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Foundations of Adobe XD

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Class Introduction: What is Adobe XD?

Brian Wood

Foundations of Adobe XD

Brian Wood

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction: What is Adobe XD?

Lesson Info

Class Introduction: What is Adobe XD?

I just wanted to give you an idea of who I am. The person that's gonna kind of be talking to you for the next bit. I am actually a developer, speaker, trainer, author. I actually wrote the Adobe XD CC 2018 Classroom in a Book. And that is a mouthful. It's not out yet. It's coming out soon. And I do just, I do a lot of different stuff. It's actually really pretty cool what I get to do. But I use XD quite a bit. And I use it for different things. Different than maybe what you'd expect. I mean with Adobe XD, we can do all kinds of things. We'll get to that, but I'm getting ahead of myself here. So, we're actually gonna take a look at, like I said, an introduction to Adobe XD. This is gonna kind of be a deep introduction, as far as we can get with this, and we're gonna create an app design as we learn XD that also incorporates just a few, I guess you can say the web design. We're not gonna go that far with it. Just to give you an idea. And you don't need to have experience. That's the best...

part about this, because you'll find that once you dive into Adobe XD, it's pretty crazy easy, okay. You're gonna really like it, I think. Who's this class for? It's for just about anybody that needs to know how to make an app, web, wireframe design. All these different things. Even presentations. Adobe XD can be used for all kinds of things. So, you know, print designers, UI, UX, web designer. Whoever you happen to be. You're probably gonna benefit, honestly, from Adobe XD. Now we're gonna cover, it's a jumpstart, a lot of different things here. We're gonna go from A to Z essentially. We're gonna start out and talk about what XD's used for. We're kinda starting that already. We're gonna start a project. We're gonna work with artboards. Talk about those a bit. Then we're gonna go in and add assets. We're gonna talk about vector and raster, and just the difference stuff that we can add from, even from Photoshop and Illustrator. We're gonna create graphics. Format text. Work with Assets and CC Libraries to actually work a little bit smarter, which is pretty cool. We're also gonna apply effects, and work with my favorite feature called a Repeat Grid. You'll love it. We'll Prototype. We're gonna share. We're gonna talk about exporting. And we're also gonna talk about design specs, and just what we can do there. So what can we do with Adobe XD? I guess I wanna lay the groundwork now. Just so you have an idea of what we're doing here. With Adobe XD, we can of course design, and like I said, this could be an app. It could be a website. It could be a presentation. It could be just about anything you can think of. We can also Prototype. And we're gonna go in an Prototype. Maybe if we're making an app, for instance. We're in the design process. And we wanna be able to show people how, if you tap on a certain thing, where do they go? What's the flow? How does it work? What screen do they go to next? We can actually Prototype that by making connections and links between our screens or our artboards. Whatever you wanna call them and then we test it out. We try it out and see what it looks like, how it works. We can then take what we create, and we can share it with people. Now we are not creating code, okay. This is a design tool. It's meant for us to be able to design, Prototype to test, work it out, figure things out and then share. Now by sharing we can actually export production ready assets. We can also export design specs, or share design specs with other people. And this actually, on my screen I happened to have a picture here or screenshot of what it looks like. So a developer can look at what you created, and get all the specs from it, or at least the specs they need, even copying things like text, so they can use it to build the app or build the widget, or whatever it is you're designing outside of Adobe XD. So we are talking with Adobe XD, first part of the process here to get to our widget, our thing that we're creating. You guys ready? I know I am. Enough talking, enough slides. We need to kind of get to it. So, in the words of my seven year old son. Let's do this thing. I'm gonna flip over to XD and we'll take a look at what we're gonna create today. We're gonna create, like I said, an app. And I'm gonna zoom out a little bit. This is Adobe XD, by the way. And if you have it, you can follow along. They just had an update recently. And if you look in here, you're gonna see we have an app. We also have a web design start. I'll call it one page for a web design. As well as the responsive part of things. The tablet version, okay. So we're gonna go in and we're gonna create as much of this as we can. There's gonna be some things in here that are repetitive, that you can kinda fill in the blanks for. If I say to add text, you can copy and add text over here, et cetera.

Class Description

Dive into creating your first web or app prototype—with this fast-paced, step-by-step walkthrough of Adobe® XD CC®. You'll learn what Adobe XD is, how it fits into the tools you may already use, and see how easy it is to design, prototype, and share an app or website in no time at all. Join author, speaker, and web developer Brian Wood as he takes you through a guided tour of what Adobe XD is capable of.

In this Fast Start class Brian will show you:

  • How to create a new project in XD and work with artboards
  • How to add design content like navigation, text, assets, UI kit content, and more.
  • Working smarter with Assets and Creative Cloud Libraries
  • Best practices for creating a working prototype
  • Testing your prototype locally and on device
  • The different methods for sharing your project and assets.

This is the only Adobe XD class you will ever need, as Brian will take you from a Basic Beginner to an Advanced Power User.


Adobe XD CC 2018

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Hitesh Sahni

I wanted to know the most essential stuff I need to quickly get started with XD. And this course was perfect for that. Brian teaches in such an engaging manner that the learner feels as excited about each feature as him. Awesome!

a Creativelive Student

I loved this Course! It covered all the basics as well as useful features, short cuts and workflow tips. I am just learning XD and have watched several other videos online already, and this was the most informative. Great job and thank you for sharing!

Veronica Williams

This course is worth every cent. Brian has an excellent delivery style and is very articulate. I knew nothing about Adobe XD and believe that I have enough information to go off and design a prototype. I will be watching out for more courses with Brian's name on it. Thanks very much.