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- Photo Backdrop

We've done our invitations and we've done our door decoration are cute mummy is over here and a little bit of are we decorations for inside but we need a few more there's always almost every party has that photo aspect to it you know their kids come in costumes, they're going to be wearing their cute stuff you want to take pictures of them and so we're going to create on this wall back here a cute photo backdrop that khun b behind it that kids can stand in front you can have a camera set up, you can kind of do whatever you want with this wall and then what we're creating here you can create on any wall it could be on the back of the door you could put your treat table in front of it you can or it could just be for the photos for the photo backdrop or whatever however you want but again those kids are in you know they're going to come in their costume hopefully to the halloween party and you're going to want tio take pictures so to get started with that we're going to be using our suppl...

ies for our photo backdrop are crepe paper this is just that brinkley paper that you can buy that's just really easy in the party supply section we're going to be doing it black and white just kind of keep it a little sir spooky you, khun, do all different kinds of colors you could dio green and orange together or green and purple, but I think this one kind of just pops out with that white and then some tape again, we'll need our tape to tape these to the to the door. We're going to be curling up, then we're going to have a little added part to our photos or actually our photo backdrop would look great with just the curly crepe paper, but to give it that little, you know, you obviously that little extra something we're going to be blowing up some balloons and white for ghosts and, um, orange pumpkins, so that will be fun, and we'll add them to our our backdrop just to give it a little bit more flair will look really fun that way, so let's get started again and we need you guys to come up sharing heather and we're going to kind of all work together to build one door, and we'll kind of do what we did before with the money, so come on up and we'll just be right over here and you can kind of decide how tall you want to go, how tall you're wallace, I would say maybe about right here. Most people, you know, take a picture, think about kind of how tall they are and where you want to start, let me hand you tape, I'll do one or two, and then I'll let you guys do some of these two, so you're going to start by just adding a piece of tape in a pattern all the way across your door let's see let's even go to the edge and just let it drive all the way down. I don't need a little bit more table melons thing that that house right there, okay? And then drape it all the way down to I don't know to the bottom of the floor and then just tear it that's what's nice about this papers, you can just tear it and then I actually leave my crepe paper on the floor and just keep going. We're not going to do the twisting yet I'm just going to get it all and sheets down and then just leave a space because we're going to put a black one here, so I'll just do I just think it's easy to do one color at a time and kind of give it I mean, it doesn't have to be perfect, but you kind of want to space it out enough that it will that it will work well so maybe what I'll do is I'll start doing a couple of the white ones and then maybe share you grab the black and you can kind of go behind me um I'm the new night conflict in a minute and I'll be tape person and then this one is good I mean you need to kind of someone tall the kids could help with it but if you have a tall then you can get like an adult who can be taller and then they can help with the next part which is twisting the twisting of it just great kind of going you know, every other perfect and I'll mention now this part doesn't matter we're going to cover it with another strip of our, um of our great paper so it's going to just do that really really well he tried to put this in place kind of near the front door where they see it because they come in yeah and that's a good that's a good suggestion because a lot of times especially with how holding parties and kids they start getting candy and things in their mouth and they're going to get kind of you want to maybe take the photo first you wantto have it sort of close to the front door on then take the photo right when they come in kind of you know, red carpet style maybe you are something where they can I feel like they've got their costume and decorated, gotten taking their photo already, and then move on to the next part, so this would be a really great idea and to have right as they come in and again, this is even kind of a nice little it could be a door decoration for your front door as well. Okay, heather, I'm going to trade you just kind of keep going across. Yeah, perfect, and you could use this with you could attach this with that decorative washi tape, which is so nice to so if you wanted, you don't have to put the finishing touch on the edge of the top, but I like that. And so it doesn't really matter what we're making it look like a this point, but you could always use that decorative tape, too, and once we have all of our strips will kind of curl him and take him at the bottom. But, I mean, even this