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Etsy 101: Launch Your Handmade Shop

Lesson 9 of 14

Write Your Etsy Shop Announcement

Marlo Miyashiro

Etsy 101: Launch Your Handmade Shop

Marlo Miyashiro

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Lesson Info

9. Write Your Etsy Shop Announcement

Lesson Info

Write Your Etsy Shop Announcement

Your shop announcement it's exactly what it is. It's the the announcement if that's at the very top of your shop to get to this place to get to the admin page again, you click on the your shop shop settings and you go back to the info and appearance section it's a little it's a little scroll down, see to scroll down a little bit and you have the place where you put your shop announcement. Now what I want to point out is that this the top couple, uh, sentences in your shop announcement is what shows up in your google preview when somebody is searching for your shop. So you want to make sure that again, keyword rich is that ceo kind of term, but you want to make sure that what your customers searching for are the words that you use in those first two sentences, and it also, you know, the whole shop title thing. That's that's the whole tag for your site so that's, what pops up? Okay, so when you're writing your shop announcement, make sure that you review what google is is seeing as well,...

because you know, one thing that he does really well is making sure that when somebody is searching for something that an etsy seller is making, it shows up if you search for secret promise rings easy my listings right at the top it's insane. So so just make sure that you're really aware of that how that looks save your changes. Okay, so when you click on the read mohr that's when the customer gets to see the whole thing and again this was the transparency thing I was talking about what the putting in my other shop means, eh? So it's a really good place to do it. Um I would keep this a little shorter maybe enough just to kind of be above the fold like this if it's too long people are going to read it and if you have aa lot of important information the bottom, then they're never going to see it. Ok, so keep the important stuff that you really want them to, not the top. So messieurs to buyers, this is when somebody buys something from you, this is what automatically gets kicked back to them through email or through a conversation actually through email tio kind of confirm the purchase so to get to it again in foreign appearance is kind of a big section for us and scroll down to the very, very bottom, very bottom of the page. So I like to just kind of reiterate my terms to my buyers, letting them know the time that it's going to take me to make a custom order that you know if you if they have a specific deadline they have to tell me about it because I can't read their minds really eso just kind of talking directly to your customer and letting them know not only thank you so much I got I got your order but also here's how you can get the best information and experienced three order there are there's also digital items if you sell things that are automatically uploaded through etc you can do that I know a lot of like paper goods people they have like wedding invitations that you can just print right out and as he will just automatically send them the digital file it's really great s oh this is a place where if somebody buys a digital item from you and I have a a ring sizing document that they can buy for twenty cents to print out so that's what they get and they get the instructions on how to use that document as well so it's a really great thing good for your customers so this is a section that I notice a lot of etc sellers kind of don't have filled out as a buyer I really really like to know what's gonna happen when I give you my money eso it's really important to go through this very detailed list of shot policies and fill in each one of those boxes with the rules basically of shopping on your site um you're you're welcome to go to my shop. I'm a kid stuff dot, etc dot com and look at my shop policies I I don't think you should copy them directly, because there definitely mine, but if you want to see just kind of the way the order, you know, at that one shop can do, and you can look at other shops as well. S o to get to that again in phone appearance, our favorite page, the tab system up at the top, I forgot how to get here. So just remember it's always there's a tab somewhere if you don't see it immediately. So you click on the policies, and so if you can, go ahead and read that it's like, really okay, all right, all right, all right, so shot policies you have, you're welcome message. Honestly, I need to work on this thiss really should be, keyword rich it's something that is effective for s e o. So if you write your welcome message, go ahead and make sure that it is including those words that people search for outlining everything, everything about your payment policies that you can think of again, you know, look at other people's policies and just kind of get an idea of how other people run their shop and the thing is is that you know we are individual businesses on etc so our policies there are our policies and may be different from somebody else's and that's really okay but your customer needs to know how you do business and how they can do business with you um I have a section and you can check it out online about international customers I do sell to international customers it doesn't happen very as often anymore but there are some times where people say hey can you market a gift so that I don't get charged the extra tax or whatever fees and I'm like so right here I'm like no and here's why and I put a link to the postal service's rule about marking things gift eso if you say that right up front then you know anybody who asked you to say you know thanks for asking but I won't be able to do that please refer to my shop policies for all the information I always try to let them know how quickly they can expect things because you know as a shopper you kind of like if it's kind of hanging out there for a couple ways you want to know that that's normal right so this make sure that they know that so return policy this is again going to be different for everyone um it's it's ah but it's something that all customers look for you know, because we were kind of in the habit of buying things and knowing that we can return them if if you make things if you make things in quantity and you're able tio sort of bring it back into stock and resell it then you might consider offering a return or an exchange policy just to give your customer the reassurance that they're going to get a quality work that you stand by and it shows okay, so just let them know exactly what it is that they can that they can expect now because I make sterling silver occasionally we'll get people saying, you know, you know, do you use actual silver and why did why did my ring turn you know, turn black when it's like, you know, there it's a natural thing for sterling silver to change and to tarnish? But there are some tips on how you can prevent this from happening. S o I decided you know, I'm just going to put it right in my policies instead of writing an individual combo every single time if somebody just takes the time to go and look through my policy before the order which I encourage them to do in my listing you know please read my shop policies before he ordered for important information then they have everything they need you know, it's all about just giving them everything up front so I offer a re sizing service where they can send their ring back to me with six dollars, and al resize and refinished and send it back to them. So the six dollars, pays for the shipping costs. I let them know all the little details. I let people know if I if they wanted by hotel from me that you know they can, they can talk to me about that as well. At the very bottom of the page, there are some things we relating to international sales and again, I'm not very experienced with this, but there is a link. So if you are, if you're concerned about that and you want it, and you definitely want to know more about it, then go ahead and click on the fact and there's everything there for you save okay, I think we're getting to the home stretch here. Alright shop options here. Some things that maybe even if you have a shop already, might I have overlooked or maybe didn't know existed. So get to the shop options. Ha ha fooled you, it's. An options button. Okay, so you click on the options button and here's, where you go? Uh, you can oh, so tabs again. Vacation mode is something that I'm not going to talk about specifically but I do want to point out that it is available if you're goingto go on vacation or be away from your shot for a while you can put it on hold basically, but what it does is it takes all over your listings away no pictures and it says this shop is on vacation please click here if you want to know when they're back my personal opinion is that that's really bad for your branding and that it's difficult for a shopper to understand what it means that you're suddenly on vacation and you have nothing for sale all of a sudden for me when I go away I use my shop announcement at the very top I explain where you know how long I'm going to be gone when they're going to get their shipments or when they're going to get their orders shipped to them after that time period just to be really, really at front if I do get in order when I'm on vacation then I'm I tried to get back to them through a combo and say hi just so you know I'm not going to be able to ship this until this day I add the information on the top of all of my listings into the description area so that people know right up front that they're not going to get into after certain day it's a lot of work to do that it's definitely easier to push a vacation button but a ce faras putting your getting your shop branded and consistent you know you might want to consider doing that so you want to look at this arrange your shop I really love this feature about my etc page is I can put different kinds of things at the top of the page depending on what season it is so I'll put the more wedding ring looking things on the top when it's wedding ring season things like that so you could just enable it right there custom orders there'll be a little button on the left side of your page that says request a custom order so if they see something that they like but not exactly what they want your customers can click on that request something very specific and you can have a little conversation back and forth about it you can turn that conversation or that email interest email into an actual order right there super super easy to do custom orders now a little bit lower offering shipping upgrades this is a fairly new system right now and I personally don't offer it because in my shop I have listings that have the express postage kind of included into the hole listing but I'm considering changing into this options where they have a drop down menu and they can choose which level of of service that they want for their postage. It's definitely worth checking out, and then the automatic that's he is a global marketplace, and they do have this automatic translation, so I don't know why anybody would not want that theun, you know, totally up to you if you don't that's, fine, but be sure that you check the enabled ah little button there, because that way you'll reach a wider audience shopping engine adds, this is something that is often overlooked as well. It's on the left side of your admin page here, basically, what it is is this is how it's he gets your shop listings on to google it isn't if you enable it that's all you need to dio you don't have to pay them extra for it. It's it just gets you out online. It's the reason why he searched for secret promise rings my stuff comes up top um, there is no good reason you're not enable this unless you're just my guess maybe you're really secretive and you don't want anybody to know about your shop, but just go ahead and enable that is going to do your shop a lot of good, I mean, definitely.

