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This will be our centerpiece today and it's just something that could be any size so the one that I have here it's just a little bit smaller, not overtaking too much, but these were the branches that I have found in my backyard so kind of also depends on what you have available, tio or if you want, they could be really tall, really big ahs long they'll fit you know nicely inside of our mason jar, I'll tell you a little bit about if you have large ones kind of how to keep him in place and we're going to paint our mason jar on, then add, of course, a little bit of spiders and spider web to that, so that will just kind of finish us off today and finish off our table so they'll be great, so if you will grab our supplies, we've got, um, you kind of movies over a minute, we're going to use just a basic mason jar and I've kind of shown a couple of different options that you can use. You know, I've got a sort of a gold one on the table you can use orange or, you know, any color of paint that y...

ou've got thes ones were used with a glossy pearl kind of a look, which I think is a really shiny one, but today we're just going to use just a basic matte finish well, it might not look as shiny but it looked pretty good and then so you'll need a mason jar you'll need a paint one just one thing of paint even though I'm showing three I think I'll do an orange one today so a thing of paint you'll need a bowl and black paint as well as a sponge brush this is going to be for our our twigs we're going to need a little a long stick or paintbrush and that's just going to help us kind of mixing paint a minute and then sort of the cute little you know embellishments for after with with ribbon so here's our special supplies and then twist especially and I'll talk about kind of twigs for a minute I got thes I just found in the backyard and it ended up being really fun we had um kids helping find them and it ended up really a fun activity just to find it but you need to know how big you want him and how big your table is. You know a mason jar could fit quite a few and you could go really tall but it depends on if you want to take the time teo teo paint him and to do that so it's all up to you so actually some of these were probably double or a little longer but I just broke him in half and kind of the wonk here shapes the better, which you're fun, and then when I got them, I took a just a wash rag to them, just really lightly to take off any of the dirt or dust or whatever you might find just it will help if you can write that off with a washcloth, let him dry for a day that will just make it a little bit easier to paint on the black paint in a minute, so that's kind of what we'll do and then and the kids can help with that. Like I said, all the finding in the doing and then I've got just a little and you took of me. You do want to have some sort of surface, um, to paint, so we'll make sure that our table is secure. You can use paper bag or newspaper kind of whatever you've got lying around, so we'll get to the twigs in just a minute, first working to start with our mason jar, and you can't paint thie outside of the mason jar, but it paint on glass can scratch, so it is nice to just do it on the inside, but one caution with that is that this is a water based paint and you won't be able to put water in it and flowers because it will, in a wash out. So since this is made with just painted sticks and it's not, you know, we're just going to stick him in in the bottom, you could add maybe a cup in the bottom if you wanted to add water with your things or if you wanted to drive leave, is there whatever you want to come out of this? So we're painting on the inside and what we'll need is just and I actually need just a little bit of water if I can get lacey just a little bit of water and we're going to mix, you can do this without so mix your paint kind of shake it up, and we're going to do one really good squirt in here and that's it that's good enough just kind of like one score, you're gonna have a lot of paint left over, and in fact, you can kind of see that there is paint hardened at the bottom here is much as I tried to pour it out, you know, when you're short on time, sometimes it doesn't matter if especially if you're just putting the's in here with your with your sticks and then you guys might have a little tea spoon with water already, I need to grab one and in fact, maybe jim, will you hand me one of those polls and I'll just put a little teeth spoon of water, you don't need to use the water, but if you don't take a really, really long time tio to get it to roll around, so I'm just going to add thinks I'm just going to add a teaspoon of water and you really don't need much more than that. I've done a little bit more, and it gets kind of runny, which can kind of give it a really cool look. If you have running your water, you will see the inside, but just about a teaspoon of water and take your long stick and just kind of mix that together so that it gets mixed in with the water and again, I mean, this is a halloween craft and it's spooky, so really, you can't go wrong. Something happens where maybe it is too runny, or it is to, uh, or not running enough or, you know, kind of, however you see you khun set down your stick, and then you're going to take your I'm paid your mason jar with your paint and slowly turn, and the pain will start to stick to the edges of the inside. And like I said, if you don't add water, it does take a lot longer todo, and I really don't want to use more paint if you need to, you can but it does