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Capturing the Action

Lesson 3 from: How to Capture Action with Your iPhone

Michael Clark

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Lesson Info

3. Capturing the Action

Lesson Info

Capturing the Action

We've done a few test shots, and figured out exactly where we need to place Aiden for the height of the action to happen on this background. So I wanted it to happen in the middle of the carpet here, you know, in the middle of the doors, so that we have a nice clean background and we're not seeing all this other stuff around Aiden when he does his jump. We've also gone through a few different jump scenarios, to see which one where I can see his face, 'cause I definitely want to see his face when he does this. And I think that's critical to an action shot that you can see the face of the athlete, it definitely helps you connect with them more. So let's go ahead and get rolling Aiden, and I'm going to zoom in, I'm going to press the 1x button here to zoom in so that my background's a little tighter. Let me focus, stay right there for a second. And I'm gonna pull down the exposure just a little bit. So, go for it, let's try it out and see what happens. Excellent, so what you saw there is ...

that I pushed the shutter button on the camera screen and I shot, I don't know 20, 30 images? We have tons of choices in terms of the actions, we have the full rotation. And by using the 2x camera, it definitely helped me isolate him onto the background. I could shoot wider, lets try shooting it the wide angle lens because this camera, the seven plus has two lenses, it has the 28 millimeter and the 56 millimeter, so one's double the focal length. Let me shoot a little wider, and I'm gonna move in just a bit, and what this will allow me to do, by shooting wider, it will allow me to have more room to crop just so I make sure I don't cut off his foot in mid-air. So, stand there for a second, let me adjust the exposure just to get it down a hair. Alright let's go for it. Nice, that's great actually because that allows me to really have a lot of control in the photos app to really crop it however I want, maybe I want to make it square, maybe I want to make it a different aspect ratio, but I could really isolate the perfect part of that picture, so that I get the result I want. Let's try it one more time, I'm gonna come in even closer. Right there, alright, go for it. Nice, one of the things you're probably noticing is that I pushed the button before he even starts his rotation, because I don't want to miss anything, I want to make sure I get it. I'm focusing on him, adjusting my exposure with the up and down of the thumb on the little sun icon that you see, and then by holding that shutter down the whole time, I have the entire sequence and I can go through it after the fact. Thank you Aiden, that was great.

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This is a very short course for beginners wanting to know how best to shoot action. Great tips from Michael.


A neat little class on shooting and editing action video on your iPhone. It's mainly intended for beginners, but even experienced photographers with no video know-how will learn some useful tips on using their phone to shoot. Short and to the point!

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