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Magic Wand and Spiders

So for our next one, we've got for doing a magic wand and these could be sort of anything obviously for for halloween we're calling them a magic wand but this could be done any holiday any season maybe that's a ferry want maybe it's a you know, a leper con or something any kind of holiday you just kind of tailor your colors on dure women to sort of whatever theme for your party on and you know you can make up spells maybe it goes this way and it's a magic wand but today we're going to be using ribbon and tape and that decorative washington that we've been discussing these is opening tio magically oh moment ok let's do the supplies so sit right here and we'll do the supply so we've got a ribbon and we've got our wooden dowels and then grab our washing tape and scissors because we will need to cut strips so this one kind of follow along on this one but you can sort of choose your colors that's kind of where you have the freedom to choose your colors of what you want. I have a couple diff...

erent sizes of wooden dowels and it doesn't matter the thickness it just depends on your preference you couldn't even go longer these I think are about a foot and a half maybe maybe even sixteen inches so which one do you want to d'oh that dinner one for the scanner so first we're going to start by cutting our ribbon so take ribbon and we're going to cut between eight and ten strips this one has probably twelve strips and this one probably has eight maybe it only has six so just depending on the thickness of what you want for yours and it could even you know I'm looking at it now it could be even like a little witches broom tio or something if you want to make it thicker I made a sour yeah I should take so grab which which um weapons do you want first first we'll do ribbon you want all of it to the orange right here okay so take your scissors and cut up you know and again this concert to be as long as you want but I would go about four to five inches if not a little longer and can always trim your ribbon so cut I'll do some purple and orange and I'm gonna cut about six inches you can measure these or you can just kind of eyeball it it depends if you want all of them the same length so we cut cut your ribbons first loose and they cut all of them first let's get a whole stack like took a little picker he's done this before huh? Probably so you've got for I'm gonna do two different colors and do four of one and four of another hey collier, I personally like to cut the strips out first just so you know how many you have and then you khun tape right away see for their ok and then you can choose to use washi tape or just regular tape you're going to take one of your ribbons and place it at the tip about maybe happen inch an inch in and tape it to the bottom and this isn't super important how it looks because it's going to be issue concern see it will be covered with the washing tape later so right now you're just kind of adding a little tape and I like to use the clear tape so I'm not wasting the washing decorative tape yet I like to say that and then kind of flip it over so I've done one then I'll flip it over and do the other side and then just sort of keep alternating your ribbon and take and I'm actually going to even alternate my colors to go the other way and one reason I love this craft it there's no there's no glue it's just taste and it's super less mess I know a lot of parents who most times prefer is less mess is possible so that's what's so nice about this is that no glue necessary just tape and especially with that cute decorative tape makes it very easy while you could paint this you could wait for kids everyone does magical one they could turn does that really mean you say when you cast your magical spells way ever turn on you and your siblings into frogs or anything like that? It's fun to pretend exactly a magical mayhem magical you could be a sorcerer for halloween a magician or may hand person powerful mayhem I made me you like scare kids before they killed his hat to go trick or treating yeah like I don't know I just like I like I actually was statute I think I'm under a cloth schizo and pulls off the claw with your evil laugh okay like that so depending on how many ribbons you have just kind of keep going I've got all of mine taped to the top and like I said, don't worry if it's bulky or what's kind of falling off we're going to cover that up so wait till you're ready to go get one more and then we'll watch the tape together and like I said, some of these cute designs like we got these ones from the online store consumer crafts dot com and they're so cute they have these darling little googly eyes on the tape and that's perfect for halloween or any kind of thing that we're doing fighters they're spiders there's yeah so you ready? So I like to start at the ribbon side I'm going to do the purple googly eyes tape and set it right at the top of wherever a clear tape wass so you can go as high just to cover that clear tape and wrap around once in a full complete circle so they match once you're there, you're just going to sort of take you can kind of see lucy, a man going slanted exactly