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Let Go

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Preview: Feel Good

Briohny Smyth

Let Go

Briohny Smyth

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Lesson Info

1. Preview: Feel Good

Lesson Info

Preview: Feel Good

Hi, yogi it's bride and welcome to this fifteen minute feel good practice where we're going to feel great through our yoga practice make sure you have two blocks and a strap and let's get started we're going to start in su casa now with your right shin in front of your left flex your feet and make sure that you're creating more of a diamond shape with your legs rather than pulling the heels in. Take a deep inhalation as you take your hands onto your knees and lift your chest up nice and high anne hale feli fill your lungs up and as you exhale round, sit all the way back onto the sacred straighten your arms and draw your chin to your chest, stretching the muscles along the spine armed again in hill lift your heart up high, push the knees back with your hands, lift up, drawing the shoulder blades down, gazing up exhale round, rolling all the way back onto the upper glutes, arms straight chin to chest two more like that inhale toe lift and exhale too round one more inhale lift up as high ...

as you can back bending over your shoulder blades exhale round really spreading the shoulder blades across the back, drawing your chin to your chest, inhale rising up into a neutral position, reach your arms up and exhale fold forward over your legs bringing your forehead down either to the ground or to your forms if you want to use your forms as a pillow if you can't quite fold and you feel a little bit more around and just sit up a little bit and practice lengthening the spine sending your sister bones back more into an anterior pelvic tilt tilting the pelvis back if you're all the way in the full just begin to sway your torso from side to side using the movement to release all of that tension from your day or from your habitual day maybe it's the morning so you might be releasing tension from sleep then inhale rising all the way up to seed it on just switching sides left shin in front of the right take your hands onto your knees four cat cal variations here in hell lift your heart up high fill your lungs up and exhale stick out your tongue as you round theo inhale fully lift stick out the tongue exhale around in here lift on dax hail lion's breath one more in him biggest back bend yet and exhale inhale to a neutral spite reaching your arms up, keeping your feet flexed axe hail, folding all the way down whatever variations you took on the other side take them here maybe you need a block underneath the forehead or you're practicing sitting tall and sending the hips back take the arms forward as you inhale, begin to sway from side to side and hail to lengthen. Exhale. Fold for a brief moment down through such a newman in hell, rising all the way up to see that sending your legs back behind you and coming into downward facing doc using your down dog to find added length in your calves and your hamstrings, using those strong arms to send the hips up and back and the naval drawing in the low belly and to find a bit more space in the low back. Bring your feet together, shorten your down dog just a little bit and inhale. Reach your right leg up and back. Bend the knee opened the hip, lift the right knee up towards the sky as you point your right toes and see if you can really keep that left heel as heavy as possible into the mat, especially since you shorted your stance. That might be a little bit easier lifting your right knee up just a bit more to find a deeper stretching the calf in the hamstring on the left side, a deep inhalation here exhale need to nose step your right foot forward, place your left knee down onto the ground, keeping your right knee. In so don't let it splay out bring both of your hands to the inside of the right knee now from here, see how far you can move your left knee back just getting that how did stretch now into the hip flexors in the quadricep if this isn't enough sensation than lower down onto your forms? What feels good for me when I have a short amount of time to practice is to target all of the areas of my body that typically get tight through sleeping or through sitting or driving whatever it is that we do during the day that isn't yoga and for me, my hip flexors or my quads my hamstrings was get pretty tight and then pushed down through the hands. If you're on the forms the lift up back onto your hands on from here just step back into downward facing dog shorten your stance just a little bit it'll make it a little easier and actually help you feel really great in this next post bring your feet together and inhale reach your left leg up and back ban the knee opened the hip now working on that right hamstring do your best to keep your shoulder squared your navel lifted as you lift the left knee up really begin to press down firmly through the right heel whether or not it touches the ground doesn't matter just think right hell heavy draw the outer right hip back in them to the midline and feel that right hamstring open up in him and exhale. Bring your left knee to your nose. Step your left foot forward between your hands, bring your right knee down and take both hands down to the inside of your left foot, keeping the left knee and so don't let it splay out. Just move your right knee back until you feel a decent amount of sensation or stretch in the front of that right hip and thigh. You can stay here or lower down onto your forearms too deep in that stretch. Not on ly now in that right leg, but also in the left leg in her groin and hamstring breathing. Here, deep breaths inhale, rise up onto your hands. Take your hands out now wide framing your left foot. Lift your right knee up and step back into downward facing dog let's. Just take one clearing, vinnie ossa and upon her belly, inhale forward into plank. Exhale chatter, ranga lowering all the way down, rises into spinks. Position on your forearms, having your elbows, shoulders, distance your hands out wide roll the inner thighs up towards the sky just to find freedom around the sacrum and begin to pull your hands back towards your feet. Notice that as you pull your hands back, your chest moves through the gateway of your shoulders I can't even feel my torso getting longer here, lifting your navel pulling a little bit more taken a deep