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Witches and Wizard Hats

Right, let me see your hat because we're going to move on to our next craft, which is another hat. Well, let's see what we got super cute hair. All right, I'll set this aside. We're going to do our which hat next? And this one is fun. We've got we're going to keep everything out will probably still use a lot of these same supplies, but it's going to be a cute little witch hat and the ones that I found him in a show kind of two different variations that you could dio this is just one of those kind of fabric sill cats that you come by that are pretty chief, they come, you know, a dollar too, and then it came, you can add ribbon on this side, and then I added, I added yarn to the a hole inside you're welcome to do that today to it does take a little bit of time, tio set on glue, or I would run some hot glue and then lay down my yarn and then to finish it off, I put a piece of ribbon all the way around just so it wouldn't bother your head. So put this one on this one's a cute one because i...

t has kind of bangs, and then it just makes it for a super simple halloween. Custom, if your kids want to be a witch or however it wants to be a wizard so we could even make these little wizard huts to so then this option is another kind of fun one and this time we put braids little braids down the side and we hot glue this in and then put our pom poms and then you gotta have, you know, creepy spiders with your which hat or wizard hats? So if you wanted to to make this a little different not do hair you could do yarn that spirals all the way up or something and this one is a craft foam hat so it's a little different. One nice thing about this is that you can take a hole punch and hole punch through catholic craft phone you have toe punch a little bit harder, but then you can kind of ty yarn around with a hole punch. So that's what's nice about using the craft film too on ben also with hot glue. We're going to use that for this craft as well that you can use regular craft white glue once again talking about foam. You do need a low temperature hot glue gun because of foam can melt two fits too hot with a high temper, so just a little advisory on that and then so our supplies we'll keep this out our supplies are just your which had her wizard hat and then we've got some pom poms caesar just those premade packaged pom poms you can buy in the craft store we've got a spider ring some bat rings maybe you want to put googly eyes on yours and then glue so that's really just our supplies that's not too many too many different supplies so let's maybe talk a little bit first let's see about how what you want to do let's discuss yours for a minute I got a bad here and then I want a whole point around here do we want we can try that so we also have a couple of yarn things to left purple downsides and I'm gonna tie you want to glue it we could cut good no, I want tio and then pipe yeah that's easier now there's a good that is a good idea. Lacey I have a hole punch that's over bythe pumpkins over there behind maybe behind the frankenstein and then we'll get our kids scissors are those ready if you're using yarn thank you. So with the hole punch you do kind of have to punch pretty good so maybe show me when I'm will show what's a good spot like all the way around we won't do too many holes because it will take quite a while so let's right there good that's about right there good. Okay all right we'll just go all the way across and then you're going to tie yarn to hang should we keep some in the front not you don't have hair in your face the yard and you're ok so maybe stopped about yeah this is fun but you can't just turn that around yeah kristie hot kind of has a team on the back so it's tio maybe two more from that way and this is kind of where you can have your craft station at the party all of your craft supplies just sitting and ready to go ready for all the kids to kind of do what they want I'm big on letting the kids be creative if you want to have things exact I think there's there still learning in following directions and doing exactly we are going to be making a couple things today that you will kind of need to follow along but then I love when kids can put sort of their own touch on it too so so this is kind of a fun creative part and like we saw with those monster and alien hats you guys you guys were great at this, you know, just kids know just what to dio which makes it so perfect okay, I think that's enough punches and then what color of hair do you want to re arm all gonna put in just proposed can I cut and you and you lace it so let me let's see how long we want you lace it through and I'm gonna show you a little tip for you for yard this works really well especially kind of with littler kids if you have yarn and you're trying to thread through a hole punch sometimes that yarn can frey and it makes it really tricky to put to put it through the hole so something that I like to do is take a piece of tape it's not too big guess that might even be too big about half an inch big and you're just going to tape right around the tip of that pinch it and roll it you're just adding a little bit of that just clear tape around and it becomes almost sort of like a little needle so it makes it really strong and tight and then you can thread through your whole really easily so I do this almost every time what green no that's why I'm going to do more this kind of interest rates a little shorter in the front and a little longer back well and what we can do is thread it all around and then you can trim it later okay yeah yeah yeah what shape? Give her a close shave okay here's another one cesar come here you try that one I don't know just to be secured yeah probably once and then twice to make or not I don't have three or four times ok you could just do too if you want if you were running out of time how long do you want it? In fact I'm just going to try to cut it and then you can always cut it later okay that work I'll just cut you a few strips and I'm gonna probably help you so you could make sure we can get all that at the end of a way to do it later kind of hold it up see what how you're doing think here's two more so we have a lot of holes we need to keep going all the way around good and this is another really great kind of way where I was talking yesterday about skills that you can learn while you craft and here we've got you know lucy's using her fingers a small motor skills she's got hand eye coordination where she's trying to lace the yarn through the hole so there are definite skills that kids are we are learning while they craft so they're having fun but also there's things they can be funny which is great okay keep going you cut use more strips because you tell the more I do and try to cut longer strips for their a longer for the back okay really short it wants to hear that in short, yeah, that was one of the ends of hinkley cut here, so you like to give them a lot of freedom, but sometimes you're limited on your supplies because you have some kids to one of take the whole bowl and put them on your hat. So how do you deal with that in the classroom setting? Yeah, absolutely and they're absolutely consistent b control within a sort of organic setting and how I do that