and you see that the tape is a little bit kind of punching and bubbling and that's not going to be a problem? Yeah, you just press it down and it and it forms perfectly so just kind of got an angle there's a couple different ways you can twist your dowell if you want I doing two layers or you can go around this way with your washi tape if you kind of have a good angle going on and if it ends up that maybe it terrors that's fine to just start again blends in really well the washington and then go all the way down and I'll show you how to kind of finish it off. And like I said, it will kind of bunch up a little bit here, but you just kind of smash it with your hand that's what sort of nice about it and it becomes nice and soft I've done this, these doubts before with ribbon going all the way down and I've glued it, but it does tend to slide, so I this I prefer this tape a lot more to that and doing it up now, you know, you're going to double years up. Yeah, yeah, me too. But you can if you want, just to make it nicely that can secure all the way up, and it covers stick more if you have, like, the paper from washington. But if there was, like, a hole in your tape, no, I mean, that actually still shows now over there, you know, the wood shows. Yeah, you do. You have kind of a white take pump that spiders on it. You're right, it can show through. Thank you. And right here, at the very end, you're just going to start to straighten it out, and you might have to go around a couple of times, but just to get it right at the edge of that dowel and then tear could cut it or tear it, but tearing it just blends right in. Give it a nice squeeze all the way around the house with a dream writing. So we've got all these right here. But remember how we were talking about how to make him just a little bit more presentable, a little bit more fans? See, you can cut him straight off or what I'm going to do with mine is give him a little bit of an edge so see, this one is I just left straight and they're kind of al jig jagged these sort of every every way but here if you take one ribbon and folded in half and then you're going to take your scissors and be careful watch your fingers you're going to cut towards the fold it just looks like a normal warm like this yeah and when you open it up it gives you kind of a cute little flared edge so I'm going to do that with all of mine is your feeling finished? You feel like you're no longer a little longer that's ok, you can always do more, so I'm going to finish each one of these little ribbons off and then we'll show off our finished one sort however, however you guys made yours, I'm doing so long you can add a few more to yours I'm making mine like a rose they like center out out like a spiral with your with your rubens not really spiral you'll see so these minor a little bit longer and that's ok kind of it's fun to sort of wiggle them around or like I said, if you want to turn it around and it's back here is your wand sort of however that works let's see how hold your wands up shaken I mean they're little pom poms or like I said they could be little which is room with your witch hat sort of however they work they look great good colors I like the green did you cut your green strips even a little bit more yeah that's great so they're even a little bit tinier that's perfect. Good. Well, this one is fun you're gonna add a couple more to that ok? We're going to move on to our next crack after and I'll set these aside we've got our cute little fund magic ones not done you keep working can I move on to the next one? Yes, but I don't need to keep on working perfect do you keep working? Remove the washing tape over here and some of our scraps so the next one and one that's fine and I was kind of saying this yesterday but there are spiders aplenty and they come out of fall, which is perfect for halloween. We have huge giant spider webs in the front of our house and it just kind of creates that perfect ambiance for it. So we're going to be making some cute little spiders of our own and this is kind of a different take on the pom pom spider that maybe you've seen before where where you actually cut the yarn and it's buzzy sort of has that fuzzy look with yarn like this but this I like it's a little bit tighter a little bit more put together and then we have pipe cleaners inside so for this and then obviously googly eyes are spiders have more than two eyes but we like to put on big googly eyes you can always add you know a few more if you want little spider eyes make it super creepy but these air cute and fun and they're perfect in fact I'll share a little game that we play with our family I've made two or three of these and every october I pull him out of our halloween bin and we hide them so we play like a little spider hide game and the first person so say I'm the first person who has it I just hide it anywhere and maybe it's in my daughter sock drawer and then she'll come upon an open up her sock drawer, pull it out and then she could say she found it or she can just go ahead and hide it may be under my pillow and then it just kind of keeps going around and around the house all month long and that's a really, really fun game to play with little