inhalation here lift the chest, pushed down to the elbows and exhale lower all the way down onto your forehead, taking your hands back with your hands flat down next year floating ribs hug your elbows and and inhale push down through your hands, lift the knees and the thighs up in tow, upward facing dog axe hail child's posts and then take your fingertips underneath your shoulders. Inhale lift up to seed it, grab two blocks and place him at the front of your mat the medium height and have them a bit more narrow than your shoulders, then coming into a table top position with your elbows on the blocks and your hands in prayer. The first step so we're going to do here is really begin to open up the sides of our body and free up our shoulders a little bit because we're going to take a done. You're awesome right after this. From here you're going to move your knees back, dip your chest down and let your hands rise up into a prayer position make sure that your elbows end up at the center of the blocks so that they don't tip off pushed down to the elbows in him on axe hale let the chest drop down but keep your elbows hugging in, stretching the lats the serrated us and really just allowing for that space to open up in your chest in hand exhale push down through the elbows, rise back up and moved the blocks out of the way. Come back down onto your belly now I feel really great when I do some heart opening some sort of energizing back ben backman czar. Wonderful energizer so hopefully you feel the same way. Join me by bringing your forehead down, bending your knees, reaching back with your hands for your ankles, flexing your feet and using the power of your legs. First, push the shins back toe lift the chest up, then point your toes. Lift the heels up and the knees up off the ground. Inhale open across the shoulders maybe a little smile, deep breath and axe hail release all the way down great job released your legs back your arms back, shake your hips out from side to side, turn to the other side of your face just to balance out your neck. Shake temps, then inhale onto your forehead. Take your fingertips underneath your shoulders and push yourself up to a seated position, grabbing a hold of your blocks once again, we're going to use this time to open our front body a little bit more if you're pretty flexible and you're looking for some adventure in this practice to really open up and feel great, you'll go the tallest height. If you know that the back bends tend to hurt your low back or your shoulders are a little bit tighter, you'll take both blocks the medium height sitting in front of your blocks, sending your legs out in front of you. Hold on to that first block behind you. Lay back and place it right at the center of your spine beneath the shoulder blade, so part of the block is on the shoulder blade. Then drop your head back so that the other block is supporting the back of your head. Open your arms out wide, bring the soles of your feet together, drop the knees open and let the blocks and gravity do their work. Close your eyes. Take a deep inhalation to expand the chest inside out. Just take a few breaths here, letting each inhalation helpyou find space and length. Help invigorate the back bend and each axe elation to support it, so letting the naval draw in just slightly keeping the low back nice and long couple more breaths, inhale, bring your knees together, and as you exhale, curl your chin to your chest. Roll onto that left elbow and moved the blocks off to the side. Make sure they're within reach. Lie all the way down onto your back, keeping your knees bent in a bridge position so your feet hip distance, pushed down through your feet, grab a block, lift your hips up and place the block underneath your sacred either on the medium height or the tall way. Okay, just depending on what feels good in your body, I don't want you to be feeling any pain here, so if you feel a sharp pain or sensation that's just not bearable, lower down to the medium height. If you're on the medium height, it's likely that you can't interlaced your fingers around the block, so just move from shoulder to shoulder, coming high upon to the shoulders and just hold on to the sides of the mat with your hands. If you can interlace your fingers around the block, go ahead and do so. Draw your right knee into your chest. Extend your right leg straight up towards the sky, flexing your right foot in him and axe hail using the engagement of your core to slowly lower your right heel all the way down to the mat with the right leg straight now we're working on releasing the tension from the hip flex er's this feels really good in my body. I do a lot of hip flexion in my daily life I sit in my car and drive my kids around so this is such a feel good post for me then draw your left knee into your chest for me whenever I pull the knee and it actually deepens the stretch on the opposite side so if you can balance here and grab ahold of the left knee with your hands and give it a little pull into the chest you might be able to feel a deeper stretch on the right side then release the hold with the hands make sure your interlacing your fingers underneath your body again inhale reach your left leg straight up towards the sky flex the foot and exhale naval draws in to support the lowering of your left leg left heel down try to roll both inner thighs down towards the map both legs are straight take a deep inhalation, draw your right knee into your chest now deepening the stretch on the left side if you want to grab that right knee with your hands and pull it in feel free to do so deep breaths inhale and exhale make sure to interlace your fingers underneath your body once again getting high up on to the shoulders pulled both knees into your chest and extend both like straight up towards the sky flex your feet this is a great way to get the feeling and the benefits of a nen version without working too hard, and those benefits are increased circulation, calming that nervous system all things that we need in this busy world in him and exhale, ban journeys. Slowly, lower your feet back down onto the mat, pushed down through the feet, lift the hips up and remove the block out of the way. Bring your pelvis all the way down to your man. Take your fetus. Why does the mat and let your knees drop in? Close your eyes, take a deep breath in through your nose, let it go. I hope you feel wonderful. Thank you so much for practicing with me. Nomis day.