kind of what I've done is kind of done it in shifts so I'll kind of do it let it sit let it run to the back to the bottom maybe come back ten minutes later we can do some branches here in a minute but then it's kind of pooled you can sort of see inside that it's pooled and just kind of let it go again and roll and then you're going to see bubbles and that's just from our water and from mixing and stirring and that's not a problem the troubles will pop and dry as you can see these had bubbles on it too but these came out really nice and really share so I'm going to give this just another minute to pool and if you're feeling like yours aren't quite coming all the way to the top then set it down and we can start on our branch is a little bit I don't think I squared it quite enough pain as should be coming a little faster maybe one more squirt we're even always had a little bit more oh absolutely okay yeah always had more if you need it just a tiny bit of water and then um when we're all done and it's completely coated we will pour out so we'll just be pouring out so it's trying not to waste but at the same time you know if you need more dakota and approximately approximately what's the drying time on these so thes do take a little while they take a couple of days so I um for today and for time it's going to be wet as we put in our branches but these took probably two or three days and in fact it would pool at the bottom a day later and I could still see was running so I just kept going oh great so I just ran it began and it gave it another coat set it down and a day later kind of shook it and saw what I could see and even you could do it again until it's really dry and then you can even keep pouring out if you're feeling like there's too much at the bottom oh yeah there we go you gave in to the little too much water we'll see coats are really nice and he did do you generally like doing a single coat? Is that enough for you sometimes do a double think it's enough and again if this is a halloween one so if you do have it coming a little sheer I think it's okay because you can kind of see but I mean you this is pretty thick and this is quite a bit of walk you know enough water that it it might slowly kind of drift a little bit more over the next day or two but then you can just kind of give it another run around here and then again you could make a decision so I've shown you two different other jars here one has it at the top and I let it go all the way the top and then I poured it out you can also set this on like a couple of sticks or a couple of straws and just let it fit and run that's another way to let it dry otherwise it will eventually drive the bottom or this one I didn't let the pain to get to the top and when I poured it out because in a second I'm gonna pour it out backed might need one more little I'll pour it out then you can just take a paper towel or a napkin or something and just like those edges clean if you want him clean it's up to you how so there's a couple different ways you can do your painting your mason joining you can see it starting to run a little bit. I can see inside that it's running and then I'm going to give it one word roll around and then maybe I'll just let it sit for a minute and we'll just let him sit while we do our twigs kind of running back and forth like I said there's a bunch of bubbles but don't worry about those ok, so it looks pretty good like even that purple looks great and the white kind we kind of all chose a different a different one to dio so that's cute. So I'm just going to set this aside and let that dry on day, we're going to get teo, um, our branches, so if you have your paint, your black paint me squirt just a little bit in there of your black paint and your sponge brush, I you can use any kind of paint brush with ease, but I have found that the sponge brush just works that much better with it, and I like to kind of pound it, give it a little mix here, shake it up sometimes the water friends to the top, and you'll find that when you work with paint quite a bit, it'll screwed out just water. Sometimes you do need to shake that up on give yourself, you know, a little bit of paint depends on how many branches you have, how big they are, what you'll need, and then you'll just have your, uh, sponge brush ready with your branches and then just start painting. You can leave, probably, I mean, you could even leave two or three inches off of painting, which makes it nice. Cause you can hold the bottom sometimes when you're painting things need to let it dry and finish but you don't need to finish these if you don't want to because they are just going to be going right into here so I am going to hold about two three inches of my branch and then just with the sponge brush just paint and if you're in sort of a control the painting environment you know you've got a paper towel down our newspaper maybe you've got the kids in a small car up an old t shirt then I would absolutely let them help you paint these branches I think it's a really fun kid craft do mostly because it doesn't have to be perfect these air just sort of get paint all over it and you're good to go and then it makes it fun when these air painted black to be spooky for how mean and you could do these any color I mean these could be orange the's could be white these could be any color that kind of goes with the theme of what you're working with but I think a black branch looks great you could spray paint these two but I find that this, you know, spray paint is a little bit more of an environment where it's you need to have ventilation and different