spiders they're perfect it's spooky and sometimes you can open up a cupboard and well there's this fighter and oh it's just our cute little craft so that's kind of a fun little game that you can play with our pom pom pipe cleaner spiders perfect I like the addition of that with the green too that's cute he can also take this angle slap spider on a real but maybe if it's bugging you here let me hold that let's put it right over here and then our supplies we've got our pipe cleaners and then our yarn here's something for you and little cardboard pieces and I'll tell you about that in just a minute and let's keep this in here loose we're going to just do these ones okay? Could you just sit and listen for just a second? Let me in describe these pipe cleaners are a little bit different so you can see that these are just straight pipe cleaners and that's actually what I normally is but I found these funny furry ones I think they look just like spider lake so I thought that was perfect for today's craft and in fact this little spider I cut my pipe cleaners in half so I only used to cut him in half and then had four but I'm going to do longer today I just think it will be kind of cute to have long ones so you're going to need you kind of pulling a pull aside four of these pipe cleaners it's really all you need and maybe four for you on dh set those aside and then you'll have your cardboard piece and it's about two inches by maybe four five inches and it's going to kind of end up I want you, teo, and bend it in the center so kind of has a little bit of a bend because eventually we're going to be sliding these through. You can add these now, but I find that it's hard to wrap your yarn, so we're going to slip in through when we're done, so take your black yard and added to your, um, cardboard peace and just with your finger, hold it in place and just start winding. You can kind of see lucy has started this and you're just kind of to see hime wrapping around the end so it stays in place, I'm not going to worry about that little end piece, it doesn't it's going to eventually get tucked inside and you're just going to wrap right around this cardboard piece and the reason I like the cardboard there's a lot of different even things that you can buy to make these pom poms, but since we're not cutting our pom poms spider, we're I like to use just a cardboard piece something that you have in the recycle bin, so you're going to wrap this I like to count about seventy five times and honestly, you can do it bigorre smallest you want maybe maybe it's a spider that's really big maybe it's a tiny little spider but I was this size that we have right here is about sixty to seventy wraps around and you can count or you can kind of just go do you know how many of dinner you just kind of just kind of going and maybe this is a good craft for those you know kindergarten first grade kids maybe they need to count to one hundred and they're counting however many you can't have kids two hundred but they just cut two hundred sometimes yeah that's how I did it easier easier that way we've got our for black yarn you can use any yarn for this I you know there's some really specialty yards out there for sort of crow she and meeting but I choose for kids craft to just use the, um the yarn that's cheap and two dollars three dollars because really unless they're wearing it, which they're mostly not you don't need it any softer isn't even take um for a little pipe cleaner pieces and just wrap around the pipe cleaner. Yeah, you could yeah, but it makes it smaller doesn't make you the we've done that before we leave simply wrapped right around our pipe cleaners but you'll likely see said we tested it and it didn't make it quite as full b of a of ah body for spider it's cuter when he's got a little bit more to him good wrap around I know you're like I'm wrapping that just kind of keep wrapping around and then if you're ready you can kind of see lucy she's threading that these through and the's little toughies that are a little bit longer if you wrapped little if you grew up too tight might be tricky you wrapped tight enough that it's not loose you don't want to loose but you also don't want it to type that you can't get anything through that's why we've kind of bent are are cardboard peace and half great and then thread your four pipe cleaners through and then we'll trim off that extra little piece perfect in fact I think I prefer these sort of textured because it just fit so perfectly in there and if they distort going to pull off a really creepy look so trim off your little extra piece and you can go a little longer you can always trim that later it's just gonna get tucked in I'm not worried about it because it's going to get picketing right have cleaners yeah sure done you could yeah great I can't find it let's get bank that is good god protect a nice maybe I'll do the same thing tuck it in okay he helped me get out yeah is yours wrapped around really tight? Yeah and pressure so let's so next, what you're going to do and I'll show you again is just slide that right, but you kind of need to keep it sort of in the same areas you're going to kind of slide and then slide your pipe cleaners slide about