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Halloween Finger Puppets and Haunted Memory Game

We talked a little bit about clean up yesterday and I do like to clean up for each craft if you don't I mean, your your counter is going to be littered with crafts, so it is kind of nice to take a minute and sort of new things out or around or put away as much as you can any little bit my money away. My mustache perfect that's cute. Okay, have a seat, lucy, right here. Ok, our next craft what we're going to do and this is a great one for just sort of a quiet time and maybe a chill and maybe maybe, you know, we've artie been eating all our treats and doing all these fun games and crafts. Maybe we just need sort of a nice table just sits down and we just cut so this one in just a minute I'm gonna let me hold this in this for just a second. We're going tio do some halloween finger puppets that we've got. These are darling designs that again? Lauren mckinsey designed to the's finger puppets for us and they're available is a printout printable and they're just so cute there, darling so how ...

they're designed is that we're going to cut right around this is a really simple thing to do, and this is a good cutting skill for younger kids if you got you know, little toddlers or someone is just learning to craft you don't need to be perfect could just be a big circle around or you can get very detailed and try to get right around this and then we'll cut out these little holes is where we'll cut and that's where little fingers will go through and they'll be little finger puppet. So go ahead and we'll just take a minute on dh cut these out and do you want to start with this one with louise and you can hear shares wait like I said it's kind of nice to have a sort of quiet table quiet time give the kids you know, sometimes there is a lot we've already been doing so many craft today that if we just have a little area calorie nor finger puppets that works and I'm gonna, um not to cut these out. I'm just choosing to kind of give it an outline here cutting I can hear you cutting and just get in as close as you can. I'm giving him a white outline I'm not going to cut right to know what good did you tell him what you're going to be for halloween back that I said that yesterday, so I was wondering if you were still going to stay? I understand that no matter what because I love that you are adorable, adorable we were thinking we were goingto make your headband and just put our trusty old pipe cleaners on a headband for bat ears and I can also put like when is the build things on it and like put little bite years good it was to kind of fill it in that's a good idea great idea owen anakin's like put her doll like her kallick what's up with the witch hot so keep cutting these out and then with a little trick and sometimes you can do this as a parent there's a couple ways to do it as you kind of put your fingers around that hole and you just kind of scissor it but again this one is a sort of you got to be careful on have a parent involvement and you can go through or simply fold the's right on good list pull these right on and cut in the center of that and it gives you a little bit of a whole another option what you khun d'oh the center of thes is to do a hole punch if your hole punch doesn't fit folded and hole punch a little hold to start you off so either way kind of however it's easy if you've got little kids I would pull punch it and that gives him a nice I still I would like I like to have little kids you know try their best to cut inside these teeny tiny little circles doesn't need to be perfect just needs to fit their fingers waken do like a little how think about the show after yeah for that act their party we could you could kind of you could maybe put up a little curtain way going to get a curtain you can get a piece of fabric I think craft you're the craft studio or even like a blanket or a sheet and you can stick it over a curtain rod one of those bring me curtain rods you can stick it in the door frame and make a and put a sheet over it and then play with your with your little puppets I think that once with eyes of the best thie pumpkin no eyes it's not even a lot maybe we need to give him eyes when you think about that yeah nizar googley eyes for a pumpkin yeah, we could just be that right now when you get all cut out you can put those on or you could do it no sticker ones and again these air such darling designs for finger puppets but you are welcome tio kind of embellish them put stickers on um's two kouachi take maybe another fun thing you khun dio again it kind of needs to be in an area where is a little bit more meth control but and put some newspaper down but there's great cute glitter glues that air out there right now and you could kind of outline with glitter glue it's already glittered and in mma glue which is awesome so you can do like a white glue and shake on the glitter and that gets a that's even a little bit more of a mess but the glitter clues air great the only problems you do need to wait for them to dry so that you know sometimes drying process is for children are hard and they can be a little bit impatient so you kind of have to decide or just prepare I like to give you kids a little bit of a preparation okay so just so you know, you know this is going to take a little bit of time to drive but we get to make them today and place um tomorrow for however it works for your age of child so that's cute cute you're adding a little bit of the embellishment with your marker that's a good idea you could get crayons two crowns or markers and if you are making this in a party setting I would make sure that you have kids names on the back of these just anywhere put the kids name and then they can at least make sure you could put thes we are like I said in the next segment we're going to be making a goody bag picture if you do these at the party that