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Snow Hat Aliens and Monsters

We've got a whole day full of kids craft this is kind of the fun part. Yesterday we did invitations you needed to invite your guests to come to your party. We did decorations are cute, mummy on the door, so right, when your guests get to your house, they're going to see that halloween door and get really sided with inside of a house we've we made our spooky photo prop that you, khun stand behind, we did a centerpiece and got our treat table all ready to go, so our party is set, we're already two to go, so now today we're going to be doing a whole bunch of crafts, a whole bunch of games and some treats and sort of how I want to talk just a little bit before we start crafting about how I like to set up a party and do however it works for your flow and your family in your home or wherever you're spaces. This would even work in a classroom setting, too, but I like to do stations so that everybody can have a little chance to do everything. So even though we're going to do crafting one by on...

e all day today, a lot of these things you can have set up in a table all around the house. So you'll have maybe a station for crafts and three or four there, maybe you have it set up with already how could look or it's just a free for all? You can have a treat table where maybe all of the treats through there and they're tasting and all that kind of thing so you could have a treat table where it's all ready to go or you can actually make the traits during the party. So that's kind of a fun idea, too, and then there's games so we're making a pinata today we're going to be doing a couple other little fun games that you can craft and make it a party, so I think we're set, we're ready, she start crafting. Are you excited for today? I'm excited to have you as my helper. Today you do a lot of acting, yeah, quite a bit. So today we're going to start with our, um, it's a snow hat, alien and monster and our supplies for that you're going to just get a mitt hat so it's just going to be kind of, you know, a silly hat, and we're going to put in some pipe cleaners and then embellish it with googly eyes or pom poms or spiders or whatever you need. So for sure just a knit hat and you can get these at any sort of department store it's the season for it it's fall and it just needs to have some sort of space in it where you can poke a hole through and then it hats work really well plus these air pretty chief there like a dollar two dollars at the store you're going to need pipe cleaners or set of pipe cleaners and you're going to need I have these tub o b but they're just called a pony be so they're just a little bit thicker where we can stick our a bigger hole so we can stick him through our pipe cleaner so while you're making it you khun kind of beat it through and then we've got googly eyes and then today we're going to be using hot glue as well but you'll just need any kind of craft glue hot glue I recommend an adult supervision and we've got that today which is great but if not because the hot glue is an immediate effect and it will glue right away that's what I were kind of doing for today but you are more than welcome to use sort of like a tacky glue or craft glue which will work really well you just need to have a dry overnight so that's kind of the options but today we'll use well you there, huh? So grab your hat that you chose kind of a color that stands out for you, and we'll start with adding a pipe cleaner, but you kind of have to decide first what you want to dio kind of looks like you, you're ready to go, so if you wanna have three horns coming out or if you just want to stick, I'll show you a little trick that you can do with your pipe cleaner on the very end, take it around with your finger and you're just going to curl it, and it kind of gives like an antenna sort of look and that's really cute that you can do or you khun dio sort of a horn where we had just kind of coming up and down, we see you were saying this kind of looked like a halloween bunny like a bunny alien, just kind of funny. So? So what you'll do is you can either kind of decide what your colors are, so I think I'm going to do pink for my two, and I'm going to kind of make him a little bit of a bug, and once you've got your pipe cleaners, that timing to leave these straight I know I showed the curl, but I am an add some pony beads to it once it's threaded. You're going to decide where you want to poke it in and if you're going to put your hat on do you want it sticking forward? You wanted sticking at the top you know at the side these air aliens or monster so you kind of want to make a decision on where it's going to get put and then you're going to spread it out spread out your hat and these have a little wire inside it's really soft it's a little pokey so be careful and just kind of work your way into that hat if you can kind of precedent it could be a little tricky only because when you turn it inside out it should pop through sometimes it can this little sticky spot can get caught on a on a thread so just sort of be careful as you thread that through and then you don't really want poke ease in your head so once it's through you're going to curl it or bend it back and that will actually help it stay so that you can fill in with this you can see over there we couldn't help it stay so it won't pull back through okay and then we'll do that with our other one we'll spread our hat and poke it through, turn it inside out and curl it down it's not making sense don't need to do one more time or how's that how's that going they're coming through the knit hat it could even be cute this way kind of looks like a little teddy bear something maybe so went to