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Gut, Head + Heart Alignment

Scott Dadich, Chase Jarvis

Gut, Head + Heart Alignment

Scott Dadich, Chase Jarvis

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Class Description

There's a common misconception that artists have a monopoly on creativity… But the very act of making waves - no matter the career - is a creative one. The Chase Jarvis LIVE Show is an exploration of creativity, self-discovery, entrepreneurship, hard-earned lessons, and so much more. Chase sits down with the world's top creators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders and unpacks actionable, valuable insights to help you live your dreams in career, hobby, and life.


Today’s podcast is a hero’s journey of sorts – featuring Tom Bilyeu. This episode takes us over the hills and through valleys of Tom’s career – from hiding in soul-crushing jobs and destroying his health with crushing anxiety to personal transformation and meteoric entrepreneurial rise. We chat about neuroplasticity and how Tom has rewired his brain, undoing negative thought patterns and replacing them with healthy, positive loops. Tom oozes honesty and passion -sure to resonate in your own pursuit of your highest self.

  • We talk about why you should listen to your instincts or as he says, to the voice inside. He’s got a great term for this which is finding “gut/head alignment.” I’m a big advocate of learning how to hear and trust your instincts and this has been my biggest asset in many ways.
  • He gets into the making of “Abstract,” the transition from journalist to filmmaker and some of the common elements they saw in all of the designers that they profile in the series – a lot of good stuff here for those of you who are into habits.
  • On that note, one of the things that comes up a couple of times is the power of the exploratory process in honing your craft – for example drawing as a means of visualizing your ideas. The key here is that it's not about making a beautiful perfect drawing per se, it’s about the process of exploring the idea – it’s a muscle that you’ll grow by exercising it on a regular basis.


Scott Dadich is a designer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. He’s currently the co-CEO of Godfrey Dadich Partners, a design, content, and strategy firm. Prior to that he worked at Conde Nast as the editor of Wired and leading the build-out of Conde Nast’s digital strategy including the tablet editions of their magazines (if you remember when those came out, they were incredible products that were among the first publications that really felt tablet-native). He’s also the creator of the amazing new Netflix series “Abstract: The Art Of Design”– I’m sure a lot of you have already binge-watched it, and if you haven’t then do yourself a favor and check it out ASAP.