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Importing Presets

Lesson 28 from: Editing and Organizing your Photography in Lightroom

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

28. Importing Presets

<b>In this lesson you will learn how to import the free presets I have created and provided for this course.&#160; You&#8217;re welcome!</b>

Lesson Info

Importing Presets

1 We've taught you how to make a preset, 2 but I need you to understand 3 how to import a preset into Lightroom. 4 It's not hard, 5 but all you have to do is find a set of presets. 6 Now, if you download a set of presets from say like my store 7 or from the presets that I give you here on CreativeLive, 8 you're going to find them in the form of a ZIP file. 9 So this is the ZIP file right here. 10 It's called, 11 and this is one of the ones that you're going to receive. 12 And so all you have to do is point to this file. 13 You don't have to open it, you don't have 14 to do anything with it. 15 All you have to do is download it, put it on your desktop, 16 and then go to Lightroom. 17 And by the way, you can also import this 18 into Lightroom Classic. 19 They work there too. 20 But if you wanna learn how to import on Lightroom Classic, 21 watch the Lightroom Classic workshop here on CreativeLive 22 that has just come out as well. 23 But in this case, all we're gonna do i...

s go over 24 to the preset area and click on this triple dot button. 25 Then we're gonna go to import presets, 26 and then we're gonna go to our desktop. 27 We're gonna point to the and hit Import. 28 That's it. They're there. 29 There's all the adaptive presets right there. 30 And then you can start using all of those things. 31 So that's it. 32 And you'll notice that every time you have a adaptive preset 33 that you click on, 34 the minute you have clicked on your preset, 35 an amount slider shows up below the preset that allows you 36 to increase or decrease the amount 37 of that particular preset. 38 This is something that is turned on and off 39 by the person who makes the preset. 40 And so if that amount slider isn't there, 41 it's probably because the maker of the preset 42 didn't intend for it to be there. 43 So sometimes you'll see it, sometimes you won't, 44 but most of the time, you'll see an amount slider 45 when you click on a preset, which is a great way 46 to finesse the effect that you've created. 47 So it's fantastic. 48 And by the way, 49 that triple dot button in the preset area also allows you 50 not only to create your own preset, 51 but to manage your presets. 52 If I click on manage presets, it allows me 53 to turn off presets and turn them on. 54 So if you just have way too many presets, 55 you can turn off groups of presets 56 that you're not using without deleting them. 57 The other thing that you should know is that the only way 58 to get presets into your iPad here is to go 59 through Lightroom on your desktop. 60 So every time you import presets into Lightroom, 61 not Lightroom Classic, but Lightroom on your desktop, 62 the new version of Lightroom, when you put a preset on here, 63 it automatically sends that to the cloud 64 to your presets here inside of your Lightroom Mobile. 65 In Lightroom Mobile, 66 the presets are right here below the adjustment settings. 67 So different than Lightroom Desktop, which is above. 68 This is below, and if I click on this preset area, 69 then you can see right here are all your presets. 70 And there they are, those are the adaptive presets 71 that we just put in. 72 And if I go to user presets, you can see 73 that the Smooth Skin Master is also there. 74 So that comes in really fast. 75 And everything that you put into Lightroom Desktop here, 76 the new version of Lightroom, will automatically go up 77 to the cloud and will be available on your phone 78 and on your iPad. 79 Now, sharing your presets with Lightroom Classic, 80 you have to actually put your presets into Lightroom Classic 81 on their own. 82 So putting it in Lightroom Desktop here, 83 the new version of Lightroom, 84 shares it everywhere except for Lightroom Classic. 85 Lightroom Classic, you gotta repeat the process 86 and put your presets in there individually.

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Tim Byrne

Great job, Jared! You have delivered a master class for anyone beginning a journey into Lightroom, presented in absolutely clear and relaxed style. And for those with more experience with the program, every old dog can learn a few more new tricks. Teaching software is tough. Jared does it by breaking down each function and including not only the what, but the how and why as well. And each step is amplified by crystal clear photos which are manipulated with the function at hand. Bring a pad of paper, some snacks, and a cup (or two) of coffee. He is relentless in his presentation. You might watch this course as a freebie, but buy it to be able to refer to it for specific steps and processes. I've been using Adobe products since the mid 1990s and this is the best instructional presentation I've taken. ABSOLUTE WINNER1 Thanks, Jared

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