these air going to be in their goody bag, it's a great place to put him or you can provide little paper sacks or zip top plastic bags where the kids can hang on to these because there's five in our set, you'll have five that you khun do maybe on both fingers or playing with a friend get your name on their perfect you got it. You want to cut those other two out city and then we can show our puppets wait which again boil and bubble toil and trouble boy level toe bubble bubble toil in bubble bubble toil and trouble in trouble make this deal make everyone study into stew you got a map rhyme bubble e o all right, so we've way yeah, yeah oh, good! Double double toil and trouble fire burn and cauldron bubble way q. For some reason, it reminds me of the wizard of oz, which I don't know why I feel like when she's no like melting at the end. It says something. What? Well, okay, you want to cut this one out and I'll do the insights you do the inside. Yeah, perfect. I'm gonna buy that little careful punking. So yesterday we were talking about favorite halloween movies do you have one that you can think of, remember? You said hotel transylvania earlier that's a good one. Do you guys have any favorite movies? Because this is the type of craft you could dio while watching a movie maybe you have a movie going at the party? Yeah got anything movies out there? Halloween favorites wait talk about a young frankenstein yesterday we did yeah, such a guy that's a good one and we're making our frankenstein we're getting a story from bone my one of my favorite shells is really old sit out only in books it is not known clint's anymore sadly who's so fine actually had a questions alone well, it was like it was like a cartoon I actually had a portion of I'm a certain character you want me to cut these out? Now you try these on did you say your name? Oh, maybe put your name on the other two I didn't okay once I did mom crystal lanes you don't want the legs because you've got you want to put your own life sure could have their legs your your fingers could be the leg for maybe maybe your fingers get bent in there behind the scenes that sick too maybe you could come up with something fun that would you could do with these puppets is to come up with a little story or theme and like you said, a puppet show is fun maybe you have five different kids with these five different characters and they could each you know give their little pup of the name you could come up with a story together collaborate get creative on a story you know, maybe they're all going trick or treating me maybe their kids just stuff is characters or maybe there who knows what's gonna happen for halloween mom used our um a little thing we used a curtain are a curtain on a wind I did that's what they are so their window curtains to make a puppet a puppet theater but you can take it down to want to take it down and we could do it yeah ok and you could just I don't have a sheet over it oh, what dollar? Just see a puppet camp yeah charge you could charge people your neighbors come over and see the puppet show so these turned out really, really cute they're fun they're just like I said it's just sort of ah simple craft that you can dio um with the kids and something he's in you little girl wow! Wow! Wow! Wow wow so so just easy. Like I said, you could embellish the's with glitter stickers or glue you can make a puppet theater and have it is part of maybe you're a section in your party or even just do these at home is really fun to have a home what's so next we've got one more game for this segment that we're going to d'oh he cleaned up a little bit of my craft we're going to need a paper slicer you can do this with scissors, but I do feel like this is just makes it so much easier if you can over thirty you khun do it with a slicer paper cutter and we have again another fun principle that came and it's you print out to this time we're going to be making halloween memory game, so if you have two of the same ones on ben, the trick with this so is that you do need to cut out your the back paper because if you have it on white and printed out, you can still see through, so you're going to be able to see what it is and a memory game you don't want to be able to know what did this, so we're going to be using a craft papers well and then gluing it with a glue stick so it's a pretty easy craft to make it take some time t craft it all and then glue on to our paper and then we'll play a little game of memory and one thing you need to think about be aware of that's why you have two sheets of the same color you want both of these two have the same backing so that you can find them, but you, but you don't want to find them too easy. So you need to make sure that we're measuring this paper theater exact same for for all cards, because if there's one card that's a little bit bigger, you're going to remember that was always the ghost. Okay, I always know where the ghost is because the paper was bigger, so we got to really try to use our, uh, on these they have rulers, which is great. So if you have some of these pop out to be a little bit longer, if you have one of those where there's, a couple other styles of paper cutters there out there, so we've got our paper, our principle, our glue and our cutter, and we're going to start by let's start by cutting these out individually and again, just keep immunity form. It doesn't matter if they're a little bit over the edge or under the edge, but another nice thing about these principles is if you want the's paper slicers lauren has put in on the principal these little markings that air great for your for measuring your paper slicer. So if you want to cut these on a paper slicer you can otherwise you can just get your scissors and cut these out individually. It really doesn't matter what they're going to look like, shaped as long as is you see the image when you flip it over, so we'll start with