Class Description

Etsy® is a great way for crafters to sell goods online without having to navigate the complexities of building their own e-commerce site. Learn the absolute best way to set up your own successful shop in Etsy 101: Launch your Handmade Shop with Marlo Miyashiro.

Marlo has been making and selling her goods for more than 20 years. She has a deep knowledge of the Etsy platform and in this class she’ll coach you through every aspect of getting started. You’ll learn how to navigate the Etsy interface and get a complete guide to setting up your shop. Marlo will offer insights on important Etsy policies and protocol so you don’t unwittingly violate Etsy’s rules and she’ll tell you everything you need to know so your store thrives. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Set up payments and shop policies
  • Begin branding your store
  • Create enticing listings
  • Make your first (and future) sales

Marlo will offer tips on taking great photos for your Etsy® listings and guide you on best practices for descriptions and pricing. She’ll dispel common myths and reveal helpful truths about what it really takes to sell on Etsy. is the world’s most popular e-commerce site for all things handmade, vintage, and craft supplies – find out how you can establish your own successful shop in Etsy 101: Launch your Handmade Shop.


a Creativelive Student

This is an an amazing class. It is great for beginners as well as those who have had their shop up for while. There is something new to learn for everyone on Etsy. Marlo's powerpoints are concise and clear. I was so glad to also get the ebooks so I can go back and review the course while I make changes to my store. I am able to bookmark and work through all the changes. Thanks for this course, Marlo and CreativeLive.


Marlo's live presentation was terrific! I learned a lot and was motivated to buy her materials. Looking forward to reading her materials in greater depth. Much thanks!