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Pin on the Pumpkin

We've got a couple of crests we're going to be doing today we've got pumpkin a pin on the pumpkin a little funny take on pin on the pumpkin and some finger puppets a memory game just a whole bunch of games that we can do for the kids during the party so let's get started we've we've done some crafts already we did her which hat and our magic wand and now we're going to get in when we did some treats that was yummy which is brew and some which is broomsticks now we'll get into some games so for the first one loose we've got our pumpkin so everybody should have a pumpkin and we're going to do this with the's air fake pumpkins and you can do it with real ones is what I've done before you can see this was kind of a graphic for the course is that we've got a real pumpkin you just need to make sure it's dry and not wet because sometimes a real pumpkin can give a little bit of moisture and so you just need to make sure it's nice and dry earl to the velcro won't stick so and which is what we'r...

e using so we've got a fake pumpkin we've got some velcro, these air sticky sticky velcro we've got maybe some google the eyes that you might need and some craft foam again we love our craft foam so don't take these off just yet and then we've got some scissors and lucy, will you hand me a pencil? Yeah, so we've got pencils because you're going to draw some shapes so before we get started, let me just tell you a little bit about what we're going to make we've got think of your pumpkin is having a little face kind of a mr pumpkin or mrs pumpkin and we're going to craft maybe and I may be a nose and the mouth and then maybe it needs ears or horns or kind of how different sort of things that that it might want to have that we've got a whole bunch of options up there, and so you're gonna need to think about the size of your craft foam and sort of how big it's going to get like if you have this size of craft phone, maybe you fold it in half and you could do horns and you're going to put him there, but then we're going to be adding our velcro, too. So you kind of all kind of talking through it is we place them on the think about what features you're going to do, so I'll set this aside and lucy, what color do you want to start with and your pencil now make sure not think about it we're going to make sure that it's big enough but you can use it, or I mean, if it's tiny that's ok, just know that it's going to be on top of this go ahead and just start tracing may be a silly knows or on it could be all kinds of different colors that you're using you can use. Like I said, I like the craft phone because you'll see kind of when it's done and out that it it's, it's, dirty it's, pretty sturdy compared to maybe paper or something. So just to give you an idea I've traced to triangle for maybe a triangle, pumpkin eyes and then cut inside your pencil lines so we don't see that pencil, you can always turn it backwards if that works, and now you don't need to do all the same color, we'll see if you'd like, I mean, we have all these kind of colors you khun dio to green or to you know, however it works, and then you're going to add your velcro to your piece, so I'll do this for the first one, and then we'll keep making them and I'm going to put the socked side so the velcro sticky back velcro has and these are great because they do come in strips, but I like these circles, they come in black and they come in white and I really like the sticky you can get him without stick and they're just strips and then you could just glue him on prior work best if you did hot glue on, then the nice thing about using you know our folk pumpkin is that you can use it again and again if you do have a real pumpkin there a chance it could, you know, break or roll off your porcher who knows what? So it is kind of nice to have that, but one of these is got the hooks and then another one is the soft, so I'm gonna put soft on the pieces that way they're easy to hold um while the kids are kind of holding them and then this will put the other side, make sure you put a matching somewhere on your pumpkin and maybe this will I'm potentially be an eye, but what this could be is a fun blindfold game for pin on the pumpkin and maybe you have a few more velcro pieces all around and this ends up, you know, making it to its ear so kind of just a fun little way to do it, so just keep drawing your shapes of what kind of mouth and nose and now remember loose if you unless you don't want to small, we've got to keep him big enough that we can put on our um, velcro. So if you do a small one, we can always glue that on top or is those eyes a little master something we'll we'll see. I guess we'll see it's a mask for it. And then again, you know, it just kind of depends how it's gonna look it's gonna look super goofy and this works great was kind of any size of pumpkin you've got, you know, short ones tall one many one sort of however you want to do it, I think the bigger the better, especially in a party size, if you have a lot of people at your party or a lot of kids are playing or especially in a classroom setting, you're going to want a bigger pumpkin to make and it's fun. This could be where the kids can actually craft the shapes at the party and then sort of what we'll do is we're crafting the shapes now and then maybe we'll play a game or two of pin on the pumpkin, or you can take the time and already have most of the face shapes done just depending on the time of your party. If you have enough time to do it, so I put another one here, so I need to place. I like to do this at the same time. If you're going to add one bell crow to your face shape, I would go ahead and add where you think it's potentially going to go on your pumpkin