that will cut these out, and then, um and I'm going to use these little preparation lines, I think they're very helpful and then right through the center of all these, so you have you can keep a little white border around them and then a little bit on either side and then right through the middle. So this is a craft that I would prepare ahead of time I would do this before your party starts and have the cards ready to go on a table. So technically this this is a craft that we're doing, but it's for a game for the party, so coming to see in a minute, I'll have you helped me glue these on cain, you're decorating your puppets, ok? I'm going to do one sheet when you're done, you can set those aside and then I'll show you where we're going toe glue on kind of make sure these measure up and our color accent piece, the paper that we have and I think I've done for you, I found this for you guys to it's, a starling paper that's kind of crackly, and I just love it, I think it's, super spooky and halloween and what will need to do is to cut off this the sort of edge that kind of pesky edge that comes is a pad of paper big giant pad of paper and then I'm gonna measure this just to make sure they should be twelve by twelve sheets yep it's twelve inches and we've got see we've got twelve of these yep told of these for each one and so we need to divide our twelve by twelve into enough squares that it's going to fit all of our things will probably go you know four down and three across there's plenty plenty of room for these and like I said we just need to make sure that we're cutting these evenly you can always trim them up so later so that when they're on top of one another you can kind of see this is sort of how they'll go we'll have a little extra if you're going to go for down and you just make sure you were like slice this way the right way divided by forceful pie go six inches and three inches is what I'm thinking for these and to make our cards and then we'll have a whole other sheet for the other side as well so I'm going to cut let's do six inches and then measure three so at least half of them the same size one way now kind of line them up I would even I mean be exact but I mean if it's a hair off it's not going to be a big deal but that looks like it's pretty good and then, um I'll divide these in half and half again so we've got twelve so we'll go six again lucy I'm almost ready for you to help me glue six and three k to set these aside me grab your scraps hey, you're just going to take a glue stick great! You need to go to make sure you gloom on the inside keep the cute crackle paper for the outside new legalistic not too much glue but get enough that it goes around um now kind of show you a tip of what I liked to do what we did yesterday quite a few times is you add your glue we get lots of practice on elliott school tio do you glue a lot? Yes, yes. And you then you know, what's up so I, um, center that in, but then once you have it laid down, I'd like to turn them upside down the seat and kind of rub hold it tight but hold but your other hand kind of presses it down just to keep that glue um from bending cute just going keep gluing, I'll keep cutting and you're my glue girl you're getting more glue practice today way more and the nice thing about this is once you have this made you are good to go and you've got your memory game you know, forever this is perfect it's all ready to go you wouldn't need to make another said that you could if you just make one set and it's ready otherwise you've got something you can keep forever and ever and you can put it in a folder, a paper bag or a plastic bag and it it's ready to play memory every year you keep gluing, they're kind of helping and working together so like I said one more time the paper we cut in their twelve by twelve sheets, which works out really easy and we're just cutting four strips of three inches and then again four strips of three inches, so we'll have uh sixteen I think of these I still have a few extra compared to this is what we've got is we have twelve hey, thanks and if a corner comes up yeah, I just glued back down how you guys doing you guys were being troopers have been crafting all day long, you guys have been awesome doing a good job. Hey, how you doing? Good, yeah, I'll cut these out this is for sure when you could do with two or three people, all those gluing so much work, so much work that's a thing some some sometimes craft their fun and sometimes it's like one more to do one or two dio but what do we get to do it with ease when they're done everything game we're gonna play to have a fun party exactly. So sometimes you gotta put in a little bit of the work that's why it's nice if you can you can think ahead and here we've got our course right here at the beginning of october is that you can have all these crafts and, well, mom being getting ready for a party maybe on halloween maybe a parties you know, the day before the week before right now after this whole entire show, maybe we'll dio a party got a very planned it planned a party? Yeah, yeah, I did mom, this tak flag because here's a few more can be tracked like get tell break wait he camera yeah candy apple and ghostie eyes, monsters, pumpkins there were no one will know what we did alright already aircraft and the fun thing about a lot of these principles that we've got with lauren is the's designs is they're repeating pattern so kind of like we've seen this little owl ghost before this pumpkin and invitations so you kind of got a theme going for your whole thing with the whole along with the hope that you're funny you look at these cute which is which is feet which is a cow just hat we've been doing a lot of which stuff with you with your party kids spider hey almost cutting a nimble gu do hey I got to cut a few more of those up one on top of another make sure you get one of these that's ok I'll put this um we'll just let