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Paper Pumpkin Bags

The next one that we've got this is just a really simple goody bag that we're making with a paper bag, paper bags you confined anywhere you know that every grocery store you could do women brown if you like or you confined the's craft white ones and we're just going to be taking to need a paper bag and we need crayons and some of that curling ribbon and we used curling ribbon yesterday when we crafted our photo booth we have those cube pumpkins that are on our photo booth that used a little bit of that thrilling ribbon in fact, that would even be a really fun craft for the kids to do too, but this we're just going to color our goody bag and this is an activity I would actually have at the party for the kids to do it's another one of those just really quick before we curl the ribbon let's see let's color we'll get out the colors of a pumpkin so we've got our orange any shade of orange there's a few and they're usually and then and then green so you can kind of see that I did it about th...

ree fourths of the way up we're going to color orange and then the rest of the way is going to be colored green and I chose to kind of maneuver my bag all the way around made a complete pumpkin and this is cute and kind of you know we put I put on a maybe get the blackout to you need to make a little jackal on her face and in fact I would you can start with that and color around it or color first and then do your jack o lantern face and then um and we'll color are back and this is a lot of coloring and so you can decide if you want to just do the front that's up to you and or what's nice and what you can do if you have some of those kind of old broken kranz lying around the house so color about too right maybe team may be here doing a draw line even and then you could even do a jack lantern face um after or before and you can get those broken kranz that you have all around the house I know everybody's kind of got him and peel off the paper and color on the side of your crown that will make it go so much smoother and you can kind of do that sort of rubbing effect and you will have sort of the bend of the bags that might come a little bit darker that's okay that'll work all right thank you could go a little thicker this is one of those another one of those that's just sort of nice quiet time maybe they just need tio sort of have a breather make a goody bag where they can just sit in color ballerinas very acting very therapeutic you can just kind of take your time and then make a jack o lantern face and another thing that's kind of fun about these and we've talked about personalizing these you can put your name on them which is great too may be on the bottom but everybody's everybody's jacqueline her face will look a little bit different so then they'll know it'll differentiate between each other's um different when you get here you have a little thing and then color on the top and then we'll do, I think and then these congee filled with all the candy you get from the pinata all the maybe your wand is in there, it could fit and weaken tied around and we'll use our curling. We've been in a minute to kind of seal it up yeah let's just do the front this time a lot of color you know what color the rent and another option that you can dio and it's before or after is you can take your scissors and cut and kind of give it a little bit of a fringe or if you have those cute zigzag g type scissors you can cut straight across and it will give it a kind of funds that dag look to your pumpkin that's a cute idea too great will you give it a jack o lantern face and then we'll add some killing ruben cute and it could be a spooky it could be a happy one or mad one or and then with your curling ribbon you decide how long you want to make it I actually used four strips for this so I um cut it into four equal strips and then we'll wrap it around and tie a knot and then curl and sometimes the more you do the cute you know there's a whole bunch of little ones that cute or it could just be one on each end this is sort of the vines that come representing the vines that come from a pumpkin patch I just picked pumpkin all you've given me and we don't have anything to fill in it right now so what you can do if you want to wait you can just still curl your ribbon and wait till you've got candy in it or go ahead and just kind of make a little puffy spot and you can wrap it around and just make a paper pumpkin it doesn't need to this could even be a decoration this could be anywhere in your house just cute little decorated pumpkins that don't have treats inside that air just for decoration all over ok add one more touch and then lucy can we put ribbon around it and you can control what to do for curling the curly part of you feel good and before you have going and kind of with scissors yeah so right about where the kind of starts the green starts I started it had to do a little zigzag at these air pretty um paper bad so however kind of you could make it work you want to be able to see the face and potentially will have all that candy inside hey we'll wrap the surround and tie it off and just tied in a knot not a boat just so now I mean you can do a brochure but if you want you could you could even just close it up with washing take up get to know I didn't do that today right I didn't do that I'm going off to do that tighter don't wash you tape it actually this is a really cute green and you could even take that as the whole stand yeah after I make it this way take this month well let's add it let me take it apart and we'll add it again I did it too big after I do this you're gonna add that to the okay I got it okay maybe I'll have you keep the bag closed really nice so I can put the ribbon round I just want to show him how to do that might make it a little step let's just do one edge we do that for me great terminal okay let me just show how toa do the ribbon and finish that off and then we have one more good e that can you hold this closed tight and then all time my ribbons tight around it wait okay so let me show the first one and it looked like you kind of already knew what to dio but you just need to be really really careful on curling ribbon is that you when you have it open scissors open want your fingers and you take it with your thumb and curl out he done that before who take it and curl up and you can make these super curly or our only way v's wanted warmer time who take girls just like my here you do have cute tight curls what I gotta take a whole bunch of my hair and curling okay and then on that kind of finishes it off and you've got your this you know this will have candy in it and make it a little bit more full and he's got your goody bag or just a decoration that's cute and fun that you can make and then I want to show one more goody bag option that we can dio on dh then we'll end with our frankenstein pinata lucy she we were going to open this frankenstein in a minute important can have whatever candy we get the component here is another option here is our second option lease see of what we're doing for our goody bag this is just one of those twelve by twelve papers were goingto roll it into a cone and staple it in place so everybody should have a stapler you can glue it you khun do double stick tape you can do but I just think a stapler justice again we just want those easy accessible crafts one and done and then we'll show you how to make a strip and then I've got some stickers that you can decorate or you khun do um