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Halloween Banner Part 1

One other crafts that were gonna dio is a banner almost every party has to have a banner couldjust is cute and it frames things and it's fun to do. We're going to be making a halloween banner just you're kind of basic paper banner again, we've brought in our car, um, cupcake, baking cups and some paper we've got acute principle with these letters again for my designer lar mckinsey, which is so cute that comes with the show and some twine, so it'll be just kind of a cute you can put it in the bottom of the table, you can put it on a wall, sort of anything that you anywhere, that your room that just needs another an extra little pop can favor before before jump into this, and I would love if willie could pop up that slide for lorne a swell because let's talk quickly about her because the bonus materials that she that that we're providing it's about eight ten pds and it's coming directly on her web site is just her name or lauren mckinsey dot com and that she's a a darling darling designe...

r, and does all these cute, you know, just colors air, darling, I mean, we'll see more of them tomorrow, we've got a cube. Memory game we're making and on dh then just kind of that text that's fun it's nice like you can do some of this stuff on your own if you're kind of freehand drawing or maybe your kids want to drop that sometimes it just makes it look that much more neater and put together that can be a principle which is great so it's just these pds just print him out on your own and it's ready to go are yeah how everyone is perfect and you guys just let you know that is with purchase of the course only so I've questioned about fonts do you ever scour the internet for funds for your crafts for your halloween crafts and download a couple of another good free ones out there? Yeah there's great ones and I a couple different photo editing you know, places that have it anytime a lot depends kind of what you want again it could be ghoulish like there's that ghoulish stuff there's like you know super spooky had seemed dripping dripping fonts out there are just kind of cute sea fun I mean that's kind of what we're going for for this halloween party yeah yeah I mean any kind of different texas great cool all of them kind of work and then again you were drafting up any text of font that you have with other colors and all the color schemes and stuff so let me just set this aside a little bit and we've got we're going to start our supplies we have we're going to meet our paper cutter again and see if I can get that paper slicer and make sure you have doors and I've got more cupcake liners and some twine for the end we've got are some glue spots just in case that's kind of for the things in the center unless you use stickers or googly eyes, which we have there, you'll need your fund and I just wanted to show that there's boo, which I've made there's halloween, which comes with the print out and then today we're all gonna be making the word spooky so it's just letters, which is fun and we'll probably be putting, you know, maybe some googly eyes in there. Oh, yeah, where do we get one of those these air? Almost in any craft store? And they're different brands that have, you know, we've been using this discards and cricket and cool yeah, so what? Anything for ten bucks way around there and the nice thing about these is they should pop out this's a little rusty, but it does pop out where you can make it longer because their papers are, you know, up to twelve and sometimes a lot of these cute, cute scrapbooking papers are larger so yeah yeah, thank you um and then decorative paper so we're going to need two sheets of a bath kind of like this orange one so two sheets of a backing paper and then one more just to keep it poppin with an accent color that this is what the words will go on is this once will set this one aside, we're going to start with the craft that are the paper that has two so if you can find the one that has to, we're going to make the little penan it's like a little pennant that um that you can make with paper and I'm going to show you just kind of crazy floral paper but I just wanted to show you a couple of the different ways and you guys can decide how you want to do it this is one way so if you cut a strip of paper now you fold it in half and fold again and this is just like what we did with the ribbon we cut diagonally towards the fold and then it makes it makes this style you can leave it square just cut your strip leavitt square kind of however much you know you want to put into it you can dio triangle so you've got your a paper folded in half and pull it in half and then fold in half again and cut all the way to the corner and cut these two sides off of your paper if you can see so kind of triangle pennant banners cute and then even just kind of another little fun design it was the opposite of this one so it's just cut in half but you cut this way towards the edge and step so you guys can kind of decide I'm going to make this one today she can fall along with me or if you're feeling like maybe even every letter wants to be a different shape of a pennant or there's a pattern however your kind of flag wants to look um you just showing just kind of a couple different options for what you're banner khun dio so we'll take this and we're going to cut it into thirds we have six letters with the word spooky so we want to cut this into thirds and our papers twelve inches and this time I'm going to cut off this kind of little lucky little edge it's just for purposes of having it on a piece of paper on a pad you can just cut that right off you don't need those and then it's twelve inches so twelve divided by three we've got four inches so I'm gonna cut for four inches there three four inches do the exact same