it dry out kind of weapon just happened that's okay theglobe goes on guy our clear remember I'm gonna keep him up we'll have to be able to see that one per minute while it drives just leave it up to contract case keeps gluing I'm gonna cut a few more of these out bubble bubble bubble bubble I think it was bubble bubble toil on trouble already for giving it again bubble bubble play on travel double double double double boil toil and trouble fire in cold drink I need him to tell us former time details when we're time bouquet double double double double toil and trouble fire burning coal holding you up cauldron level cauldron bubble bubble double double toil and trouble fire burning corden bubble nice t you want to hear the hole a little bit he said this was like that double double toil and trouble fire burn and cauldron bubble fillet of fenny snake in the cauldron boil and bake eye of newt and toe of frog we'll have that and tongue of dog atter forks and blind worms sting lizard's leg outlets wing for a charm of powerful trouble like a hell broth boil and we need to get you to record that and I'm in a way this report is going to play that you got that deep, booming boy no way hurting a lot of years too slow to really nice and low, I just keep keep going, keep going on and I'll help you think I don't need this strip, I'll just help glue. Hey, we're getting really close once we finish with ours up here, you guys just keep going, but well, I'll bring a couple kids up when we can play a little memory game with this party for important southside sad part this is one we need to be watching one of those cartoon halloween shows were saying great pumpkin is always a good classic yeah, but charlie brown yeah, but we're crafting so he's, good to craft with your little show a show going. So how you if you're like, with your parents and the kids uh, this was he helping these watches. I'm like, uh, lucy, keep going, okay, you know, I just love that crackle paper, I think it's so cute, perfect for halloween e anything it some blue on the table just run it in a little way kind of rubs off you could get what paper towels or just goes with a ragged it didn't go too late so you putting you could argue putting glue on bulls don't necessarily need teo I now just but you can if you like it's like this's a bullet more paper yes please yeah I think we're on yep in that corner by outset that should be stuck for paper boy oh boy toy on trouble double double toil and trouble fire burning fire burning at colder and bubble nice when we came that for the next forever weeks yeah until the release halloween get it by you by the boom can keep going weeks took a lot more golf oh oh I wanted you know is it appropriate yeah hey make sure what did uh um what let go say when he got his arm hurt boo got a boo boo boo boo get it boom and they say boo boo and this thing by something moon walk a walk okay number sounds just quite from minute uh retaining this mommy wanted yeah sure so yeah well they will be way we'll put him in a nice order to usually with the memory game it's nice to have him in you know in an order we've got twenty four to four road well plastics or you know timetables six times four times to extend force where you know twenty nine times ninety one and eight times eight is sixteen oh keep going when we have a couple more with minimal line ease up on the way I want to find the two pumpkins not yet not yeah you can eyes oh you want to give your pumpkin eyes you're cute you're funny ok we're coming up on the last two and I'll set these uh and usually I'd actually hey great well they'll know I'm actually have you take those off because we need him all flat so that we don't know which is which that would give it away if we had something on it that was like that does that make sense you want to be able to look we turn him over we don't know they're going to be we've got all twenty four of our things ready move your extra paper if you have it so that doesn't get confused and then lucy we'll help me set this up in a little grid weaken do let's see six and four foreign six you're still adding to your puppets okay and then this way it's nice to have it in a nice order you know like the regular memory games but if you do flip something over you can try to remember that it was right there there's crackles but it's not too bad but switchable around like this okay but just in case just in case someone was watching we've got cameras on it so maybe I don't know all right so keep them in a nice nice rose ok and let's have someone come up to you to girls want to come out this time and maybe you two and lucy can play I always have a play I don't want to sit and watch came kind of consider what maybe these guys could be one of you on this side and then one over here okay let me talk with these guys in play so you guys know how to play memory we played before you don't know how to play each take a turn flipping too so you can start trying to flip tio and keep it flipped until you find out and then if it's not a match we actually kind of like tio hang on its back to slough it we like toe look and make sure like ok, we kind of know this pink monster might be in the corner put them back over and then you're turned he said that for me so coming and you can click to which to do you want a pair of blue monster help you? Oh yeah you're perfect I'm watching him this is goingto this is going to play all right your turn let's see if we can get at least one each of you to have a match okay googly eyes I just love these people can monster, who have we seen blue monster? Yes, come can different from cannes monster, I think that's the one okay, let's, do a couple more turns, hear this. I'm gonna put these puppets right over here, case we can play so close, so close it. They're exactly the same. So, yeah, I just want to, and I know you will be here for me.

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