all kinds of designs on it too so we're gonna put this right here will you get this paper and I'm gonna have you take your paper and decorate it first before you can decorate it after it's been rolled actually not with the stickers just with crayons why don't you give this some cute designs or yeah washington you could do the washington factor but any kind of cran is going to be harder to draw on once this is a circle so I would do any crayons and then we can always add stickers and why she taped to it when we're done oh and I forgot to do one thing before you start toe hold this right here hold your washi tape take your paper cutter before you start on your paper take your paper cutter and we're going to slice ah one into strip for our handle so I'm taking off this kind of pesky little edge and then I'm in a measure one in and cut and say that this is what's going to be our our strip and you could do it with an extra piece of paper if you like or you could do it with the same one you're working with and if you do a second the same when you're working with you're only using one paper but if you if you want a different color kind of like we've made here, then you'll and you can use a different piece of paper so color this you can add a little bit of washington and then I'll show you how to curl it into a cone and well staple it will staple on our handle you could have been decorate on the inside too I mean this has plenty of space to get creative as a little coloring station to color inside and outside too and if you have a plain paper like lucy makes it a little easier to decorate or like this one you know has already had a pattern on it so you can decide what paper tio is kind of what you have around these could be made smaller to so if the only paper that you have around it's just the eight and a half by eleven sheets of construction paper art paper just use those those work too doesn't really matter what paper used I do. I think these air kind of big and fun, especially because we might have a lot of candy or we could stick any of our, you know, our spider craft we did today any of those things that can also go inside there, so maybe give it one more touch, and then we will wrap it up onto and staple it. You could write your name on it, you could write halloween word vomit. This is great. You guys have tables are looking great. Look out those cute crafts and lovett frankenstein's and like you six eggs a little bit harder of a drying? No, is that a half grand? But you're just holding it, no pumpkins loud, okay, do one or two more thinks ok, and then we're going toe rap, and then we're going to twist it. You're thinking, give it a jack lantern face, little planes, because keep the pope getting there. Yeah, right, sorry, pumpkin craft won't fit in there, so now we're just going to take our paper and either decorated the inside or not, and then we're going to just go kind of from corner to corner, you're just making a cone that can try to get that. Point at the bottom don't be too concerned that thinks we are going to staple it closed if there's an opening and you can't even put two or three staples, you don't want any candy falling through the bottom, so just kind of be careful on that ok? So last dying and then let me roll this set so we're just going to kind of take it like this sort of in a cone shape already and fold the other side around and I can show this again and what you're looking for is for lucy watch this we're going to staple here and then we're going to try and get this all the way over to there so this plateau I want it underneath, it just has a cleaner look you can always trim it though, and then you can kind of keep twisting if you need tio we're going to put a staple here at the bottom I'm not yet and then staple the top I'm gonna show how just one more time so just kind of and there's really no rhyme or reason a cute and because there's really no rhyme or reason to it because we are keeping our flat I really kind of like that like everyone got yeah, they're getting close to curbing him and I like that has this point to it you can find patterns that make an actual perfect cone. You get your stickers ready, pick out two or three that you're gonna want tio. Okay, so once you think you've got the point good and this flat's good go ahead and staple that closed. It is kind of thicker paper. I'm going to give ours too. Staples and then staple staple the top that was mine. Okay, yes, all your candy. I'm very sad. One here at one corner, I'm actually going to even reinforce it on on this other edge too, because if this gets heavy with a lot of candy, I want to make sure that you've got your it's reinforced and looking through it, I can see there's no holes inside, and then once you have your cone done, you're going to grab your extra little one inch district that we made and staple it to the top so kind of format first and where you wanted do you want it back here? A port? I think kind of center it in your cone works really well and staple that on and then what I did is I covered my staples with stickers. But you don't have tio staples were fine, but I think covering them with stickers is cute it doesn't matter what day it is for you. That's a great statement I love that it's true all that matters is what you think and how good it looks to you love that hope is it on mom I'm trying it's popping up so I've got a couple other stickers you khun stick googly eyes here scoob lee eyes disease he's here to take on they're kind of fun ones that have designs there's such great stickers right now in stores for halloween they do good job if you want to embellish jazz things up a little bit and then it's it's pretty firm and ready to go for your for your treating for your goody bag got a few more always need googly eyes a lot so I'm gonna let you finish that up and then we are so we're complete with all of our craft that we've made for our day today and I do want to show filling our frankenstein with candy actor yeah so I've got are a hole right here and we'll fill our candy keep your good right there hey who's heavy can be fun okay pop that in so he is almost ready to go and jim I think we're gonna do this in a minute but I know we had a couple more things we wanted to show yeah, okay wait let's do a shout out to lauren yeah great first of all, so her website is yeah lauren mckinsey dot com perfect and you guys, she is the amazing artists who created so many of these principles, and if you go, if you purchase the class, you can get all of these amazing animals, I think there's about ten or twelve pds that you guys can print out and oh, my gosh, there's so many things. So I'm looking here at the the bookmark. Yeah, they're just a darling little extra that we haven't did yeah, that's got we're just going to cut these out and punch a hole and you can add, you know, ribbon or yarn to that and it's a cute little bookmark. This would be a perfect thing. You could even print these out if you're kind of doing a non, um, non candy house or something, you could give these get these to your trick or treaters? That might be kind of a sundry yeah, three perfect. Yeah, and then we came up with a couple of I think they're six designs of different coloring pages. If you do need sort of that down time with your with your hope, your guests at your party, just kind of the same theme of those designs that we keep seeing all the time, just the black and white kranz cute little which legs? Yeah, so those air available to to get

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