things like that so I choose to just paint these with just acrylic craft paint um and we'll set this one down to derive shouldn't take too long for these to dry and if they're not and you're in a hurry you can take a paper towel and wipe them they'll still stay a little bit black mostly but itjust will help the drying process a little bit another fun place you can do this is out in your patio and maybe there's you know good air flow going and you can paint these outside so she was the mess with kids and pain sometimes pain over the grass and in fact this has a little bit of moss on it again we're in seattle and there's a lot of you know moss on our branches you could even just keep him is masi green branches I would work too and if you miss a spot here they're not to worry about it they're just kind of spooky and old so again not no need to be perfect mommy's okay yeah I could see my first ones already drawing and again like the's khun just kind of be placed on top of each other sometimes when you're painting things you need to be careful where you said it especially on the back but it's not gonna matter with ease because if a little paint comes off that's okay they will paint one more and then we'll go back to our mason jar see how it's doing check in again, marie. Those brushes did they come from the again? That same company yeah. Great yep the paint and the paint brushes um just a simple craft sponge brush okay and remind begin the name now it's consumer crafts calm grip on dh a lot of times I mean, they have free shipping tio which is awesome if you order enough and arm usually ordering enough things that that comes from manti teo super convenient. Thank you. Okay. All right, let's, check in with our mason jar c can kind of see so it is pooled I mean there's a good you know, bit of paint and maybe I've been on that second I didn't need more water just more paint so it could be a little running, which is fine give it another little coat and you consort of sea that it's you know, maybe in the light there's a little bit of a dark and a light so it does definitely run back down even on the sides of this. Yeah, just give it a little bit of time and then before I pour it out, I think I'll make my edge here just a little more perfect. Um I'll let it pool up in malta and I'll do that one more time after we get our branches and with your branches you kind of want him to be a cz wonky and spooky is possible these were piece did have like little dead evergreen sort of pine to it and so I just brush those off but kept the kept the branches which is nice just for id your your park or your backyard or your neighbors got some of these from our neighbor's yard just create especially this time of year maybe you're doing a little bit of yard cleanup. You need to get rid of these anyway. Hey, make sure painting them all paint both sides so you don't really know where these air going quite end up painful side it's looking good. I like these little thicker branches pickles on really easy and something else that you can do with these way aren't doing today but you can dio um you make this sort of an ornament tree too. Well, in fact, I think was a heather sherry which one of you does ornaments? Was one of you doing ornaments with your kids? Um you by who was I just talking? Teo said that they buy a kn ornament on the first day o that was someone else here creative lives and she mentioned that they go on the first day of halloween or first of october by a new ornament for her tree and I thought that was great that that's a great tradition that you can d'oh uh and keep ups of these this would work right with it too especially even just in your mason jar you could make it by little cute helling government but that okay so this is a must earn and I think I'll let it dry here I'm going to set this aside we won't need our black paint anymore you could paint you know with your black paint on the outside of your mason jar but I think we're done with it with our branches kind of let those sit for a minute see how they're doing and then our mason jar I'm actually I'm just going to use my black paint bowl any kind of bull or extra paper that you have I'm gonna run it one more time this time I mean it trying to get it all the way to the top and and roll around and pull it back up just kind of baby it around and actually can they say can I get um a paper towel or two or three and when this pours out realizing it is going tio kind of drip on the outside and yeah thank you and we'll want tio keep the outside paint free if possible let that run down if I if you do it too much it's gonna one side of our is going to run before the other side so I kind of wanted check in and get it all down a corner poor round let that run a little bit and then once that's all filled in, I will let it to rip out as much as possible if you can leave it in there, like I said, but if you can get out as much as possible, then it just makes a drying time faster and so let me get it kind of all pooled in one corner and then just going to pour it, pour out the experts and you could do this a few times, like if if the next day you're you're still working, you did this a few days ahead, you could check before you put your branches in, you could pour again. Um, I'm just going to kind of let that drip crab paper towel and then clean off our would edge ok that's pretty good. And in fact, if we have more that pools later, then we can, um just do another coat inside and leave it in. I think that that's good enough if you have, like, a wet wiper wet rag that works to this is easy paper towel and a nice clean ok, looks