Class Description

Skill level: Moderate
Classes: 8
Time: 15-45 minutes
Cycle: 8 days

It can be difficult to deal with the stressors of our daily lives while still expressing ourselves artistically and creatively. This restorative yoga class will help you release these feelings and habitual tensions by using flows and breathing exercises. You’ll be empowered to create a sacred space where you can let go of worry, fear and anxiety to become more peaceful and present. This restorative yoga at home course will help you:

  • Boost your mood
  • Increase your energy
  • Release tension where you hold it most: the neck, shoulders, back body, hamstrings and hips
  • Let go of negative mental energy

Briohny Smyth is one of the most renowned yoga instructors in the world. She’s best known for her signature Fit Flow classes, as well as her dedication to practicing self-care to achieve better health. She found her own path toward healing, health and purpose after ongoing struggles with body image. Becoming a mother led her to share her passion for yoga with others and begin her lifelong journey of teaching. Briohny will instruct you in:

  • Inversions and arm balances
  • Fun and invigorating flows
  • Alignment exercises
  • Feel-good poses
  • Breathing techniques and guided meditation
  • Supported postures

Workout Descriptions:

Let Go Express
This quick, 15-minute practice will help you create space in the body and relieve tension to calm the mind.

Feel good
For busy bodies and minds, open movement is key. Use this quick practice to move through a variety of "feel-good" restorative yoga poses that will help release unneeded tension from your body and mind. You'll leave the mat feeling refreshed.

Thinking or worrying too much can manifest as tension in your body. Through this practice, you will discover how to reduce mental tension and stiffness around your neck and shoulders.

Sleep Well
Although the mind can be busy during the day, it’s important to learn how to relax to get a peaceful night’s sleep. In this yoga for better sleep practice, we will use supported yoga poses to help our bodies relax, and yoga breathing exercises and guided meditation to help teach our minds to relax, and ultimately help you fall asleep.

Be Present
This yoga practice is designed for anyone who would like to awaken the world around them. We'll use strong yoga poses, breath work and short-guided meditation to open our eyes and hearts to appreciate where we are right now.

Stress Relief
Emotional stress can manifest physically as tension in our neck, shoulders, low back and even our legs. This restorative yoga for stress class focuses on supported postures that help lengthen tight muscles and create space in your body and your mind to relieve stress.

Anxiety Buster
Anxiety appears in our minds when we allow fear and worry to take over, causing physical tension in the body. Through this restorative yoga for anxiety class, we will attempt to soothe anxiety through a grounding practice that helps you feel strong and confident in your body and mind.

Although fear can come in many forms, there are tools to deal with it. In this class, we focus on combating fear with easy yoga inversions.