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Let Go

Lesson 7 of 10

Be Present

Briohny Smyth

Let Go

Briohny Smyth

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Lesson Info

7. Be Present

Lesson Info

Be Present

Yogi. It's dry and welcome to this 20 minute be present practice. Any time I need to be present in my life or feel like my mind is super busy, I like to move and flow with my breath at the forefront of my focus. So that's exactly what we're gonna do in this practice. If you need blocks or anything that you typically use in your practice and feel free to have him, let's get started. We're going to get started in a comfortable seat sitting in Sioux, Katsina. You can have your right shin in front of your left if it's more comfortable to sit on Ah, prop, whether it be a block or bolster or even a blanket. Feel free to do so. Close your eyes. Once you get into that comfortable seat, find a comfortable place for your hands, whether they're in your lap or the palms were on your knees anywhere that allows for your shoulders or your arms to relax freely from your shoulders. And once the eyes closed, turn on your breathing. Find your O J. Breath with that slight restriction of the muscles at the...

back of your throat and as you breathe, focusing on getting your inhalations as equal as possible to your excel. Ations like to invite you to follow the breath. Follow that inhalation all the way up to the top. Observe that transition between your inhalation and your ex elation, and then follow that X elation all the way down to the bottom and observe that next transition from X elation to inhalation and do that just a couple more times. Sometimes it's helpful to observe how these this breathing affects your body. So as you inhale, feel the expansion of the ribs of the chest of your back ribs. Even observe that transition towards the ex elation and as you exhale, feel the body to the opposite. The chest days lifted, but the back ribs pull in the front ribs, pullin on the diaphragm lifts one more time. Feel that or observed that transition between the X elation and as you inhale, begin to expand the diaphragm, presses down the ribs, expand out the chest lifts in this time, open your mouth, sigh it out. Great job. Hopefully, you're feeling a little more present than you did just a couple of minutes ago. And if that meditation or that Prana Yama was challenging for you. Just remember that anything that you're trying to learn or change takes practice slowly. Begin to open your eyes. Switch the cross of your legs. We're going to do breath of fire or Kapali Bhatti. Okay, so you don't have to focus much on your inhalations. They'll happen pretty naturally. It's more so on that X elation, right? That very sharp pumping of the naval in towards the spine. If you want to drop your chin to your chest just slightly, you can do that for Jalandhar. Vonda, Inhale just softly and exhale sharply. Keep going. Just observing the sound that Capella Bhatti is creating within your nasal passages within the ear canals. Almost there. Inhale Feli. Drop your chin to your chest. Pause ceiling In that life, force that prana. You've just created energy. Then lift the chin, let it go. Open your eyes and come into tabletop position. Starting the practice with prana Yama is such a powerful way to really get your mind to connect with the fact that the difference between yoga and any acrobatics or aerobics is the breath and the breath can really bring your mind into this present moment, so we're going to take a few cat cows in a second, but I really want you to allow your breathing to guide your movements. So before we back, then, start to inhale, then begin to create that back, then sending your chest through the gateway of the shoulders, lifting your sit bones up. Fill the lungs, pause and then transition. Begin toe, exhale first and then change the body. Shape, exhaling foot fully spreading your shoulder blades wide, drawing your tailbone down. Start to inhale first, then begin to take that movement or follow the breath into your back. Meant deep breaths. Exhale first and follow that X elation into cat position as you around one more time. Inhale following that inhalation, creating that space with it and then exhale first following the X elation into that rounded position, drawing the navel in the chin to the chest. Inhale to a neutral spine. Tuck the toes under, exhale first and begin toe. Lift the knees up into downward facing dog. Finding that first downward dog the practice. Keeping in mind that the breath I ask for you to allow your breathing to be the guide for your movement. During this practice, yoga teachers will usually guide each movement with the breath, but following it is the hard part. So here in your down dog, trying to find stillness. First I gripped the mat with the fingertips. Squeeze in with the forearm. Spread your shoulder blades. Lift the ribs in the naval. Find the heels routing towards the earth. No, close your eyes. Just breathe. You can focus on the effects of your breath on your body. As you inhale, you feel a lot more length. Does you acts? Hale. You can feel a little more support drawing the ribs, the low belly. In one more beautiful job, open your eyes, start to inhale and then follow that inhalation forward into plank posts, shifting all the way forward to the tips of your toes. Start toe. Exhale and follow that X elation down into cheddar Rhonda all the way down to your belly, untucked your toes. Use your inhalation to peel the shoulders up into cobra and acts. Hail. Lower the chest down two more times. Inhale. Lift the heart up, pushed through the hands. Lift up into cobra. Exhale lower down. Last time. Inhale lift up to Cobra or upward facing dog use at deep breath to open the shoulders, fill your lungs an ax. Hail back into downward facing dog. Taking those deep breaths. Here, we'll take two more Vin Yosses together, allowing your breathing to guide your movements. Really focus on my breath cues. Inhale fully. Come forward into plank slow chatter. Ranga As you exhale. Feli inhale upward facing dog. Fill the lungs to find that depth in the posts. Exhale downward facing dog. You'll find that even your movement slows down when you're focusing on your breath, guiding you one more time. Inhale fully forward into plank. Exhale fully that slow cheddar unga. Inhale fully upward facing Doc. Exhale downward facing dog. Great job bringing your feet together. Take a deep inhalation As you look