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Etsy 101: Launch Your Handmade Shop

Lesson 8 of 14

Etsy Shop Info and Appearance

Marlo Miyashiro

Etsy 101: Launch Your Handmade Shop

Marlo Miyashiro

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Lesson Info

8. Etsy Shop Info and Appearance

Lesson Info

Etsy Shop Info and Appearance

Two banner or not banner there there there definitely teo you know just like the avatar photo you know the face or the product there are people who think banners are really super important there's some people who really you know I don't think that they matter very much it's totally up to you again you do want to make sure that you use the proper format that you have the proper size if you're unsure how to do that there's lots of people in the community that dio so ask for help on that so I didn't a little experiment here is my shop with the banner that I have and then I did it without if you know my my photos are not as consistent as I want them to be, I will fully admit that but if I had a shop that was really consistent that the photos were very, very branded that as a collection it it intrigued me enough to click on something because of the photo maybe without the banner would be good because it actually above the fold they call it above the fold so you don't have to scroll down it ...

shows more of your images so that's that's one reason why people choose to not have banners some to consider it's all something to consider so but what makes a good banner if you if you are confident with your photography or if you hire somebody to take your photos and maybe you want to put your actual products into the banner itself along with your your shop name um there are very successful banners that evoke the feeling of the shop and they use more of the illustration type thing or the graphic design type thing perhaps you're an artist and you want to go ahead and actually draw or paint your own banner as well to relate to your shop and then if you have a really, really strong logo, you go ahead and feature that and this show I really love the way the shop did their banner because it's actually images of their postcards that they sell in their shop and their title actually says collectible postcards for people who send postcards so there's no question about what I'm looking at with that banner even that even though it doesn't have the shop mean in the banner okay, so you can get really creative about the way that people see the things that you put on your shop there are free places online that you can design a banner like a beginning banner that's so if you don't have necessarily graphic design skills and I haven't met anybody yet that can help you with that this is a really nice they have really nicely designed free banners there and everything etc they have some free banners as well that you can kind of pull from their shot. There are a few others that I have listed in the in the workbook materials, so there is, yeah, there a lot of free banners out there. You can also search on etc, for etc banner design. And there are plenty of graphic designers on etc that can help you create a banner that is really on brand for your shop.

Class Description

Etsy® is a great way for crafters to sell goods online without having to navigate the complexities of building their own e-commerce site. Learn the absolute best way to set up your own successful shop in Etsy 101: Launch your Handmade Shop with Marlo Miyashiro.

Marlo has been making and selling her goods for more than 20 years. She has a deep knowledge of the Etsy platform and in this class she’ll coach you through every aspect of getting started. You’ll learn how to navigate the Etsy interface and get a complete guide to setting up your shop. Marlo will offer insights on important Etsy policies and protocol so you don’t unwittingly violate Etsy’s rules and she’ll tell you everything you need to know so your store thrives. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Set up payments and shop policies
  • Begin branding your store
  • Create enticing listings
  • Make your first (and future) sales

Marlo will offer tips on taking great photos for your Etsy® listings and guide you on best practices for descriptions and pricing. She’ll dispel common myths and reveal helpful truths about what it really takes to sell on Etsy. is the world’s most popular e-commerce site for all things handmade, vintage, and craft supplies – find out how you can establish your own successful shop in Etsy 101: Launch your Handmade Shop.


a Creativelive Student

This is an an amazing class. It is great for beginners as well as those who have had their shop up for while. There is something new to learn for everyone on Etsy. Marlo's powerpoints are concise and clear. I was so glad to also get the ebooks so I can go back and review the course while I make changes to my store. I am able to bookmark and work through all the changes. Thanks for this course, Marlo and CreativeLive.


Marlo's live presentation was terrific! I learned a lot and was motivated to buy her materials. Looking forward to reading her materials in greater depth. Much thanks!