great. And like I said, there are bubbles in this, but I'm not gonna worry about those don't worry about those they will dry, the bubbles will pop in dry and even if they if they don't and there is maybe a few bubbles that dry popped them that's okay, you know these air spooky halloween jars so I think it looks really great. So now that we've got our jar pretty much ready and done on you guys can decide if you want to let us keep trying and I'll just show mine but I am going to put my branches in and they might be a little wet and that's ok for today we're going to set it in and said in another one ideally we have five ideally you'd want five or six you could you could do as many as you want and have them all sticking every which way around um you can even have sort of little filler ones in yeah cute I mean, I would maybe even do a couple more um for it I think that would be really cute and then one more little idea that I think would be fun if you have white um you could do it with purple tio like maybe it's a witch or frankenstein or something but I think with the white one you could definitely either use a permanent marker or a um you could just cut craft foam craft foam is a really good, thick or even paper you could just do black paper and you could dio eyes right here big giant eyes to make a ghost or I think what we'll do on this is well well do I have my permanent marker and maybe some googly eyes and we'll give him a little jack o'lantern face when a wife off some more of my paint just really click so I don't get any extra black on our um messenger so we've got and you know most most mason jars have words on the friends you can kind of turn it around this way and I'm gonna put a little jack o'lantern face on it's kind of hard to see it maybe do this first before we add I think was thinking wait and see and if you wanted teo you confined their specialty glass markers that are out there that you can for drawing on glass or you could paint the outside with glass there's paint that specific for it in fact well no I'll just quit pop those out but I think it would just make a little happy for spooky or mad jacqueline face yeah cute and this could be something that kids could dio maybe you did the paint on the inside I do I would supervise the inside of the painting for sure with the kids but you could definitely let them in fact they could color this before it even begins depending on you know if you know what you wanted to be with what color paint they could draw on the jar at first and then and then you add the paint after so kind of just a little cute face that you can give them I'm gonna put googly eyes on it just because right just close because we can't get a tournament play oh yeah always gonna be tired of me talking about googly eyes such after tomorrow I see just even better so that's great so we've got our two eyes and now we're going to add our ribbon and we've got our our orange paint so you can decide sort of what color ribbon you want to add is it going to be purple? Is it going to be green and you know, for our purposes well honestly you could do you could do it cute with purple but I'm going to dio green just to kind of make it like a stem of our of our thing I'm gonna use the paper telling move these over just a little bit on dh stick our ribbon you can keep it tall and it will kind of bulge above because this is a thicker kind of satin ribbon you can use any ribbon I mean we've been using all kind of decorative ribbon I do sort of like a thicker one for this it just thinks I think it gives it a little bit of a more sort of glamorous not that's not really the word or whatever kind of look but I'm gonna fold it so goes right around to my jar and folded in half again and tie it off you could do a bow you khun d'oh you could do the curling ribbon again on this and I'm going to get our, um, cute ribbon cutting again so I've got our ribbon here folded in half and I'm going to cut that at an angle and again it just sort of gives it that that cute look of a finished presentation k killed so you've got your ribbon you could tight info, you know he may be on the side or however it looks for yours if you want to add, you don't have to have the pumpkin, it could just be a really pretty thing or maybe your you know, maybe it goes up so it's a little bit more and you could cut him a little bit shorter sort of however, however it looks for you and then we're going to add one more elements we're almost done with these we're going to add one more element to this on dh just get it a little bit more spooky and we'll in fact let me let me say one more thing about these branches well, I've got some kind of walking everywhere one little tip that you khun dio backed a minute take these out if you do only have a few that you're working with and you don't have enough that it doesn't keep him stable a really great tips that you, khun dio and of course, this could be done underneath the tape, but you could add just a little bit longer than that. You could add tape in a little bit of a crisscross fashion across your mason jar, and and they have craft tape out there there's like a green craft tape that would be cute and then you don't need to worry if you are going to see this because you can cover it with some of your again he's not doing it long enough, you need it long enough to go all the way across. Maybe we'll do it in a little star and I'll add a underneath my ribbon, sir, did that backwards after the thought thinking. But if you have enough branches and there bushie, you I won't need to do this like that other one I have over there. They're quite