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Thumbprint Monster Card

Next one we're going to do is a fun one it's our monster mash craft someone's here yeah we've got eke this is one of a fun one for kids they love to get their you know their hands messi their hands anything they can do and this one's great because like I was talking about before I do this is a little bit less mess er which is just easy with aneke so with here with our supplies we're going to be making a monster mash come to my monster mash party and its little thumb print monsters that the kids get to decorate and then pop it open and it just has are simple let's party in our invitation super easy again this was really fun and like I said before if you are making a lot of these I think the kids would have fun kind of individualizing they're monsters and however they want to do it for all their party guests but this is one that you could you know, photocopy and and then sent those out too so still has that handmade flair to it so we're our card there and our supplies again it's a paper ...

cutter we've got incan all different kinds of colors we've got our premade card you can cut paper to make a car but it's just easy this time we're actually going to be using an envelope we're going to put a little cute thumbprint even on our on our envelopes the only both of those we have the text again if this is the same printable but this time we're using the word monster mash at the bottom and then we have just our paper for some accent colors you always want just a little bit just to make it a little flash here a little bit more accent always so I think we'll start with our are some prints so if you can get your car just your white card and your cheek and we'll kind of set those up now you can sort of decide kid's fingers are smaller than adult it and so they could even do more I could fit five these air my fingers just to test it out on dh they could do maybe a few more different places but I designed it so that you stick monster mash on the front and then it's a little line my of monsters but again you can do it differently or maybe even you know stick the monsters on the inside to just sort of wherever however you want to design it so we'll just start with our card and we're going to place our thumbs or fingers I used my fingers just kind of right here one two, three, four, five and we'll just do five and to sort of the color and press press your finger in and then I've got I've got some you know, little wet wipes handy because it's going to be these work great. So do one and wife or I've done it where I've done all three fingers and another side and then wipe all one time so we'll just stamp first and then design with crowns after um or markers whatever you've got so put in, make sure you have a dry just got my finger wet um let's do I'll just even do the same of what I have, but feel free to do what you've got? What what colors air speaking to you for for your monsters and then press and it is nice if you have kids put a piece of paper towel or a newspaper down just in case you never know, I'm kind of cons stickley like holding their hands, making sure they're doing not putting it you know, on there close on dh then just keep going press in your finger, you could kind of lift it up and see if it's got enough and you can sort of see what is going to stand you could make it a bigger smash, a smaller smash so you can kind of see the difference in just two fingers I'm going to do a thumb for this one it does go a little bit bigger with a new adult thumb, but it still makes a cute little monster and it's okay, that has a little bit of a gene you can always re stamp if you need teo and then I'm going to dio another purple here like I said, we're only doing five stamps but the kids are going to keep going they're going to wantto just fingerprints all over the place but these air fun because we're going to design and we're not doing just fingerprints we are going toe design on top which is great so you can just take your your wet white comes off really easily which makes it nice and then we can just move on to the to the decorating and I think I'll kind of fan it let it dry and then I failed to mention that we do have crayons for this one you can use markers or even just a pen but this is kind of the fun part is that you can get out your kranz and sort of decorating anyway that you'd like got our you know that's a monster mash you want to make a monster issue can do you know a ghost or a, um a bat or different things that we've done before and then it's just all that decorating you can make him look any way you want monstrous sh you know monsters usually what have horns or uh different teeth maybe this has some spiky teeth and this is the fun part this is where you can really get into what it's going to look like and how the kids will design I think I'll make I like that a witch for the green thumb print give it some scraggly hair if you could maybe even you know, half on spooky music or do some tackling or you got you're which let's see let's dio a little bug maybe you've got like an alien bug with three eyes and then even a pumpkin will do little jack o'lantern for the last one keep it in the spirit of halloween ok? And once we've got our stamps for our monsters and our monster mash then we're going to get well do the front and we've got our paper and we'll take a paper cutter and d'oh just the monster mash side for the front you can put this on the back you