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Pop-Up Pumpkin Card

Let's talk a little bit about halloween crafts and sort of the whole two days we have two days of like mega craft we have I think it's like twenty plus crafts we're gonna be doing today, which is nuts but it's for helling parties and crafts with your kids and my background. I taught kindergarten for four years before I started having kids and I have three children ages eleven, nine and six and I, um we love to craft we are constantly like our ticket to tables constantly clip cluttered with crafts were always doing something holidays are really great one it drives us for sort of which crafts we're going to be doing and obviously in october, it's, halloween and that's when it's exciting and fun to decorate the house and the kids are just itching to get to dio all sorts of things. So the thing that we're doing today and how I've kind of outlined our day today is going to be the prep for a halloween party and it could be a halloween party that's for a classroom setting. It could be a hallo...

ween party for neighbors and friends for your family, even just for your core group of friends and kids and it works for any of it so today we're going to be doing all the things to prepare for it it's your invitations or decorations your treat but getting ready and then tomorrow I'm so excited for tomorrow we're going to be doing kids crafts and games with with the kids so my daughter lucy whose nine will be coming in and she'll be helping us put together crafts for games what you'll be doing and treats that you'll be making and just to make your halloween party perfect so let's get started we've got our invitations that we need to invite we've got to get people to come to our party and I think it's fun because a lot of times you know I'm part of the digital age and technology and people are sending out the fight it's an e mails or facebook invitations that kind of thing but I feel like it's so much more personal and friendly to give a handmade card handmade invitation so we're going to be doing for different invitations and I'm I'm thrilled so let's get started number one we've got our it's a cute little let's party and then it pops up into a little pop up pumpkin card and this is fun for the kids they think it's great when you open it up it's popping and we've got cute little principles that go with it I've got a designer alarm kinsey and she's fantastic and she designed all of our halloween principles for our two next two days so we'll just start with we need a paper cutter which is way better than we can do scissors, but paper cutters so nice because we have a lot of slicing to dio we're going to need a car, you can get pre made cards, or you can make your own just out of paper will have cute little part of our set in our resource is will have the principals available. We need maybe a let's party or a spooky or a halloween for the front, and then just a basic invitation. You could obviously right this, and maybe the kids want to write this in the kind of who, what, where, when, but this is nice to have, and it looks really cute inside, you'll need a paper for the outside of your card that will, because you need to hide kind of that little pop up that comes, and then a little accent piece for just just to make a pop tell about the little extra, a little embellishment that you can do to make things pop, so first we'll start with are just are blank card and it's already folded for us, which is great, and you're going to take your actually, this time you will need your scissors for children, you can put two little lines, and I'll kind of show that, but as it is an adult, you could probably eyeball it, but we need to make that little stare that goes in the center of our card so right here you've got just about maybe an inch that will put and then maybe an inch an inch and a half kind of depends what you're what you're how big your pop ups going to be if you need it to be any bigger, you can go wider you could go longer anything that that you need so first just a little pencil peace and then we'll cut those lines and you can either like I said, either eyeball it or you can use marker or pencil and then we're going to fold it so fold it one way press and then pulled it back the other way and then we'll open the car and you can kind of see it's flat but we need to pop it out she'll just kind of press press it forward and pinch and then I even like to close it again just so you can kind of get a nice crease and it makes that stair which works. Yeah, so depending on you do need to consider your pumpkin when you're doing it how big he is you don't want your this little pop out stare to be too big, otherwise he'll come out of the car to you need to take that into consideration tio is how big that will be so once you have that, then we're going to cut our outside paper to size you can kind of eyeball a that you could glue it first, but I like to cut the strip and we'll just sort of take you can fit your card on top kind of give it, you know, a quarter of an inch on either side and then sliced and then the other way, and then I'll kind of show you how to glue it. There is a little bit of a tricky, tricky way to glue hey, you'll get a glue stick and we're going to glue just one side of our card, actually. First, let's pull this in half, so we have that same crease as our card and kind of you kind of line it up, make sure it's center and it will fold. I fold my paper and we're going to a glue stick on lee one side, this is the tricky part for kids sometimes is that they want tio glue all over, and so it just helps if you can fold it in half and then add drug list iq all around and then wolf kind of line it up, fold your card and press, and then we'll flip and do the other side as well. That way it lines up and it will pop out perfectly. You can use just regular paper for this pop out part I do like a heavier paper card stock for me works a little bit little sturdier and these air cute to these air the type the all of these invitations are the type of invitation that you know you can keep you khun save you can you know uses frame amore having around I actually have a bucket halloween things that we bring out every year so it could kind of pop up every year so we've got our card how we come in make sure that's nice and sealed and it's going to dry over time it might wrinkle when it a little bit when you open it but it should be okay now we'll add our pumpkin once your glue is dry well at our little pumpkin in there he's next and these air fun kids can you can also to stood on regular paper and have kids draw a ghost a pumpkin or whatever I just thought these were so cute these little these little face so just cut one out you can slice it in a square but I like to cut just giving a little bit of a white edge