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Cupcake Liner Wreath Part 2

One fun thing about these is that you can just get as creative as you want I mean there's all different kinds of styles and colors and as a crafter designer, you can kind of put your own spin on it or if you need the instruction I mean, just follow along to just nice it is mark like you don't have to keep them in the two deaths, correct? Not at this point no, this point we're just kind of setting him on, okay? And then when we get our base of all of it so twelve on each section, then we're going to fill it in so you can kind of see that there are spaces. Yeah that's not gonna matter. Yeah, especially the way we folded it. It's gonna it's gonna fill in really nice. So you think you're like? Oh, no, we'll be doing this forever, which we are still kind of folding forever, but if you only use like I said about one hundred um just depending on how big your grief is, this is with our eight entry more the white hey, and then just filling and see. And the nice thing about the reef is that when...

they are so full in the front, you don't need to worry about the back, and in fact you don't want to put any on the back because then it will you want a flat against your door or your wall so you can think about just going to the tippy top and around and that's about it okay, so still two three more and then we'll start on our black third color and the nice thing about hot clues you can kind of said it there for just a second let it drive then it's dry on dh hot glue is a great immediate choice for what he said I know a couple other people who use, you know tutorials out there that they use straight pins you can just get straight pins from the sewing no big box of just the simple, simple straight pins and you could push pin the's in everywhere if you don't want to mess with the glue and in fact that's a great option for kids tio if they want to dio some of the healthy and you could just do straight pens instead of your hot chocolate okay, so I'm like I need one or two more white and then we'll start are black and then we'll still and read down hey matt cholera that's a full day and kind of going a little stretch just this finger that is color a big component to crafting and do you think about do you do like pinterest pages where you like start looking at colors? How do you get inspiration yeah absolutely for new thing yeah color for me well enough canonized for me I and making takes I'm very driven by holidays and so just it's kind of just what we're doing anyway we're already just doing howling crafts were already wanting to decorate for christmas or valentine's and so a lot of times you know the colors there dio dictate a little bit but it is kind of fun to switch it up I mean even for christmas is much as you would use um red and green you can also do um you know turquoise and peek or something you know I don't know you kind of long that kind of has that festive feel to it you can and then the nice thing about pinterest is that yes I have a board and I love it I love pinterest it's great for inspiration sometimes you're like oh man these are so cute how am I going to get tall these you create all these boards how am I going to get all these craft and I know a couple people I have a couple friends who host pinterest crafting parties and I actually sit down and craft the things they've been pinning all this time which is great and then you can actually get to the craft that you that you want to dio and then it is nice it's nice to kind of see inspiration sort of like I've been talking about you know, even for the next hole two days as much as you see something that I've been doing or that we're doing on the show or you see on the internet you have that creative ability tio road do everyone now kind of make it your own that's what's so fun about d I y and hand made and that personal touch um it's just to kind of make it your own and especially with kids and you'll see tomorrow we'll still funny because I'll be doing a craft and then my kids will come in me like no mom do it this way like mike miller supposed to do it like this and they want to switch it up and it will be fun tomorrow where I have kind of created some tracks that are optional, you know, where they can put their own been on it? I'm sure lucy, you know, we've been doing a lot of this craft together for a while I'm sure she'll be putting her own already has thrown spinning their own ideas on something which will be really fun. Okay? Well at the black to ours, you can see it's already starting to fill in a little bit and we'll make room for our black and just kind of go everywhere again with your colors and fill that in every which way do you prefer to fool do all your folding first and then build the entire read or do you like to pull along the way? I noticed our when there are students here and like doing it a little differently there because you know I'm like, you know you do you do it differently, right? Oh, absolutely. You know, I personally want to get going on it so right, I've been doing one color at a time and in fact, when I made this other one I did twelve and did that and then twelve, you know, because I doing the same thing over and over again could make you go crazy so you can have them all ready to go and if you have a partner and little helpers that makes it easier and then you can get to the gluing but this is nice where it's easier to do it infections and so you can you can just fold, you know so many and then get going. So on ben again, make sure you've got twelve for each at least found that that's a really good number to start with three, six, nine three more then I will fill in, you know and it's cute even just isthe but at the end you'll see that it's so much more fun when we add in that fight a web okay, just last section you can kind of get in there with the with these they're not going anywhere there really sturdy with your cupcake liners they're already done for freedom kind of get in there and grab a few ruffle her mess that's what's kind of nice about the hot glue is that it dries really quick and pretty sturdy as