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Googly Eyed Card and Spooky Scroll

So our next one we are doing keep your paper cutter out and we're going to be making a fun googly eye craft googly eyes for me are like what halloween is I just they're one of my absolute favorite craft supplies I thought let me set some of these things over out of the way done with ink and onto google the eyes so we're going to be making a another little q let's party just using that same principle that's got the words let's party and then open it up and it's got our googley eyes saying boo super easy we've got two words that we can do it with I'll show booth or spooky to do you know anything with two eyes? Maybe it has one eye you just add one googly eye they're one of my favorite all time kid craft supplies google so let's get started with this we're going to need our paper cutter again we've got a card, a pre cut card or you can make your own car these ones are just a smaller size that I had you can you can do a bigger size to feed like we'll need our words or text either boo or sp...

ooky and let's party so some more text are googly eyes you can get once that these air sticky back to heaven adhesive on the back which makes it very easy bacon also just blew him on if you know the glue dots or glue spots, those work really well with googly eyes if you don't have stickers on then our invitation for the front and then again it was always there cute just little kind of accent piece that will go on both sides the outside on the inside and I found this cute paper again we've got a lot of these crafts through consumer crafts and this is a darling set of sheet of paper that's crackly I thought it was perfect for halloween and so I'm unease this one for kind of my act so first let's let's design the outside first just to kind of get that finished before we get the googly eyes going on the inside and I'd like to let him know what we're doing we're gonna party so let's party and using your paper slicer just cut that down to size and we'll add it in I'd like to go when I'm cutting the paper. I do like to go pretty close to the words on lee so that it you have a little bit more of that accent paper showing and I'm going tio glue it on, line it up with the corners you know another fun thing you can get is those scissors better they kind of have this exactly rick rocky edge tuomas exact scissors those air really fun and instead of using the paper slicer I'm going to turn that over you can you can use cookie scissors those air kind of perfect for halloween invitation as well. So you've got our slicer line it up, lou. I just love this crackle paper let's see kind of eyeball it from side to side and then actually let's measure it. Yep too big for our for our little tarred so just trim it up easy to dio both sides and then we'll glue it onto the froth can I love glue sticks are great, especially with kids it's another kind of mess free glue that I love blue dots I mentioned or glue blue spots those air great as well I do. We do use craft glue, the white craft glue quite a bit, but paper craft this is perfect! We've got our friend let's party and then we're going to open it up and add our word boo you can do boo or spooky I think since I've kind of got a boo one already let's do spooky you guys can choose which word you want to dio there's even a halloween word and there's one o in halloween it's always good to do with those you could do it with any letter that kind of has a circle to it, but halloween with one o might be fun to add a googly eye too and then it's just got one googly eye we're using a lot of googly eyes over the next two days so you'll get familiar with those so glue stick onto our accent peace once again kind of line of up sit on and then training up we'll get to the top let's see where we go way and then we'll glue it on and make sure so I've done this before where I didn't glue it on the right side I did it upside down, so you do need to kind of make sure you know where you're going you've got let's party here, they open it up and they want to see spooky right on the front so that is something tio watch out for, especially with this card something that opens up like that or even that our pumpkin pop up card we did first we'll also need to kind of watch where you're going, okay adan are spooky close that up and kind of press ok? And then I'm gonna go ahead and add our car our invitation first and do our googly eyes last so we get our invitation and cut that out and again, I think this one is going to be just a little bit small of a card, so I'm gonna trim that up to size and you kind of you can eyeball it and sort of see where you're at with your invitation and these invitations are great. They print out for two a card and there's a whole bunch of different sizes that we've got there's ones with their large or small depending on, you know, your size of car because everybody, you know, every company's kind of making different sized cards these days, so and turn that just a little more to see. Yep. We'll have two cut off our time just a little, but that's okay, all that matters is the actual time on your party and we'll do that. Mark lou and again, these principles air here and easy and ready to use make it kind of the fun colors and it's there really well done, but you can always do these yourself as well and just writing the time in the date. Okay, all right, now we're ready to add our google the eyes and that's kind of what's fun, there's there's all sorts of different shapes, sizes you could maybe even dio I mean, these many ones air darling, you could even put those, you know, a whole bunch in here sort of like creepy spider eyes might be kind of fun or, you know, you could even line