is kind of cute, you know, just sort of like a drapey, um, messy looking sort of paper edge, too looks great, perfect get the kids to help it could be your tape people, and then they can help to us in the minute when we're done, and this is probably like about this size you want if you have a little bit larger while you could, you could go wider with your photo backdrop. If maybe you want to do more of a group inside of your photo. Um, you could set up some sort of photo station and have a whole bunch of people being able to be in it. Not just families or kids, too. You can take photos of all the kids that come through here. You know, you could do either one. I think I think the photo booth, they're really fun. And so it could almost be one of those things that you d'oh that it's like you have that the host you could have even a tripod or someone designated to be that the photo taker and really it's only when they're entering at this point. You know, we kind of discussed that that maybe you do it right when you enter, and that makes it easy. Teo, get it all done. And then the photographer, you know, khun b, you and you go off and do other things or whoever you assigned to do it? Um, yeah. Okay. Great couple more than that. Little one from over here. Do you ever, like, set up a permanent camera like a photo booth and just keep it on a tripod yeah, absolutely you could a cz long with you would you know with kids around you need to be careful as far as your equipment but if you have someone sort of manning that station absolutely I would put you could even when most people will be in costume but you could provide the props and the you know, the little stick figures and mustache is and you know, crazy glasses they could get dressed up in as well that could maybe be next to you know your photo station cool as well yeah so absolutely I would. Okay so now that we've got all our strips then this is kind of the tricky part because we as we twist to them I have found that if you twist too much you can kind of see it folds like this and which you know that still looks okay it I love that the flow of this rather than when it kind of pops so you sort of have to be really careful and I found that if you start from the bottom and twist it probably about two or three times it gives it just enough of a curl that it will stay and it looks great so we'll kind of do that all the way across and if you guys want to help and we just kind of start from the bottom and just give it to swirls maybe three if it will take it and you can kind of keep your eye on it. Yeah, it was great. And the nice thing about the white and black is that you can accent, you know, with what we're adding to it in a minute, it pops out really, really well, the dark and the white so I really think I prefer this you could do it with green and orange as kind of like a maybe a pumpkin patch sort of theme or sort of setting, but I think this looks looks great white you could do it all one color to it doesn't have to be a pattern, but again, here's another sort of, you know, speaking of shapes and patterns and all that kind of stuff, kids can help with the pattern a little educational moment. Okay, good. Give it that just that little bit of extra backdrop if you don't, if you have kind of plain walls or I mean it could go around anything, any wall that you have it's nearby close to the door a little further off a couple more, yeah, that looks great. And then we'll grab a strip. Um, let's do black and not sure do you want a graph the black crepe paper for, and maybe heather measure it with her across the top on one of the other and then we'll just tape it at the edge and just to kind of keep it clean I like tio it will do to strip I actually take this edge if you don't have scissors then you could just hold it down and agile taped to the top their shores and then let's see how long and then we'll take two years it could go around them I mean we'll put one more strip so kind of the bottom of where it looks and then at the top trade you yeah right hey one more perfect and it kind of just it gives it a frame kind of frames it off and then you don't have to worry too much about no the tape and what it looks like on debt gives a talk to your photo booth area and you could do with white or black whichever one and we'll do the bottom tio great okay here's this we'll do one or two on the bottom oh yeah and even double sided tape on the inside looks good too as our tape shows through the black hole that model cute you guys are awesome helpers okay? And then one more book helped okay, great perfect. So it just kind of frames it in obviously you know, we have some tape that showing that's no big deal you can you can hide that easily buy more crepe paper um or just you can cut make sure they're all even at the very bottom but it's great so you could keep it like this as is it looks really cute you know, for a little halloween costume photo or whatever but what what I want to add to it is a couple of little ghosts s balloon ghosts and bloom pumpkins that will kind of just give it a little bit mark so I got that so we'll head back over okay in there? Yeah all right so you're not like those prop you know stick fashion coming close ok good. You guys look great like that background perfect and they will do another picture when we get the balloons and they're perfect kind of makes that color that color pops