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Front of Cardigan

Lesson 4 from: How to Crochet an Arcade Stitch Cardigan

Vickie Howell

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4. Front of Cardigan

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Lesson Info

Front of Cardigan

All right, now we're ready to work on the front pieces of our sweater. The cool thing is is that you're gonna make to front pieces, but they're gonna be made exactly the same. You don't have to reverse shaping. You don't have to mirror anything because these pieces air actually reversible. So they look exactly the same on each side, so you can just flip one over. So once you know how to do one side, you can just copy it and do it for the second side. So what I'm gonna focus on for this lesson is not the majority of the peace, because you've got that. You totally know. It's the same edging as we did for the back with a single Cochet. It's the same arcade stitch pattern up to the waistline as we did for the back. It's the same shaping as we did for the back where we went to a smaller hook for those few inches. And then we switched back to the larger hook until we got to our under arm shaping. So that's where I'm going to start you off now. And what I did is I just created a little Swatch...

. That's exactly the same width of this riel piece. You can see. I'm gonna bring it over here so you can see it's the same width because again, much as I did with the back, I wanted you to see the exact stitch count, and then I'll pull in the little We'd all sizes too, so you can get a better sort of aspect ratio of what the shaping overall looks like. So I'm gonna move this out of the way. And But just so you know, we're gonna be creating the next shaping right here the slope and the arm hole shaping at the same time. And I'm gonna walk you through that now. All right. So suspension of disbelief. This is a whole entire side piece. And now we're to the point where we need to shape at the neckline and at the underarm. So we've ended our entire piece at a row. Three of the stitch pattern. So now we're gonna work as for row four, but with the modifications for shaping. So for we're going to begin with the chain one. We're gonna slip stitch in that chain to space. We're gonna slip stitch in the next two single crow Shays That seems familiar, right? Same underarm shaping as you did for the back. And then we're gonna go ahead and work our stitch pattern, and we're gonna work that stitch pattern all the way until we get to that last three single crush a group. So I'm just gonna go ahead and work the stitch pattern as we have been doing thus far. So just hang out, do a little crush saying the cool thing about this stitch pattern is that you'll get it memorized really fast so that you won't even have to refer to the chart after a while or refer to the You only need to refer to the pattern probably just for when they're shaping involved and to no, 123456 I got talking, and I did too many to know, You know, when you need to stop or when you need to fasten off for whatever it really does become second nature, which makes it fun, Um, and also really great project to work while you're binge watching TV or listening to a podcast or whatever it is that you enjoy doing, why you are stitching. So this particular sweater that we're making right now is sort of Ah, there. It's a variation of one that a design that I designed many years ago but has sort of been really popular for me. I had a long version of it with a hood for a book that I wrote called Pop Coz Crush A several years ago. And then I did a shorter version without a hood, but that had kind of a longer sailor neck for when I had my former yard line and then and the pictures from it still sort of float around on Instagram. You may have seen the picture of this cardigan, but only in a green version. And with that longer collar line on Instagram. This is the same sweater I just took. I did a little modification here. There, I changed the yarn. I changed the weight so the drape would be different. And I took away that long sailor collar and just left it really nice and simple. And this is just one of those projects that you'll be able tow wear with anything. It'll work really well with, you know, jeans and a T shirt. It can also be worn just kind of over a nice like summer dress. Or you can wear it with yoga pants just at home, hanging out, being comfy and cozy. This will be kind of like a go to project for you, which is really great when you put this much time into something to know that you're gonna get a lot of wear out of it. And you don't really have to worry about so much about fit because the shaping is very loosey goosey. So you could really just throw it on at any time. And we've made sure. Like I said before that we've sized it for many, many sizes. So there's a little something for everyone. Okay, so we worked all the way across 12345 and we're at the end where that the three single crush a grouping is. So we need Teoh Skip the next to single crash A and we're going to do it's called an sc two tog or single crush a two together over the next single crush A and first chain of the chain to space. So what does that mean? I will show you So the single crush a two together, we're gonna insert our hook into one stitch yarn over pulled the loop through. Then we're gonna leave. We're not gonna continue with that single Cochet. We're going to go over to the chain that they were talking about, that they I wrote the pattern I was talking about, and you're going to yarn over and pull loop through there. You'll now have three loops on your hook. You want a yarn over, Pull through all three loops and you've now turned to stitches in tow one. And you from there are gonna turn and leave the rest of the stitches on worked. You're gonna flip him over, and that's gonna create part of your next shaping what I lost my own. All right, so now we are on road to we're gonna chain one. We're going to skip the 1st 2 stitches to skip that, the one that we just worked in Skip the next D C. And then we're gonna single crush A in the next three stitches will change three. Skip those next three stitches and then single Cochet in the next three. So we were basically back and stitch pattern. Now is what's happening. We're getting over to the other side so we can work on some more shaping Chain three skipped three single cachet in the next three. Skip. Three single cachet in the next three. Skipped three. You get the gist. We're just working that Rove stitch pattern until we get We're working our way to the last double Cochet. And I believe that we are almost there. So we've got our three and we're going to single Crow Shay in the last double Cochet. So we've worked. We've done our three. We've done our three, so we're skipping that one. This is our last double crush A actually. You know it. I'm not gonna do that. We skipped all of these stitches. I like that slant. What I meant to say was three single crow Shays, then the next double Cochet is your last double cruciate. You're going to do an additional single Cochet from here. You're going to turn. All right, so now we're ready for Row three of our shaping. We're gonna chain