thing with my other paper and then cut off that little tiny paper and then again divide that you went a little over on the last one it's gonna be a little small all right? We've got our strips um and again we've got six of them so you're going to want tio decide how you want to cut these so you're going to fold each of them in half and so no matter what you d'oh full them all in half and then you can decide so I like to fold mine in half just barely it's not a full fold I'm not going to crease this it's just enough to get my scissors to make the exact same cut you can sort of cut here and cut here and sort of eyeball it but if you fold this in half just very carefully and take your scissors hours then it just makes for an easier cut and I'm gonna cut about an inch inch and a half in you want to make sure that you're your letter plus a little bit more paper you're going we're going to cut our letters out square a rectangle, another rectangle piece of the orange and then it's also going to go on here so you need to make sure you've got enough room when cutting the little flare um for your paper so fold in half and I'll keep going and we're going to make six of these again you can kind of alternate the look ofyour um little penance or you can keep him all the same we're just going to do kind of all the same and if you need teo, you khun sort of grab a pattern and cut about the same if you're not comfortable just eyeballing what that will be you can always fold and cut more if I might I suggest you cut less because you can always cut more so kind of line that up and see if that needs just maybe a little bit more and again, I mean, it doesn't have to be perfect it khun b spooky like you can see a think I divided those not quite evenly maybe that most little bigger than poor that's okay unfold told again ok, great and then again, I mean, these are kind of just recycle or trash or whatever, but you know, I have been keep those tiny little scraps of paper, especially in kind of we mentioned before a little craft meant the kids if you have any kind of scrap paper, stick it in your craft been orrin in a paper bag or in a plastic bag or something my kids will craft with these little triangles so kind of favor everything because what's fun about crafting hey okay, and then one more rules are around the house yeah, and you know it's tricky because sometimes my kids are working on projects that take a few days it's maybe andi I allow that so if it is sort of on the kitchen table like I mentioned my girls do have sort of a little desk in their bedroom that they could craft onto but you know just tried it I don't know like I had a mother who don't have a mother who when we cook we clean as we cook just because it just makes it so much easier like if we're doing one thing then we stick it and kind of have that mentality with christine if we're on this part I have all these scraps I'll probably go do something with those to give more space to craft with so absolutely with your with space too like you said earlier you try and recycle as much as you possibly can so you'll just take your straps and will not let you throw those away though right? So and you didn't need to I mean really these could turn into something you know maybe they're triangles and you're going toe you know, craft a little puzzle or you know there really are uses for all of your little scraps to so so once you have all of fewer your penance we're gonna grab our spooky and glue on let's just do one letter sort of at a time and I like tio I'm gonna cut around my paper cutter around my s and I'm going to glue it to my orange andan kind of measure to see and then we'll keep going with the rest again you don't want to go over on any of those and you can go fairly close on your letters sort of like we do with the invitation as you can go close with how um how sliced you're getting because we are putting sort of that accent piece and again you could I mean the paper cutters nice but you can just use deserves with this and the's letters aren't too big that they couldn't just cut my hand with us with scissors we've got our s and r glue stick need a glue stick at our glue goopy on the first use and then stick it to our corner um and I guess you know, kind of I've all sort of go where's he going to go so I want a smaller that's probably about where I want him so if I do this with my letter, I'm gonna flip it upside down kind of like I like to do and press that paper with the glue on the other side and then it just won't flub up and you know if you do it on this side, sometimes I've done it with a really bad printer and I go like this and that it smears everywhere so I just have learned to kind of turn it around which makes it easy and then we'll cut the rest of our square or rectangle around our s let's see wanna go on the side just in case those letters are a little bit bigger but they should be all the same size because you could just go across that whole strip making it a quicker cut there s and we'll take her banner make sure it's not some upside down that's a tricky one on your glue to the back and then line it up and again I mean it could be higher lower centered sort of however and I do like to center things kind of eyeball it you know with glue stick you can pop it back up if you need to if it's in the wrong place again I'm gonna flip it upside down just kind of press that in we'll do that with each letter so go on to the kind of let that sit in dry we'll get our p and this time now I'm gonna cut all my letters that one and the's air space pretty well so you could just go right in and you know right through the middle with your letters and one other nice thing about thes banners is if you could have halloween tub at home then this could be saved year after year and, you know, put it in a plastic container, a plastic bag