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Witches Broom and Pumpkin Pops

Are you ready for some treats? We eat some food that should be fun, so we'll come come and sit over at our table and we've got four different kind of treat crafts that were doing one is a treat and then, um one's kind of a craft to help us have our treat and one of these the's items that we're making today, you can have pre made, so maybe you and your family are going to do them at home before the party starts or maybe you're going to have them set up stations at your party so there's either way that you can do that and we've kind of on our treat table, we've left a couple of areas open for some of these streets, so everybody is going to be able to taste these because of course or, you know, making all these yummy treats, but then I also want to be able tio place them over at our at our tree table so that our cute witches brooms we with our treat table, we made our treat signs yesterday we have, you know, over eyes or little jax witches brew pumpkin pops is what we're making in a littl...

e bit great kebabs, many mummies that air just hot dogs and wrapped breadsticks, and then we have backbones, which are just pretzels super silly kind of fun ways to name like even it's just pretzels but that's kind of boring so for a halloween or for a theme for a party you want to name it something kooky and italy and kids just get a kick out of it and so backbones you know, make it something or skeleton like him and I don't know whatever kind of kids can come up with whatever sounds really kooky too so for this one we're making broomstick yes and these ones were great it's just with those little candies that are so before you get started let me kind of tell what we've got we've got are pieces just recent peanut butter cups that air minis and you can there's a couple different kind of brands you khun dio and then stick souls and it just looks just like a little halloween which a broom and I've got a toothpick so that's kind of our things it's a pretzel, a candy and a tooth pick and the toothpicks going to just help us kind of press in tow add our pretzel so they begin you can either there's two options and I'll show both but you can either unwrap it or keep it wrapped so first let's just kind of see keeping keeping it wrapped like if you have a party and he needs to be sort of a wrapped gift or something, you're just going to stick your toothpick right in the center just kind of roll it around not too deep because you don't want it to hit the bottom just kind of a little bit rolled around and it will open up some of that peanut butter in the center that might be a little bit hard and then just place in your stick great yeah maybe you've got a little mini wit that's really cute you could put on some sticker googly eyes in our hands or something so it's ready so let's make a couple more let's say we do a couple more and then we can even show it unwrapped so I was going to do the next one you can keep it as is maybe it's going to even stay in this inner coding as well it could even stay that way maybe I'll do one with that look just with our most toothpick opening and then stick it in and since I don't have my plate yet I'll just leave it here since we've got the open chocolate you sure gene you teda because you know what? Sometimes when I was working with kids and treat sometimes just have um eat one first get it over with that they're going to be making lots and lots to candy's go ahead and just have one of the beginning and then finish making so I'm gonna make one more with a completely open so use my tin foil a little um paper tray since we're working have clean hands if you're working with students or other kids and unless they're eating their own you need tio if they're not eating their own you need to have him with clean hands okay and stick in and this way it's ready to go so these air kind of the pepperball way to do it is just just have it already unwrapped this is a really cute look especially with the different sort of colors that come with these fall candies but the nice thing about this is it's just ready to finger food ready to eat and add to our table so I'm gonna have all of you guys make maybe three or four and then maybe I can have jim we've got a plate over here set aside for our broomsticks mohican gather some of those up and then we can finish off part of our table cackle like a whip that was a fun one side and maybe you could turn on some howling sounds helling music while you're making these during your party thieves would be a really fun gift to give to someone to for halloween you could make a few of these uh which broom stick him in a cellophane bag time up with ribbon and gift him too little to your neighbors or to your friends do one more here and then will finish and um jim if I can get you to have that plate thank you then we will know later maybe and then just kind of go around and you can gather we'll let you gather those way haven't for the big I love pretzels and chocolate yeah, exactly a perfect combo peanut butter pretzels chocolate great comeback if you guys need to eat one if you're just like dying and go ahead, go ahead and eat one of those second they're just eating up the whole bone in your mouth perfect feel like martha stewart got are decorative brain smooth down if you want to meet with all right you guys were like really organized perfect that's great well adam to our treat table we'll hit we'll have our broomstick x r which is broom sticks ready to go on dh then now we we need to make our last thing for a treat table well one of us thinks has pumpkin pops, so I've got our paper plate with some wax paper I've got some icing, some black icing going to make that kind of a little bit we've got spikes dropped these air just gumdrops but were mostly I mean, you can choose to use whatever color you like, but we are going to use green for the top of our pumpkin stem and then we've got chocolate cookies here let's hold that right here can you stay right there? We've got our chocolate cookies and are lollipop sticks you could use um across stick or a popsicle stick but I really do like just one second I do like our popsicle lollipop sticks and then with these cookies they are the family size double stuff so you have a little bit more cream to stick those in and we're going to be putting this in and we've got melted orange candy melts um that we'll dip it in set it on your wax paper ad a little stem and then we'll get our icing ready to make a little jessica lantern face so that'll be cute you can do different colors with with the icing but black with the jacqueline and faces fate so grab a lollipop stick and then you've got to go really slow through that icing and try to get it about halfway you don't want the cookie to pop off if it does just kind of pop it back on and then let's dip that in and you take if I have a spoon let me help you a little bit if I have a spoon and you can kind of help oh that one got stuck through just a little bit and the thing about it popping off this candy melt is actually going tio help it stick together s so it'll all work can I get a couple of paper telling way matter how it looks because you do get a eat it it's true it all stays the same you do, it is halloween and again, it doesn't need to be perfect, but it is