well it's a great and kind of talking about color tio a minute ago you know I chose these three colors rest make today but a halloween reef can be any color can be as long as you're adding that little extra element to it like thiss fighter or the webbing anything can get spooked up or mummified or add some googly eyes to it's always going to give it an extra flair as well it's filling and yours coming along getting fuller and for you think that's never gonna end get their promise a few months yeah are you ah you still get trick or treaters at your house I know it's kind of a different day and age these days right I do and you know what I love where we live it depends my parents when I grew up we lived in homes that were a little further apart from one another and so was harder they did not she maybe went through one bag of candy but then living in we live in a little bit more of an urban area and her street they're so fun and when we moved in we didn't know what we heard oh you live you live there that's the place where people actually drive to to come and I've kind of had to step it up or not she sort of have to be part of the which kind of worked out you know I'm a little bit crafty worked out to kind of make your front door front court look just a spooky as everyone else and it's so fun week we go through a few bags of candy which is great my kids love it yeah yeah oh yeah we're big traitor fans ok, so we've got kind of our base of twelve in each section twenty four of each color and now I'm just going fill in some gonna do about twelve more of each color and then once I'm feeling full then I'm going to do the inside and it will kind of hide height that inside a little bit better the outside were pretty good. I mean, you can't quite see maybe united fill in one or two spots, so this one now now that you've kind of got the face of your three now we'll just make a few more I know you thought you're holding was over, but we'll dio about ten or twelve people to ten of each color and see where we're at and then fill it in there's even a big giant enormous after enormous I guess they're pretty big cupcake liners out there too. Now that are kind of like the's treat almost more like a treat bucket on dh those air great to you to use those there are a lot bigger, it would just make it, you know, dimension a little bit more full or they have many, many based baking cups and you can you can even use those to fill in. Maybe if you want to just hide, you could fill in with sort of this smaller looking one taking cuts will you make halloween cupcakes in these as well? Put him out on the table, it's going to get that mix and match thing going? Yes, you could add it to your tray table and in fact exactly will have left over of all of these colors, and so that will make it that will tie in again with color scheme even a little bit more. You'll have, um, kind of that thing throughout your whole party and we're even doing another decoration and a little bit today with cupcake liners, so I kind of have just kind of kept that team she could just buy one or two or three packages and then use it for your whole day I really like to use much as I can of all the supplies so that we're not wasting or you can save it for another time or maybe you know these green and white and you could just replace red for christmas for white and red for valentine's or whatever holiday cool hey it's a few more with our white and then it will really start to come together you can have your music going in your movies going kind of spooky sounds that month for mass song I love that song thriller oh there we go that's another one I kind of watched thriller watch thriller listen to it a great one hey I'm gonna start filling in we'll start with my white and the whites not going to be out hard because we have you know the white on the inside as well so just kind of give it a look look once over and think ok maybe to be inside there press and hold I really like how heather is doing her is all in the black yes I love that perfect yeah that'll look good with that the wedding on it to super spooky what exactly is the wedding? I mean we're going to get into that in a little bit right? Oh sure yeah no it's just I just thought it um it's spider web stuff in a package that you just buy during halloween e mean you could buy batting there's a batting you come by like a quilt or fabric store but I yeah, this is specific to halloween sometimes they come with spiders inside sometimes it's just the webbing and it's super stretchy okay, that side looking good need a few more on here and then we can start to spread these out in a minute kind of make it even more full one more one of our folks in the chat rooms says it's sing five six seven eight her daughter just went off to college and so she's creating a little care package on she's doing she wants to put these like this a zoo a do it yourself that's saying she's going to send it off to her with some popcorn to pop to do it yourself breathe along with charlie brown's pumpkin great great pumpkin dvd perfect right above the word that's, right? I mean, yeah munch candy corn oh, how darling and, you know, that's kind of the fun thing about a lot of the d I y stuff is that you you go and sometimes you don't know what to dio and so it is great to put together a kid. I love that idea because you know, we'll even have supply list so she can, you know, look that up for it's pretty self explanatory just kind of putting this on you with her roommates or whoever, you know that's great what a good idea and you could do with a lot of this stuff that we're going to be doing over the next two days, correct? Yeah, we'll do yourself a little kitty. All of them? Yeah, there's a few companies out there, you know, that are kind of getting more into the kit, and, you know, kids are wanting to craft, but yet they're gathering it all for you, which I think is great. So, yeah, we love that idea, that starling, good job case. We're just filling in a few more, and then, um, I'm gonna put three or four on the inside, see what needs one more. So let me do a couple more of my black, and then we'll fill in the