can um on the inside I mean if they flip it open and sea monster mash so you could kind of decorating color and design anything you want on the front but I think it's good to have sort of your monster mash right at the beginning or right at the front of the invitations they so they know what they're going to be doing, so cut out your paper and then I've got my color piece and again I like to um I like to glue it on my paper before I cut it just gives it I don't I just lines it up a little bit nicer at right at the beginning at our glue and line it up and then cut it to size and again you want to make sure you know you're cutting it to where it will fit on your car it kind of eyeball it you can use you know there's rulers on these paper slicers paper cutters and so you can make sure you're measuring it right but you can I apologize well see that's even a little bit big so I'll trim the top and bottom and glue it on and part of the fun you know and the invitations and even the party and doing the craft is just the fun of it I mean, half the fun is decorating and designing and you're making this creation kind of getting back to the basics of crafts and handmade that do it yourself um mentality, which is great hagen I like to flip it over press it down just helps it stick on all those corners because sometimes those conflict with glue stick so there's our friend we've got and then again just the inside we're just going to make sort of a let's party and then glue in our invitation so uh, since I've already got monster mash on the front, I think I'm going to stick the word maybe boots on the inside just to kind of be a little different and that's what's fun about these this printable that you have that um the resource is that you can have all the words you have all these words and cute font and you can put anywhere you want inside on change it up for every invitation maybe you're feeling boo for one guest and somebody else's spooky for your card. Okay, so what my word and again, I'll get my color accent piece and glue it on glue stick. I don't want it to clump sometimes these glue sticks will clump with glue just spread it out, it will dry a little bumpy if you carry that out or flatten it out had your boo and then we'll cut that and add it to our inside of our car. Perfect hey, and you again, you can use paper scraps and it could be a different kind of accent color than what you put on the inside of this kind of fun to match as well. So kind of whatever you've got lying around it's just save all that save all those papers hey, center it you could even put more some print monsters on the inside, you could even just decorate it with some print spots mean, it could just be a pattern if the kids are having fun with the ink or if you're having fun with the ink you can just keep going and doing more thumbprints you could even do a little marching on around on the back as well so we've got our boo um on the inside and then now we'll just add our invitation just that same invitation or you can hand write it if you'd like on the inside maybe you've got a child who's getting ready to write or learn their letters or copy or trace that's kind of fun maybe they want to write the words for what where when and you khun you know put all your information and where you're going for your party that set your house or at the school or wherever ad glue one more time and add event and if you wanted you could even you know make this a card stock and this is your card this diesel invitations are great and that's your card as well instead of gluing it inside all right so we've got our monster mash on friend and our cute little monsters open it up kind of fun halloween festive word and our invitation on the inside since it's great do you want to get your hands dirty so cool I know so one other fun thing that we can do to is the isn't is an ink on your on below ok do you want tio yeah ok so you can pick a color right purple orange I'm an orange guy how much the scheme perfect right? Get the color accent so def your finger thumb and then you're just going to go right in the senate so when they open it it's kind of a seal for the envelope so that's kind of fun right here yeah and then I've got a wet wipe for your thumb you or yeah, great I mean, it really doesn't matter what what those thumbprints look like it's it's all about just being a monster so here's a crayon we'll let you decide how you want a color your maybe it's a pumpkin maybe it's a monster so let me ask you a question have you ever used stamps dot com to do your own custom stand? I haven't, but I have seen it. Yes, all right, so I do that I can do the back. All right? I'm a pumpkin guy. I'm going to do a little jack o'lantern. Yeah, perfect. And then it's cute. Your invitation is decorated, your envelope is decorated. And like I said, you just keep keep the banks going and decorating your little cute pink and maybe even give this a little jacqueline and face or yeah, so these air perfect to send out I mean, who wouldn't want I think wouldn't want a card that's handmade hand done in the mail and it really is, especially in this digital world, it means so much to people, you know. All right, we'll let you keep moving. Very good. Yeah, we've got two more to dio. So how did yours turnout? Got some cute monsters? Yeah, perfect. Other darling. Yeah, exactly. See who wouldn't want to get a cute little monster mash invitation? I think that's great.

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