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Test Shots

Lesson 2 from: How to Capture Action with Your iPhone

Michael Clark

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Lesson Info

2. Test Shots

Lesson Info

Test Shots

So Aiden, let's go ahead and set this up. I'm gonna focus on you there, I'm in the 1x mode, let's see what it looks like in the 2x mode. So that's pretty cool actually for just a portrait. Let's go back to 1x, let me bend down just for a second here, that might actually be interesting. So if I bend down then I have the top of the rail of the doors, which I don't want so I'm gonna stand back up. Kind of keep it here at chest level. Let's go ahead and see where you land on this jump. And the things I'm thinking about here just for you to look through, we've got the light right behind at my back so it's frontally lit so it's nice even light across my subject. And since we're shooting on a graphic background here it's actually very nice to have frontally lit light because it's creating a graphic image of him doing this flip. So the key things I'm thinking about is where he initiates his flip and also where he lands and where that key moment in the air is actually happening so I'm not even ...

gonna look through the phone. Go ahead and just do the flip and I'll just watch. (stomp) Okay, so the thing I'm seeing here is that the key moment's happening right above the lip of this and actually can we move this over just about another six inches? Perfect, is that okay for you? Yes. And let's do it one more time, I'm just gonna watch, I'm not gonna look through the camera. (stomp) Perfect. So I'm seeing for me the height of the moment is when his legs are split and he's just starting to initiate the rotation and there is a moment his hair starts flying and he comes over into a ball to finish the rotation so there's that right where the leg splits and then when he comes over into the ball. The key moment's in there somewhere and if I'm shooting burst mode, I'll find it. So let's go ahead and shoot a few more here. Alright, I'm gonna stay in 1x for right now. Alright, let's go for it. (stomp) Perfect. Alright, let me back up just a little bit, let's do it in 2x mode. Focus on him again. And let's go for it, Aiden. (stomp) Nice, and I think I cut off your feet so I gotta be careful. I'm gonna move back just a hair more. Auto focus lock. Alright, ready, go for it. (stomp) Whoa, cool. I'm gonna actually get down here and just do a little different position. Go for it. (stomp) Nice. Can I have you stand up there again? Yeah. Just for a second. Alright, make sure you don't blow out highlights. Go for it. (stomp) Wow, alright.

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This is a very short course for beginners wanting to know how best to shoot action. Great tips from Michael.


A neat little class on shooting and editing action video on your iPhone. It's mainly intended for beginners, but even experienced photographers with no video know-how will learn some useful tips on using their phone to shoot. Short and to the point!

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