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Cardigan Sleeves

Lesson 5 from: How to Crochet an Arcade Stitch Cardigan

Vickie Howell

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Lesson Info

5. Cardigan Sleeves

Lesson Info

Cardigan Sleeves

all right, so we have created our back and our size, and now we're ready to talk sleeves. The really cool thing, though, is that you already know everything that you need to know to know how to create the sleaze. Why is that? You ask Well, because these are kimono sleaze. So you can see here that they have kind of just a nice fluid structure there, a little bit wide, and that is all done because there's zero shaping their actually rectangles. They're just big rectangles. So this is kind of liberating, I think, from a designer's perspective, because shaping sleeves in a traditional cardigan can be a little intimidating from a designer perspective. And sometimes from a Christian perspective, because there's some math involved. I don't know nothing about no math, so I've taken all that out by making these rectangles. But what's awesome is that you'll get to see how easy it is to create a sleeve out of what normally would just basically look like a blanket, right? So I've created a we vers...

ion of the entire sweater, actually, and this is going to be the sleeve so justice we did for the back and for the front pieces. We started with a single Cochet edging. Then we worked on our arcade stitch pattern forest, long as the pattern calls for for the size that you're making, and then you're gonna go ahead and fasten off from there, you're gonna have a little rectangle and all that we're gonna end up doing, and we'll talk about this in a bit. It's folded in half, and that's gonna create your sleeve like, Boom, you're done. So really, that's it. There's nothing really new to explore to that other than how we're going to get them toe all fit together. So we're gonna chat that next.

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Sarah Modrell

Great video! Beautiful pattern. Wish the camera would zoom in more on her hands when doing the stitch work. I adore Vickie Howell. She is a great teacher. Cannot wait to see more of her videos in the future. I can't wait to make my cardigan!

Joscelyn Williams

This is a great project. It gives me confidence that I can do this. She is a very good teacher and easy to follow along with.

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