forward, come high to your toes. Bend your knees and use your ex elation toe hop forward. Inhale to a flat back. Fill your lungs as you take your feet to hips, distance and exhale. Fold all the way down. Grab a hold of opposite elbows. Lift the quadriceps to get your legs to feel a little longer. Lift your sit bones up high. Stay in this position. Just inhale length into both sides of the waist. Then, as you exhale, keep that length. Draw your navel and your ribs and push down to the feet. Inhale fully rising all the way up towards standing. Exhale, drawing your hands to your heart. Let's keep moving, allowing or breath to really guide our movement. Getting your minds to be really, really present in what we're doing. Inhale Feli. Reaching the arms out to come up. Exhale feli forward fold. Inhale feli to that flat back. Exhale plant the palms jump back into Cheddar Unger, then inhale. Fill your lungs upward. Facing dog. Exhale downward facing dog. We're not really going to stop here in down dog will do Syria a a few more times and keep our movement going. Look forward as you inhale to your toes. Bend your knees. Inhale fully first, then exhale to jump forward. Inhale to your flat back. Exhale to fold. Fill your lungs as you inhale. Rise all the way up Deep breaths. Here, exhale hands to your heart. Inhale arms. Reach, exhale, Fold it down. Inhale to a flat back. You can step back through the vin Yasa or plant the palms and jump as you exhale straight in the charter. Ranga Inhale up, Doc. Exhale downward facing dog feet together. Inhale. Look forward at your hands. Come to the toes, bend your knees. Exhale, hopped to the front of the mat. Flat back. Inhale fold. Exhale, inhale rise. Exhale hands to your heart. Who will do two more rounds? You're probably noticing that everything is much slower, much longer. Elongating the breath and allowing it to guide your movement really slows everything down. Inhale arms. Reach. Exhale fully as you fold. Inhale fully to a flat back plant. The palms exhale stepper. Hop it back, then Yasa. We'll meet in down Doc. Once you get to down dog, bring your feet together. Inhale to your toes, bend your knees and exhale to hop flat back. Inhale fold. Exhale, inhale rise. Exhale hands to your heart. One more round. Inhale fully. Reach your arms. I encourage you to do this round with your eyes closed. Exhale, Fold flat back in him. Plant the palms. Exhale vin Yasa down dog. Bring your feet together as you inhale to your toes. Bend your knees. Exhale. Hop to the front of the mats flat back. Inhale fully. Exhale to fold. Inhale rising all the way up. Fill your lungs as you lift your heart as you exhale. Draw your hands to your heart. Keep your eyes closed. Stand tall. Keeping your hands at your heart. Just observe how your body feels, how your mind feels. Then bring your attention back to your breath, bringing your mind's eye to the base of your heels. Inhale and bring that inhalation all the way up the backs of your legs up the sides of your spine, up your shoulders in the back of your head, all the way to the crown of your head. Let that inhalation get you really, really tall. Then exhale down the front of your body, drawing the navel in the ribs in pressing the inner thighs back and allowing that X elation to root down through the balls of your feet than inhale. Once again, fully open your mouth side act. Drop your hands by your side. Open your eyes, Ben Journeys. Inhale gutka toss and chair post and exhale. Sit all the way down onto your butt. Lay back onto your back, keeping your feet down on the ground, laying down onto your back, and we're gonna close this practice with some core work because with court work, you do have to be very, very present in your body toe. Actually feel it in your core, and this is something that I do right before I actually begin, Chivas and our, um find a moment for myself, whether it be in meditation or prana Yama to relax because it makes me really, really present. So feet down on the mat feet, hip's distance, hands behind your head, interlace your fingers elbows and take a deep inhalation here. And as you exhale, start to draw your navel and your ribs towards one another. Then you can begin to peel your chin up towards your chest and the look at your Bentley. Try to get your shoulder blades off the ground, inhale drop back. Let the chest expand, then exhale before you lift your head. Draw your navel and your ribs towards one another, then draw your chin to your chest and lift your shoulder blades up. Two more like that. Inhale dropped the head back. Open the arms, let the ribs expand, maybe even into a back bend, then acts. Hail draw your ribs and your navel towards one another, then peel your chin up towards your chest. Shoulder blades off the mat one more time. Inhale and exhale. Great job. Inhale. Drop your head all the way back. Extend your legs to straight. Let your feet drop open. Take one hand to your heart. One hand to the ballet, preferably left hand to the heart, right hand to your belly. Exhale fully, we'll take wave breath. So as you begin to inhale, I want you to feel the belly rise, the side ribs expand, and then the chest rise. Then, as you exhale, the exact opposite way or the same way, really, just down Exhale. Feel the chest. Deflate the side ribs de flea and then the low belly. Try that a few times as you inhale. Belly rise is side ribs. Expand chess expanse as you exhale. Chest deflates side ribs and belly. Take a few more. It's a little unnatural at first, so make sure to really focus on your inhalations as the belly rises. First the side ribs and then the chest, and as you exhale, the chest down first, then the side ribs, then the valley one more time, inhale. And this time, open your mouth. Let it go. Just begin to allow your breath control to release. Allow any of your attention to melt into the mat and then allow your practice to do its work right here in Chivas in. And this is where the true yoga starts. Now that you're not moving your body now that you're not required to do anything but be present, this is when your mind starts to wander. So try to keep your focus on that natural breath or maybe even imagine each distracting thought that comes into your mind. Imagine it floating away on a passing cloud. And even if your Shiva Sena is filled with passing clouds, at least you're not attaching to those thoughts. Feel free to take Chivas in A for A so long as it serves you. Thank you so much for being present with me Now missed a