with that black and white hey, thanks that's great. Okay, so for this part will take our balloons and blow him up and time off and this is kind of fun for the kids I have my oldest son loves to blow him up and then hand him to me let's me time off which is great you can decide sort of how big you wanted you know this is this is going to be a ghost which is a balloon shaped ghost but you can decide if you want a tiny it could be big these air large balloons you can kind of do different sizes publix about good tyra and then you can kind of decide how many you want to add to your photo backed up, you could line the whole top with it, the whole bottom side, and we'll kind of see what we get. We have, I think twelve for each so perfect and then we'll decorate him, so I'll show just a couple of ways that you can do it's just with a black permanent marker or colored permit market. They have all different kinds of awesome permanent marker colors now, but it just works really well. You khun dio a jack o lantern face and again, you could kind of be creepy or you can be silly how whatever your halloween is and then if you decorate too, with a permanent marker like this, just be careful social children, I mean, it doesn't wash off eventually, but it will stay on, but it will take given a second and then it will dry and then it won't come off. It does stay permanent on the's berlin's, which is nice because it kind of looks like it's bubbly and that it might come off. But it's it's permanent just nice, so give each of your balloons a face and a ghost you can kind of decided which way your ghosts just going to go, maybe minds upside down have spooky, oh so it kind of comes on bubbly and if you touch it right away it will come off onto your finger but if you let it sit for a minute it will drive and kids love to decorate blooms always be careful with kids and permanent workers we'll do two more blowing up the out come on over I want to know cherie you said you had a party coming party so are you getting some good ideas as far as what you're gonna a lot of ideas, you know one thing that I like about everything here is that doable it's not I don't need to go out and purchase hundreds of dollars of things and my kids going to help me do it it's not too difficult and it's nice to stand under a budget when you're doing a party like that, right? So lots of really good stuff we can spend more money on the food and stuff instead of the core exactly do you cook because how about you have you guys cook do any cooking typed up a little bit a little bit, but I prefer to stay out of the kitchen folks out there know I spent a lot of time in the kitchen you could I d o come over one more you decide how big you want that and then I'll even let you draw on a pumpkin face and then you should have some green ribbon and it's, not any ribbon it's curling ribbon, it's, the balloon ribbon that you can get. And the reason I like this is because when you tie it onto the orange, you can you can put it onto your ghost if you want. But where? It's really just for the orange to make the stem in the vine so just cut, like, you know, one to two feet of your ribbon are ghosts floating away way, tie it around and the nice thing about the balloon it kind of gives you know, the tide part gets a little bit of a stem, just nice, and then tie a knot with your curling ruben, and then this part, you know, using scissors, you need to be careful with your child, and you can decide if they're able to help with this part or not, but to curl, etc would need to open up your scissors if you've done this trip before to curl your ribbon and you just use your thumb and scissor and pull and it's cruel it, which is fun, and you can decide how bouncy, how curly that you want, we'll do the other side, and it just makes for a q pumpkin that's just off the line or your pumpkin oh, cute cute and you can add a little bit more curling ribbon to make quite a few or you could even add some yarn at the top to kind of hide if you wanted another option I was thinking would be fun is to get a googly eyes back, but you could put a couple of googly eyes on your balloon for your ghost or your pumpkin again more three d more making it pop look cute would you make for us? I made a little jack perfect I should've given you a white head he has a white a white one oh he's cute that's perfect with stitches and this is oh, I love it! I love what I'm seeing now they're like it's just cute. Whatever the kids come up with as long as it has a face or it's cute or something or maybe it has letters you know, that's something else that you could create you could you could put happy halloween or you could put boo, you could kind of do any sort of letter that corresponds with your party that's cute, perfect and then once, once we're done decorating, we've added a little bit of a stem jim and we have that orange one and I'll give him since he's upside down let's give him a little but I did put him upside down that's great we'll give them a little bow ties used to be my signature tight bottom what? You bow tie today all you know for crafting class I'm just going to move on oh that's cute so we tied a little bow for our jack o that cute see everybody thinks about different kinds of things it's too fun cut off the extra hey! All right, how's your halloween faces spooky that's what's nice about this permanent markers that could see