pledge cleaners, stand with that you did this, so if you've got your ball of yarn and your four pipe cleaners, you're going to separate him into an ex kind of how lucy did so it's just tuned to if you can try to make sure they're the same too, and it just kind of makes a little x right here I'll kind of keep it there for a minute I need to see that x and then you just twist, twist, twist and then that big spread spread hey, let me show him this part first loose, so we've got our x right here and then we're just going to press it closed and twist one side twice and twist the other side twice, so see how I can kind of see one of my edges, you're just going to kind of tuck that in and then now you've got your four legs on one side choosing the couples and four on this side flying spider legs, so if your spider I mean you could even kind of keep it like this he's got his eight legs we all kind of doing that we kind of got that going and then you're just going to bend him and I liked again that leg I think it'll work perfect right above that bobble kind of puffy, puffy spot in just a nice little bend you could bend down here. I mean, if you want a longer legged spider but I think it will work perfect about an inter tube up. Creepy. We're talking about the movie iraq a phobia yesterday. This is kind of bringing that it's that it's a movie that's super spooky. Not sure if you're ready to watch it. I wanna watch it. I like spoken. Thank you. Like scary movies. Okay, so he's almost done. You could kind of keep him just as this right here. He looks really cute, but I think that the eyes give him some dimension and a little bit of fun and flair. So choose shiva bowl of googly eyes choose the size that you want that will fit. You could go, you know, really big giant eyes for googly eye or you could do little ones to let me put this over here. You can kind of look. Yeah, these look good and listen, you trim two, you're the ends of yours and that works to sort of, however he's kind of a little bit nerdy he likes america when I separate and the glue that you can use with this, you can use that tacky glue or the hot glue again, the hot glue works great and immediate this tacky glue impacted gonna cut the tip of that. Um, this is tacky glue that I love it's a brand that I think is great leans tacky glue and it is a little it's thicker than the glue that that the white glue that used like the school glue that you get this is a little bit thicker, which is nice and it it tends to slide less, but it still can't. I think with mine I'm gonna choose a couple of eyes I think I'm in a hot glue mine eyes oh, these legs are so creepy they turned out so good kind of decide where you want your eyes to go if they're down below there up tall when my own aside to spot kind of set looks cute turn it around and you can show show the camera that cute perfect we've got our creepy, creepy little crawley spiders great how are your spiders? They looking ok? They looking creepy? Oh, I love it she's got some things on it to see her things under spider and even put about let's show that spider that one is so cute like that, great cute you can get a creepy or is silly is you'd like we've talked about halloween a little bit yesterday and you can kind of decided the family or assed parents if you're going to choose to be a little bit more on the gory hollow inside or the goofy funny silly halloween side so you can make that decision put another eyeball on there you know what the last little bit? No, it wasn't sticking precedent you might need to use a little more with the arm was cute well spider friends ready to go and they are let the glue dr special fuse this craft glue let it dry overnight and then you can take it another kind of fun classroom game you khun dio is to have you played what is it where you hide something a child goes out of the room and a child hides the spider and then the child come back into the classroom and then they either clap or they whistle or they say qatar cold kind of a hot cold game to try to find that spider which is super cute I had done eating oh he's using his hands there his thank you maybe it's maybe it's an interactive spider feeding you could even get a little bit of extra white yarn or black yard and make a web make a really cool spiderweb I have a craft on my website that does a new embroidery hoop that's about this big just those crafting a bravery hoops and you can take black you're white yard and wrap it all the way around and kind of make a spider's web and then this cute little spider could live in signed and make a little house for himself yeah cute you think like that spider hole did you have something the center over ribbon like a little ribbon mouth that's cute you know that's that's perfect that's it the food that he's eating great I was wondering if we could convince you to do a little extra projects do one of the extra right is great. Yeah. So this is comes with the show all these principles that we have from our designer lauren makin the laurin mckinsey dot com and she's created a few extras for us today and it's just these air a cute little headband that you can make its two witches and then two bands that will cut out and maybe I'll have lucy which