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Mummy Front Door

We've done the invitations we've we've invited our guests and they're almost coming there probably days away you could do this, you know, the beginning of the month it could be october first and have your decorations is what we're getting into this segment have him up all month long or it could be something done the day before or the day of and we're going to be doing some door decorations you want to invite to your guests into the house, into your house, into the space wherever you're going and what we're going to be making is a mummy halloween mummy that's on your door and there's a whole bunch of different you know, fun ways to do this you can use different supplies there's monsters you can make it could make giant pumpkin we're going to use our toilet paper that just from your house and we're going to make a mummy out of it and one reason I like to use toilet paper you could use crepe paper you could use ah plastic bag trash bag or something with strips, but the thing I like about ...

this a terrorist off very easily very kid friendly don't even need scissors, which is really great and when you're all done you can just wrap it up and stick it in the compost so it actually works really, really well if you live somewhere, maybe wet like seattle or something where we live you might want to do this just the day before the day of and you can even make these this cute mummy halloween door on the inside of your house it wouldn't have to necessarily be on the front door it could be on the inside as well in a closet door bedroom door anything will work so that will be good so we've got a couple rolls so what you'll need for this is a couple rolls of toilet paper and you'll need some tape for just simply using tape on it. You could use washi tape, tio if you want a little more decorative but I kind of wanted to hide you could use double stick tape. We're just gonna use regular tape. You're gonna need some eyes you could use thes fun. I was speaking about googly eyes before, but these are super fund giant googly eyes that of course are perfect for halloween. I mean, these could be used anywhere in the house on a wall. I mean, they're giant there six inches and again, we just got these at consumer crafts and just online's consume across dot com and these air great, but today, just for purposes of you don't have maybe googly eyes, we're also going to need a piece of white paper and black paper and we'll just be make king paper eyes you could even use paper plates for your eyes to on ben some scissors so those air kind of the things that will need for our supply for today and then we also you need a door you need some sort of wall or door space we've got our our foe door here and we've even had somebody kind of draw on our door knob it's perfect for it for our door and just like a door it will have hinges and you won't be able to travel your toilet paper unless you slip it through you could kind of carefully slip through your toilet paper around to the back of the door if you wanted to do it, but we're just going to be taping from one side to the other so again, you could kind of wrap from here and go all the way around and rapid and tape it, but it really won't roll so it takes a little bit of time. But again the kids love this part they're going you know, in all different sort of directions are mummies crazy? So let's get started so I will need sharing heather come up and even jim in a minute if you want to come and do one of these two but we'll just do this together so coming up and grab a toilet paper roll and it is nice to have someone helping you so maybe maybe you do tape for us and you can dio toilet paper roll and we're just going to start, maybe tear me a piece of tape and you can you can pre you know, I always stick a whole bunch of tape on the side of the wall just to grab easy, super quick, and you'll just tape it. And the thing about a mummy is he's kind of goofy and crinkly and old and whatever it does not need to be perfect, so I'm just going to tape him up and then roll him around and I mean, one more piece of tape on you can go straight across or you can I like to kind of go a little bit crooked, and then you can see where your preparation is for your toilet paper, label him that to you, and then just take that one on this side. So that's the gist of it, you just kind of go from one side to the other, and we're just going to fill up this whole door and then make our ice for it. So again, so just keep going to apply, you know, this is actually I did buy a little bit more old truck strong was going to ask you what your favorite with brand is that it's okay? Oh, this is just this's a basic I don't even know what brandon yeah, generic totally grabbed it off doesn't matter? Yeah, great idea started the bottom and then just roll it, roll it around if you have someone tall in the house, maybe an older son wants to do the tall stuff or if you've got little kids, they condemn finitely help the bottom. Yeah, great! And then I've even started on the side just to do that crisscross the look appear and if you have holes, that doesn't matter, you can mommy's air kind of goofy looking anyway, and you will have a hinge too. So you do kind of you can either cover it for the day of the party or you can add your tape and then kind of tear you wanted to tear up and around french it or you know how it works for your door? I'll do a few more and then I'll switch, I'll be tape person usually take to wrap the door, you know it can take fifteen or twenty minutes. It depends on kind of who who you've got helping. If it's just you and your working alone. Um, it could take a little longer if you're wrapping the entire door like if I were to keep going and go all the way back around it takes a little bit more toilet paper but maybe you've got another decoration on the other sides you just want to do one side your blood and you could see I there's two different kinds of halloween there's like the gooly gross blood or there's like happy and it just kind of depends it depends on the age of your kids depends on the so you mix it up. Oh, sure and you can