bottom inside, because that is kind of where you don't want to see any of your we all right there. I want to just do a shout out to the folks out there on the internet who are watching along with us. I just want, you know, if I made it friday, so that means it's the time of the week where we like to see what you guys out there are doing. So if any of you are out there following along, or you got some photographs of some halloween decorations that you've made you can post a photo of that tour student gallery so definitely would encourage you to go to our course page on dh post some of your work and we want to see what you guys are doing out there as well all right that's coming along really nicely yes so it's it's really is coming along and so now once I've kind of got the base of what I've got I'm in a stick three her color so actually per section so again just make a few more for section and I'll show you one of these so you're going to set it with going this way with the I can get that they're going right there because by the time it folds and you open it up it's going to hide that wreath due to more and you'll see that that star phone is all disappeared and then we're going to go around we'll do all six of these sections and then we'll fill everything out you can always keep going and do a couple more if you you need a few more to fill in and even if you like this one almost looks like it's kind of done but I think I might be put one underneath that would be ok one more glow stick ok right there the bottom even if it's on top of another one that's okay you just really want to make sure you fill in that center and then I'll show you can kind of see that that really does the black is filled in a lot more than the other two colors so that, um a perfect way to kind of fill that in so I'll keep going to say a little bit more on our white and green then we get to add the funds stuff on the top great we've got our white and then we'll add those in lift him up like I said, you don't need to be too tender with these there then hot glued and should stick pretty good fact if you do want to replace them and might tear it will tear your paper you'll just have to do a new a new cupcake liner but your star film should be pretty sturdy and you can tear these often do a new one if you need to okay so kind of forward movies around kind of manipulate those around okay then three more on the white we'll finish with our green and it's going to be full who would've thought we never would have been a holding so many cupcake liners who they're looking good over there so perfect for full great okay couple of greens glue gun gonna set you back you know this was like two seventy five over to you well super team they're just the little mini's it does you do need a many these air smaller glue sticks they have just a regular guga and with a regular glue stick size there this is a great one I love it for the low ten actually own a couple of different sizes though I do have a large one they sell a few out there that are cordless which is amazing when that came out I bought one right away it's it's it comes on a stand and it plugs in but then you could just pull it right off of the plug and then just plug it right and when you're done you can kind of I mean that's half sometimes have the problem with glue guns is that it's you're stuck with this court and your stuff kind of to a wall you're stuck to wear an outlet it and so it is nice that cordless is great but but and that is a little bit more sense of maybe maybe fifteen twenty dollars I mean and not that much more and you are just meeting your glue sticks but other than that um it's it's great and this is just like I said a cheap three dollars you know tell you need you don't need anything super fans see for it and this is low temp and you know I am feeling it and it is a lot less hot and I feel like this could be something you know older child could help with could do on their own and I would feel safe I would feel safe with my kids kind of working with that like I'm touching it now on it didn't burn so just be aware of that that they have high temp in low temps and with the practical differences between high temp unload what do you get? Yeah, sure the hi temp you're just working with a stronger materials and you just want it really hot so that it can just really stick and stay you are gonna have to hold it a little bit longer, ok? But the low temps I think the main reason they've created it is for things like styrofoam or things you know that are using that might melt while you're putting hot something hot on it so that's kind of nice where the you can work with materials and it's not sizzling and melting in to it and are these sticking pretty quickly? Oh yeah, you just kind of holding press for you know drives for just a quick second and then it's pretty pretty instant so I think I mean where we're almost there people and we've got just take a few minutes and spread amount yeah exactly I've seen you already going for what just great that's what's nice about this kind of zigzags you can you can spread it sideways you concern spread it forward you can kind of move them around one another open it up you can all you're doing here it's filling in those spaces of white of the reform that was there you don't want to see it so again you can either cover it with fabric so that it's a little less aware that's even I'm noticing even with our inside of our cupcake liners her white so it's really not going to matter too much if they see a bit of the white of of your cell phone so I think this is gonna be okay so we'll just laugh just a little bit just to give it more of like a presentation less boxy, less stiff kind of bold it out a little bit give it a little bit more dimension and then kind of give it a look overall one silver kind of how we're doing hold it up you can kind of see you know if their space is missing in the center if you're seeing not enough on the edges and then if you need to fill it in so you can kind of give it a look something's fallen apart hot glue it back together and I think it's looking good are we close? So you just filling in