kind of nice that it and use your spoon to kind of scrape the sides, but sort of make sure and I'm holding us together because of our it fell apart, and then we'll stick it right and you know, it's good. Let me get paying almost you. Can you wait just a second? Let me wipe off a little bit while this while you are while this is wet while the chocolate is still melted. That's when you need to add your your top to it, your little stem for the chocolate we're going to wait on this just a minute. We're going to do a couple more, set it down. We're going to do the top for this if your chocolate gets too hard because this will start to harden the longer it's how I mean, these candy melts. Actually, we tested yesterday lasted about an hour that stayed warm. You could stick it back in the microwave. This is just candy melt from a bag. They come in those little wafers. Stick him in a microwave safe bowl and my for waiver for one minute at a time, sister, one more minute at a time, stir and then if you have your spoon, let me hold that if you have your spin and you can use that to help you dip and again it's not perfect, but but once it's melty still melty that's when you'll add your little stent and then we're going to just let it sit here and cool a little bit let's make one more can we make maybe even two more? So let me show you one thing that I think why it came off because we pressed that into their let's just lay it in and I'm in a kind of scoop and poor can you put them into the refrigerator after there to get him cooled a little quicker? Yes, absolutely I've done it before where it's in the freezer and it actually it's harder to pop him off the wax paper and the freezer so a refrigerators great, it does a really good job and I'm just set it solidifies a lot quicker, so if you are going to make these day off, then it works out pretty good to do it in the fridge cool, yeah, and in fact we're going to be adding our jack o'lantern face a whoa was that coming up here just like my thinking yeah, maybe home honey could maybe left your fingers, but we need to make these for other people to we've got a you know a little bit more okay, this is hot so let me help you with this part you ready space is at three and I couldn't do a little later a little more maybe I'll kind of use my spoon see how it's hang on just one second before you add that sweetie there's kind of little it's not smooth there's little kind of waves and jig jags all over the place and and and that's okay it doesn't matter if it's not smooth with these pumpkins the cookies are a little temperamental as we're seeing that they do kind of pop off a little bit which is ok um cute like you can see so this was I believe a half a bag of the way first on dh lasts a little bit while it's put on there yeah it's going to probably take a little while to dry so what we'll do is we'll give that just a minute um just leave it right here and I'm going to get our are icing ready how are your pumpkin? So they kind of sometimes they fall apart of your painting or if you you know glop it on if you need tio and then really however looks it's great and then we've got our eye thing will turn him into cute jack o lanterns that would be really fun and these are fun t there it's a big bite these air a really big kind of pop to bite and we'll kind of see in a minute if if we choose to have one or not but you could also use the many they have little, many ones now many chocolate cookies that have the icing and you could use a toothpick instead or something that would go inside of a mini and then you just have a little built little tiny ones you could use a pretzel if it'll fit. It'll fit in tight, so I'm gonna move my chocolate aside and my gumdrop and then if you're ready, keep going with def ing until you've got one or two and this is just pretty self explanatory, you can use any kind of icing if you have you. If you have a mme, you got to cut the top. If you have one of these these air great just the store bought, you know icing packs otherwise you khun buyer make your own frosting and stick it in something I've done, which is great is you make your own frosting and you concolor it I was food who died and then stick it in a plastic zip bag and then just cut the tip of a sandwich zip bag and that becomes your you know hello homemade icing kit, which is really easy to do too if you want to make your own or get a piping ok, so let's let me test it really quick on may be in this bowl just just make sure we're off it's not too goopy nine oh, this will be perfect that's a good loop this next one yeah, let me hold that so we can do this first I'll save it for you so think about it first lucy think about what face you want maybe you know already you know already and maybe kind of get in there it isthe sort of and maybe we need a look another little one of these. Okay now eyes cute he's our scary jack lantern so maybe they're kind of turning out sort of goofy perfect and if you need to use a lot another lollipop stick or a toothpick to kind of help finish those off argies and stuff absolutely there's always you know different cookies you could buy there's great gluten free options if there's effective problem or there's dairy free or not allergies? Absolutely that these days I think there's a lot more that are aware of what they're allergic to so I would talk to your guests or just say please you know, in the invitation maybe on that invitation that we made yesterday please you know, as our svp, let me know what your what your allergies might be river be aware and that's what's kind of nice about our treat table is we do have oranges over there we have great kabobs that worked great um that usually could it can work for most kids you want everybody to be able to participate and even if there are allergies maybe kids can still make thes and then just um gift him to a friend and you can still eat them maybe parts of them or something who that's kind of a fifty one that won t weird kind of globe globs yeah that's people obsolete get that's that's body you net book you've named them all we'll let roger that's a borg that's bolaji boldly and that's the well boy he's got kind of a cool knows that comes out so that's what's kind of fun this's just sort of a different take on maybe that basic sugar cookie you're used to doing and so this kind of gives it another little low clip maybe not touch so this is thes they're still wet and goofy I would stick them in the fridge or they can just sit overnight or where but this will solidify after some time and then we won't add them to our thing that maybe by the end of the segment we can have some of these that with the wax parchment paper they should just pop right off nice and solid and we can adam to our treat table maybe showcase them towards the end so, yeah, I brought to the fridge a greater what do you, what do you think, you know, let's, do let's take chemical courage for a little bit and it's actually, good. If you do, put him in the fridge, tio, for your party, make sure you've got a good twenty twenty five minutes, or you pull him out. Tio, warm up a little. You don't want a cold will have caroline coming to get up, and we'll put him in the fridge, and then we'll show him off in the next segment. That sounds good. Perfect, right here.

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