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Etsy 101: Launch Your Handmade Shop

Lesson 6 of 14

Get Ready to Set Up Shop

Marlo Miyashiro

Etsy 101: Launch Your Handmade Shop

Marlo Miyashiro

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6. Get Ready to Set Up Shop

Lesson Info

Get Ready to Set Up Shop

getting ready to set up shop. Oh, yeah. Okay, so there are There are three different names that you have on etc. Okay, this is it might get a little confusing. So I'm gonna try to be clear. If I'm not clear, let me know. You have your user name and that is the name that you sign into, etc. With it is a one time thing. Whatever the name you use, that's the name you're stuck with. So if that's important to you, make sure that you think about it and it's attached to your member profile. Your member profile is different than your about page, which we will talk about. Then you have your full name. It's totally optional to enter in your full name onto your shop. But if say you already have a customer base who might look for you with your full name or with a moniker that you go by, you can enter that in and they will be able to find you if they search for your name again. Totally optional. And then you have your shop name. Your shop name is your shop name. Um, if you choose your shop name and...

you decide. Uh, that actually wasn't the right thing. You can change your shop name once, and that's it. Um, the other thing about shop names is if you change your name into something else, that old name is gone forever. Every shop name that has ever been created is not available to use ever again. I know it's crazy, right? It's crazy, but that's the etc system. And so just if you're thinking about changing, just really think long and hard about what the old name means to you and what the new name will mean to your shop. Um, the standard listing is etc dot com slash shop and then your shop name. I recommend for branding purposes that you put your shop name first and then dot etc dot com. It will go to the same place it was the original format of the Earls. But in my opinion, it puts your shop brand up front first. And it looks really great on a business card. Okay, this is a list of example conversations or the inter etc email system and eso This person at the top here are at the bottom, has a user name. They don't have a shop, they don't have their full name registered. They just have a user name. And oftentimes, when you get buyers in who are new to etc, this is all you'll see with your conversation with them. Okay, This person, these people decided to use their full name in their shops. This person doesn't have a shop, so their user name the name that they sign into, etc. With ends up in quotation marks. And then this person is a fellow cellar. And you know that because that has a little tiny shop up icon. Looks like a little storefront. So, you know, I think it's really important to kind of know where your customers are coming from. So to know these differences is kind of a good thing. What makes a good shop name? It's It's different for everyone, of course, But in my opinion, a really good shop name is one that is focused on representing the products. And sometimes the product is, um is Doug directly related to to your shopping? I really like how scroll just kind of evokes this paper, you know? Fine. Fine. Uh, communication writing things. Wow. Okay, that kind of thing of and then this person Michelle Templeton Art She's an artist, He's a fine artist and she has branded her work as herself as her own name. And that's something that's really great to do as well. If you want to promote your work, especially as a fine artist, it tends to be that way in the fine art world. We can do it if you're crafter to Okay. Greenbelts, Um, I love this name because immediately Green, even without the tagline, you know, it's something kind of with an ICO friendly vibe to it. And then with the tagline accessories with the conscious, it just kind of drives that point home. Um, so whatever the name of your shop that you choose, just make sure that it really kind of falls in line with the things that the overall feeling that you want to represent to your customer. So I did this interesting thing where I just search for what I thought were really common words that were in shop names. So something something designs something like that. There are 29,000 shops with the word designs with an S in them. Uh, there are 15,000 with the word creations creations by somebody something something. Creations. Okay. And then Studio Studio is very popular as well. Over 10,000 people with something, something studio. Um, the thing about naming your shop, it's totally fine. I'm not saying that you can't use these words. Just know that you are in this big pool of people that have a similar name. So if a customer is searching for your name, they're going to have to either be exactly specific about what it is, or they're gonna have to try to wade through a lot of the search that they come. Teoh s o b very, very aware of that. Um, I thought would be funny to search for unique. There's only 1421 people with your unique. So they're coming. They're kind of unique, right? Okay, so that's all done through the etc. Search. Um, that little bar at the very top. You just plug in a word and it will at the very bottom of the list, it will say search for shops containing the name, the word this that so this is the I wanted to illustrate the user name here, right here that you're putting in. That's it. That's the That's the user name you have. So, you know, whatever it is, just make it something that you remember so that you can sign into your Etsy account branding and photography. So branding is kind of a huge deal. I mean, there there's a really great rounding out a class here on creativelive that you can totally watch. You see that, right? Like there. I, um it's, um I think it's Megan Ahmed, and I think they just did a rebroadcast of it. But branding is really it's all about the the overall package that you want to represent, um, with your jewelry and that has everything to do with everything from your name to the way that you photograph your items. Um, and let's see, I love this, um, this shot, because it has this texture and everything, and it really because she keeps the background very clean and simple. You focus on the item and you focus on the things that are that are intricate about the work. So she's Browning herself, is kind of a gallery style artist because she has this Grady in background. This shop is great. I mean, everybody always ask me, Do I have to have a white background everything on as he seems to have a white background, but the slides before definitely proved that you don't have to have a white background. What you have to have is a clear idea of what your shop is going to be and who you're selling. Teoh. Because you know, this is a wonderful representation of using white to really make the product itself stand out. Um, with the S e o class that I'm doing as well. This is part of the Bonus Materials is a e book that I wrote about small object photography. Been teaching that for a little while to help crafters learn how to take their own photos. So just a few examples from the book, But whatever you dio, um, make sure that you do spend sometime trying to understand how to take better photos of your work, because the better your photo, the easier it is for your customer to understand what it is you're selling. And the shorter the distance between decision and purchasing. Okay. And when you take your photos, make sure that the photo is showing as many different angles as possible. Um, you want to kind of emulate somebody picking up something out of a shop and turning it around and looking at it from the back in the front. That's that's a part of just customer service and making sure that they really understand what it is that they're buying, etc. Allows you five photos with your listing. So use all five of them to show those different versions of the different views rather and you can use, you know, something like your hand or some of this show scale as well. Just think of it from a customer point of view and how you would want to see something that you're gonna purchase.

Class Description

Etsy® is a great way for crafters to sell goods online without having to navigate the complexities of building their own e-commerce site. Learn the absolute best way to set up your own successful shop in Etsy 101: Launch your Handmade Shop with Marlo Miyashiro.

Marlo has been making and selling her goods for more than 20 years. She has a deep knowledge of the Etsy platform and in this class she’ll coach you through every aspect of getting started. You’ll learn how to navigate the Etsy interface and get a complete guide to setting up your shop. Marlo will offer insights on important Etsy policies and protocol so you don’t unwittingly violate Etsy’s rules and she’ll tell you everything you need to know so your store thrives. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Set up payments and shop policies
  • Begin branding your store
  • Create enticing listings
  • Make your first (and future) sales

Marlo will offer tips on taking great photos for your Etsy® listings and guide you on best practices for descriptions and pricing. She’ll dispel common myths and reveal helpful truths about what it really takes to sell on Etsy. is the world’s most popular e-commerce site for all things handmade, vintage, and craft supplies – find out how you can establish your own successful shop in Etsy 101: Launch your Handmade Shop.


a Creativelive Student

This is an an amazing class. It is great for beginners as well as those who have had their shop up for while. There is something new to learn for everyone on Etsy. Marlo's powerpoints are concise and clear. I was so glad to also get the ebooks so I can go back and review the course while I make changes to my store. I am able to bookmark and work through all the changes. Thanks for this course, Marlo and CreativeLive.


Marlo's live presentation was terrific! I learned a lot and was motivated to buy her materials. Looking forward to reading her materials in greater depth. Much thanks!