pick up cory you want to get you could add some red paint you could add catch up you could you know however googley goofy here let's switch you're taller than me to so and you just fill him in it takes some time but that's what's kind of fun weii need our camera operator alex he's like six seven yeah, they get top tippy top it's probably faster. Here we can even hand up tio maybe that's even what we'll do. What kind of music do you usually have playing when you're getting the house ready for a party to know I have a great cd that I bought years ago and it's spooky sounds and it's all place it sounds and super creepy way do it usually well, you know whoever's home offering the trick or treating and and it's fun you can also dio and I should have mentioned it with our monster mash invitation is the monster mash party song oh no you always need to have that plane was classic monster mash the world's eyes go they're gonna go between to go ahead and fill it in and then and then we can kind of will be kind of sliding them in and out and in fact it is kind of fun to have a few little spaces by contrast yeah exactly on your door especially if he had a black door that looks even better see that's better that's better with more people get your kids sure yeah honestly how it like I said mummies I mean technically they're old and ratty and they should have, you know, be mummify ing and sir copy this coffin other things that air mummies when you could even like rub a little bit of like I don't know chocolate sauce on it maybe he's dirty maybe he's um out hunting or announcement dirt in the graveyards I don't know. So like I said, if you do have a weather door that um with no porch and it's raining and you have twelve paper on your front door you can use like plastic strips instead and that will whether the rain or if you don't mind and that's the day of and it's going to get, you know, wet and frankly maybe that's ok too maybe your mummy won't mind exactly as I say. You gotta see if it's going to be raining took the weather five minutes before and see and that's why it works great to these air great for a closet door for inside. Could even keep it going. You could wrap your stare, bannister. Maybe with more toilet paper. You know, anything could get mummified. I got a great, well, that's a good idea really could be anything, right? Yeah, maybe your cat? Yeah, just getting with rapid and toilet paper. And then when you, when it comes to the door not I actually go ahead and cover it so well, kind of even though it's a pretend when will still cover it and then I just kind of scrunch that's, what's nice about this type of paper special extra strong one is you can just sort of go up and down and kind of move it where it needs to go. Have you taped? You could just mummify her right in their rough ride around heather. Perfect. And we'll cover this up most of the way. I actually I want to keep this and I'll show you why I kind of like that. That little blank spot kind of it might turn into a little smile, maybe this little open black spot so let's not cover that everything but cute sea even osi we're already out of one role. It will take three. This is a big door though because the joint I know you have giant doors at your house maybe we need to do your garage door that'd be kind of cool too if you didn't open it you could a good friend of mine has sixteen stores and they're literally two of them open up and we'll put him on a ladder with a big black clothes so when their kids come it's crazy he said that before it was that oh yeah I love halloween yeah look leave displaying these air find too but let's do just a couple more down on the bottom and maybe how they're how we do one more at the top great and if it does get tourney you know, telling people gets torn if you open a door if it's you know the kids are brushing past it and it does tear you can just taper back up I mean, that's kind of the nice thing about the spooky mummy is that they doesn't really matter how it all turns out. So I like doing this one's not so perfect. Yeah, the imperfections are what make it yeah, I agree you want that spooky we've done my kid sister she'll make halloween haunted houses just like a gingerbread house but it's actually with contractors she sent it for years and it's fun because you actually don't make them perfect. Where is the gingerbread house for december? You wanted perfect and looking good. The halloween it's all about kind of crazy. And yeah, I think it looks great. Is there any sisterly competition when it comes to calling crafty? No, I my sister's. Pretty stuffy, she's really crafty. She does, like, like, upside down, which is the leg stick out. And she's she gets into it. I'm for sure. Inspired by her, I do a little bit more of the kid's crafts for her than she does a lot more of the home. Depressive fun. We have a good time. I had a had a crafty mom. She did a lot of selling. So it was a lot of the kind of the inspiration for that. This is looking good. Yeah, I think we're done. I think that looks good. And you could kind of touch it up. Maybe you're like, oh, he needs, you know, a the patch and you could give him a little patch here, patch there. But I think that looks good. And in a minute, you'll kind of see I like that this is kind of blank you don't have to do that, but I think you'll see in a minute kind of gives them a smile if you wanted a happy unless you want to add the catcher for the dirt or whatever make him a little more gory that maybe has a frown instead so I think that looks good so let's make the eyes so just kind of back at your tables workstations this's you khun dio thiss with paper plates works really well that's what you have you could just have a circle paper plate and put a black paper inside but we've got just our white paper I'm gonna fold my paper in half to make two eyes the same size and actually I mean it wouldn't have to be the same guys you don't have to have it the same, but this way you can either you can use a pencil and trace and I some some kids or people need a little bit of a tracing or if you don't mind what what the size gonna look like? We're just gonna cut a big circles bigas you