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Introduction to Large Format Photography

Daniel Gregory

Introduction to Large Format Photography

Daniel Gregory

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2 Large Format Camera Types Duration:07:42
3 Basic Camera Elements Duration:13:52
4 Large Format Lenses Duration:10:29
5 Mounting Lenses Duration:04:39
6 Metering Duration:06:48
7 Tripods Duration:03:30
8 Accessories Duration:07:18
9 Film Loading Duration:05:19
11 Camera Movements Duration:14:40
12 Camera Movements : Focusing Duration:13:18
13 Metering and Exposure Duration:21:05
14 Packing Up Duration:05:53
15 Large Format Shoot: Outdoors Duration:24:25
16 Shooting Indoors: Set Up Duration:13:43
17 Large Format Shoot: Indoors Duration:11:23

Class Description

Explore a new (or rather historic) way of approaching your photography. When you learn to utilize a large format camera like a 4 x 5 you’re forced to slow down, observe and shoot sparingly. Artist and educator Daniel Gregory, will start with the basics like what exactly is a large format camera and why you should use one. He’ll demonstrate the art of using this workflow and give a guide that sets up up for success in the field.

You’ll learn:

  • How to setup and care for the camera
  • Camera movements
  • Metering and exposure techniques
  • How to pick the best shot when in the field
  • How to add studio light to a portrait
  • Color correction techniques using film and gels

Some of the most legendary photographs were shot using large format cameras. In this course, you’ll learn the art and technique that went into capturing those memorable photos so you can start to craft and create imagery on your own.



Daniel is an excellent teacher. His approach of teaching common mistakes and then explaining the proper way to do something is very helpful. The entire film series is excellent. I can't say I have a favorite over any of the others classes in the series. Each class covers great information. I learned photography back when digital didn't exist. Even after shooting film for so many years, I still learned some great tidbits from these classes. I highly recommend this series for anyone considering learning film or getting back into film.

a Creativelive Student

I'm surprised by some of the negative reviews on this course. I think Daniel did a great job presenting what is, ostensibly, an entry-level course on large format photography. I have shot LF photography for several years about a decade ago with a speed graphic but need to do a project with a monorail camera for some architecture (large enlargements) and wanted to get up to speed on the movements, swings, tilts, etc. I ended up watching the whole thing since I've been digital over the past decade since going pro. He was direct, to the point, no 'ummms and ahhhs' and had great insight. Large format photography takes some learning of the camera movements but it is such a niche that I am not surprised it is covered as a basic intro course. The real learning happens during your mistakes with this genre. Wait until you see your negatives, enlargements and scans!