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Get Started with Lifestyle Family Photography

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Review Images from Shoot

Elena S Blair

Get Started with Lifestyle Family Photography

Elena S Blair

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24. Review Images from Shoot


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Review Images from Shoot

Oh my gosh, look at mom, see? Her children deserve that, right? Okay, so I'm going to go up. Is this, what is this software? There is the couple, and then, No I mean the software. Capture. And what they wanted me to tell you too is that it looks softer on there than it really it just because of the way. So aren't these cute laying down? And it's fun to get like these different perspectives. I love how she's looking at us in that one. So I'm a weirdo, I like stuff like this. I like the ones that have been, I was just gonna say, you can scroll back and forth by doing this, too. Okay, cool. So isn't that fun? That's like a, I'm going to go to some of the family shots though, and kinda show you guys. It looks really soft in here. So again, I am always spoiling mom. So like for instance, in this pose, talking about that wide openness, they're all in a line, they're basically all on that same focal plane. So that's why they all are going to fall into focus. It's like, moving arou...

nd. They cute? (whispers) And see how within this one pose, I was moving all around, and not missing these little moments within that pose? So that's what I'm doing there, whem I'm moving myself around. Money shot! Very cute. What would you like me to show? Can I just kinda just some of the - Just kind of going back to the, each of those poses, so we started standing, and just kinda seeing the progression of that flow. Okay, yep, so here's standing. They go back to the beginning here. I'm just tryna, there's a ton. And then see the details within the pose there. And she's so cute, the little one. I love this pose too because I feel like it really makes mom look awesome like, she's just kind of, elongated. Cute. You see like that was one of those times where I just turned around and that's what they were doing in between. (laughs) Too cute. There's that one. (laughs) She was bananas, that little one. So cute, though. I know that Elaina, I know that were gonna cover culling in that segment as well, but as we look through these, we all just saw you shoot it, what are you looking for? So obviously I'm looking for the technically correct, but I'm looking for connection. I'm looking for, remember when I was saying, my rules, I want them to be close, if they're not close, I want them to be interacting. So I would go through, I pick a lot of images though. I do give big galleries because, we're gonna get into that, I'm all inclusive, and I just don't wanna have to have the family pick. I want them to have all of this. It's so much fun for them to see that. So I am looking for connection, I'm looking for interesting light, if we were outside, if I was getting any kind of interesting lighting, I would really be looking for that. And I'm looking for genuine facial expressions. So you'll notice that little one kept making like this really funny smile, which they do, so I just kept asking her not to look at me, or asking her to look at her sister or whatever but, yeah. Like that smile, so I would probably like, in this series right here, I'd just pick one, you know that is, I would pick one that I like. That their faces look nice and relaxed, and that they're looking at the camera. That that pose, in particularly. A big squeeze! Tryna just get down to the other siblings. So like within this series, I mean I'll pick from like every little pose that I did, I would pick a couple. And sometime that the reason I love to be all inclusive is sometimes like 10 are really good. And so, they're like really cute, and I wanna give all of those to the family. Okay, tryna get down to more, I kinda went in reverse here. God her expressions are like, priceless the little one. Yeah, I'll try to get back down to this. And you see how it really kind of progresses, like you can start with them sitting and with her leaning back and you easily can lay her down and then bring them back up its like, it all kinda flows together. So in my mind I know, if I went through that, and that was a pretty fast shoot. I mean, how long did that take me, half a hour? I don't know how long we were here, but in that time I have a whole gallery of images because I have this workflow that I go through and that just works like clockwork every time. And so at the end I don't have to worry that I didn't get the stuff that I feel like I wanna get, and if they were that well behaved and we were out in the wilderness or whatever we would probably be having a lot more time to get those types of images where they're playing and out on the beach and all of that kind of stuff because we were done, we already did everything that we had to do so then you had time to really enjoy the location, and for them to really enjoy each other. This is so cute. So what I'm looking for is something that just captures me. Something that I feel something, when I'm looking at it. To that point as we keep looking through them, this really was an ideal family. So say, people aren't cooperating as much, would you have kept shooting, do you move locations, what are some other tips for that. Yeah so, in all honesty, I feel like most of the time they are pretty cooperative. I think because I really kind of, at the very beginning of the shoot sit down and talk to the kids about what we are going to do, but if you have a child that is not cooperating, it usually is that they want to be in their parents arms the whole time, which is fine. Then I would never take them out of their parents arm, I never do. Or that they need to be doing an activity, they need to be engaging in something. So we would be doing more of those movement poses, to get them involved and let them know like hey, this is actually kind of fun. When they're having a hard time with the quiet poses, I will ask the parents to tell them a story, or I will start telling a story and I make it up on the fly because I'm a big dork but ill just say like, hey there, let me tell you a story about a magical kitty. And then they're like what? And I start going, and then I say mom, you're gonna finish the story, and then really quick, I get them involved in that so you just have to think on your feet.

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Stop making excuses for why you’re not calling yourself a photographer and get the tools needed to put yourself out there. Elena Blair is a lifestyle photographer with a six-figure business who started as your “mom with a camera.” With a knack for capturing authentic moments, posing for any age group, and running a business that continues to grow, Elena joins CreativeLive to give you a quick start into building your family photography business. In this jam-packed course you’ll learn:

  • What lifestyle photography is
  • Basics of gear and camera settings
  • Lighting and composition techniques
  • How to shoot with intention
  • Tips for finding your market and connecting with families
  • Posing techniques for a variety of families and age groups
  • Pricing your photo sessions
  • How to work with a 3rd party to help edit your imagery

If you have a love of photography and are tossing around the idea of turning your hobby into a business, this course will give you the confidence to take a chance, believe in yourself, and have the tools needed to be successful.


Armstrong Su

is super knowledgable, yet down-to-earth and relatable. I love how he explains the exact gear he uses but also describes ways to accomplish the same look using DIY and less expensive alternatives. The segment where he demos a live shoot in multiple, difficult lighting situations is worth the cost of the class alone! Bonus: He's super funny. He could probably double as a comedian on the side, but I digress. This class was informative, funny, and very practical for any photographer that wants to increase their profit and expand their business into the professional world. He gives all his prices and workflows so you can get up and running in 2 days! :) Awesome class overall, and it's a great sequel to his professional headshot class (which I also bought and loved.)

Sandra Kay Hayes

I am totally in tears watching this, and think that every person going into Photography should watch these. She is a great teacher, and helps us to understand our "why" so much better. I also LOVE that she helps one feel confident with the non-perfect, (or so called) shots, Thank you so much for giving me more confidence to shot what I love and not worry about "rules!!". Best class I've taken I will recommend her to every group I am in!!!

Julia Khris

Elena is a great presenter. Delivers information in a very fun and engaging way. This course would be good for a beginner photographer. She shares the basics, but unfortunately doesn't quite provide advice on the more tricky questions. She shares a lot about her current state of business (10 years in and making enough profit to afford hiring staff). This is great to know what to aim for, however, it would be more beneficial to hear more about HOW to get to this stage. The main idea that I took from this course is: outsource as many processes as you can. Elena doesn't have a very distinctive style (no offence, but there is a huge competition in the style and editing that she works with), I would love to hear her advice on how to win in such high competition, how to convince clients to choose you and pay higher price tag for an equal quality of work. This is a fairly inexpensive class, so I would recommend it to the beginners, but not to the more experienced photographers.