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End Your Financial Self-Sabotage

Lesson 4 of 7

What Do You Value?

Tonya Rapley

End Your Financial Self-Sabotage

Tonya Rapley

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4. What Do You Value?


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What Do You Value?

We have an understanding of our money personalities let's get into The Audit. So we started with exploring your financial history. And then your DNA and understanding your money personality is the thing that make up your financial decisions. Now we're gonna get into The Audit. Because, our values. Values, the definition of values is essentially is one's judgment of what is important in life. And I always say that if you show me your bank account I'll show you what you truly value. A lot of times we think that we have certain values and then we start to look at how we're spending our money and we're like my money is not in alignment with my values. So you guys had a little homework before this and everyone was asked to bring to this class a list of their expenses over the past three days. We decided three days was enough. I mean sometimes when I'm working with clients, we do two weeks. We decided three days was gonna be enough. So I want you to hold that tight right now because we're go...

nna do an exercise. And then I want you to compare what we determine your values are with your expenses and your purchases. And if you did not do that, don't worry. Hopefully you have your online banking app on your phone. If you're on a computer you can log in and check it out. But if you do not have your online banking app on your phone, I'm challenging you to download that right now. So that you can check your bank account balance every morning. I always say I check my bank account balance before I check my social media accounts. Because likes don't pay my bills, money pays my bills. And so I have to make sure I have to be as in tune with my money as I am with my e-mails and what's happening on social media. So you have time to download that but we'll move into this values assessment. Because what I want you to do is I want you to select 10 values that you would consider to be very important from this list. These are just the common, these are common values that most people have identified. Gathered from, the core values list. So looking at this list, I want you to write down 10 of these that you would say you value in life. And if you don't have 10, that's totally fine. If you have eight, write those down. It's interesting to see that some of the people viewing also speaking about the combined financial relationships. Because if you do have a partner. Oh my goodness, yes. You know, and perhaps one of you is a nester and one of you is more of a hoarder, and the other is a spender, then of course that always causes, can cause conflict in terms of the relationship. But also can, it seems, work in good situations where if somebody happens to come across tough times with work or gets made redundant, the other one is there to also support. Yeah, that's a whole other class. Money relationships. But it is important too, and that's you know. When you have that conversation find out. You know, do you ask them the first date. What's your money personality? Like you know, it's one of those things. And sometimes it is just watching someone. Watching their traits. So hopefully everybody has their that they consider. Now we're gonna cross out five of them that you could live without. I just asked you to select 10 that you love, now five that you could live without. So cross out five of them that you're just like, okay this value isn't as important to me as the rest of them. That was really hard for me. Like what do I? I thought I valued all of this. Okay. I know that was hard. To choose five. But guess what. You're going to take out two more. So take out two more. Yes. Two more. So when you're done you should have three values. You should be left with three values. So cross out two more so that you're down to three. And I know that people in the studio audience are having a hard time with this. Online, are you guys having a hard time? With crossing out those values? And so you should be left with three. So can you guys share what your three values were? Yeah. Mine was knowledge, adventure and health. Oh, okay. You're an experiences type of person. You like experiences and quality of life. Okay. Yes? Mine were health, communication and love and affection. Mmm, good. Family, health and money. Family, health and money. I had adventure, peace and then family and friends or relationships. I love it, okay. I have freedom, inner-peace and family. Awesome, and then we'll get a few from the online audience. But mine when I did it, and it was really hard for me to do this guys. I was like, I don't know. But for me, it was family, personal growth and freedom. When I think about why I became a financial educator was because I valued money? Or was is actually because I valued the freedom that money allowed? The freedom to make certain decisions. Family, just important to me. I grew up in a military household. There were four of us. There were four of us total. And we were all we had for most of the time. And then personal growth because for me I believe that we you know, when you stop growing you stop experiencing this life. But it's those experiences of pushing yourself and growing. What about online, what are we getting? So we have Sabrina said religion, family and health. Michelle said love, wisdom and health. Adventure, love and friendship from Chelsea. And Andy said freedom, education and personal growth. Monique honesty, family and love. And Brittany said inner-peace, loyalty and honesty. Honesty. You know I'm like, what kind of person am I if I don't value honesty? No but these are important because it helps you understand what's important to you. What your guiding core principles are related to your lifestyle. And so, here's what I ask you: Are you purchases in alignment with your values? So let's compare your list of expenses. And I want you to go through your list of expenses versus what you say you value and circle how many of those items on the expenses and things that you bought, actually align with what you say is important to you.

Class Description

Do you have excessive money concerns? Are you unable to control your spending? Is saving money for the things you want impossible? Many people with money issues think their problems arise from not having enough of it. But more often than not, the trouble isn’t with your budget, it’s with your mindset.

Most of our financial behaviors are established through observation, coping mechanisms or familial expectations. So in order to understand your money-related issues, you need to first understand the root of your relationship with money.

Author, consultant and millennial money expert Tonya Rapley will help you identify the thoughts and habits that contribute to your financial insecurities and create new behaviors that help you achieve your financial goals, whether that be traveling to faraway places or having the security to weather tough times.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Discover the obvious and subconscious money beliefs that contribute to your money story.
  • Explore your financial history by creating a financial family tree.
  • Identify your money personality and conduct a values assessment.
  • Examine how your beliefs have affected your spending.
  • Figure out if your financial goals are authentically yours or inherited from others.
  • Set Your P.E.G or Personally Exciting Goal.


a Creativelive Student

Watching this again after taking it LIVE from online (almost forgot I attended until I kept hearing my name...haha). This information is timeless and I've really come a long way since making my plan. My life partner and I moved in together since then and have drastically reduced our total rent. He is improving his credit step by step and I have made career shifts so that I get paid more per hour but work less. Feeling proud because that frees me up to build the online business I've always dreamed of. Thank you for your support and advice, Tonya! PS - Tanya is my older sister's name. She always has been great with money ;)


Great class. Very straightforward with good exercises anyone can easily do (including kids - this would be a great family project). I look forward to taking her next class.


Awesome class! Tanya gave a number of nuggets of wisdom to really get me thinking about my financial improvement journey.