it up, I'm just going to stick to spook ease just right in the center of our o and they just obviously pop out these air kind of a fun little three d way to do it they will still fit inside of here and blow pretty easily treated they're not too thick that'll work out okay, like I said, you can you can add more googly eyes, you know, maybe on the corners, maybe let's do that maybe we'll add sort of some medium ones on the corners just to give it that extra little flare if you've got a few extra googly eyes, I mean, I just think googly eyes say halloween, it's the perfect little traffic for that. So this is our this is our pop out card that we've got and there's, like I said, a few different ways you can do it, you've got googly eyes, you've got, um, the cute party paper how yours coming along good, spooky, spooky, good, those are great, but they're looking really good marie, I don't think for really any holiday you could ever go wrong with googly eyes, whether it's, halloween or birthday party, right and there's actually a fun little game that I've seen kind of go around where and you got to be careful of bars, public property that every once in a while you could stick a googly eye maybe somewhere you know we've done it around our house all the time you know there's like a handle on a cupboard and you stick to little googly eyes right on the top of the covered and that kind of gives it a little face which is really fun to dio did you ever do stuff with magnets? Yeah, cool, yeah and you can put me at ease air on fridge magnets so you could even put him on a pushpin and it could be on a on a decorative board. Yeah, cool, yeah, googly eyes the best was right. So that was our let's party and then our pop out spooky boo card and we have one more card to showcase so kind of move our googly eyes you can always keep those googly eyes around and use them on any one of these of these ideas and crafts. Um, invitations that we have kind of clean up for the next one. All right, our next craft we've got is a scroll now this one is a little bit different because it really I mean it could be mailed to your to your guests that it also like with if it had a tube like they sell little cute tubes that you can put on it but this one is kind of fun that you could stick on someone's doorstep or give to friends at school or however it works and these are cute I'll show you just untie it with your halloween ribbon and he's got your your scroll with how it was everything that it says what when, where and again, this is kind of a larger principle that we've got available that you can make and it's just really this is just the details that you need for your party. So what we have is for this craft we're not going to need a paper cut of this time you might want a pair of scissors just in case, and then I'm gonna kind of show you a little trick that I have with this scissors are with a ruler with terri in your paper as well and ribbon our invitation or even just a blank piece of paper that's white and our black paper and then you're going to need a white cran you could actually use almost any color cran, even like a blacker purple would would show up. But the fun thing about white and black paper children don't use the white fan very often, and so when you put it on black paper, any time you have black paper twenty is your white crown because it shows up so well, so we'll be using that in a minute to make sort of some designs, but first we need tio tear our paper, so we'll start with our invitation and the terrian is fun it's fun for kids it's fun for anyone and it gives it that spooky halloween look that you want for your invitation and you do need to be careful with your tearing you don't want to tear too much especially if you have a paper like this where it has text on it already printed or if it's even this with terry and we want to be careful that we don't tear too small so that's why I've got a ruler and if you don't have a ruler I think you can use your straight edge of this and just kind of stick it through you'll just place your ruler about you know, a quarter of an inch sort of where you want it's going to show you one way to do it with this and then you can also just simply tear but this makes it easy if you press down you still get that tear look but it gives it a little bit more of a straighter edge and a little bit more order to it which works great so that's one way I'll kind I'll tear this side the other way you can even just use your finger and maybe it tears off in pieces and that's fine too you can just keep going from anywhere in fact sometimes the more jagged the better so you can use your ruler if you want that straight edge or if you want a little bit more spooky, just use your fingers and we'll just do all four sides of this teo give it that spooky spooky scroll and this is fun kids love terri in paper hardly ever tear paper so it's kind of a fun way and just a different texture different feel for the kids okay, so we've got our invitation and I'm going to go ahead and well let's measure it up I don't know if all glued onto shit I'd like to measure it up kind of see maybe what we're working with maybe a happenin tch sort of see what you know where you want to go if you want to be more careful, you can use your ruler and just know that you are making it you do want to have a little bit of an edge so just sort of be careful is you're tearing I like mine a little spookier I think I'm going to use this and if it comes off just keep going has a little bump that works too all the way to the end hey it's kind of funny I have that three d effect you can kind of hear it tear kids love all using all all five senses that they can, which is great and then one more ad ceo it's looking super