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The Documentary Portrait

Dan Milnor

The Documentary Portrait

Dan Milnor

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Class Description

What’s behind a powerful documentary portrait? Professional photographer Dan Milnor will break it down for you in just 90 minutes.

Dan will explore the motivations behind great documentary work, as well as share his techniques and philosophies regarding how to work quickly, collaborate with strangers and recognize optimal light. Plus, Dan will teach you how you go beyond your current comfort level and build a deeper relationship with your subjects as you photograph them.

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Ratings and Reviews

Chris Miedema

For a small package, this class packed a lot of useful information, strategies and thoughtful philosophies. Initially I was reluctant to pay even the sale price for what amounts to a 1.5 hour class, but I thought it was worth every penny. Dan has an easy going style, capable of delivering his message in a straight forward and often humorous way. He has lots of examples to help guide the audience. I had to constantly stop the tape to write down key points. I actually think I will watch this again some time in the future to make sure I have consolidated all his teachings.

Jeffrey Damron

Interesting to compare Dan in 2013 to his current videos on Youtube. His message is fundamentally the same, but he is now much more about the printed image than the internet (not that he was much of a fan even in 2013). He's a supersmart guy and I would recommend checking out his current presence at, which to me shows more of what an online presence should be than what 99% of online sites actually are. I highly recommend this class which is short, entertaining, and informative.

Anik Sales

Amazing! Heartfelt and honest. Well done.

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