last minutes steps minute well, that looks great I love the one color so it's great perfect yeah great ok, so the next step that will do once we've kind of got it filled out and finished it could you could keep it like this I think it's darling, you could just add your, um your ribbon and be done, but well, so we'll add we'll go ahead and add a ribbon you don't need to you don't want to there are a lot of you know, those metal hooks that you can you can get and they actually hook right to it and right over a door so that would be cute to but I think adding a little pop of color since we don't have orange in ours, I'm going to add a little bit of orange ribbon and there's a few ways you can do your ribbon this with this you can either simply kind of like this one where I've just hot glued to strips down and made a a simple loop that's one way another way that you can do it is tio do it really large and tie a bow at the top I think is what how we did it here we tied a little bow at the top and then hot glue did on the back. So I think that's what we'll do so kind of do about two feet of ribbon and I'm going to go ahead and cut this off and you don't need to worry about making these ends pretty they're going to be on the back, but then we'll just kind of make a bow a large boat and sometimes with this decorative ribbon which is great and I love that you do need to be aware of sort of the white on the inside I want to try him move that around so that the orange is showing and tighten it straighten it out even it out left it up think I want my missed a little bit slimmer and you can use any ribbon for this you can use a thinner riven really great is sort of a thicker sheer ribbon looks really nice with this I just found something orange that I thought was cute and I'm gonna tie that tight just to give it a pop of color and then sort of decide how long you wanted to hang I mean, it could be really long or really short I'm thinking about maybe a foot long so I'm gonna put my edges out, cut our ribbon across and then simply not good but we need to decide what's going to be your top so do you want black? Do you want a green? Do you want it in between? You can kind of like which one looks the best looks kind of top ish I think I'm going to go in between a black and white or black and green I mean right here in between swell set this down on the front your cupcake liners do really well and just add two strips of glue and because it is gonna hang I do want it to kind of be a lot of glue so for this I would grab a pencil to kind of stick your um stick your ribbon on but then I'm going to hold it down with the pencil just so my fingers it gets kind of warm holding it there and kind of let's wait you know twenty thirty seconds for that too dry and so it doesn't move hot glue will move a little bit um and tell it's a little bit cool okay and then you could hold it up you've got your b cute with that pop of orange think looks great so again it could be done here we could be finished or just that extra little element is going to be our spider web it's just going to give it that you know a little more of a thrill of excitement for halloween so take your spider web webbing just your cotton and it kind of depends how much you want I actually you could do like little sections but I like to cover the almost the whole thing pretty pretty stretched and it's kind of clumpy so give it a minute and stretch it out and in fact the little clumpy edges if they don't come out I just kind of took on the side on the back so you won't be able to see those so it could just start and the nice thing about the cupcake liners, they do kind of have a jagged edge. They're going to catch this webbing really nicely, so I mean there's no rhyme or reason you do kind of want to tuck it a little in the back, so it looks like it is wrapped. That man just looks super spooky. Sort of however you do it. There's really? No specific way. The kids are gonna love helping with this part too. They're probably want to put more wedding on you and you might want but that's fine too had it is other nights like a spider season maybe my spiders? No halloween, but we've got spiders at our house. I don't know do they know it's fall going to be the fall they just go time to show up. So one of our one of the folks watching his girl friday and she wrote what a cordless hot glue ge yes, they're firing people out there like good if I pop, you change your life, it's great. So we've got our webbing on and then of course we have to add a spider and these spiders or spider rings and they come secure, which is kind of nice as the ring you can get him without and they can, you can just hot gloom on. But the nice thing I like about the ring is that you can kind of stick it right and to your to your wreath. And then another way you could do it is if you wanted and sometimes they do come separated as you could cut that little center of your rings so it so flips a little and then it will actually attach just a little bit better into yours. Add one or two. Creepy always adds that and I said, so we are done. We've got our our wreath perfectly here. We've got our, you know, can go on a door could maybe go on the other side of our mummy door. It could go on a banister on a mantle on a wall above your treat table. This is kind of a fun decoration you could have for all of how we not just your party. So perfect. How do you think it turned out so let's? Get alex tio let's, take a look with the students. Did can you guys are holed up your work and let's see where you're at? Because it's really wonderful. See super spooky, the more you add, I mean, oh, heather's in that black I mean, the funny thing is they're they're pretty. But they're also spooky at the same time with, despite the way, well, that's. Good. I mean, really, when you're done, you can't just take this off, and it could maybe just stay for fall. Or it could be, you know, for all of november, you know, or whatever. So it is kind of that nice, versatile, extra spooky love. It reminds me of another one of my favorite arak, a phobia, another good.

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