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Hand Lettering 101


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List of Words & Creating the Map

So the first thing we're going to want to dio is come up with a list of different words that you're going to work from your words could be absolutely anything they could be your grocery west they could be the titles of your favorite songs right now could be your favorite ice cream flavors or you know, maybe it's the middle of summer time and you want to do all beach themed words I recommend we're going to do fifteen words today in the class but I recommend with you that you start with perhaps twenty words so that you have a little bit more to play with something this might fit in a little bit better than others um so first things first is going to be pick a theme and come up with your list of words so once you thought your list of words sorry once you've got your list of words we're going to start to work on uh map for how these are all gonna fit together so your map could be super geometric. Um you could just have a grid almost like stacked bricks going across your paper or you could ...

have something a little bit more organic um I find that organic is a little bit more fun to work on, but if this is you know the second or third time you're doing this class maybe you'd like to go ahead and start to try something different so if you've done all organic before try something geometric um you know you could even start with almost like a circle in the center with words all radiating out from it um anyway so get started on your map and take your list of words and you're going to start to assign your words to different spaces within your map so what I've done here is I've made all of my different shapes and I took my initial list which was all words that are about my date today um and I've assigned them to different spaces um I recommend you start working a slight issue posse so we can in pencil as you move things around don't worry too much at this stage because we're not going to be working on this piece as we get going um so don't worry too much about at this stage if you're you don't need to erase or make anything look perfect at no point in this class uh do you need to worry that this is simply a a final piece it's going to be about playing and it's going to be about having a good time and so you don't need to get too caught up in making sure everything looks perfect um once you have all of your your space is mapped out and you have all of your words assigned to it I suggest you take um, you take a sharpie and you go over the spaces. So I actually did that already here on another sheep. And now that I have thes spaces mapped out in a sharpie, I can use this paper behind another sheet of paper, and you're gonna want teo either work. If you have a thicker paper, you might want to work on a light table. But if your paper is thin enough, you should be able to see those lines at least a hint of those lines from the sharpie through on your next sheet of paper. So once you've got your words in place and your map traced with a sharpie, um, we're going to get started, and I'm going to call out your first prompt.

Class Description

Hand lettering is experiencing a serious resurgence in the design world. Get your complete introduction to the artform in Hand Lettering 101 with Annica Lydenberg.

Annica is a designer, illustrator, and sign painter with a passion for type. In this beginner-friendly class she’ll teach you how to letter by hand and help you build the skills necessary to offer this service to clients – no software required. 

Annica will help you:

  • Understand lettering and the role it plays in design
  • Develop an arsenal of lettering styles
  • Add embellishments to letterforms

Using pencil and paper, you’ll learn about the tools and techniques you need to know to add hand lettering to your toolkit and get expert insights on making beautiful type compositions.

Hand lettering is great alternate solution in projects that require custom typography and it adds a personal touch to your work – learn how to get started in Hand Lettering 101 with Annica Lydenberg.