spooky like that who that one got jagged let's fix that a little bit more okay then we're going to glue this on and this glue when it dries we do need to have a very sealed so we're going to stick on as much as we can if you saw this one had I guess I didn't he's quite enough glue did pop off a little bit you could just re glue it or if it school's out that way that's kind of fine too, but we've got glued to our back and if you want you can always add a thicker glue like a white glue it does take longer to dry that's why I do love uh glue stick is a little bit quicker to dry you could always use those blue spots which are immediate I don't need any drying time and they are a little bumpier and the thing about it when I was when you roll this up and you'll see in a minute that it will crinkle a little as you roll maybe the blues not quite dry or however it works it will crinkle but that kind of I think it adds to the effect a little you always I mean that's. The nice thing about halloween is that nothing needs to be perfect it's all about being a little spooked e a little goofy and anything goes it does not have to be perfect will set our white paper in and since it's such a large paper I kind of start from this center press out and that in a minute I'm going to do my little trick flipping upside down I didn't quite get the edges on this so it might lift a little just kind of giving it a nice setting get in there hey, and we've got our party invitation and then this is where you can use any other kind of cram like maybe we'll add, you know, that's, you can use marker pen, but you know what we're doing a halloween party and again I said this is a great way to do have the children who are maybe just learning to write or maybe of someone and thirty fourth grade learning cursive and they need to write you know their words and cursive five remember cursive october thirty first whenever your party is where when um and then that and then we get out our white crayon remember works and this is kind of fun you can add little you know, a little pumpkin here a little vine, a little ghost is going toe pop out in the front and say, right here we've got decorations down the side this one's fun and in fact I want to decorate the outside I did not need, but I think that even adds two more of the fund, so in the back you could have the kids draw an entire halloween little theme maybe they want to dio a haunted house you know it's something spooky that you know maybe a little rickety that that's the fun thing about like I said, halloween is just not perfect and it could be a creaky door maybe there's windows and a ghost living inside you could even use so even show you a couple of the other colors that do show up I choose kind of the brighter colors for sure even though almost almost anything will show up a little bit but these ones are fun to shut the condo's halt maybe a moon whole scene and they condemn caray tit for there you know their friends family sort of taken maybe even individualized the's which would be great you could put you know, there's one edge about right here that's going to show on your paper and maybe it says grandma and grandpa power it says you know mike and sally, how whoever you're inviting to your party, you can just decorate and that's kind of the fun part is you get to take the time to two color even isn't a joel I love to sometimes where are you have a few minutes or you're sitting down with your kids and if you're making ten or twenty of these invitations than it is kind of fun to sit and and color yeah, you have like a special place in the house where you were you do you're cuffing you know I have in the past but we've moved to a new home but that's kind of the beauty of sort of crafts is they go where you go and I've talked about this before on my block about storage and space on dh it is important to have kind of a tub some sort of I have we have a container that has all of our supplies and then we have kids crack tub so they kids know where to go and it's it's in our in our little basement room and they could just pull it out open it up and it has almost all these things it's got googly eyes and pipe cleaner and watching tape and you know, a couple different kinds of blues that'll work and they're so creative it just it just feeds that creativity if you do have some sort of space so if you don't have a dedicated room which I wish that would be amazing there are some great really great rooms that people can put together with shelby in and all that stuff but even if you don't I think it's great because you can still have sort of a tub and we just do want a kitchen table we're just super just get him out craft all over the kitchen table and it's and it's good ranges thing that you have in the tub like someone would go what? Yeah, you know we are big recycle people any kind of so cute my daughter who's darling and you'll meet her tomorrow lucy she won't let me throw anything away so that's what I mean we have like every tar every container every you know tissue paper container a carton rolls paper towel rolls all those things and I actually have two tubs I have across supply tub and and then there's also a recycled materials tub as well so they can open it up and literally craft with anything lucie lebaron best name ever come in and louise so lucy louise she's ok, no, I'm excited to have her come and chill that's a fate like tickets can you could make these invitations yourself and even though we don't have the kids here today, they are part of this part as well I really think it's important they make invitations and are part of this part on dh then just to finish these off we've got will roll him up so we've given him a little bit of time to dry like I said, they might