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Adding Images in Lightroom

Lesson 8 from: Editing and Organizing your Photography in Lightroom

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

8. Adding Images in Lightroom

<b>Time to import!&#160; In this lesson you will learn the best methods for importing images into Lightroom.&#160; Get ready to start the real fun!</b>

Lesson Info

Adding Images in Lightroom

1 We have come to the point 2 where we're going to start adding photos. 3 Now you can see that I've got plenty of photos. 4 I've got 100,000 photos in there that I can look through. 5 But I want to show you how to add photos to Lightroom, 6 'cause that's really the first thing you're going to do. 7 So we are going to go into the Lightroom albums area, 8 and we're going to add photos. 9 Now, I can come up here to the top 10 and click on this little Add photos. 11 If I click on Add photos, 12 it's going to ask me to browse to those photos 13 or, so I can find a set of photos 14 that are on my computer at the moment, 15 and I can add those photos, 16 or I can just go to a SD card that I have in there, 17 and I'm going to pull them from there. 18 The problem with going and browsing to a set of photos 19 is that when you click on this, 20 let's say I put the photos in my Pictures folder, 21 and then I browse to them, 22 and I say I want to import those photos. 23 Well, guess what? 24 It's...

going to copy those photos 25 into Lightroom's set of photos, 26 and now you have two of them. 27 So you've just duplicated the photos, 28 which means that now those photos cost you 29 twice as much space. 30 Might be a good thing if you are always putting your photos 31 on OneDrive, 32 and then you want to add them and copy them 33 as a way of duplicating or backing them up, 34 then this is a great way. 35 Put it on the original external drive 36 that you want to just kind of as your archive. 37 Go ahead and put it on there, 38 and then go browse to that folder, 39 import them, and now you have a copy. 40 That's a good way to do it. 41 But in this case, we're going to go directly 42 to the card that we shot them. 43 So I plugged in the camera card into the computer, 44 and here's where it is. 45 I'm going to click on that. 46 And now you can see that I did this self portrait. 47 I was actually testing for a portrait 48 that I was about to take. 49 And so I just did this little set of photos of myself. 50 You see that every photo that's on the card is there. 51 Up at the very top though, there's the option 52 of what album I'm going to add them to. 53 So I can click on this dropdown, 54 and I can choose any of the albums in my entire catalog. 55 So if I go to Educational collections, 56 and then I go into any of these, 57 so we're going to go to the Lightroom desktop version, 58 and I can put it in any of these options here. 59 So I can do, let's see, Favorite Images. 60 That's the album that we made during this workshop. 61 Or I can create a new one. 62 So if I click on New, 63 now I'm creating a new album, 64 and it's just going to call it Self Portrait. 65 So I've created a new album, and I hit Create. 66 So now, that self portrait is down here at the bottom, 67 and I'm going to show you how to move it in a minute. 68 This is the reason that we created it here 69 so that I can show you how to move it. 70 So Self Portrait is the album I'm going to. 71 And then over here on the top right hand side is 72 where we select all, cancel or add those 33 photos. 73 So I'm going to click on Add 33 photos, and here it goes. 74 It's importing all of those there. 75 The now bar's done, 76 and you can see that the first place it put me 77 was not in the album where they are, 78 but it shows me in the All Photos area, 79 Recently Added, just now 33 photos came in. 80 Didn't take very long, but they're all there. 81 So now, I can also right click any of these 82 and I can say Show all the photos from the same date, 83 or I can go down to this, the Info area, 84 just like we talked about. 85 And if I zoom in here, 86 notice that the status is Uploading. 87 Locally, the originals are there. Cloud is pending. 88 And they're in the Self Portrait album. 89 If I click on Self Portrait, 90 it's going to take me to that album. 91 You can see that it's right there. That was easy to find. 92 And now, I can move this album anywhere I like. 93 So I'm going to take it, 94 and I'm just going to drag that album up 95 until I get to the top. 96 Keep going. Keep going. 97 So I'm just dragging it all the way to the top. 98 And then I'm going to put it 99 in the CL Lightroom desktop 2024. 100 There, so now my Self Portrait album 101 is right where I want it, and it's uploading currently. 102 Now, I don't want it to upload 103 and then delete my files from this computer. 104 So I'm going to right click this album, 105 and I'm going to say I want to make this album 106 available offline. 107 And so now, and that's fine, I'm going to hit Download. 108 And now you can see that that is already green. 109 And it's already green because they're already here. 110 So now it's uploading, 111 but it's not going to get rid of them. 112 They're already currently here. 113 And those images now are, they're still on my card, 114 so they're still on the camera card, 115 but they're also inside of my computer 116 in the folder, in the Preferences, 117 in this cache setting, 118 they're inside this folder on this plat blade drive. 119 They're in that folder with all of the other originals 120 that have been downloaded. 121 But the images from Portrait here, 122 these 773, are not local 123 because they don't have the green chevron. 124 But this one does, and so these are local. 125 Now notice that the little spinning thing is done. 126 So all of those self portraits, all 33 of those, 127 are now in the cloud. 128 And if I click on an image, 129 and I go over here and look at it, 130 now it says they're synced. 131 The locals are original, and the clouds are original. 132 And that is the process 133 of importing your images into Lightroom.

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Tim Byrne

Great job, Jared! You have delivered a master class for anyone beginning a journey into Lightroom, presented in absolutely clear and relaxed style. And for those with more experience with the program, every old dog can learn a few more new tricks. Teaching software is tough. Jared does it by breaking down each function and including not only the what, but the how and why as well. And each step is amplified by crystal clear photos which are manipulated with the function at hand. Bring a pad of paper, some snacks, and a cup (or two) of coffee. He is relentless in his presentation. You might watch this course as a freebie, but buy it to be able to refer to it for specific steps and processes. I've been using Adobe products since the mid 1990s and this is the best instructional presentation I've taken. ABSOLUTE WINNER1 Thanks, Jared

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