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End Your Financial Self-Sabotage

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Introduction to Workshop

Tonya Rapley

End Your Financial Self-Sabotage

Tonya Rapley

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1. Introduction to Workshop


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Lesson Info

Introduction to Workshop

Welcome to End Your Financial Self Sabotage. This class is good for anyone who earns money. I mean, all of us want money, right? But not all of us are good at keeping money and spending it and allowing money to work in our best interest. So this class was designed to support people who, no matter what they make, no matter how much they study or you know how many classes they take, they feel like they're still not getting ahead when it comes to their finances and a lot of that has to do with mindset and this class is focused on mindset. So thank you guys for being here today and thank you guys for tuning in online. So an introduction to this class because it's not just your budget, it's your mindset and a lot of people think that just because they set up a budget, they've met with a financial counselor or financial planner, that everything's gonna fall into place and that's wrong because sometimes it's not about the budget, it's about your financial mindset or your money mindset because...

most of our financial behaviors are established through observation, coping mechanisms, and familial expectations. So through observations, that's how you see other people manage money. So in this class we'll dig into how individuals in your life have managed money and how that might effect how you manage money and then coping mechanisms because sometimes our relationship with money is a response to our upbringing, a response to different scenarios, a response to the fears that we developed over time and then familial expectations. So that's a big thing. A lot of times when I'm working with individuals, they don't realize what role their family plays in their money mindset and how they manage money and how money appears in their lives and the lives of those around them. Then also we all have a relationship with money and a lot of our sabotaging financial behaviors are rooted in beliefs that are more ingrained in our psyche than we realize. So in this course, in this class, I'm going to challenge you to dig a little deeper. A lot of times we like to think on the surface and so I'm gonna challenge you to dig a little deeper to get to the root of some of your money mindset issues and things that might be contributing to financial self sabotage and I just want to say that just because you're here doesn't mean that you have money problems or just because you're watching this class doesn't mean that you have money problems. It just means that you realized that you're not using money in your best interest and you want to use it as a tool that it was designed to, to improve your life. And so by the end of this class you will discover the money beliefs that are driving your money story and reclaim your financial life by establishing a better relationship with money and creating financial goals that excite you and that really excites me because when I'm working with people and I ask them, you know what are your financial goals, a lot of times they aren't their goals so we're gonna set your peg, which is essentially your personally exciting goal. So how does that sound? Alright, those of you at home, I hope you're excited about taking this class, too. So who am I, first of all? So thank you Laura for that introduction. I am a millennial money expert. I'm a certified financial education instructor. My name is Tonya Rapley. I created My Fab Finance in 2013 because I felt like I had done everything right in my life. I went to college, you know. I listen to my parents. I got good grades. I got a scholarship and everything but my finances weren't necessarily reflecting those decisions that I had made in my life and I was working with low income women in New York City and I saw what happened when you just let your finances happen to you and a lot of times we don't plan for our financial future but we don't realize that life comes at us fast and so I decided that I wanted to take control of my money, just like I had taken control of my education, just as I had taken control of where I live and my vacations and everything else that excited me in my life, I wanted to take control of my money and as someone who was not good at math growing up, I also realized that you don't have to be you know a financial advisor to manage your money properly. You don't have to be a mathematician to manage your money properly, you just have to know what your financial goals are and enact practices and behaviors that support those financial goals to help you reach where you want to go. So as a result of starting My Fab Finance, I was deemed the new face of wealth building by Black Enterprise magazine shortly after I started my company and I regularly interact with individuals, everyday people. I feel like everyday people are my kryptonite when it comes to money. I felt like there was a space, there was a void in the industry and a void in the market for people who understood what the millennial experience was, understood what it was like to build your finances after the recession, and I wanted to create a platform that allowed people, particularly women and millennials, to talk about money because all too often, we talk about everything else but money except for my student loans are killing me or you know we have complaints but we don't necessarily talk about the solutions and so I wanted to create a safe place to talk about solutions when it came to your money. So just in case anyone has to duck out a little early and is wondering how can I connect with you, well first, if you're watching this online and if you're tweeting from the audience, please use the hashtag, Mastering Money Mindset. You'll be able to use that for both of the courses I'm teaching. I would love for you to ask any questions. I know Laura's going to be monitoring online. I would love for you to ask any questions using that hashtag or if something comes up for you and you're in agreement with me, please make sure that you use that hashtag. The next is you can tweet at me, My Fab Finance. I'm very active on Twitter. I think Twitter is a wonderful tool so make sure that you tweet at me or tag at My Fab Finance if you share this on your lives because I would love to see what you're saying and after this, I would just, you're gonna create a little diary for me to look back on this moment and then you can email and while I don't provide one on one financial coaching, I do know a lot of resources and I always try to find the resources that are best for individuals and my team and I will point you in the right direction or answer any questions that you may have that weren't addressed during this class. And we'd love to get your opinions as Tonya works through the class today. Whether you have questions or just want to share your situations, we'd love to hear from you in the community so just pop them in there and they'll come to me here in the studio. Yes, thank you so much Laura and just so you know, I'm not your average financial educator and I love to make this a conversation. It is not all about me, it actually is about you. I'm just here to help facilitate this experience for you to get a better understanding of your money. So this class is made possible by you and I would love for you to ask me any questions. Don't be shy and I'll make sure that we address it in a way that you feel empowered.

Class Description

Do you have excessive money concerns? Are you unable to control your spending? Is saving money for the things you want impossible? Many people with money issues think their problems arise from not having enough of it. But more often than not, the trouble isn’t with your budget, it’s with your mindset.

Most of our financial behaviors are established through observation, coping mechanisms or familial expectations. So in order to understand your money-related issues, you need to first understand the root of your relationship with money.

Author, consultant and millennial money expert Tonya Rapley will help you identify the thoughts and habits that contribute to your financial insecurities and create new behaviors that help you achieve your financial goals, whether that be traveling to faraway places or having the security to weather tough times.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Discover the obvious and subconscious money beliefs that contribute to your money story.
  • Explore your financial history by creating a financial family tree.
  • Identify your money personality and conduct a values assessment.
  • Examine how your beliefs have affected your spending.
  • Figure out if your financial goals are authentically yours or inherited from others.
  • Set Your P.E.G or Personally Exciting Goal.


a Creativelive Student

Watching this again after taking it LIVE from online (almost forgot I attended until I kept hearing my name...haha). This information is timeless and I've really come a long way since making my plan. My life partner and I moved in together since then and have drastically reduced our total rent. He is improving his credit step by step and I have made career shifts so that I get paid more per hour but work less. Feeling proud because that frees me up to build the online business I've always dreamed of. Thank you for your support and advice, Tonya! PS - Tanya is my older sister's name. She always has been great with money ;)


Great class. Very straightforward with good exercises anyone can easily do (including kids - this would be a great family project). I look forward to taking her next class.

Sharon Phillip

This was a very informative class. She didn't present things in a way that went over everyone's head like other classes I have attended. She was very straightforward and engaging. I learned a lot about my personal financial habits and now have a clear understanding of what I need to do moving forward for financial success. I would definitely recommend this class to my friends and fellow graduates.