can with that paper and then you'll have to and you can kind of laugh see, I'm thinking it's a little wonky ideo the perfectionist in me wants a little bit more trimmed still have your two circles and then he needs just a couple of eyes in the center if you want to get ghoulish, they could be could be read paper maybe he's got demonize scott who knows that's what's fun it kind of depends what you're haunted house is going to be your party your again I folded the paper in half just to cut two out of the same and they need to be a little bit smaller obviously because they're the centers of the eyes hey, we've got our to circle and then from here you can either use clue you could use tape since we kind of already have tape out that's easy to use and just kind of fold since gotten will want money double stick tape works great don't want to get the glue out well it's to both this's kind of a fun part two with our mummy is that you can make his eyes do anything you want like maybe you want him cross side or maybe you want get in the middle are wonky or you know maybe it's a goofy monk, goofy monkey, good money and or even just like kind of slightly in sort of whatever you want a place your eyes like I said you can do these big giant googly eyes air great to it's kind of about the same size these air really fun again you can use these again and again, which is nice and that there they're easy to use there are little heavier to just know that that if you want to stick him up you might have to use packing tape that thicker packing tape instead of just regular tape so we'll have we'll have these for now and then if you want you can use a red cran um you know, maybe he's a little stressed out maybe you know we've got a little bit of the eye ball going on makes the little creepier for kids depends how ghoulish you want to be my kids are a little bit younger I would do this they would think this is a hoot but I might stay away from the blood at this point but that's up to you I mean okay so that our mummy eyes and I will just take these and we'll take some tape and then we'll head over to our tour mummy so maybe grab well I'll just grab my real well almeida set that I'll just grab these and I'll just stick him up we're just going to put tape on the back I'm gonna add tape in a few different places because of our mummy we've got a lot of toilet paper I don't want to toilet paper to bend down this might we don't wanna weigh down the toilet paper that it will fall apart so add about three pieces of tape to our eyes hey manuel had over hey so we kind of got this little sort of faux you know, mummy face here, so if we I mean you could really put these eyes anywhere you want you could even put him there but I'm going to kind of tuck him in just a tiny bit right here there's one and see if I just had had one piece of tape on this one it might weigh it down so it's kind of nice to have the tape in a few different spots on dh you know they could be close together far apart sort of maybe maybe let me stand back and see what we've got I may be once tucked ones out and then it kind of highlights will happy so it's cute this is our mummy door and like I said, you can sort of be careful of your your handle and press it under just sort of like let it sit there um so people can still get in there you want him to get into your party and then just kind of a cute little mummy face cute or what do you think? Do you think, jim? We're all done we've got our eyes on and are smiley face so he's there he's a happy one this one yeah so he's going to invite our guests into our party smile was hurt like I like how you created the smile yeah and it kind of just came about it is sort of kind of how you go and how you set it up and then you think wait that works or you could cover it up and maybe make a hole somewhere else too you must be maria has spent a lot of time thinking about shapes yeah when you're when you're doing this kind of stuff sure, yeah, well and it just depends like if you want to have it with your square here or you have circles here and in fact that's kind of nice I mean you talk about shapes and education and with kids to what we've cut circles out and all different kinds of things and our cards and especially tomorrow we're going to be talking a ton about different shapes that kids can make that's one thing I love about crafts is that it is sometimes you think oh craft there just doing craft they're just doing this they're just doing that why they just playing but there's there's something to it their skills that they're learning their letters shapes there having hand eye coordination, small motor skills, large motor skills you know all sorts of things and that's kind of what comes back in my background with teaching and education which kind of comes a little easier to know and understand that those crafts are important for kids to dio and then you know, keep that creative spirit going so that we can keep going when we're adults as well and doing hand made that kind of special part two it tell me a little bit about the ages that age rains for this type of stuff. Yeah, sure so these I have an eleven year old, a nine year old and a six year old but I've been crafting with them since they were all you know, one or two years old and even when they're you know my son's eleven he'll still get into it just do it differently and you'll see tomorrow even my daughters nine who will be coming tomorrow but other kids I think are a little bit older there's maybe more details they get into but they could definitely I mean my daughter could do that that's maybe someone who's two or three could do the even cut it or work on those cutting skills and work around they could add tape maybe even tearing tape sometimes like a little bit of something to learn for kids to dio and adding it here wrapping it around so really it's for all ages most of the craft that ideo are from about two to three to maybe eleven or twelve just kind of depending on the detail depends on the detail and you can always scale it may be more more parent involvement or less parent parent involvement too so that's good

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