just so you make sure we have we counted out have enough for all of it. Cute little star, and if you want to do that, you can get some of the cross blue or glue dot and glue on to make a three dimensional that's a great way to do it if you want to put little designs on top two. Sure, maybe we'll make a little silly knows, and this is a good one. This is a good activity craft for younger kids, because these shapes don't have to be perfect and maybe sort of like we're talking about how kids can learn skills from, um, from crafting, you know, this could be something that they're just learning. Tio make a circle or cut a train golar rectangle, maybe it's a shape pumpkin for a star or you'll glue a star in the middle. Yeah, perfect, let it dry, and then we can at some velcro on their pain at our velcro, I can try to remember to keep up, you need to have all the same style of velcro on the pumpkin because you'll need tio then be able to match it so if this if you end up putting a fuzzy one and a fuzzy too fuzzy won't click together won't stick together so just be aware of what velcro you're putting on your pumpkin and make sure it's the same all the same no matter which way it goes and this could be a regular face or you could kind of do silly and have some you know, maybe you want this pumpkin always have three eyes or it can have extra velcro on here so in case somebody's blindfolded and they are not catching it, I mean they can sort of feel around until they get it stuck so that can kind of be sort of he could put more dots even though there's not as many of the shades maybe I'll do a little which hat oh cute he's got googly eyes and that's another one we found googly eyes to you, khun stick in fact, I'll do that first I'll stick some velcro on the back of a larger googly eye maybe about it's about a half an inch big of a googly eye and then, um on may be too or you could even do three of those and this game I've done before it works great in a kind of small group setting for us party section where maybe you have three or four kids um or five that air in a group and they can take turns this works out really great for that I'm going to put another velcro right here in the middle even though I don't know maybe we will use it maybe we won't you gonna stick a velcro piece on it I don't see you holding up yeah I mean gloria gonna put a velcro piece on it yeah yeah there's this let's do the soft one and it is kind of still drying if you are gluing because today we're should a seen let's let it sit in dry a little bit same my little star with that one okay don't forget this get going I tio eh? Which hat my pumpkin and draw it out and I'm excited to kind of see what shapes you guys draw I know you guys have been so creative this whole class and I am excited to see that your teeth amount or what is it things perfect here put on to see if you have if you have a larger items you might want to give it to velcro pieces that then you just need to make sure that there's you know maybe I'll put two more on the side of that in a second put glue that on just give that to val crows when you're done and then I'm gonna put two more around my mouth and so it can catch that one thing that is things is a good idea way don't need teo you don't go about when I'm yeah okay, you can use it say that and use it later I made a little mini which hat yeah I'll put some up there and I'll probably put three they'll close at the top in the navy you want to make some horns we make two horns yeah, you could we could do both we're going to do this time so I put two right here so it'll end up a top team we'll just think there because the more the more velcro we have the better it's okay? It won't matter if they're ok with this star right there let's let that dry a little bit my nose look mom like the nose a little a little nose for your pumpkin my pumpkin inside let me have a hey we'll put see I'm going to do three up here well, like I said, lucy we're gonna have more velcro than you need but it's just there in case we need to catch it so and that's okay, okay. When these please what was to a soft one for the pieces and all the stick your poker ones around the pumpkin kind of like that has the pencil outline it's really cute? Yeah, what fbi teo teo put something in the middle simple things ok, I must owe a mustache yes, perfect we might even want a little bigger than that though that's had a tiny can make a bigger one do you need a pencil to trace it? I got to do with charlie chaplin she cute little charlie chaplin one right here oh what's under their nose what do you think they care let's put the nose on this middle on no great you know that see? I mean there's the possibilities there unless it's sort of like what is it's going to be? What are we going to make it look like? This could be something fun that I've done before where it's not it's also a game so we're doing like a pin on the pumpkin game but I've done this where it's our decoration for the porch of our house too so it's just every day the kids are just having fun every single day for before halloween kind of switching it up giving it a new look you know there's the possibilities are endless sort of what you can do with this but it's fun is a game for the party but it's also a great cute decoration said you need a soft one we were up to see we're getting close though close to being out this will do maybe two more and you can cut your nice you can cut your bill cohen half just know that this is sticky very sits stickier than a sticker and so it might gum up your scissors you can just wipe your sister's off with a rag or clock, but it will cut and in fact sometimes it's better to cut it while it's on the paper that's a little bit easier to cut if you want to cut your velcro you can you closer? Well, even if