything here with, the more you lift your heart, the more intense that it is. He even sent the belly Ford and started arch the back and bring the head back. Great, great shoulder stretch. We're here for a minute, so try not to go too deep too fast. If the heart up a little bit more even added, you know, changed around by talking the chin looking up. What that does to the spine. Tuck the chin with the chest. Look up, It's time. Tuck the chin lift chest, Look up. Come up to a seat, side the arms in. Bring the feet together into a wide leg. Body can also widely get ford fold. Open the feet up. Close them to get a little massage to the feet. They don't get enough attention here. Inhale. If the heart create a little bit of arch, the low back will come forward when we come. As far Ford is as you need to sometimes if you're really tight, you could if you really tight, put a pillow or block underneath the but that you could bring your forehead down so you could relax into this position like this. This is your last pot's of the class before we move into Sha'ab Ascena. Yeah. So this is where we really wanna let the mind Teoh slow down and calm down. And hopefully, as we're moving through this, you're really just thinking about breathing slow and relaxing a little bit more. It's so important for us at the end of the day to allow ourselves just to wind down and release and and let go of all the stress not to take anything from the day home with us. I was working as a firefighter. Is, uh well, the things that has really I really tried to practice all the time was never take my job home with me, you know, never take the stresses and and all the things that that I dealt with on the job Never take that back, Teoh my home life for my family life. When you do that, it just makes things hard on the relationship with, with your loved ones hard on your relationship with yourself. The line So it's it's important to to not hold on to any of those stresses. Just let go of them. Take the last little bit of this posing with a little bit of of spinal tension. So I want you to and that really Attention, asshole Detention that's released. Attention. Bring the arms and take him underneath the calf like this wraparound. He grab onto the toes of the feet and we're gonna take the chin into the chest and pull back to the spine. So we're around really rounding into it a little bit Mawr, too, to release anything that we're holding on to through the whole back of the body. You know, if we're holding any tension in the shoulders, the supposed should start to release it and let it go. So it's you push back and you feel that tightness consciously mentally release it. Let go of anything that's wanting to keep you bound up back to center with the chest. Ford will do that one more time. Lean back, draw the chin into the chest. If you're not feeling any tension through the back, tuck the chin and a little bit more and lean back. Hopefully, you could see this what I'm doing here, cause I definitely feel it. So I'm hoping you feel it too. And if you're not feeling it, start to explore around until you dio inhale. Come forward, Release the arms shake out through the lakes, said the heels down. Make your way onto your back, the last pose from the palms up at least anything that you're holding on to squeeze and release the hands. Open toes a lot through the ankles. Roll out through the wrist. Get out any last little bit of jitters or tension that you have. Take a deep inhale. Open the mouth. Exhale. I feel good that feels to breathe deep. Inhale very therapeutic. Open the mouth. Exhale, Release it. Feel this overwhelming sense of calm and relax ation come over the body almost like a blanket. I was just talking you in. Inhale over the mouth and release. Take one moment just to scan the body to see if you're holding on any attention anywhere. If you feel any tension, release it. Take a much time, as you need here in Shavelson and maybe take a little bit extra today if you need it, especially if today was rough. You know nothing wrong with a five minute, 10 minutes 20 minutes of awesome. If that's what you need. Sometimes we just need this time for ourselves. Thank you so much for allowing me to share my practice with you. I hope this video really calmed you down and made you feel good and relaxed. And he could let go of all the stresses of the day and carry on with your evening and loved ones. See you tomorrow. Now must a

Class Description

Skill level: Beginner
Classes: 5
Time: 30-45 minutes
Cycle: 5 days

No matter what your hustle looks like, the grind can take a toll on your body and ultimately hamper your creative pursuits. It’s important to take a break from your desk, drafting table, dark room or studio to restore and revitalize your body. Yoga for desk jobs can help limber you up, ease tension and stress, promote greater flexibility, and energize you so you can continue to create for hours at a time. This series of classes focusing on these stretches will help you:

  • Relieve tightness, soreness and tension
  • Increase your mobility and flexibility in areas impacted by long periods of sitting, crouching and hustling
  • Learn therapeutic techniques to rejuvenate your mind and body
  • Improve your creative output

Instructor Dylan Werner grew up in the mountains of Southern California and became interested in fitness, movement, extreme sports, photography and nature at an early age. Dylan travels extensively, teaching at workshops, instructor trainings, festivals and retreats. He has taught more than 400 workshops and events in more than 60 countries. He is passionate about spreading his love for yoga and helping others by sharing his journey. In his yoga for desk jobs class, Dylan will instruct you in:

  • Releasing tightness in the hips, hamstrings, shoulders, neck and back
  • Relaxing mentally and physically after a long day
  • Dynamic stretches, neuro-flossing and static holds

Workout Descriptions:

This class will show you how to release tension in the chest and upper back, improve the mobility in the shoulders, and open up the leg muscles, which can become extremely tight from long periods of sitting.

This full-body restorative class utilizes neural flossing techniques. This is an incredibly effective restorative technique to alleviate compression in the nerves in the hands, wrists, elbows or shoulders that can come from typing at a computer all day. We’ll also work to release tension in the hips and hamstrings, as well as strengthen the ankles and lower back.

This full-body repair class will help increase mobility in the wrists, working our way to the shoulders, chest and back before continuing down the body to the hamstrings, hips and ankles.

These spine lengthening exercises target the spine and gently move it in multiple directions. We’ll work to release tension that can lead to hunching and create space in shoulders and chest to improve posture.

It’s important to set aside time to actively restore the body and mind after a day of accumulating stress and tension. This class will warm up the body dynamically, getting the blood moving and incorporating some wall yoga poses. 



This class was the gateway to yoga for me. I was surpriced to find something sport related in creative live - thanks for that! Because of the name "Desk Therapy" I gave the course a try and loved it. The first course was a tad fast and challenging at the beginning but that motivated me and showed me an other side of yoga which deleted all my prejudice. The obvious benefit of "Desk Therapy" was the stress relief after a work day sitting in front of the computer. Dylan is an excellent teacher with very good instructions and tips. Thank you!