Class Description

Skill level: Moderate
Classes: 8
Time: 15-45 minutes
Cycle: 8 days

It can be difficult to deal with the stressors of our daily lives while still expressing ourselves artistically and creatively. This restorative yoga class will help you release these feelings and habitual tensions by using flows and breathing exercises. You’ll be empowered to create a sacred space where you can let go of worry, fear and anxiety to become more peaceful and present. This restorative yoga at home course will help you:

  • Boost your mood
  • Increase your energy
  • Release tension where you hold it most: the neck, shoulders, back body, hamstrings and hips
  • Let go of negative mental energy

Briohny Smyth is one of the most renowned yoga instructors in the world. She’s best known for her signature Fit Flow classes, as well as her dedication to practicing self-care to achieve better health. She found her own path toward healing, health and purpose after ongoing struggles with body image. Becoming a mother led her to share her passion for yoga with others and begin her lifelong journey of teaching. Briohny will instruct you in:

  • Inversions and arm balances
  • Fun and invigorating flows
  • Alignment exercises
  • Feel-good poses
  • Breathing techniques and guided meditation
  • Supported postures

Workout Descriptions:

Let Go Express
This quick, 15-minute practice will help you create space in the body and relieve tension to calm the mind.

Feel good
For busy bodies and minds, open movement is key. Use this quick practice to move through a variety of "feel-good" restorative yoga poses that will help release unneeded tension from your body and mind. You'll leave the mat feeling refreshed.

Thinking or worrying too much can manifest as tension in your body. Through this practice, you will discover how to reduce mental tension and stiffness around your neck and shoulders.

Sleep Well
Although the mind can be busy during the day, it’s important to learn how to relax to get a peaceful night’s sleep. In this yoga for better sleep practice, we will use supported yoga poses to help our bodies relax, and yoga breathing exercises and guided meditation to help teach our minds to relax, and ultimately help you fall asleep.

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Emotional stress can manifest physically as tension in our neck, shoulders, low back and even our legs. This restorative yoga for stress class focuses on supported postures that help lengthen tight muscles and create space in your body and your mind to relieve stress.

Anxiety Buster
Anxiety appears in our minds when we allow fear and worry to take over, causing physical tension in the body. Through this restorative yoga for anxiety class, we will attempt to soothe anxiety through a grounding practice that helps you feel strong and confident in your body and mind.

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