crinkle little but that's ok, so you're just gonna literally rolling up like a scroll you could do either way however it works and if you did write something on the back, make sure you know if it's personalized for that person that it's right here on the back and we'll take our ribbon piece of ribbon something that's fun in festive and cut off a piece about a little tighter and I think this would be this is one of my favorites for an invitation just because it's so different and nobody really gets scrolls anymore everyone's getting something in the mail but if you if it's possible on your parties with your neighbors or it's from some friends from school I think it would be fun teo teo deliver these even before or you could set him you know set him on their doorstep maybe a ghost left them so justin easy little not to tell you could tie a bow but then just something fun I want to show that will do a few times with our ribbon I just love tio give it kind of a finished look I feel like it just makes it that much more you just put a little bit more effort into it you can keep it straight which is fine but if you pinch your ribbon in half and then you're going to cut in a triangle towards the fold and open it up and it just gives it that little flared edge and I've done it opposite before I cut it the wrong way given the pointy edge which that's fine too but I do I just really think this is a nice edge a nice ending teo your two years to your scrawl to your rhythm so we've got our invitation and it's ready to give and I think that's I think we've got our four cards and maybe we can just kind of look at him one more time we've got our our pop up card let's party as an option we've got our monster mash car I don't know I have a few favorites thinking I kind of like I like this one too and maybe you're going to do all your for your party this year? Maybe you're going to make all of them and even with the cute envelope that you khun decorate we've got our boo are spooky our google the eyes that pop out and our scroll which is great too do you guys have a favorite? Maybe once he'll make the first one hundred yeah the pop out card pop up like a squirrel different yeah to get that in the mail and here you talked about you are hosting a party too so you said this game is a good time. Yes, my daughter and my mom decreed we're having a huge halloween party at our house so this is perfect timing good, great, yeah it's people close by mail or deliver yeah you guys what's your favorite holiday and do you see sort of incorporating these techniques in other in other types of invitations and cards um I love that one state that's my favorite look of the hearts and all the cute stuff so I could definitely see doing this one with hearts popping out of and google the eyes in it too perfect yeah with poppy out double pop pop that was so cool yeah my favorite holidays christmas hand down andi yeah I mean he was changing the decoration you're changing the color scheme you're changing what you're at exactly that's what techniques like me could be a birthday party and just feel really anything I'm a big fan of halloween so this is I love to dress up so this is this is right up my alley the nice thing about halloween it is all of october I love that it's the last day of october so you really do have the entire month to celebrate where is a lot of holidays there in between or there's you know a couple in a month so this is what makes it I mean your orange and purple and black all month long delivery on this yeah I mean I was thinking you can put it in sort of them and mailing tube but they had they sell those that needed to mail it would be a little bit are costly so these ones I would do pretty much on lee if it's local you could drop him by have the kids drop a mom you could even maybe like that doorbell ditch, you know, just sort of, like, ring the doorbell and ran. And maybe a ghost was delivering your scroll for the party. So you could even put a little tag on this too. That says something like let's party or or just so they know right away what it is and not some ghost leaving something they shouldn't be. But so two questions. How did you get started? Talk a little bit about that. Well, sure. So, I mean, I've been crafting since I was young and always doing crafts, always doing and kind of how the name making takes came about. I have here. I have three sisters and we get together all the time growing up in crafting. And so it just made it fun. I had a brother in law who's eyes like oh, marie, what you going to make it take for us today? So it just was I was always bringing like, what are we going to do, let's, learn this let's, do this craft let's have this so that's sort of how the black name came about just always making and taking something. And I had just I taught kindergarten for four years doing kids cross. For a long time, I just love it, and then when I started, I had my son, who's, now eleven, stayed home with the kids and just got more and more crafty, need things to do with them. That's a lot of it, too. I had sort that background of kindergartens and kindergarten teaching and crafty, but I mean, you do need to entertain that video, you got to do something, so it kind of worked out that, you know, I was doing the craft, which is great, and then the block started just to share to show. I think I always thought, oh, doesn't everybody just want to do crafts all the time and have all the supplies in this? And there were a lot of people saying, no, we need ideas. We need to know what to dio and so that's, sort of how the block and internet just sort of the web even now, pinterest. All the things in places you can you can get ideas is amazing.

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