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Crochet the Belt

Lesson 8 from: How to Crochet an Arcade Stitch Cardigan

Vickie Howell

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8. Crochet the Belt

Lesson Info

Crochet the Belt

All right, So now we're gonna do is we're gonna talk about a belt. You could actually wear this sweater without a belt and just let it hang. Or I've even worn one before we've gotten a leather belt or something. Totally contrast ing wearing two. That's kind of more fashion forward. But if you're just gonna be hanging out at home or you're gonna use this as a comfy yoga sweater be really nice just to have kind of the essential bathrobe tie, frankly, and that's what I've created for this pattern. And I'm not gonna make the whole thing for you, but I just because it's a different stitch than what we've been doing for the entire sweater. I did want to take a moment to at least get you started on it. So we're gonna take our large hook and we are going to chain seven and then we're going to be working in half double crochet A. So we need toe HDC or half double Cochet in the 1st 2nd third stitch from the hook. So have total crush. A. You yearn over you insert the stitch threw the hook urine o...

ver again. Pull that loop through you Should you'll now have three loops on your hook You're gonna yarn over and you're gonna pull through all three and you're going to do the same thing and every chain to the end of the row. Once we come to the end of the road, we're gonna turn our peace. And by the way, we will now have five have double crush a stitches we're gonna chain to We're going tohave total cruciate in the same stitches we chained. We're not gonna count that chain to at all. Often I will. But for this because I wanted to have a nice, smooth edge for a belt. I I would like you to just do the chain to and the other stitch within that same space. So you're working your half double crush a in every stitch across. Then you flip it, Shane to work the half double crush a all the way across. And you're just gonna continue doing this for about 64 inches or as long as you want the belt tie to be. And then once you're done with that, you'll just fasten off. You'll make sure to finish the sweater. You'll make sure that you even all of your ends. You can block it if necessary. Although I may blocks pieces separately before I seem them, it's kind of up to you. This particular yarn I didn't block mine at all. It drapes so nicely it wasn't necessary. The pat, the weight of the pattern stitch really kind of makes everything draped the way it should. So that's totally your call, depending on what yarn that you use. So we did it. You just made an entire sweater. You now have a post apocalyptic skills. Clothes need to be made. You can make them so. Great job. I hope you have fun. I hope that you enjoy this sweater. I would love to see pictures of your works in project progress. And you're finished sweaters. So please post pictures on social media tag at Viki Howell Tag creativelive. Tell a friend if you know anybody else that wants to make a sweater, please refer to them to this class. I'm so excited that you sat here for the entire journey. I hope that you feel completely empowered to make garments and I hope to see you for other future crafts on creative life.

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Sarah Modrell

Great video! Beautiful pattern. Wish the camera would zoom in more on her hands when doing the stitch work. I adore Vickie Howell. She is a great teacher. Cannot wait to see more of her videos in the future. I can't wait to make my cardigan!

Joscelyn Williams

This is a great project. It gives me confidence that I can do this. She is a very good teacher and easy to follow along with.

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