it just catches the one that's okay that's kind of why we put a few more all around play the game what's the point of the game just tio be kind of like pin on the pumpkin sort of the yankee pin on the pin on the tail on the donkey so if kids just take turns and they have a part this is a perfect little face, but when you're blindfolded than this is part of the game, you can spin the kids with the blindfold and then maybe they have a witch hat next if they know where going to go but maybe it ends up down here so just just kind of see what sort of wacky face that you're getting while you're playing your game or again maybe you just get a whole bunch of little pumpkins on everybody gets to make one and then like this one she's having fun, just kind of putting it back and forth and back and forth and changing up every face but every three seconds something I still want to do horns let's do a set of warning that this is a little beer yeah so we've got things we'll make me supports I don't think we have any more software waken still do maybe we've got a few more we'll see if, um it's waste you can get us a couple more little velcro sticks otherwise we're good we'll just make things to show because we've got all of their cute looking things to what you think horn's thes don't do big we did maybe we could do really big horns to yeah great perfect opening you go don't put these on see that was kind of meant for a night but it kind of looks like a cute little beard different knows watch your glue normally if you have a clue let it dry overnight and maybe this is a fun decoration for a child's bedroom to where especially is it's festive and but interactive this could be done inside of a child's bedroom too okay, I think we're getting done maybe make the face up one more time let's see what you guys have I love those see googly eyes every time I love googly eyes air so darling cute that one has like three or four goes all of such silly cute little faces I love of they look great q is that kind of a wig or a hair something hair hey a little bit from a tv show but something just cute well, I was thinking you'd be fun I do have kind of a little cloth right here if we had a couple of the kids come up and play and just sort of see how wacky gets or if they if they get it off so let me hold this for a minute let's get all of our pieces and get them all in a row I'm going to do that not everyone's says you know let's see? Okay, um I think you would have hand and heather too they want to come up I'm going to take off all our pieces on we've got maybe pick two pieces toe ad they could be the same or different unless you do want to help to you want to take a turn ok, so choose two parts both of you you can ship picked to know my mustache okay? And then can I blindfold you? Are you okay? All right, let's start with you. No p keys. We might even have to do this of jim. They're going to cheat no cheating. Okay, let me back you up back up a little bit, lucy and is it hannah right? Our heather heather in the city come on this side so she she doesn't bump into anyone let's spin you like one or two times, maybe and then I'll put you in the right direction you'll be able to feel the pumpkin and see and sort of the velcro okay but maybe don't feel too much go forward go for a little kid okay now you know where it is now first to velcro you get sticker on whatever you feel go for it perfect hey could take up your rifle let's see where you got sweet kind of a little mini low hat would well I got a blindfold you yeah you got that this is the same game it's the same group of kids people bring it down a bit good job that makes me think you're not oh you're ready to go and not tio can't be ready you can't go forward and the first velcro you touch so you can't really feel around to get it perfect okay okay good now get your two pieces in the first velcro you touch uh this's you're touching a few girl stick mystic nice ok let's see what we got see and I've never seen in fact here come on the sightless sea will let her go next I'm gonna stick a few more so this is kind of where maybe I would put a few out here just in case and maybe see how how wacky we get okay one more we've got what things and maybe an eye okay yeah help me out you got coming back you up just a little spin you got have to spin it's part of the whole fun. Right? Okay, right there and go forward. No healthy. Oh, good right to it. Oh, one more perfect. Hey, you can invoke her and mindful. See, we got a wacky crazy pin on the pumpkin super funny, I love it. Great. Yeah, and these air fun to dio, you know, like I said, you can do it in a game. You can do it just to have your kids have it on the front porches, the decoration and maybe it just kind of sits and maybe even people you could have a little. You could make a little basket next to your pumpkin with all of these parts inside keep up organized. Then maybe every day you can add something new to it, give them a face. You know, a cute little idea you could do is take a picture of your public and every day and kind of a different little face make a little photo album and you can save it. And like I said, I love the craft phone and I love I like to use a fake pumpkin. The velcro stays better and this you can just pack away in your halloween tub and use it again and again year after year, but maybe you're going to add to it add new little things here, but, um, yeah, pretty much that's it. We've got that far pin on the pumpkin. Yeah, that's, fun, thanks for playing, girl, that was perfect. Ok, well, we'll move into our next craft. Lucy, will you help me gather this foam and put it in the corner, and we're done with her pumpkins, for now, will kind of set them over so we can see thank you for healthy.

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