heather you did failures in really, really well, but it will stick it won't come on. I have tested it with tissue with my finger and you just don't want any kind of mess with with markers and so that's what's nice about the permanent ones they will stick really, really well great and roger ribbon to it to the top me add one more to our jack jack o lantern again just like a foot or two of ribbon tied in a knot, then curling and you can make him spikey long something that would be kind of fun with this curling ribbon is tio make a really long piece and you don't have to add it to your pumpkin you could just add it to your photo background and it just kind of loops all the way through so just this kind of cute curling ribbon all the way through charlie okay, so now that we've got those done and when you guys finish him up, come up and we'll take them now I've just done these with regular tape and it just depends on your door I have a wall at my house that tape won't stick to so I've had to use packing tape just a little bit more or you could use painter's tape, which is even better because it won't ruin your wall so just sticking I kind of see where you need to put your piece of tape so he's coming out, you know, forward, I think we're just going to put these kind of in a mishmash all over and if you can put him on your wall see and this is a little bit of a textured well we'll see if we can put him in there we're gonna need one more state otherwise, I did bring some packing tape for today that we can attach these to concede am q on them, you could even put it on your on your paper let's try that, but I just don't want to weigh it down here let's see if he'll stay otherwise I'm gonna grab some packing tape so just a little bit of victor tape toe add to it and for our purposes this won't ruin your paint, but at home it might well be careful with your packing tape and instead you can use that state said you can use a painter's tape which would work too hey depending where you add your tape he's going to be higher lower so kind of make sure you know where your tape is going to be put before you add in your on your balloon que si it would be cute if you had kind of that green curling ruben all throughout would be really, really cute too a little more killed and this makes her fund a creation I mean, you can use these balloons don't have to just be on your photo wall they can also be threw out your look how cute that it could be these could be put all over your house on all your walls around your tables or on your mean these air just a cute little extra decoration but it looks just so fun on a on a photo wall and you can take your picture in between all these pumpkins okay yeah, one more way can't forget googly eyes yeah mr google mr google yes cute perfect. And would you like post a facebook gallery once all the kids got photographed and stuff absolutely or you know all of them or you can we have print them out, send them to people ok good I'm getting close to perfect hey, these guys yeah, I just leave like a mustache or uh her top hat or something? Yeah, it's really fun, but like you said, you might keep some, you know, in case kids don't have proper costumes and you might keep some stuff laying around. Mustache is the hats crazy wigs? Yeah, I would put a basket just on the floor. If you've seen before, where you can have exactly wigs was big giant, like go to the dollar store. They have those giant glasses that they can wear, so maybe part of it's, not a costume, but they could still feel like they were getting dressed up. It adds a lot like it's. So simple, but it's, you know, especially with the kids, you know, I think I'd be really cool. All right, great. That let me add tape to this one. This so we can finish it. It didn't hold with that other tape. And if you guys want to bring up yours and we'll just fill it will fill it full and then it will be a cute the kids when they come tomorrow, they're probably gonna want to touch every single one of these very text textile, human being children, I'll let you decide where it's gonna go cute, perfect, and this could even be, you know, one of the craft that you do at the party like maybe you're going to do one of the crafts is this and then they get to add it to the photo wall and maybe your photos or dynasty end or yeah it looks great q one more let's put one more ghost on hey there what's that last one to fill it all the way full more tape yeah great perfect kind of like alien love it count perfect case so that's our photo backdrop and again it could be on a wall could be on a door you can use it for um any kind of you know whatever decorations you're doing or if it's just for a photo area okay stay all right cute perfect well so that was our the photo and that's another wall that will be decorated for your party so you will kind of be creating the space you can do this before so it's already and it just makes your look room look that much more festive and ready to go unless you have the balloons as a craft at the party then kids could be adding that as they go otherwise have your own kids are yourself create it and hopes for the parts I think even tomorrow we'll kind of see with the kids do when they come in I have a feeling they'll come in and be excited about that and it will be a really fun thing that they'll be able to come in and see

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