all the way around you can even put this on paper as a little paper breath background if you if you want a cz well for a little extra color you have some extra paper lying around there's our little pumpkin and then this is another kind of tricky part for kids is that you've got to make sure that they on ly glue in that spot that's going to pop up if you glue anywhere else this it'll get sticky so decide which is your popped up one ad glue just to that square and then place on your pumpkin make sure it's not too low so he pops up actually that press them on and then test it give it a little test pops out hey once we've got our pumpkin, we'll add our invitation to the inn inside and just choose you know, one of them if it doesn't all fit, I'm gonna probably cut it down to size because it doesn't quite for this printable all fit so I'm just going toe cut around what we have with my paper slicer you can again this is another fun thing for kids to do that they can be a part of and helping decorate and they can write in the words they can you know, kiss handwriting is really fun, especially in an invitation so this is kind of a good way to do it will trim this down and then add some glue and place it in and I love these purple glue sticks these days makes it so much easier to see we're here going they used to be white for the most part it's nice senator it in impress and a tip I like that I'll kind of probably show a lot this segment is is like like to close my card and kind of do it on the outside just to give it a little extra found that sometimes when I do this sometimes you know if it's a bad pinter equal smudge or you can kind of fudge the corners too so it's nice to sort of close it give it a nice press and then open it so it's pretty much done on the inside you can add we'll add a little halloween at the top so you can choose a word and then we'll add a I was saying on the front too so I think I'll choose we'll just do halloween again so we'll grab our paper cutter and slice our halloween and slicing down the size kind of have to eyeball it you know if you want it how big the card is on either side and then I've got an extra little paper accent you can obviously use you know with this when I used the same color but it's kind of fun to give it a little paper accent so we're going to glue halloween I'm on the orange paper where this's screen and I personally like tio glue on my image first kind of line up two corners again flip it over give it a little a little rub kind of helps that stay on all four corners and then I'm going to paper slice on kind of eyeball where I had that before on the other side quarter of an inch I mean it's up to you you're you're the designer you're the crafter you khun kind of put it however you like you do need halloween or one of the words to be sort of small so it khun stay just above your pumpkin and we'll add some glue to that spread that around and line it up kind of eyeball it in there and then we've got our inside, which is great let's close it I've got we've got one more just on the front edge to put it and I'm gonna choose let's party kind of wanting to know what they're getting into maybe it's a party maybe it's a classroom activity, whatever cutting our paper down and then I'm going to use that same accent color piece if you've got paper scrap flying around, I save every paper scrap you never know when you're going when you're going to need it and you know the little list things can use paper so that works out great if you save that can have a little bin of paper scraps again just putting it right on seal it in place and then I'll cut it down to size and then what's fun about, you know, different materials that you can use there's you know later if you want to get into glitter glitter glue that can get a little obviously meth year with kids but you could also do stickers and then in a minute I'll show you one of my new favorite craft supplies I'm I'm a you know as much as we craft and I crafted my kids we do watercolors, but we don't do a lot of painting glitter I just you know, don't chew that I think most parents you don't want as mess free as possible and so I do love when I can get things that are super easy to use so we've got washington and then it's just a decorative tape it's just tape, but you know they've come out with such great cute colors, you know, there's little googly eyes, they're spiders there's all sorts of things that you know and it's so easy tio tear it's so easy for kids almost easier than a tape dispenser because you can just tear it, you can cut it. I think I'll do the cute little googly eye that great halloween I've been in the stores right now and there's great halloween washi tape I'm just going to tear off a corner you can kind of do it anywhere but that's what's so fun about crafting is it's all what you want to do and how you want to decorate it it can follow along or kind of put your own spin your own touch on it so that's our front are let's party and then pops open toe are pumpkin how are we doing? I think this is good. This is this is it for our first one we've got a couple more invitations to make but this one's really fun like I said with the pop up you khun d'oh any kind of you know ghost or, uh monster or any and it works for any holiday as well. That's what's so nice about these little pop up cards so ready for a party that's good. Yeah, please. That is really cool. The thing that I'm amazed that is that oh my gosh, like I'm looking at the clock fifteen minutes and you would think that something like this would take me probably hours but that was really that was really cool um really? Yeah, really nice and so you know, generally it takes a couple hours once you get everything laid out to do about ten or fifteen like ten or fifteen haven number one if you kids helping teo and if you have, you know friends or whoever and it just depends on how many you are inviting as well the pop up card obviously is one that have done every time because it is such an individual one some of the others that were making I'll talk about we could, you can photocopy, you, make an craft one than you photocopy the rest. You know, if you have fifty people, you're inviting or, you know, maybe you just hand it to just the kids. So our yeah, so it works out great, excellent, and I might have missed it. Is this a predetermined size, like you measure this for envelopes that you pre by? Do we talk about that, right? So this card is a little bit smaller, it's been cut just a little smaller than in a hello, so yes, so that you can add kind of the side here, sit it in, and it should be a standard, you know, put your stamp on it or stick it in, you know their neighbors, you could just take him to their house or a friend's or whatever. Yeah, so that works ok.

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