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Halloween Crafts & Party Ideas

Marie LeBaron

Halloween Crafts & Party Ideas

Marie LeBaron

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1 Pop-Up Pumpkin Card Duration:18:15
2 Thumbprint Monster Card Duration:14:49
4 Mummy Front Door Duration:22:42
6 Cupcake Liner Wreath Part 2 Duration:34:42
7 - Photo Backdrop Duration:29:43
8 Halloween Banner Part 1 Duration:31:38
9 Halloween Banner Part 2 Duration:19:31
10 Treat Signs Duration:25:31
11 Centerpiece Vase Duration:37:47
  Class Trailer
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1 Snow Hat Aliens and Monsters Duration:13:30
2 Witches and Wizard Hats Duration:20:37
3 Magic Wand and Spiders Duration:34:24
6 Pin on the Pumpkin Duration:22:53
8 Frankenstein Pinata Duration:40:17
9 Paper Pumpkin Bags Duration:20:30
10 Thanks + Credits Duration:02:17

Class Description

Throw a fun and festive Halloween party brimming with handmade embellishments that your guests, children and adults alike, will love. Join Marie LeBaron for a complete guide to crafting a family-friendly Halloween party from start to finish.

In this hands-on course you’ll learn how to add a personal touch to every aspect of your party and planning from the fun (and scary!) invitations to the frighteningly tasty treats. Marie will offer inspiring ideas for creating spooky decorations, playful costume accessories, and silly games. Parents and caregivers will get inspiring ideas for involving kids in the planning process and get plenty of activities for making the party a hit with the all the guests.

Make your Halloween party a handmade one. Don’t miss this exciting class that will leave you inspired to make your next party a haunting and homespun affair.