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Intermediate Bezel Setting for Jewelry Making

Bonnie Heras

Intermediate Bezel Setting for Jewelry Making

Bonnie Heras

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1 Sizing & Shaping Your Ring Duration:27:02
2 Creating the Bezel Platform Duration:05:48
3 Making the Bezel Duration:09:12
4 Soldering the Bezel Duration:07:47
6 Setting the Stone Duration:11:35

Class Description

Setting stones and bezeling can take your rings from simple to spectacular. Bonnie Heras guides you, step-by-step, through the ring making process in Intermediate Bezel Setting for Jewelry Making.

Bonnie spent years studying metal arts and jewelry design and in this intermediate-level class she’ll show you how to make a basic silver ring. You’ll learn:

  • Basic ring forming
  • Sawing, filing, and soldering techniques
  • How to create a bezel setting
  • Adding the final touches with patina and polish

There are many steps to forming a basic and beautiful ring, let expert instructor Bonnie Heras guide you through the process.

Check the bonus materials below for a complete product list of the tools and supplies you need to finish this project.



The content was good but could not see some of the techniques. Maybe use of the overhead camera positioned over the work space would have helped. Overall a good class.

Maggy Mason-Hughes

The instructor was excellent but the camera work was not! This is a detailed technique, suggest the camera person get an idea of what they are filming and do better close ups of the important techniques. If I didn't know a bit about bezel setting, this video would rate very poorly. For those that are new to this, I'm sure they missed a lot by not having the correct close ups / over shoulder shots. Maybe refilm those and insert into the class course?