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Manipulating 3D Shapes

I'm gonna blow your minds file new starting from scratch in fact just any size somethings you guys can see it and here it is starting in here and let's just go back to a simple example because I want to make sure we're all on the same page selecting you know for instance this heart right are drawing a heart this could be any color let's make it read ok same process jumping out there opening up the three d panel making that extrusion right and watch I'll show you what happens look so it'll take whatever image or color is going to be on that side right that's what's going on there at any time I can jump in aiken literally jump in here and just use my paintbrush and start to paint on any side that I want to just like I'm doing right now guys so I couldn't go ahead I could add type had my add your boyfriend girlfriend's name right on the side right you could do that and if this is printed in sandstone you would actually get that I'm gonna undo that I might oh yes let's do that here is my b...

rush those their hearts that I'm painting onto it just kind of for fun right? Okay so what's going on there? Well it's this extrusion material so I'm gonna come right over here I'm selecting that extrusion and actually already made this little bit math there but if I wanted to, I can actually rather than painting on this three d stuff check it out I can just jump in here home on hit edit texture and that's what I painted right? So if I want to instead and let me just move this off to the side you know, maybe we want to do something different like grab the uh oh, I'm kind of losing my mind right now where is the great into there it is I'm just picking I'm just going to change this but I'm going to change that to something like that right? And I'm going to save it and you could see how it changed over here, right? I can do whatever I want over here and, uh it's just like painting on the object so this is how they all the guys who do textures, the designers of new textures for games are working in a mode kind of like this where they're painting here or painting on the object and they see it reflected but all you need to do is grab the brush and start painting away right? That was only half of it they're right I kind of liked the that's actually let's go with it where this is colorful um check this out next up ready for this again seemingly innocent, just a nice little heart let's rotate it up just for fun jump in there do our fun like extrusion cz maybe do a twist right let's taper it down like that right? Um check this out guys like I think this is pretty cool I want to turn this into a vase now I just decided three d object right have the color I understand that what needs to happen for this I need to pop the top off right? How do I pop the top off just to make a different mesh with empty or whatever check this out I could go to the front inflation material should be that one yeah that's the one selecting that I can just take the capacity down to zero and I've just made a hollow I mean, do you guys want that to be harder because it's not it's that easy when you've got to be kidding me jumping in there you know? And I've just made it hollow yes it is very psychedelic with the color I realized that so at this point I'll just change it go read but yeah that's basically hollow and even if I change the lighting you can see that it is empty right in there I can I can do something even more advanced guys so I think that's pretty cool but for the material on the side what if I wanted to do like cool latticework or something else which wouldn't make for a great base because it would be it would have holes throughout it but what if I wanted to do just like a neat design and maybe it is a pen holder or something like that going to that extrusion material remember we played with the opacity but check this out I'm going to make a new texture it's just go with that size and see what it does and I'm gonna edit that texture okay so here's this texture and at this point I'm going to just add something like this just for the sake of time jump in there and do something like that right so there's my latticework I'm editing the um the opacity material right so masking and photo shop you know whatever is black you're gonna be able to see through it whatever is why it's going to show up it's the same concept here saying hey you know whatever's white going to see how close that and that's what I just did well that's where you guys are like slow yeah I clap for myself apparently who does that by the first person to do that by the way or have other people other people do too okay well we all have like egos apparently and because this is fun stuff and you know I didn't make photoshopped but I'm going to exploit it for all it's worth a look at that I mean that tell me that's not cool right that is straight up cool by trying to print this that's going to be another story right how like I haven't even talked about the scout scaffolding too much but actually no this would be a fine print that's what I did I jump in here seen come over here let's make it uh let's go a sculptor go this time let's make it a red polished plastic selecting that and I know it doesn't look like it is transparent but it but it will be when I hit print right I've done it so you guys get the idea but in general that's what I do it's elected plastic mature I'd send it to sculpt theo or shapeways and then I'd get it in my house a days later right? She has any more questions did you have a question going back to the car? The three d car that yeah is that going to be a vase that's something that's designed in another dobie program or is it something like you would buy like stock photography awful off from a company you know what would be available? Just anything a model of a hamburger, a truck, a car? Yeah that's a good question like so where do you get this content that model in that particular case we obvious we got it from out he's working without that's really that's how they're they're they're art department if you will that's how they do things so it was probably modeled in their expensive you know, architectural style modeling software and then they kick out a model like something easy it could be you're dea or whatever random like your o b j file and so the point is it could come from any other program it's not going to come from another w program or photo shop it's going come from a three d program and then we could load it into photo shop and then then we can do the lighting in position that into a scene so so that's how that's in you know kind of t finish up there I just went to get more three d content and that's where you'll find some various materials so you'll have all these various companies when you can get models and meshes and different things right so that's and it's really easy and just just by the way even even for sculptor sculpt eo even she's using shapeways real fast and then I'll answer your question thing averse think verses one that's not I didn't see it there um no no it is sorry there it is a thing of verse is a really popular one specific to three d printing so this is where I got the iphone case like the bumper right that's where I got it and then I made this design myself so I got the bumper if you will and then I just filled it in so yeah yeah no if you went back to any one of your other shapes you created but if you went back to like the heart you just did and you wanted to stick like a square base onto it how do you stick the base onto it um and you're just a base is part of the design yes great