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Any Style You Like Using Only Straight Lines


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Any Style You Like Using Only Straight Lines

Now that we have done all of that serious technical business of proper letter form construction for the next one. It's really time to start playing. So for your next prompt, you khun dio any style of lettering at all that you want, the only rule is that you can on li yu's straight lines no curves anywhere in here, eh? So you got all sorts of options you could go through and you could say, all right, I'm gonna d'oh a drop shade made out of straight lines and that's it, you'll leave out the letter forms so these lions and I'm drawing in super late right now, I would go through in a race later. Oh, let's put in an ass that you can see a curve like this. Okay, so I'm only using straight lines. There's my l my eye right here, there's my curved asked, um so I can do this or I could make it super scratchy and I'm only using straight lines let's see there's my ass. You can do your owes almost like diamond shapes. Um, or what I think I'm going to do for my piece is straight up shutter shades, s...

tyle. So I picked the word lettering, which I'm going to do down here to do like this, um doesn't have a lot of curves and the word lettering so I somewhat feel a little bit like I'm cheating but uh not that much so the first thing I want to do is figure out this is a long space the space that I want to occupy it goes all the way down like this um and it's l e t t e r I n g so I got mine letters and I want to figure out how to space them evenly so before before I even start to block in where my letters go I'm I'm literally just going tio r before I start to actually drawn my letters I'm just going to block in where they go so feel like halfway down is about there so I want to be doing basically four above and four below that on because I'm stacking hey, how working o e t t e r I and jean yeah that's a little tight so yeah before I'm even putting in the letters at all uh I'm just putting in some boxes to indicate where they would go so little bit bigger l e t t you are okay, so now I can start to block in where these go um you can always go back teo if you've got your map underneath um you can always go in and block things in on that two and go over that with sharpie as well, so you can see that through. I prefer to simply work really lately on top. I'm not too concerned with thes lines still being there. It's, not smart, the end of the world. Um, okay, so now I just need to build up my letters with the and I got a little bit tripped up. I wanted to make sure that most of what you saw was the diagonal. So rather than do four lines going this way first, uh, then that wouldn't leave me a lot of room for the diagonals. I did the diagonals as long as possible, okay, so I hope you had fun with that prompt. Uh, give you a little bit of, ah, a break from the technical looking stuff.

Class Description

Hand lettering is experiencing a serious resurgence in the design world. Get your complete introduction to the artform in Hand Lettering 101 with Annica Lydenberg.

Annica is a designer, illustrator, and sign painter with a passion for type. In this beginner-friendly class she’ll teach you how to letter by hand and help you build the skills necessary to offer this service to clients – no software required. 

Annica will help you:

  • Understand lettering and the role it plays in design
  • Develop an arsenal of lettering styles
  • Add embellishments to letterforms

Using pencil and paper, you’ll learn about the tools and techniques you need to know to add hand lettering to your toolkit and get expert insights on making beautiful type compositions.

Hand lettering is great alternate solution in projects that require custom typography and it adds a personal touch to your work – learn how to get started in Hand Lettering 101 with Annica Lydenberg.