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Treat Signs

Lesson 10 from: Halloween Crafts & Party Ideas

Marie LeBaron

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Lesson Info

10. Treat Signs

Lesson Info

Treat Signs

We've already done you know, invitations who've done door decor we've done banners things for the wall now we need to decorate sort of are halloween treat table and that tends to be sort of like the highlight you know, I we talked about photos and customs and that's fun but honestly sometimes it's the food and the treat the snacks so I'm just gonna head over here just for a minute and kind of show a few of the different things that we have and options that you can make a couple of the things we'll be making tomorrow but um it's fun to kind of have it all displayed right now and then with that we've got a cute principle that's again a lauren mckinsey design and with it these air treat table signs so with each of these little items it could be cute and could be fun all on its own but when you give something a name a silly name it just makes especially with kids it just gives him that much more of a fun way to think about it like you could maybe even just have a green drink and call it sl...

imy slot or something you know and they will think it's the best thing in the world so yeah so these air fun so we've got these are ones that have already created so it's already a principal and some of them you can use for other things but I've got pretzels and we're calling those bat bones so again, just a simple pretzel, but we're calling him just sort of backbones, and they could be sort of all crinkly different sizes doesn't matter what shapes you have right here. We've got googly eyes and I'm calling them ogre eyes because, you know, you can't just the eyes of the ogres eyes, they're just the wrapped candy balls that you see in in the stores, the grocery stores, all right, here, I've got some cute little kebabs, some grape kebabs, and they're just, you know, purple is a great halloween color sos green and these ones are just, you know, just a cute little great kebabs you gotta have something healthy, hans table. We've got plenty of candies, you know, with a little bit of pretzels, we do it's more just but grapes air good to have another one, just a couple little cute bulls of candy, you know, we've scattered it with our candy corn onda next, when we've got our just little oranges, and this one is really fun. We could even do more of them if we have time, but these air just little little jack, this is what I called it for ours, and you couldn't take a permanent marker. And just color right on the edge of your on the outside of your orange and it just makes it a little bit more fun a little bit more cute, so we've got that you can do it with the entire bowl or if you wanted this could be a craft for the kids to make and have a marker here or you know if they have something they could make their own or put their name on it or whatever and have it at their treat with there, triple and then back here we've I've got just little cute hot dogs that have been wrapped in breadstick just kind of the bread stick from a can super easy I cut him in half and wrapped him around. You can even add if you want to or the kids can, you can add a little dot eyes of catch upper mustard to kind of give your wrapped mummy a little edge here. And that is what we've called are many mummies, so just given it a cute name and then and here this is something fun. Tomorrow we're going to be making I found these air just trick or treat back to, you know, trick or treat containers, and it came to the witches cauldron how cute is that? You do need to make sure because we're going to be putting a drink inside of hear that we're calling our witches brew, and you do need to make sure that there's no holes at the bottom. I have found a couple of these do have holes, which you could just tape up or, you know, ad taped to the bottom, but just for less mess, make sure that you have that that's really cute for a decoration for your drink, which will be witches brew tomorrow, and then these two little empty ones here, we've got we're going to be making the pumpkin pop apps, and we're going to be making a broom sticks, so those are the things that will be making tomorrow with the kids and then as they may come and create and, well, adam, to our our table and again, if you have, you know, you can make what we're doing tomorrow is a station for the kids to dio where they're making a popsicle, or they're making these little witches bruise so it could be part of your party as well, and you can have him added or it's a station or it's, you know, not even over here at the actual treat table it's actually a treat station, so that's an option or just like tomorrow, we're going to be doing a little bit halloween prep as a as a family or whatever you can make those pops ahead of time or these little witches brew brooms and then have them ready to go just ready for your table. So right now what we're going to be doing is taking our cute little principle and cutting it up and adding just little table ten yes, you can get a couple different ways you could do it, you could gloom onto a stick and kind of stickum inside of your food that's one option or today we're just going to be folding paper in half card stock paper and making a little table tent and decorating those for our table for our tree table, which again like I said is like a big part of your party, so for this craft, you're just going to need your principal and I'm going to set these aside from a little bit later, but we're got our principle here our paper cutter, which is just going to make things a little bit easier our color paper and then these ones you you just need card stock so whichever one you choose as long as it's a little thicker and it conform old and bend like a table like a little table top tent, then that's great for whatever paper you want to use and then just little embellishments like we've got googly eyes again or stickers were using or even maybe well embellishing was some spiders or washi tape so to begin let's start just by cutting out our our names you don't this is just the sign for a printable we don't need to cut that out, but we've got all eight of these signs again you can these air once that are available with the principles that we have but feel free tio name anything you