put pulled it through back around and it should be pretty secure and then now you're just going to add beads to it if you like, you can have your parents help you add a look like googly eyes like maybe you want to put you know what a monster and alien usually for some reason I don't know has either has an odd number of eyes seems like you could do one or you could do three or you could do a whole set of five something like that um so take a minute and just kind of decide what you want to dio tell me what you're doing lissi I'm making a weird monster yeah I'm just doing it you're just kind of going for I like her loops around that was a great idea you turn it inside out and roll that down good perfect help me decide what I should put on these ship some colors purple and pink it's kind of a girl one just that little eyes and going along ventura eyes does this go down or does it go up, down, down? It is kind of heavy these phony peter if you put a lot on which is fine and great they are a little bit heavy c do you want to make sure that you could glued in place or no that it might fall back? So just kind of keep decorating and these air fun and if you're kind of finished and you think you only want to and you maybe want to keep going, you could have a million of these. I've done a costume before kids costume it's cute I've done the kids cost him before where we are we had yellow hats and we made little minions like the despicable me movie minions and just had little black pipe cleaners that came out of the yellow hat toe look like their hair and that was like you do you want to do hot glue? How do you want to place him exactly how you want him exactly that just like that secret city and just to talk about hot glue for a minute this is a low temperature hot glue gun and it just works a little better with you know around kids for sure you don't want a hot the high temperature are very hot, almost bubbly so you do want to be really careful let's around kids because it can be it's warm and and you decide on your kids if you feel like they're old enough and they're ready they could start practicing with a glue gun at some point especially if they have parent supervision just good. I kind of do this so that the string stops and pulls away how's it looking okay she hold it out let's hold it up so they can see you can just hold it by this that I feel like I just thank you kind of goes dehap I'm gonna add a few more beads online don't help me do this side I'm just going to do some purples if you're for purples they just down yeah those air and I'm in a curl the tops of my pipe cleaner how many do you have on that were do one more and choose let's dio see if there's a big giant high in here maybe we'll just do one giant by ten a so I feel good like in vain that a flower that one's just a little bigger even that was a good one. So take the top of this pipe cleaner and curl it down and you just kind of twist you could use that was that you could do this with a pencil if you needed help curling but I'm going to do it this way let's go a little further I don't want him to talk let's see how that looks weird girl this one just a little bit more cute then these beads can kind of move up and down in fact, I was talking yesterday about how googly eyes are one of my favorite crafting supplies but I have to say pipe cleaners come in a close second the's ones they're just so easy it's something I put these in my purse or my bag or in the car and I'm like if the kids just need something to do or fidget here you go you know there's a million things that they could make with pipe cleaners so it's a really great thing just to have on hand anywhere you ready to put that on she said it right in the middle you can put it on the hat or on your eye these air big enough I'll do it on the eye right there that was good way hold it for a few seconds left the glue dry that drives pretty quick it cools and they're even huge giant we were showing him yesterday for our mummy that there's ones that air six inches I mean maybe you could put it on a hat would be kind of cool get a lot of hot glue on that one I'm going with you yeah ok how are you guys coming along? Okay yeah good I'm excited to see him in a minute it's we're almost done so maybe we'll put these on do you want to try yours on I know you have to curly hair but see if we can put him on and still make her look okay after and this is a child size hat so I don't know has a look e could you see that following these air following? Yeah, good illegally saying without telling a little bit but that's ok. Looks cute, but and then these oh, so cute. It looks so great. That's perfect and that's the fun thing about these half is it's a craft you khun dio, and right away you have it and you're wearing it. And even if you maybe how to cut a halloween party with no costumes, the's could be what the kids are wearing. Fact, maybe we even need to take a picture with you guys in front of the photo booth. Would that be a good idea? That might be kind of fun. We could even do that. Yeah, you guys done. You have your hats almost ready. Will you guys take a picture? Okay, come up here and let's, take a picture. You won't put yours on which one you want. Okay, that one you're cute and we've got our photo back draw that we made yesterday. So it's kind of perfect. Cute of you guys are adorable. All right, let's do like three a two time perfect so you guys getting really tight, perfect it's good, all right, where our next three all right? Three more. See who doesn't just love taking pictures. So I love the pom poms. Good, good tech, and you don't like the way this way, but the more I get in tight and say, monkey brains, perfect way.

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