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Drawing Fundamentals: Getting Started

Amy Wynne

Drawing Fundamentals: Getting Started

Amy Wynne

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Class Description

This beginner-friendly class will teach you essential techniques for drawing realistically. Understand the concepts of line quality, contour line, and mark making. You’ll also learn about the materials used in drawing and art so you’re not intimidated by the art store. And you’ll understand how to slow down and ‘see’ things to better draw them. Instructor Amy Wynne teaches at the Rhode Island School of Design and exhibits her work nationally, winning numerous grants and awards.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • The expressive potential of a variety of drawing media on varied surfaces
  • How to build a connection between eye, mind and hand
  • To practice sensitive line quality as it relates to mechanical versus organic motifs

By the end of the class, you’ll have created a series of contour drawings of organic and mechanical objects in varied materials.

Ratings and Reviews


I love taking courses with Amy Wynne. (I've taken courses with her at RISD and I'll pretty much take any course she teaches.) She inspires me. One thing I wish is that I had been given a list of materials so I could have prepared for this and done all the activities as Amy did them. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I loved it!


This class was great in demonstrating technique as well as helping me get in the right mindset to draw! I found it very helpful for my own practice and I will continue use what I learned. Amy Wynne is a very thoughtful and motivating teacher.

Mike Sims

So far so good; the instructor is great. BUT please add a list of materials to purchase and have ready to use for the full benefit and experience in this class! Wish I would have known. I will have to grab these items and come back to re-watch the materials demos section of this class.

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