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Welcome back to our final segment of halloween crafts and party ideas with marie lebaron. I'm jim kentucky here, a creative live lots of moving parts, so we'd like to do a little bit of thank you's for folks that really help support us here in the studio. So first law big thank you to consumer crafts is where you can find all the materials majority of materials we've been using for the last two days. Lauren mckinsey she did are amazing, credible pds for bonus materials want to think you guys out there? That's the creative live audience. Thank you so much for all the hard work that you guys do and yet you put in just put in a lot of amazing stuff. The creative life crew. These guys are amazing. Lacey clothes. Thank you very much. You're amazing. You're going away or you're gonna have a little baby. Congratulations. All right, in studio audience you guys been fantastic engaging, paying attention, making a beautiful crafts for these two days. So thank you for joining us, but of course, ma...

ria lebaron. Thank you very much. Let's. Give a round of applause way even talking about this for two days, but when you, when you bust out and you and you do these kinds of things, these decorations, these invitations yourself it just gives you a really great feeling inside and makes it and it's just a fun thing to do know it is, and I think we're getting back to that hand made homemade kind of feel where it can be. I mean, we're putting a few, you know, store bought or other thing touches into it, but it is from the heart, and especially when it's involving kids, then it's, even cozier and fun and more snugly as well, but fun for halloween. So we're this our last segment. Where can folks find you after this is all wrapped up? Yeah, please come to my block making takes dot com, you can join me there. I do kids, crafts and recipes and home crafts, all kinds of things, lots of stuff for the holidays, so, yeah, granted, all right, let's, finish this thing, okay? Sounds good. All right, so for our last, when we've got one more game that we're going to d'oh.

Class Description

Throw a fun and festive Halloween party brimming with handmade embellishments that your guests, children and adults alike, will love. Join Marie LeBaron for a complete guide to crafting a family-friendly Halloween party from start to finish.

In this hands-on course you’ll learn how to add a personal touch to every aspect of your party and planning from the fun (and scary!) invitations to the frighteningly tasty treats. Marie will offer inspiring ideas for creating spooky decorations, playful costume accessories, and silly games. Parents and caregivers will get inspiring ideas for involving kids in the planning process and get plenty of activities for making the party a hit with the all the guests.

Make your Halloween party a handmade one. Don’t miss this exciting class that will leave you inspired to make your next party a haunting and homespun affair.