Graphic Design Fundamentals: Form & Image


You only need basic understanding of line and form to appreciate art and design, but you need a lot more than that to create it. Deepen your understanding of these fundamentals in Graphic Design: Form & Image with Timothy Samara.

In this class, Timothy will teach you about the primary form categories and how they apply across mediums. You’ll learn about:

  • Geometric vs organic forms
  • Pictorial vs non-pictorial images
  • Form relationships and meaning
  • Juxtaposition and sequence

You’ll learn how the medium you are working in affects how the viewer interprets your work and get tips for getting the results you are after.

Graphic Design: Form & Image will help you confidently create images that are visually balanced and sophisticated. 



  • Tim is just SO much fun!!! I love his lectures. He just packs information in, but the material just flows intuitively from one subject to the next. He clearly knows his stuff!
  • Initially, I was excited to begin the instructional video series, only to be bored. This review is not in spite of a remorseful purchase, but more so a constructive critique. The material was common sense to the most inexperienced student interested in arts of any sort. It would be a great /free/ demo course for people looking to purchase a set of true educational courses.
  • Very good. Note the graphic elements of the instructor's shirt. I have a BIG art background. Good stuff. CHEAP.