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Bonus Video: Think Tank Gear Bags

Hey, everyone, I'm dance it's morris photojournalist and also co founder of think tank photo and I have my bag here and I'm going to show you what I carrying it um today I have my airport security rolling case and I use that quite a bit so it fits overhead and domestic flights and I'm going over overseas I'll use the slightly smaller airport international so but this is the security a little bit bigger and I'm going to show you what I normally carry in my bag. Okay? All right. So, um couple of camera bodies here I usually have to with may at least two. All right, this is my cannon mark for and I use this mainly for sports, you know, because let's frames per second fast it's great camera. So that's one of my body that I usually have with me but this is the camera that I used for most assignments for most everything and it's a five d mark three love this camera I use it for for still photography I also use it for motion and it works out for me for just about anything that I'm photographi...

ng except for sports. Okay, so let me show you what else I have here, so this is a zack kudos e finder and I love this thing it's great for when I'm shooting motion and just tricky to see appear and focus or not so this thing works out really well in love it if I'm doing multimedia, I'll bring these multimedia things so sometimes I'm just going on a still shoot okay, this is my beloved fifty millimeter one to love this lands it if I could only have one lens on the camera it's this one you know I'm just walking around but one another lens that I don't have with me that's a favorite is that eighty five one two? Okay, another lands I love this is the thirty five one four great it's really? About as wide as I go I try not to use anything wider went in a while I'll use a twenty four I have a twenty four one fourth and I like and you notice I used crimes a lot of love primes and I love fast lines is not love shallow depth of field that's why his promise? All right. Cannon strub five hundred and e x five eighty e x two good. I mostly shoot with available light but I always like to have this with made because you never know this's my cannon seventy two, two hundred zooms to eight and use this thing all the time and so I was with me okay let's see what else I have here I also have a goodman loop that I use if I if I'm working with two different bodies shooting video I might have the sea finder on one and this is another one that I don't attach to the camera way have charger battery charger okay and we have these I think tank battery holders that I used so it's a great little cases you know hold my I pulled my double a batteries on do I have this holds my memory cards this is a this is like one of the special edition but I think tank pixel pocket rocket holds my memory cards um so we have a way did some fun patterns but most of them are plane all right let's see what else do we have here let's move over to the other side this is my road video mike and I use this when doing multimedia shooting video and put it on camera it's a great way to just pick up son and the audio I can see and this is a zoo kyoto target rig and I use this just as another point of contact when I'm shooting motion it's great it's really lightweight I don't like these big rigs where you know you just look like you know you taking over the run I like to work as you know loki is possible and so this just gives me another point of contact and then the sea find or another point of contact so I can slow things down a little bit what else is down here? Okay, clean the sensor oh yeah and this is my okay this is my video ahead and this is great. This is a man proto seven o on hdtv and it's just great great video ahead I take it apart to put it in my bag and that's also for shooting motion you know, if I'm if I'm not shooting any video I can I go lighter than this you know I'll have two bodies and probably four lenses but this is kind of more of ah multimedia kit and and this is my tripod I love this it's some three like a thing it's a great it's really lightweight and it's it pulled up so small that I could put it in my bag and I brought this with me to africa in july and it also on this turn this leg turns into a mano pot it's got some great features. It goes really tall really low so I love this um and then over here you knights have a few accessories I put in the pockets like neutral density filters on that I carry with me for when I'm shooting video to get that nice shallow depth field um you know sis for color balance it's x right color picker extra batteries for my camera extra batteries for accessories business cards here and I think that's about it you know but this bag it's great does the trick it has you know a lot so I can lock the outside of the bag and then there's also a built in luck so I can lock it to something so I have shown you what I carry in my bag this gets me to the location where I'm shooting now when I get there I need a bag toe work out of so I usually carry an extra bag with may depending on what I'm shooting sometimes I want a belt pack sometimes I want a backpack sometimes I want to shoulder back so I'm going to show you just a few of our think tank bags this is the retrospective seven and it's a bag I absolutely love I carry it with me a lot this's probably my go to bag for a shoulder bag I mean I like it it it looks rugged and it looks kind of cool and it's the right size and it really doesn't look like a camera back which I love now it has a pocket in the back you know I can put my ipad in there and so this is this is one bag that I carry quite a bit another one is the city walker twenty and the real difference between these two is this is much lighter weight. So, like, sometimes I need to squish this thing down and with my clothes, tio, take it to my location. So this's great, kind of a real loki lightweight back, and this is a new line of bags that we just came out, where they're called my second brain. We have four different sizes. Thiss ones for the tablet. We also have an eleven inch, a thirteen inch and a fifteen inch tippett laptops comes in three colors. Green, blue and black. So that's the story. This is my think tank bag, and this is when I carry.

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Storytelling has been an integral part of human cultures and societies we first started communicating. Effective use of imagery adds unmatched depth to the telling and understanding of a story. Thanks to the accessibility of new tools and technology, such as HDSLR cameras, and an abundance of outlets for stories on the web, visual storytelling has evolved from a simple illustration on a cave wall to motion on your mobile device.

Despite this technological revolution, the core fundamentals of storytelling have always stayed the same.

From the single image, to the photo essay, and personal project, award-winning photographer Deanne Fitzmaurice will discuss how to effectively tell your story visually using the principles of documentary photography and photojournalism while remaining authentic and making a personal connection with both the subject and the viewer.


Rodrigo Reyes

I recommend this course for beginners or people who want to jump into the photojournalism world. There are nice tips. But I want more content about how to construct a photo-essay before, during and after finished the assignment. The basic steps about how to construct the story before to present to the editors: some tips (shoot portraits, ambient scenes, time, places) about how to construct the sequence of the story.