bushy. Those branches, their branch e so wouldn't need to do this. So this is kind of a nice, just a little tip. If you need your anything to sound out. This is great for flowers or for stems. Okay and then now you can kind of place them in individually into it and it won't and they'll stand up just a little bit nicer and you can kind of test each one and sort of see I mean, these are all different crazy crazy shapes so cyber it's going to go on like I said again these will be you know, normally this will be dry and they won't put paint on your tape but also it won't really matter you've got we've got some webbing coming in a minute here and they can be placed in to kind of go every which way and yeah, great can't we wipe my hands off just again one more time so we don't get it all over the place. So maria, I was wondering do you ever wear gloves when you're doing this like those latex gloves sure you can on dh that's not a problem these paints are very safe, nontoxic, cool and so it isn't usually a problem and even my kids you know well kraft without clubs but absolutely if that works for you and that feels okay I don't totally love it I'm fine just go to the scene after and do it up yeah, perfect I'm seeing heather that you're using even a decade of washington, which is a great idea for that because that will show if it shows that it's cute and crafty well, that's a great idea sort of cleaned up here, all right? And then now we'll just kind of finish it up by adding are cute spider web again, we have this before we used it on our reef, it's just a little bit of extra um, flash, I'm going tio I'm actually going to cut it, I think it will make it a little better. I'm going to put some around the bottom to hide my tape, just kind of back and forth and again, my my paint is a little wet, so yours won't be give it a little pop and then add in our it on top and this is kind of fun. I mean, you can put it anywhere all over a couple of places you could even use, you don't have to use this cotton webbing, you could even use yarn, maybe your kids, they're good at making, you know, like a little yarn thing around the twig like maybe this twig has yarn wrapped around it and then your spider stays in there. This just is really simple and and easy to use, and I'm just going to kind of wrap it, drape it over all of it again doesn't need to be perfect, sort of, however, goes it's kind of this kind of stuff you can't really dictate sometimes how it's gonna go or you can spend you know it's up to you how much time you want to spend on it how much time you wanted to make it look um the way exactly that you want he kind of second in japan can he's kind of got a bandanna and I like how that turned out so that's good and then we've got a couple of plastic spiders again it's always I mean I just getting a bag of this webbing every every halloween and a bag of spiders we go through them almost all the time every year so I just kind of split him in half again and it can just go around lou groupie and another one may be up top so just kind of a fun way tio put it in and maybe we'll even add this over to our treat table kind of see how it looks super creepy book so let's add it we've got our other one over there but you know you can have to kind of see the difference I mean this is a little bit more kind of kid friendly with a face on it and um and oliver are webbing or you can have a little bit more classy and have it have a prettier finish with a nice bow so just kind of a couple of different ways that we can do that they can do your their centerpiece kind of finishes the table oh, it looks good maybe watch yourself is you're trying to grab for a treat that you're not getting into any webbing but yes so that kind of completes our table and will be almost ready to accept guests and kids and and all that good stuff right? Some guests party tomorrow I cannot what I really can't I think four or five kids not sure how many at this point but it's going to be a party it's gonna be a blast yeah we're definitely gonna have a lot of fun so marie thank you. It was just a wonderful day guys want him like maybe used the jib to kind of show a handful of the stuff that we created today we started this morning by you know really the first the first part to a party is invitation so we spent our first segment doing some great invitations and then we came on we did that we did the door decoration so if you weren't with us earlier that's what you're looking at here we've got our spooky sign we have our our little our photo background and of course this afternoon we just hit this table by setting up some really great treats and of course finishing off with our centerpiece absolutely beautiful and fun right? Yes on inexpensive clean the whole point of all of it you know really good stuff so thank you again let's talk about our party tomorrow yeah, so I started nine am way. Are we're going to be crafting again, it will kind of be a whole bunch of different crafts all day long. We're going to be doing crafts, going to be doing treats, and we're going doing games. So the games will be fun, because I want to try to do a couple with the kids and you might have a pinata you might have, you know, a little remember game that we talked about before, and a couple of different crafts that'll be fun. Kids can wear, kids can craft, so yeah, it'll be fun. Twelve. The good stuff. Good thing this was great thing. This is the sort of thing exactly. Set up the prep, your you're ready to go, you've got everything you need. And then, yeah, let's. Bring bring head.

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