one skip first single crush a and we're gonna single crow shay in the next two stitches and then we start our whole process again of our double crushes. And you're gonna work in the established pattern until we get to our last single Cochet or excuse me? Chain three space. So go ahead and work on that, and I will do the same. All right? I've made it all the way across, and I'm to my last, um, chain three space. So what I want to do is I want to do a little more shaping here, and I want to single Cochet. I'm gonna skip the next two stitches and I want to single Cochet two together over the last two single crashes. And I got a little overzealous. I have one more batch of five DC's to dio in that chain. Three. All right, so I'm gonna skip this single crow shade and then I'm gonna single Cochet two together over these last two single Chris Shays. So to do that, I'm inserting the hook yonder over. Pull that stitch through, inserting the hook in the next stitch urine over. Pull that through urine over. Pull the stitches through All three. Alright. Shaping is happening. Can you see the slope that slowly happening right here? This is going to create the neckline that you're going to see. It'll give you kind of that v neck of effect. All right, so that was row three. So now we're ready for row, for we're going to chain one. We're going to skip the 1st stitches, and then we're gonna single Croce in the next three Double Crow Shay's. And then we're gonna work in our established pattern until we get to the other side again and again. I'm just changing three skipping three single CO Xiang once and every in the next three single crash A stitches. Okay, so we worked. And we need to get Teoh our last three stitches. I can see those air right here. We're exactly where we're supposed to be. So yes, and we're going to chain Teoh Skip the next two stitches. So there's those and we're gonna single Cochet in the last stitch and then turn. All right, now we're on Teoh. Row five were changing three. We're going to do to Double Crow Shays in the next chain to space, so that's right here. They were gonna go over and we're going to skip all this action and we're gonna do single crush a in the center of the single crush a grouping. And then we're gonna go ahead as establishing. We're gonna work our five dc's in the chain to space. You guys have totally got this right by now. So we're doing that all the way as established to the opposite end to get to the last single Cochet. We're getting close working. Our last little batches of double crash A's in their chain three space go into our last stitch And it says that we should go to the last single Cochet and we're going to skip the last single Cochet and then double Cochet in the beginning. Chain one. I just realized that I'm not ready to be. I need to do one more single crusher there. OK, now I'm where I need to be. So what I want to do is I want to dio a single crush a and at the beginning of that. Okay, we're gonna flip our peace, and you can really see this taking shape literally and figuratively. You've got your arm. You've got your arm hole on your arm shaping rather over here. You've got the slope of the neckline happening over here All right. So we only have a couple more rose to go of the shaping before. We can just keep on keeping on with our regular street up crushing. So we're on Roe. What did I just say? We're on rose six. So we're gonna chain one. We're gonna skip the 1st 3 stitches, and we're gonna single crush A in the next chain. Three space. Gene wants the next three double crow. Shays rather so not the space. So what we're doing is we're skipping a bunch of stitches. We're going over the arch, and we are going Teoh just start single crushing. And that's kind of giving it a little like nip tuck action right there. Create making that slope slope even more. And then you're gonna go ahead and continue as establish working. Our single Cochet is in the double crashes. You know the drill right now we want to keep going all the way until we get to the end of our row. Whoops. My chain threes would be helpful. three. Single crow. Shays chaining three. Skipping that little valley. Okay, so this is where we need to be at the end. So we're going. Teoh Single crow, Crow Shay in the last double Cochet from the row below. And then you're also gonna single Cochet in the chain one from the chain stitch, too. Sometimes you have to kind of wiggle your hook to get in there. But just do what you gotta do, and that's that. Okay, so this is the last road that I am going to show you. This is Rose seven. For this one. We're gonna chain one. We're gonna single, crush A in the 1st 2 stitches, and then we're gonna go right into our five double crushes. Picked up a loop from down below. Get rid of that loop. 45 And we're just again in our step established pattern, working the five DCs in the chain three spaces working the single Cochet in the center of the single Cochet groupings all the way to the other end. Okay, so I'm doing my last should be my last. Yep, My last double Croce grouping. And now I want to make sure I'm at my last three single crush, a grouping which is right here. And I want Teoh skip the next to and then What we're gonna do is we're gonna do another decrease. So we're gonna skip the to next to single crush a Chris Shays, and then we're gonna single crush a two together over that next single crush A And in the beginning, Chain one, the turning Chain. So I'm skipping those two. So I'm going Teoh Single crush A That single Cochet together with this chain. It's a little hard to see. Don't stress over. It just kind of find a place that looks like it might work and make it work. Pull that loop through urine over and pull through all three loops. Okay, so that is totally established. You're gonna repeat Rose four through six again. You know how to do it. Those I won't show you again. But just as we established to create this is the neckline and you can see because I've been showing you the opposite side. I flipped it over. It looks just a good. So this is a totally reversible piece, which is cool. So you're gonna go ahead and repeat those and then once you're done with the rest of the shaping, as we've already established, you'll continue working in the arcade stitch pattern until it measures the same length as your back piece. So super easy, you're just gonna lay the piece down. You could bust out a ruler or measuring tape if you want to, but really, you could just lay them down and hold them next to each other and make sure that they're at the same place. And then you would just pass it off, and that is all there is to it. For the front pieces again, you'll be making two of them.

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Great video! Beautiful pattern. Wish the camera would zoom in more on her hands when doing the stitch work. I adore Vickie Howell. She is a great teacher. Cannot wait to see more of her videos in the future. I can't wait to make my cardigan!

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This is a great project. It gives me confidence that I can do this. She is a very good teacher and easy to follow along with.

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