you pass these out to each of the kids they get a headband and a monster and then we'll cut these out their supplies practice scissors and glue and possibly a stapler sort of depends if you want to staple these close together which I prefer or you could simply use tape which tape works well to maybe even a decorative washi tape would work good how many more? Two more. This makes two. This makes two. Unless you need mohr of the ribbon. So go ahead and cut around your circle or your square. Excuse me. Cut around your square. You want to be the pumpkin or the monster? Pumpkin aboutthe does look nice. So I cut off squares up. We're just going to dio one you could do to. In fact, you could put him back to back if he wanted. Tio. We're just going to use our scissors. You could use the paper slicer to cut these out. E I just love these little monster designed so cute. Just that kind of playful halloween look better. Our spider. I'm gonna use my paper slicer. He's come in so handy. Especially when you're trimming and cutting a lot of things. We did him yesterday quite a bit with her, um, invitation crafts. So I'm just going to slice up each side around the whole edge and the nice thing about thies principles. What lauren did for us was she did put little if you concede just little tick marks on these principles, should she kind of tells where you should make a life, which is nice, you could just line it up really easily she did that for a couple of our principles later too. And the nice thing about the principles that these air done you could make these on your own once again, but it is kind of fun to have that pre done and, you know, one less thing that you need to worry about, you just print these out ready to go. You could set him at a station at your halloween station and they are ready to go, so if you've cut your four strip on, cut out your your pumpkin on the slice this one up creo this way just blew that on the back. Yeah, well, just glued onto one of the strip and then it comes out the other one. I'm like I said, you can use tape or glue to attach the's I personally prefer a stapler. We have a safeway handy sometimes staplers can father children with the back side of the staple if they're wearing it for one of these, um, headbands so kind of I'll just show you a little tip that I have for a stapler if you do choose to st paul and so you've got kind of have that little fussy edge, and sometimes that can bother kids, you just stick a little piece of tape over it, yeah, what I deal with a lot of stuff you don't not before. And then it and then it's not a cookie and it kind of works a fuse that's why I say I like toe I prefer to use a stapler plate what s so now we're going a tape or glue he's onto the band so they'll just kind of be like this will just be a headband and you could just stick that kind of wherever is he going to go low or is it going to go high and then you can do like I think you can do a back to back to sandwich him around band like that if you'd like so just do one or you could do to maybe they're too little pumpkin friends or too little alien friends so let's get some um let's have you do take him on just you know you just staple take your taste thank stake if you staple on the friend you can but it will show that little staple so that's ok too or who's this or you can roll your tape and put your little guy on there to first one those like that again this is another really great simple, you know, just getting printed out and no mess, no plus sort of headband oh, and then I am depending on the size of your child's head that goes around don't mean to state the letter you got it you could watch your fingers cute keep it up and then watch your fingers race people I'm gonna staple mine right here and one more so maybe this is enough for you know just one is enough maybe if it's a little top crown you know could be so I'm gonna probably do three for most kids and then measure around and kind of fit it kind of keep your fingers there and staple again and you can trim it one staple and then give it a little trim or if you don't want to trim it because you want to be able tio make it bigger later that works too cute and then you can add on different dimensions to this you could put stickers a little bullet sticker six to these you could do more googly eyes maybe you want to put some googly eyes on here and went ahead sticker ones there's great sticker googly eyes that can just stick easily on maybe make those monster eyes pop just a little bit more and then you always make sure with these ones you know with your hats and your other things those are pretty individualized and kids are going to know who those are but maybe if everybody is making the same headband you might want to put their names on the inside kind of have a pencil or a pen handy that's close by and then stick on you need help with that you seem a monster heaven did that hurt your head? Did you do it around and see for a little crown? You know, you're kind of looks great. I like that quickly. I won that's really killed. I felt fun for these air. Great. So this is just another little addition that we can d'oh for your howling party.

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