or tub and these can be saved and used again and again and hung up in a different spot every year our families really really big with tradition and so you know, especially during the holidays christmas holiday my kids air you know there's certain things wait mom, you didn't put that in the same spot you put last time so there are certain things that kind of turn into be fun traditions and you could do that with halloween a cz well and he's cute little banners even though hey and again this is one of those crafts you khun dio watch in your halloween movie watching iraq a phobia or beetlejuice who just thought of building us that's a good one okay and say I've got two o's you know I would like I personally like him to be sort of the same someone a kind of eyeball that we need to cut that a little bit closer and this is sort of a parent craft do but you could absolutely have your kids helping with this um you know they could be cutting with scissors they could be gluing they could you know they could make the's as long as they're kind of uniformed at least a little bit big things might have to supervise kind of how small or big they do their, um shapes let's not forget young frankenstein either oh yeah meanwhile no good one almost need to put a list get a list going of what your favorite that's all challenged all the folks out there in our chat rooms let us know what you're top halloween movies are don't give you a shout out perfect yeah great on ben with these scraps I'm actually gonna keep um we've got six banners so we need seven of these little in betweens and that's kind of what I did on the back of my cupcake liner is I just used a piece of scrap paper to make it a threaded loop so just kind of keep your white scraps nearby we'll come back to those in a little bit so make sure you spell it right here okay? We'll get our color accent he's cut this edge off get it out of the way and then I kind of got this side already started so I'm just gonna slice that down and then sort of line it up and see if that's kind of a good I mean because we've just got it all the same that looks like a good size could just cut all the way across and I'm going tio measure have a little place there measure that put it right on top and right to the edge and then we've kind of got all those the same height which makes it really easy and then we'll just glue I'm gonna blue on each letter and then slice the last two the last side it's not two sides and kind of see how you did that before make sure you are kind of similar to it cut here and again I'm kind of eyeballing to see to make sure this is gonna fit oh yeah perfect for our banner right um good those in the cyclists tio the rest of our letters give it about a quarter of an inch I think it's what I had before thiss would be fun to do on like a craft night you could do with friends that would be a great craft to dio get a group of people together and have the supplies maybe everybody pitches in you could have something to get the paper someone get the thread and make helmy banners will be fun hey almost done how are you guys coming along so I'd like to know from both our students what do you guys finding the most challenging as faras this concerned in the beginning it was keeping up and I've kind of morphed and started putting a little bit amount of flair and nice and that's the that's the best thing to do right? You want to break to kind of bring your own personality and your player in tow you and that is what I mean maybe you don't love I don't love using the paper slicer on this going you know, use or whatever so that's absolutely that's great yeah I love it sure, it looks like she's the overachiever she's like pretty much done over there. How about for you? Is anything tracking air? You just are you building ideas about one thing for me? I don't like measuring. Okay, so that but it hasn't been too bad because you're not saying it has to be exactly the size, so I like that and you showed me a trick on how to make these look good, okay with the bottom I didn't know how to the ad just to give it that little extra something. And is that right, marine room for error unless the stuff most of something that you're showing us in this in this two days oh, yes, and I am not I'm the same way like I when I so I don't really love to use a pattern like making quilts because you can just really sort of kind of go for it, but I am I'm this exact same way so yeah, so it's sort of like oh, whatever and it's all good and it's gonna look great and nothing has to be perfect ever on that's kind of that comes even with, you know, working a lot with kids tio is really you can't be too perfect because they are going to either just do it on their own or it's not going to look exactly that's you know, one thing I am working with kids a lot is that you don't want to have that stigma that has to be perfect or it has to be exactly, you know, the right way and so a lot of times I'll kind of show up when I was teaching, we would do our sometimes I'd show what it could look like and then I would give him all the supplies and they just go for it like there's sometimes you know, it's good to have that a pattern and you kind of have to follow along so I think their skills that kids are learning that they're important with following the exact directions but asa loved that, you know, just kind of do your own thing that's what it's all about so yeah, cool ok, so I've got all my letters and let's see this one? We're going to switch the pennant for this and I need to glue mine on on def, you haven't done that do that already and then what you can do here, which is kind of fun is you can add googly eyes to this or I've even done a little bit of washi tape so kind of look over and see if that's sort of what something you want to dio with your each pennant each a little banner for