I mean, you just kind of how I did it your stations you on ly divvy out as many is you're willing to let them use because chances are, you know, there could be a kid who is going to put every single eyeball on this which would look really great it's kind of how they visioned it. So just in a setting like that just on lee put out so many at their station otherwise if you're open to how many they take and you're not worried about supply and you know somebody is not going to get enough, then just put a little buffet table at the front of the classroom and kids can come up and grab and go and come up and go with what they need so yeah, there's a couple options to do that on dh then with with halloween parties in a classroom setting how I've done it before is, um I have you know parent helpers come in so I have as the teacher when I taught kindergarten so when I had three or four maybe even five teachers with five stations and I would have that parent or five parents at five stations have that parent kind of facilitate those five kids and you only have so many supplies for five kids and then you have four more groups saved for later so that kind of makes it nice to you make sure you have enough supplies for everybody and yeah, that works out good we're coming along it's good for you it's a good idea yeah let's get all these tied on first then maybe we could do that way have some time let's see how many more holes will you count the holes? How many more do you need that air undone in two, three, four, five, six seven one two okay, so this is the back end so long one oh, you got that right there this's a back to that's a long one maybe a little longer but cute some of the hat to coming along that's great five six stuff there you were at that time how I like bringing anchor shame do things I'm good at good breeding and cushing way have learned to negotiate so we've gotten huh ok, two more on that side and I'll do these three and then we'll try it on and see how look see if we need to trim a nap you might wanna glue the battle on yeah, I think that's definitely a good idea we've got our huguely ready whenever what else do you think you might want to put on this? Chrissy no, I think I want one more hole, right let's do that one do you want to put on googly eyes or pom poms? Oh, I think I want to put a little ribbon around it. We could do a little room and I guess I like to give it a little spiral with my role grubin okay, okay, once you tie that let's kind of see where we're at some of these in the front are long so we'll see if we wanted that so cute to see so she put on a little chin strap that's a great idea for a little which hat live it he's so creative well timed out last night and then we'll come on yeah, these are all different so I'll hold it up and you trim kind of where you want to keep these ones just a little longer if you want, you know and it's a witch that's kind of was talking a lot about this yesterday this is halloween nothing needs to be perfect halloween's always a little spooky little cookie no need tio to make it too perfect hey let me have this scissors and then doing tried on a quick deceive coming along with a few more things tio hot glue that yeah this one really with this hat you could take it as far as you want it could be a fifteen minute project or it could be an hour project and you just keep adding stuff and that would be kind of fun if you had sort of even I've been to places where you kind of deal which have party and maybe it's you just that's all you d'oh and you're just embellishing and putting on feathers or putting on um and kind of making it really, really embellished let me do this just because it's a little bit and then holding in place who that that's cute okay, what kind of ribbon you want the purple women just ok and you should have a little bit of ribbon we're going to use for another activity but feel free to use this I mean any supply works for for this they let me I'm gonna hug blew it in the start so where do you want to start? Right there right there at a little bit of a ok right there okay then you can just kind of now you can go as high, low and rap and then I might hot glue some of this in place to oh that's great and adorable and then maybe right here okay? E glue and police they're gonna trim up that and just so it isn't well, we got a couple places on that. Yeah, ok there you pee in front. Good idea. Watch your fingers. This is a little bit warmer right here nice and that will reinforce that just kind of adding a little bit of hot clue I said there's one more I'll put it here so the hackles down cute. Okay, what else are you feeling, pelican good for you got a little fat at the top, let's see what we got? We're big your best. Which cackle. I think your sister is going to be a witch she's thinking about it. Maybe she'll want to wear one of these hats gonna break trade one of these so we're finished with our hat. I do want to kind of see how everybody turned out. I know maybe some of you are still working on it. Well, I see you are working with washington that's a great idea killed watching tape washing with an eye ending washington yeah came from a japanese designer a long time ago and they come over to america it's huge in the crafting d I y handmade community it's great for paper craft. We did a lot with that yesterday with cooper and I discovered that my children I love it so I'll buy it and just have it in their craft bucket it's true, it does actually come off a little bit it can stick and it will eventually get it's not enough that it tears paper a little fearful but way stick it on the walls to sometimes it comes off really easily it won't take pain tough I'm disclaimer that it might be careful and test your yeah well with that but but it's great it's a really great craft to have um and we'll be using it in a minute to with her next do you guys ever use duct tape? We d o duct tapes another great one that's another fun thing is they're so many decorative duck tape set up now mustache is I haven't seen a bacon one and there's great halloween ones and a fun thing way just got this stuff tape craft book from a friend of mine and she came up with all these ideas to make duct tape, a duct tape hair bow or a duct tape wallet like all these yeah, you did you made a duct tape hair above so it's kind of fun that you back it back it up you know, duct tape on duct tape it could become sort of a material or a ribbon or road which is really fun to cool maybe a bowtie yeah, yeah, absolutely yeah, well, but rep aran and be just like that, yeah, for bad lobbies. Go boom! Hey, thank you. So put on your hat. We'll see how they look when you put your son teo. Oh, they're so cute. Just long hair. I see long hair. What you see this e straps, I spirals. I hope everyone has at least one thing on the top. That is kind of nice about points of high three pom poms and three, um, back for spiders. Hannah kill is a kill. No, great. Ok, perfect. This is another craft that you could make and have at the party as a customer, and it could be another photo prop thing that you're doing. You can have it as something. They make it's an option toe wear right away, and kids love mommy. Okay, so we're going to put these ones away and go on to our next craft.

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