want your own name or you know, maybe ogre eyes or something different so you still use the principle but you you don't have to use those candy wrapped eyes so kind of however, you know if you have allergies, you khun b aware of that and sort of be careful what you're choosing to put it your treat table for people so just kind of cutting these out and giving a nice little edge to them you know that's that's great, you could go a little tighter if you want like we've talked about on the words however it works I think I like that one and again you can use scissors, but I just do I like the clean edge of the pink for slicer just nice and then these air in darling and cute colors but you know you could just do these with on your own kids could make the's they could ride out the words you know you could get the kids involved in naming them in fact, my daughter lucy came up with the word ogre eyes she said, mom, I can't just be eyes that to be overs as so if you can get them involved that's even more fun teo, help them help you name all those out and then there's other options of food you know that we don't have on the table right now, but there's things like carrots, you know, it doesn't necessarily have to have something that's gonna have a name like I said that it makes it just a little bit more fun but it could just be something that's orange something that's black I've seen around this time or I think I've even seen it throughout the year but there's black spaghetti, black color of spaghetti or there's you know all different kinds of colors that you can get for to match your theme in your party so it really can be anything there's orange crackers sort of anything so ok, so once you kind of have a nice square around see all of yours you can decide and again this is sort of however you want to dio your color scheme if you want to have a purple table or if you want you know I have this crackle paper I love that crackle papers really cute or you know the funds it lauren has put on these designs is so pretty and cute and fun that it could go with any kind of color and still be a halloween even though this has, you know, purples and yellows and blues in it so kind of however it works so we're going to get our glue stick and I'm going to kind of do a mix of all of us I think it's kind of cute so what you'll do this time instead of gluing at the top are making a tent so I'm in a glue at the bottom of my corner this time so what kind of switching it up a little bit because we'll be folding these in half and that's just something you need to be aware of is that we're holding him down instead of up just give him a nice on men trim and then you're going to go all the way don't cut a square around that you can but then you know you if you do it with a popsicle popper said. I mean this can be like I said you could put a a popsicle stick on the back or you could put a lollipop stick and just stick it inside of your treats but we're going to be folding these so I'm gonna fold it in half about where I want it and seal you know, crease that edge really good and then we're going to cut this and this you know you could just do with scissors to kind of match it up that's easy to so cute so we'll do a couple more of those and then we get to adam to our table just fun so I think I'm gonna pick maybe like two or three for each um see you've got some well no I can't use the scrap but they need it long enough to fold into attend so just kind of keep that mind so let's do it this way and do a pumpkin pop on this corner I've kind of switched my paper around, you know, kind of play around with with how you want it to look andi had my glue, my sign and then this one I will use a paper cutter I think it'll be about the right size already, so I kind of think about your paper and how you can line it up and use the most of it too without wasting any and in fact slice just a little more ah edge give that a nice crease the tide of the crease better the fold and it will stick up really well so a couple down maybe we'll do one more with this paper maybe it's see what's a little longer wait khun do backbones and again with naming these things I mean I've even done a birthday party for my son and um in fact it was it when he was six and it was a star wars birthday party and all it was was almost the same drink we're doing tomorrow which I'm calling which is brew but it was just like a soda drink and ice cream and I called it a yoda soda so it's kind of whatever you know it can be any kind of food but you give it a name oh and I think I did way just served pizza and it's not just pizza we called it galactic s so you just give it any kind of a name and it just makes it that much more fun for everyone hey twosome crackle paper and the signs do just make it that much more festive for your guests that come you know they want to enjoy the names of it to not just the kids you know parents too so that's kind of fun in fact while I'm at it I'm gonna cut going to do one more here cut two at a time yeah so we do have a user that's coming in so I want to say a big shout out to c'mon sorry I hope I said that correctly is who says I'm all the way from pakistan it's two twenty five a m here I'm a newser of creative live and it's my third class it's awesome today with marie here theme across the world you know what? I'm not surprised up late at night crafters are usually know for crafty all hours of the night so yeah, great that didn't come all the way through about fun well, I'm happy they're following along I love it to be cutting to use exactly knives as well or is really that you're favorite tool for? I do not because well and I do if it's just me craft teen for sure ideo but I tend tio try to involve my kids in almost all of the cross that I do and that I just don't quite trust them with it I have they have really nice rotary cutting boards and a rotary cutter now that's a little bit more safe than than an exacto knife but I mean it depends again all on your child like you you have kids that maybe you still are a little bit older or if they're a little bit more savvy it's just kind of like with cooking I mean, do you trust your child with boiling water at this point or not yet and kind of the same thing, you know, trusting them with scissors but at the same time of fear there and you're gonna be supervising it sometimes I might go for it because they need to learn those skills and