it if you want to add a strip of um washi tape looks really cute like I did one on here that have such a cute washi tape right now they there's a spider that's cute that you can add and again that super kid friendly that that decorative tape oh, these two. Yes, yes. When I accidentally cut skinny okay. And this why was really wide so I was kind of just eyeballing that and thinking oh, you know what? This is too wide I'm going to put it on a fatter one went like again we talked about not met dream exactly perfect it's like whatever is gonna look good so I just ended up putting it with a skinny row. Perfect. Thank you. That was the only reason I switched this up and kind of just eyeballing see what looks good, senator, that and what's nice about the word boo can't halloween and spooky and we kind of talked about that before they have the letter o and I really love putting a googly eye on anything so it works great in a letter. Oh, you could put it even one, you know, in spooky or, um or something like that too. So I think that just sort of adds that little bit, so I'm gonna put let's see, you have to see we have a huge different sizes again, I really like the adhesive googly eyes they just make it that much easier but if not you can always use these air the glue spots the glue dots that that these fit perfectly with googly eyes that air just loose that don't already have a sticker to the back of it so that's I love do that's going to get kind of a bigger one so many sizes of googly eye saving have giant ones and well well we saw the giant ones but even bigger than this that you could use to fill so just kind of gives it that little rule of kind of look castillo feel to it so here's our spooky and then we're going to take our the's glue docks you they should have a little package of blue dots and we're going tio close up our little flags so you don't have to do this but I like to do it just because so it doesn't fall off of our our twine I'm gonna just glue right here at the bottom just to make it stick so just adding a little glue dot you could dio tape you could d'oh white glue just sort of whatever you've got but I really love this book because they just rice there already really less mess so we'll do that with all six of our flags were going to close him up so we can threat him onto our twine for yarn whichever you prefer for your stream ok, so for all six and then for I mean your banner can be complete like this it could just be your cute letters but I like just adding again we keep talking I keep saying that kind of words flare but it just does give it that little extra something when you add something in between so after we've got our spooky all done our letters then we're going tio make sort of the in between decoration that will go in between each letter so because we have and again you can sort of do it however you want if you want to put one here one in the middle and one in the end that works too but I kind of like separating each of the letters and also makes for just a little bit longer of a banner so we're going to be making and even to on the outside so we're going to make eight so no let's see one, two, three, four, five, six, seven we've got six letters but we'll make one extra for seven so I'm gonna set my spooky aside for a minute and we're going to get out our cupcake liners and like I said, they're really fun thing about cupcake liners is that they come in such darling darling designs these days especially for halloween I found these air so cute andi I think this is the one I'm going to put in between I think I might even think I'm going to do every other someone a pick three of these companies and then if you have a decoration like this you won't need to add anything to the center you could maybe put some glitter or something but with the black one the polka dot I'm gonna do for thes in between them to make a pattern um in between and then with the black ones and also here's some of our many baking cups and policies have such darling designs as well on dh maybe you could do each one of these a little bit different tio so just kind of depends and I'm kind of seeing that um let's see I don't know let's do let's do orange so grab I'll grab for oranges to go in the center and then be because these are cupped and they make a cup shape they are going to stay that way so in order tio show with one of these and these pumpkins you're going to flatten it out and if you flatten it out it's still going to curl because it kind of have that curly lips to it's still so we need tio cut all the way around to kind of help it found out but in order to do that I'm actually going to cut it to make it simpler for us when it folded into fourth kind of like we did before so in half and in half again and then on the outside, we're just going to cut strips through the jagged, so maybe oh, maybe a quarter of an inch, it kind of depends on what you want and even that little fold. So by the time you open it, it will lay flat. That kind of actually gives it just a little bit more pizazz to it. A zit is a go, so this one I'm calling done because that has that pumpkin in the middle. I'm feeling like that's cute enough for me that that's going to be finished, so I'm just going to complete the other two the same way, fold it in half and half again and cut if you if you don't cut long enough, if you cut too short, it won't fan is as flat, so it just depends if you kind of want that curve to it that's fine, but you got it kind of go up, tio most of where that that edge is one and then with our black ones, I'll show you a little bit different. Well, kind of embellish those, and this is a fun part for the kids to help with two they would love tio helped design and decorate any of these little cupcake liners who turned up so cute hey

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