question and this all comes back down to basic shapes guys so I'd come in here and literally I'm just doing a right click and I think it's actually available down here is well but nonetheless it's going to be adding it actually do this three d new mess from larry just so you guys concede that better but I would I would jump in and I would do a cube right so watch this check this out because this is what you're gonna run into you're going to grab a model and then you're going to design your own extrude something like how do I put those things together like selecting cube house let's do this this is what's gonna happen you're going to three d you know give me a a cube and this is what happens like you have this cube that's part of a different universe it's like we have parallel universes going on it's not part of the heart's universe so that's when you need to jump in this is really important I'm going to select those two layers right and then I want to d'oh merge three d layers take those two worlds and make them part of one so that's why I'm the biggest thing that write that down does that yeah go ahead yeah ok so on your heart there have sent it in to get it printed it would be it would have a bunch of little scaffoldings between the things right is there a way you could make it one swirly stripe instead of several yes that's right that's really good thinking um so you're right you're kind of thinking ahead as in yes first of all just a correction the scaffolding is that's going to be the case for your printer in the other room right that's what's happening for those type of printers shapeways and sculpt theo they do everything based on that powder so there are no supports that get built in so it's going to be super clean does that make sense it's kind of like that I don't know I didn't really let that video play very long but it's that powder so you don't need any of those supports but I like how you're thinking because I would start thinking like that if I have a printer I would make it in such a way that it doesn't have to build up all those scaffolding so I would jump in in this case I would go to that extrusion material go into the that texture right here and we'll move that off to the side so rather than having that go so horizontally I would rotate it to get larger this is kind of a guessing game at this point but already that we know that shape is not going is going to be successful because they're going up work does that make sense had all the answers your question does it it's closer so thank you don't do this you know what's that it's not like I could don't do this right now so uh well by all means like you guys I will you know hit me up you know, my my twitter handle is right here by the way that's part of the best way to get a hold of me at paul tranny as you dive into this because I really want you guys to be successful at this but you're right I'd probably just that so it does angle like so and uh and have it work that way so in general that's what you can do all right yeah what happened? Where a lot of us watching our probably photographers also how can we utilize like what ways are utilizing portrait's and making those three d yeah and you do that? Yes you can yes, you can hand me that that black box there there's a just handing the whole box I want to show you um so great question so photography and three d printing uh my initial thought with that really is you know I think of the selfies because it's you know think about it like you you could be if you could be a wedding photographer you know you do all that but really the big kicker their guys and even like I said new materials coming out all the time I don't if you've seen this but you could have the couple printed out in full color sugar and have them on top of the wedding cake and that's a service you might be able to offer seriously what would it actually takes in that case is they have to go down just like I did our tech three d is a company actually in palo alto alto is where I did this but you just standing you they'd have the wedding couple you get that digital file you could do whatever you want with it right the sugar aspect is something that's like brand spanking new it's not there yet but and a three d photography locations for couples to go to because palo alto it's not gonna be accessible for everyone you know yeah yeah honestly it's kind of keeping track of sort of the various blog's unfortunately I wish there was one but it's just doing some research for your area there's one in new york city again silicon valley like we just mentioned but that's the idea they want to start opening up these little just like you have your glass your glamour shots at the mall or whatever the ideas like yeah you can go get scanned and then an hour later ideally you have your little mini me you know but that's a service you'd want to you know, offer your clients potentially another thing I was just going to mention is ah, a little feign you guys know with a feigns like it's this and it's your results may vary it is right in here but taking a photo and making it a sort of a a relief for like, a depth map and I mean this is you know I mean maybe not the best example but all I did I'll show you how how I made this but I just took a photo so of my dad right? And I've added depth to it using the bump map right and turn this into again this little feign which looks really cool in the lighting if I would have more detail here but what's happening here is like the blacks recede and then the whites come forward right? So that gives you that death but I'm glad you mention that so if you wanted to do something simple like this guys I just knocked this out didn't take me long because luckily what did I do? I went to get more content went out here and actions and scripts is where you can get uh a script that's your lif of fame script in here so I won't really run through it uh right now but I will just show you really fast actions little fame so download the actions and then you'll get that lift a feign and you can do this with a photo cool and this is really just a three d file the fact that I put it out in this material what I just kind of wanted to do but it could just as easily be a medal or whatever um I know you guys want to see that don't you? Um two seconds I'm all about going on tangents but yeah let me just grab this again I don't want to pick this embarrassing it's ridiculous but bear with me um it's an action there it is let's close that save and it is make little feign ready for this so here it isthe he's not home this was not rehearsed that's why that happened everybody did you look at the models over there you're going to see that? Did you guys everybody get a good look at those? The problem there is I didn't have my file set up I just needed to keep that as a background and it would go ahead and make that relief and then it's a three d model and what did what did I have to do? Nothing right piece of cake

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Want to bring a new dimension to your creative work? Adobe® Photoshop® Creative Cloud® makes it possible with its rich set of 3D image tools.

In this class, Paul Trani will take you through the fundamentals of 3D in Adobe® Photoshop®. You’ll learn how to create and import a 3D object, manipulate it, add texture, and composite it seamlessly into a photo. Paul will show you how to work with products, abstract designs, and text. You’ll also learn about moving from the screen to the physical world using the 3D printing capabilities of Adobe® Photoshop®.

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