when are they going to learn them unless they are doing them with the parents and having those opportunities to do it too. So so that's, I don't know, I'm kind of all I'm kind of on that for for supplies table top you just do it on any old table topper, do you worry about potentially doing anything that's going to damage it with glue? Or if you have a cutter like this it's great, but like I said with an exacto knife, they have these matt, those mats that air perfect, I wouldn't do it otherwise, it's just they're so great and you can do it with a rotary cutter or a new exacto knife. Just the specialty math that are great for sure would save your your table. I think my mom, we grew up with this, they're gonna laugh, but I say the story, but we had a pool table and I had a brother who was making you know we're all kind of crafty that he was making ties at the time and he was cutting on her pool table and it's got a couple of nicks I think in that, so you want to make sure that your surface is doing ok? Ok, so just a couple more for treat table signs, finding kind of scrap paper that it will fit cut it down to kind of use up all that paper katie's, they're looking good and then once we've gotta multan will add, you know, they look great kind of as is they sort of have that cute paper to him um again depending on maybe time how much time you have or depending on how much effort or sanity you have, you can decide if you want to do on just one paper or you could even do this on just the printer paper itself but you know, part of the fun of this this whole today experiences so that we can craft have opportunity to be creative to so okay, one more hurry, guys coming along most un okay and our last one running out of paper I've got one more khun dio that'll be perfect might not even cut that. One nice thing about these two and a lot of these decorations is that if you make him really nice and they're they're done like this, then they can last for a while so you can put him in your halloween drawer um or bucket or whatever. I actually have a couple of plastic tubs that are a long time ago, probably six, seven years ago or longer you know, some of the department stores sold the colored tubs like have a couple of their red for christmas crafts or I have their orange and black with black lids, so in my storage unit I could tell right away what what my howling tub is and then these are great because they can be saved a year after year depending on what party you have you can just put you know, pull them up really nice and easy even within each other and save those so now that they're all done with that, all our table tops done we're going tio to serve embellish them like I continue can keep him as is, but I think it's fun to be able to add a little bit of something this one still even has some web, but we've got a spider and I like the ring on it this one's actually come apart already is going to cut it because then you can just kind of place them over it and that's easy you could attach him with a little glue dot if you wanted but even a simple spider just kind of spooks things up a little bit maybe we'll put one more I don't have any spider names need a spider name of a food um and then we'll add a couple more and then we can place him over on our tree table okay? And then maybe a couple googly eyes on another great supply is let's do pop apps see got r o always need a googly eyed and oh, we've got our washi tape, which is great this really cute when I found again this was these were found on consumer crafts dot com but they have the's googly eye washing tapes which is super fund and again you could kind of you know, tear off a little piece and add it to a corner just to dress it up a little bit get creative it wraps around cute sea and even this these air I like this scotch expressions and they're good too they have a really cute you know I mean and again this could be sort of mummy esque and mummy like course my many mummies and set sort of a mummy wrap around it to kind of keep the move going I'm gonna do one more to wrap this yeah cute and it doesn't have to be perfect these air howling crafts that air um that's the best part about the halloween part just sort of however whatever goes kate let me add a couple of stickers and then I think we'll be good I do I like to add on the corners of paper that's a good place to put a sticker kind of like the same with that just kind of cover the corners let's see which spruce maybe because which is her green most of them right but a little of our greenwashing tape typical scrappy killed this one's not sticking I'm going to get a glue dot and in fact I'll kind of show you this too because most of the spiders that come come with a ring so if you don't want the ring you could just cut those off just plastic pretty easy to cut off and then grab a blue dot on dh kinds of super sticky then it should stick pretty much anywhere. Let's book on our little jack yeah, great. Cute. Okay, maybe so many eyes in this room sec and we'll call it good kill perfect katie's air ready to add to our treat table and head over to the table. I'll grab a couple of these and it's just nice to kind of set him and front where people can see kind of they might not know what this is. They might not know these air, you know, maybe hot talk so or I'm bread. I'm pretty sure they might, but let's put our many mummies can be right behind and it just helps fill in the table as well. So it's going to make it just even that much more of a fun centerpiece to your room to your wall and sort of like we did with the photo backdrop. You could sort of have that up here behind your table. Um, that bone's little jax kids are broom sticks which will make tomorrow be fun ogre eyes that little guy might not stay on there, okay on and grape kebab and are witches brew okay, so our table is done, but one thing I want to show on it, which will kind of go into our next thing, is our centerpiece. But before we talk about that, I just kind of want to see how it went. How did they turn out, ok, did they? How, how did they come along? Yeah, having more, the hard part is stopping, like not keeping putting more and more stuff on him exactly, and that's so true, you could keep going, and it could be hard, but so maybe just give yourself, you know, limit of a couple of different things that could be put on it.

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