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Extraordinary Engagements

Callaway Gable

Extraordinary Engagements

Callaway Gable

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Class Description

Celebrate the unique magic of each client. In Extraordinary Engagements, Brian and Allison will share their secrets for capturing and conveying the energy of their subjects in every shoot.

Brian and Allison will teach you how to empower your clients and help them co-create a conceptual and themed shoot that truly celebrates the thing that makes them special. From fashion shoots to period pieces – Brian and Allison will discuss how they find the idea, produce the shoot, ease the nerves, and deliver the final product. And how that approach can substantially increase studio profit.

Learn how to create truly inspired photographs for your clients. Tune in to Brian and Allison and learn how to make your bookings – Extraordinary Engagements.


a Creativelive Student

I just caught up with this class today and wanted to say how great I thought it was. I have watched a LOT of CL classes and I love Sue Bryce and Susan Stripling in particular and Brian and Allison, I feel, are in the same league. Totally watchable, they come across as lovely genuine people with successful businesses and they gave a lot of great information. I feel a couple of the classes I've watched so far this Photo Week didn't really deliver what they promised but not this one! I loved it. Their interaction with their clients was great and I already knew their work from other sources but it was really good to see how they approach their engagement shoots. I most definitely think CL should have Allison and Brian back to do another class - maybe a three day wedding related course. Their work is excellent and they are great teachers. Thanks so much. Lynne


What an awesome course! It was engaging and fun to watch them in action. They gave me a lot of great things to think about and was left feeling motivated and inspired.

a Creativelive Student

This is such a wonderful class. The Callaways are super fun to learn from, and I really appreciated that they brought a formula of different "looks" to achieve for each engagement session.